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The All Ireland Public Health Repository


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Kevin Balanda's presentation on the All Ireland Public Health Repository

Published in: Health & Medicine
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The All Ireland Public Health Repository

  1. 1. #oaireland Open Access Resources for Public Health
  2. 2. Widening access to Irish and European Open Access Research Kevin Balanda, Adam McCune & Louise Bradley All Ireland Public Health Repository
  3. 3. Institute of Public Health in Ireland All-Ireland body: • North-South cooperation • Inequalities in health • Social determinants of health Three work strands: • Research & information • Policy support • Capacity building
  4. 4. The Health Well
  5. 5. Partners
  6. 6. The Health Well’s catalogues Interventions Policy Data Evidence News Organisations
  7. 7. Managing & sharing documents Free user (“My Well”) accounts • user profile • save searches • create Reading Lists • create Citation Lists Social media tools OA Research Alerts Training – workshops/seminars
  8. 8. • Physical Activity and Nutrition Intervention (PANI) Tool • Community Profiles Tool • Public Health Information System (PHIS) • Chronic Conditions Prevalence Tool Online exploratory tools
  9. 9. Rationale for the repository Threats to public health agencies and their documents Need to secure public health documents relating to: • Cross-sectoral public health agenda • Health inequalities • Social determinants of health This focus complements health and social services repositories All-Ireland
  10. 10. Aims To establish a thematic repository within The Health Well website To base content on The Health Well’s catalogues with links to its larger metadata cache To incorporate an action orientation into the repository: • Discovery & document management tools • Online exploratory tools To contribute to the development of the OA movement on the island
  11. 11. All Ireland Public Health Repository Provides access to other OA resources Extends online reach of key Irish documents Provides online tools to manage, understand and use documents Archives key Irish documents Where possible, redirects users to original document rather than the archived version
  12. 12. Other Irish OA resources
  13. 13. Other European OA resources
  14. 14. Searching the repository
  15. 15. Access to online exploratory tools
  16. 16. How we developed the repository With written consent from partners, DOIs registered with mEdra The repository was: • Registered with Open Archives Initiative • Listed with OpenDOAR – The Directory of Open Access Repositories • Joined OpenAIRE • Joined RIAN Operational in January 2015 Currently developing protocols for identifying and managing content (duplications)
  17. 17. Content identification Potential content is identified by the Knowledge Translation Officer using a number of methods: • Standardised key word searches of larger metadata cache • Manual searches of the cache • Manual searches of partner websites • Browsing other key public health websites • Other ad-hoc methods Decision to either include/exclude content based on agreed criteria
  18. 18. Content management When suitable content is identified, it is passed on to the Resource Manager. • DOI is registered • Resource is metadata tagged • Metadata is added to the larger cache and relevant catalogue
  19. 19. Any comments or questions? Thank you