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NGOs and Tobacco Control in Europe - Florence Berteletti


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NGOs and Tobacco Control in Europe - Florence Berteletti

Presented on Thursday 5th June 2014.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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NGOs and Tobacco Control in Europe - Florence Berteletti

  1. 1. The new Tobacco Products Directive NGOs and tobacco control in Europe Florence Berteletti Director, Smoke Free Partnership
  2. 2. This presentation • The TPD revision process • Dissecting a public health success: the key factors • Lessons learnt: the role of the public health community • What next? Gearing up for future battles
  3. 3. IMPACT ASSESSMENT 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2014 Mar 2014 Council adopts proposal Feb 2014 Parliament adopts proposal Dec 2013 Trilogue agreement reached Oct 2013 Parliament vote June 2013 Council common position Dec 2012 EC adopts proposal IASG July 2012 IAB approves proposal IASGIASGIASGIASGIASG Feb 2009 Launch TPD revision & Impact Assessment Sept-Dec 2010: Public consultation Dec 2010-Nov 2013: Stakeholder consultation meetings (specific & ad hoc) Nov/Dec 2012 Inter Service Consultation SCENIHR OPINIONS Smokeless tobacco (2008) Additives (2010) EUROBAROMETERS Nr 332 Tobacco (2010) Nr 385 Attitudes on Tobacco (‘12) COMMISSIONED STUDIES GHK Consulting RAND impact assessment Matrix Insight RAND (new tobacco & nicotine products) Revised TPD expected to come into force in May 2014 TPD revision process Slide courtesy of Professor Anna Gilmore & Silvy Peeters, University of Bath
  4. 4. The TPD revision process • An uncommon process – Unusual timing : long preparatory phase, late launch, speedy adoption – Evidence of industry attempts to block or delay • A tough battle of unequal forces in Brussels and each Member state – Hundreds of tobacco industry lobbyists – A handful – maybe two – of health advocates • A successful outcome – It is almost a miracle we have a Directive at all – Significant advance in product regulation
  5. 5. The TPD outcome TC community asks TPD outcomes
  6. 6. Key factors for the TPD success • The DG Sanco tobacco team, leadership, and Commissioner • The Irish Presidency (and the LT presidency) • Linda McAvan and the shadow rapporteurs • The unpredictable: Dalli affair, leaked industry documents: AND...
  7. 7. The health and TC NGO community
  8. 8. What next? Gearing up for the next battles • Implementation of the TPD: new milestone in 2016 • The TPD addresses some aspects of articles 9, 10, 11, 13 and 15 of the FCTC: what about the rest? • EU legislation challenges: • Next Directive in need of strong public health advocacy: tobacco taxation (probably in 2015-16) • Implementing other FCTC provisions within EU areas of competences • Beyond EU legislation: implementing the FCTC at national level • Huge and complex dossiers (such as TTIP or the Trade mark Directive) negotiated at EU level can stop (and will stop) national tobacco control legislation if the coalition work between EU and national TC does not continue
  9. 9. Lessons learned • Even a very small group can make a huge difference if it works strategically, uses every opportunity that presents itself, and focuses on key priorities • Setting campaign priorities early and establishing trust and good communication channels is key • Every vote counts, even when 766 available in the Parliament and 352 in the Council: we have to address both EU-wide and national concerns • Working together in EU advocacy has never been more important - or necessary
  10. 10. Thank you