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Dr. Liz Redmond & Mr. Gary Maxwell - Department of Health


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Published in: Healthcare
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Dr. Liz Redmond & Mr. Gary Maxwell - Department of Health

  1. 1. Liz Redmond Director of Population Health Department of Health Introduction
  2. 2. Childhood obesity – why is it an issue for Northern Ireland? • Long term health risks • Lower quality of life • Costs to health service and wider society
  3. 3. Programme • 10:45 Introduction – Liz Redmond (DoH) • 10:50 The marketing of food to children - Dr Mimi Tatlow-Golden (Open University) • 11:20 Lifetime costs of childhood obesity in Northern Ireland - Prof Kevin Balanda (IPH) • 11:50 Northern Ireland’s approach to tackling childhood obesity - Gary Maxwell (DoH) • 12:20 Discussion: What are the lessons? • 12:50 Close
  4. 4. Childhood Obesity Gary Maxwell Health Development Policy - Population Health Department of Health NI Policy and Obesity Strategy
  5. 5. Prevalence of Obesity Health Survey Northern Ireland (HSNI) 2016/17 •Adults - 63% of adults were either overweight (36%) or obese (27%). •Children - These findings use International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) cut-off points of the BMI percentiles for children aged 2-15 years of age. •25% of children aged 2-15 were classed as overweight (17%) and obese (8%).
  6. 6. A FITTER FUTURE FOR ALL 2012-2022 Empower the population of Northern Ireland to make healthy choices, reduce the risk of overweight and obesity related diseases and improve health and well being, by creating an environment that supports and promotes a physically active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Progress report: preventing-and-addressing-overweight-and-obesity-2012-2022- progress-report-2015-19-0
  7. 7. Key Areas being addressed include: • Early Years. • Obesogenic Environment. • Working with food producers, manufacturers and retailers to improve nutritional content and customer information. • Empowering, inspiring and providing opportunities for people to make a healthy lifestyle choice.
  8. 8. Key Actions 0-5s • Weigh to a healthy Pregnancy • Supporting breastfeeding in public places. • Compliance with Nutrition Matters for the Early Years. • Early Years settings provide a supportive environment for young children to achieve the CMO recommended levels of physical activity (Start Active, Stay Active). • Training delivered to support the interpretation of the Early Years section of Start Active, Stay Active guidelines. • Evaluated programmes to increase practical food skills, awareness and knowledge.
  9. 9. Key Actions Children and Young People • Evidence based interventions. • Public information campaign aimed at parents – supporting strengthened advertising regulations • Food in Schools Policy. • Council have play and leisure policy and action plans in place. • CMO Physical Activity Guidelines. • Active Schools Travel.
  10. 10. Implementation • The outcomes were developed with key delivery partners who are involved in their implementation. • The Regional Obesity Prevention Implementation Group – ROPIG (chaired by the PHA), leads implementation of non-Departmental outcomes. • The FSA are a key delivery partner for issues relating to reformulation, portion size, nutritional information and education.
  12. 12. The Changing Context • Government Departments and responsibilities, • Emerging evidence and research, • Community planning, • Action in other jurisdictions, and • Draft PfG and NICS Outcomes Delivery Plan.
  13. 13. UK and Ireland • England • Scotland • Wales • Ireland • Channel Islands • Isle of Man
  14. 14. What Next • Review Short term outcomes for 2019-2022 • Thinking about what follows 2022 • How can you contribute? • Happy to engage: