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Phone Systems Brisbane - 16 questions a 27 year telco veteran would ask before buying a phone system


Published on 1300 851 411 Brilliantly Simple Phone Systems

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Phone Systems Brisbane - 16 questions a 27 year telco veteran would ask before buying a phone system

  1. 1. 16 Quest s a Te o tion elco Ve ran of 27 yea eter 2 y arsW ld Ask Be e bu ngWoul A efore uyin a Ph ne System hon S m “How Can I Eliminate Teleph w T hone T Tag?” By Greg Ei icke© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 1 All Righ reserved u 5 ghts d 
  2. 2. LEGA NO AL OTICEThe Pu ublisher ha strived to be as ac as o ccurate and complete as possib in the creation d e bleof this report, not twithstanding the fact that he do not wa t oes arrant or re epresent at any ttime that the cont tents within are accu n urate due to the rapidly changin nature of the o ng oIndustrry.While a attempts have bee made to verify info all s en o ormation provided in this public p cation,the Pubblisher asssumes no responsibillity for erro omissio r ors, ons, or con ntraryinterpre etation of t subject matter he the t erein. Any perceived slights of s p specific persons,people or organ es, nisations are uninten a ntional.In pracctical advic books, like anythin else in li there are no guar ce ng ife, a rantees ofsavings made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their ow judgmen about th s e d o wn nt heirindividu circums ual stances to act accord dingly.This bo is not i ook intended fo use as a source of legal, bus or f siness, acc counting or rfinancia advice. A readers are advis to seek services of compete profess al All s sed k ent sionalsin legal, business accounting and fina s, ance fields s.© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 2 All Righ reserved u 5 ghts d 
  3. 3. ucing Gre EickeIntrodu egMy nam is Greg Eicke and I’ve been working at the leading edge o voice me g d n a ofcommu unications for the pas 27 years In that tim I’ve fou that mo compa st s. me und ost aniesare inte erested in five things when it co omes to their phone technology Firstly, th t y. hemost commonly a asked question is “Do I really need a VoIP phone sy o n P ystem?” closelyfollowe by, “How to reduce the phon bill?” We I bring great news for the bu ed w e ne ell g s usinessowner who is looking for im mpressive pproductivity increases and equa enjoyable y s allycost sa avings.Anothe key frust er tration for businesses is the she comple b s eer exity of ma phone and anydata soolutions. Th good ne is that communications complexity e nds with Greg he ews t GEicke! As do all o its painfu implicatio of ul ons. Almos three de st ecades in th industr has his ryenable me to de ed evelop wha I call ‘briilliantly sim at mple’ phone solutions These so e s. olutionswill ma commu ake unications and collab boration second natur for your workforce And re r e.of cour they sa you big dollars in ongoing phone cost rse ave g n p ts… anothe reason why er wthey ar brilliant! reNow on the ’To 5 Questions’…’ I p this doc nto op put cument toggether to he people better elp eundersstand the te echno babble used b slick sale people so they ca make a quick by es aninforme decision on wheth to purc ed n her chase a traditional Dig gital Key T Telephone systemor explore further the option IP Telep r ns phony and Unified Co ommunica ations would bringto their business. r .I’ve been able to piece all of this toge o ether becau for the better par of my career use rt stalled, maintained an sold TeI’ve ins nd elephone Systems. This has als allowed me to S soprovide sound ad e dvice from ‘Feet on th Street and Hands on Techniical Experi he a ience’so that my clients get the best solutio n and valu for mone t s ue ey.Here’s what a few people have said a w h about the way I have helped the to easily w emsolve c common co ommunicat tion proble ems in their businesses… r “A a large m As medical cli inic, we are used to s e spending a lot on te elephone a accounts, however we are savin between 50 to h e ng n 60 percent o our mon 0 off nthly bills… It is good to know that the … d t sy ystem shou pay for itself within two-and uld r d-a-half yea ars”. Cathy Sawy yers, Prac ctice Mana ager. Wellers Hill Medical Centre. W l … Gre went on to ensure that the op eg ptions that he t provide were de ed esigned to actively ennhance ou ur busine without excessive stretchiing our bud ess t ely dget. Greg aalso freely advised without favo w our, on solu utions which were outsi of his commercia realm. ide c al Tim Is ssacs, Gen neral Manaager. FITE EC© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 3 All Righ reserved u 5 ghts d 
  4. 4.  How c I reduc my tele can ce ephone bill? This special report is focused o saving your comp s on y pany the m oney and pain of making a ppoor purch hasing deccision when it comes to telecom n mmunications. certainly is great plac to start. I want to help you plu the leak so And that c ce h ug ks that you are not needlessly sen nding your hard earn profits over to your r ned phone commpany. However I really wan to go on e step furt nt ther. What if your tele ecommunic cations could be a profit cen to your business rather than just an e ntre r expense ite em? What if I c could find ways and s w strategies of actually bringing in more bus o n siness to you and adding ex profit t your bot d xtra to ttom line? Saving my clients’ money is so y m omething I really love to do. But being abl to e t le help my clients MAK more sa KE ales and pr rofit is wha really ‘cra at anks my handle’ and gets m excited! me – Mini REP PORT “3 ways to save mon on pho bills without chan o ney one nging carrie ers”  Should I “Bundle” calls w d with my ne telepho system ew one m? To bundle or Not to bundle? e o The rule of thumb is “bundle & beware”. Here are some impo s ortant points to consider w when it com to bun mes ndling – the could sa you tho ey ave ousands…  How m much are th call rate s he  How do those rat compa re with what you are paying at the mome o tes ent? You don’t want your phone bill to go up do you? d  How lo are you locked in those ra ong u nto ates for (ra ates are co onstantly changing, good rates today are bad rates tomorrow s e s w).  Do you own the phone syst u p tem at the end of the term? e – Mini REP PORT “The 9 mo important things to consider when purc ost o r chasing a phone sys stem”© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 4 All Righ reserved u 5 ghts d 
  5. 5.  Do I really ne a VoIP telephon system? eed P ne If you need some of th s hese featu ures ….  Mulltiple Branc Offices ch  CRM Integration / emaill / voice ma ail  Acccess to key staff rega y ardless of location – Teleworkin T ng  Fas accurate access to contacts st e o  Graaphical Use Interface Software (GUI) er e e  Incr cies and productivity reased staff efficienc  In h house adm ministration  Use Presenc Informat er ce tion  Advvanced Call Managem ment  Aud Confere dio encing  Cenntral Telephone Oper ception for multiple siites rator / Rec  SMS  Dessktop Fax  Inst tant Messa across your ente age s erprise  Vide confere eo encing  Mobbility  Web Collabor rative Confferencing  Call Recording Y You need to purcha a Unif ase fied Comm ephony so munication / IP Tele ns olution What is U W Unified Com mmunicat tions? Uni ified comm munications bridges th gap s he between IP Telephony and oth comput related communic P her ter cation technologi ies. Unified Coommunicattions is not a single product, bu a set of p t p ut products th hat provides a consisten unified u ser interface and use experien across nt er nce s multiple de evices and media typ d pes. W What is IP Telephon IP (Int P ny? ternet prot tocol) telep phony is a t technology that y supports teelephone calls on yo comput network In the off c our ter k. fice you wi see ill that your telephone can now p lug into the same cable as you r computer c e bringing bo devices and their full potential closer together. oth r – Mini REP PORTS “Don’t buy a VoIP ph y hone syste before you read th report” em y his “74 Point I Telepho & Unifi ed Commu IP ony unications check list” ”© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 5 All Righ reserved u 5 ghts d 
  6. 6. Will Vo save m busine money oIP my ess y? Firs of all - What is Vo st W oIP? VoIP means Voice over Interne Protocol, not Voice over the Internet. o et e Stil confused about w ll what VoIP is? VoIP is ter rmed very loosely tod day. VoIP is often confused wit “Low Co th ost Calls” and “Telephon System Let me explain, VoIP best d ne ms”. V describes “Voice “ over a dat network” whereas IP Telepho or Unif ta ” ony fied comm munications refers s to the Soft tware Application and Hardwar of an IP phone sys d re stem. VoI - Low Cost Calls IP C Voice over Internet Protocol (V P VoIP) converts voice calls to pa ackets that travel over data networks. In this way a single, robust ne y, , etwork can carry all of an o on’s data and voice t organisatio a traffic in a converged system. d VoIP involves trade-offs surrou unding fact tors such as cost, flex a xibility, reliability, and user e expectation but evid ns, dence continues to mount that improvements in m technology are tilting such eva y g aluations in favour of VoIP. n So onto “W VoIP save my b Will s business money”, th short an m he nswer is ye it es certainly c save money, how can m wever in 87 of case the high cost of the 7% es e “Business Grade” br roadband d data servic cancel any gains and the us ces sage does not juustify the need. An A n ADSL 2+ se ervice simp does no have the ability ply ot e to successsfully delive consiste Business Grade quality requ er ent q uired for VoIP V lines. A $5 59.95 / mon connec nth ction jumps to $600 plus per m onth quick s p kly eroding an potentia savings. ny al – Mini REP PORTS “9 little kno own Secre the Telc ets co’s Don’t want you to know” w “Here’s ho to understand Ban ow ndwidth” “Don’t buy a VoIP Ph y hone Syste before you read this report” em t ” The news is not all bad; let me explain with some diagrams… b e w d …© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 6 All Righ reserved u 5 ghts d 
  7. 7. Digital Key Telepho System using “L D y one m Low Grad VoIP” de Points to C Consider  No Guarante can be g ee given for th quality of the serviice becaus the he o se vice uses the Public Internet (S serv t Simply not available)  ADS Interne services just don’t have the quality to support bu SL et usiness grade VoIP caalls.© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 7 All Righ reserved u 5 ghts d 
  8. 8. IP Telephony or Unified C Communications Te elephone System with w “ “Low Grad VoIP” de Points to C Consider  Advvanced fea atures avaiilable with IP Telepho or UC ony  No Guarante of quality of service because delivery is via a bas ee y e s sic con nsumer or business g b grade DSL data conn nection usin the Pub ng blic Inte ernet (mea you sh ans hare with ev verybody & QoS is n availabl not le)© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 8 All Righ reserved u 5 ghts d 
  9. 9. IP Tele ephony or Unified C r Communic cations Te elephone S System us sing “Buusiness Gr rade VoIPP” This is a d diagram of a typical IP Telephon or Unifie Commu P ny ed unications telephone system an compute network system us nd er k sing “Busi iness Graade VoIP” linees. Points to C Consider  Advvanced feaatures avaiilable with IP or UC  Carrrier Guara anteed Qu uality of Service (QoS because the servic uses S) e ce aPPRIVATE IP Network which is exclusively used for y P k e y your own bus siness.  Enhhanced SH HDSL, Fram Relay and Ethern Broadb me a net band Data serv vices will support bu s usiness gra VoIP calls becau they do ade c use on’t use the public Internet d e c domain.© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 9 All Righ reserved u 5 ghts d 
  10. 10.  Some pho system are dif one ms fficult to use? - We want an “ u “Easy to Use” U system A key frustration for businesse is the sh es heer complexity of ma phone and any data soluti ions. The good news is that co s ommunicat tions comp plexity ends with s Greg Eicke As do all of its pa inful implic e! a cations. Almmost three decades in this e industry ha enabled me to dev as d velop what I call ‘brilliantly simp phone ple’ solutions. These solutions will make com mmunicatio and co ons ollaboration n second naature for yo workfor our rce. And of course th save yo big dolla in f hey ou ars ongoing phone costs anothe reason why they are brilliant! s… er w !OK, so where to from here I hear you say, now that you have read th report you’ve o u his yno dou raised y ubt your eyebrow in curio osity or per rhaps learn somethin new. Af 27 nt ng fteryears in the Telco industry I’ve learnt there is much more to telecom o m mmunications thanthese 5 most commmonly asked questi ons, so I put togethe a specia l report to help p erbusinesses ask the questio a 27 ye Veteran would as if he was buying a phone ons ear n sk ssystem like “How can I elim m w minate tel ephone ta ag?”Be sure to read m special report “11 Smart Qu e my 1 uestions a 27 year V Veteran would wask be efore buyin a phon system ” ng ne  Do you o offer any Guarantees G s? Telephone system vendors ca make all manner of claims… often with little e v an a … w accountab bility. The key questiion for the telephone system b e buyer is “do this oes vendor put their mon where their mout is?” t ney th Greg Eicke from Telephone S Systems Br risbane can help any business with a y s monthly ph hone usag bill of $4 or mor to pay for a new p ge 492 re f phone syst tem out of bill savings. Gre also ass eg serts that he can do this with o hout chang ging the existing phhone carrie for the b er business If your bu usiness fix xed line te elephone account us a sage is $4 492 or mo per ore month, I’m not jus confide m st ent that I can prov vide a poowerful bu usiness communic cation solut tion that pa for itse I guaran ays elf, ntee it. – Mini REP PORT “Gu uarantee”© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 10 All Rig u 5 ights reserve ed 
  11. 11.  What are your imp e plementati on and Su upport pro ocesses? One of the key frust e trations fo r telephone systems buyers is not know where s s w things are up to during the im e mplementa ation. We’ll keep you informed during u d your project impleme entation. Another kkey frustration for buusiness phone system buyers is not knowing s k exactly ho to use all of the “a ow a amazing features” tha were pro at omised during the sales proc cess. Our projecting team will spend qua ality time w with your staff so you can ga maximum advant ain tage from your investment. y “The combinatio of Direct Dial numbers personal voice to e on D rs, v emai messaging and ability to reroute ca from the field to il g t alls the o office (and vi versa) ha meant that our custome are isa as t ers now receiving en nhanced levels of service at no additio onal cost to FI ITEC” Tim Isaa acs, Genera Manager FITEC al r.  Can you ensure me of your financial viability? v Greg is o one of those rare inndividuals who is pr repared to back his phone o systems a and cost saving stra s ategies to the bill an beyond in the unlikely nd d... event that his phone system fa he will replace it. And if his proposed phone e ails . s d bill saving (without changing your telco dont meet his wr gs o) ritten indica ations - hell refund three tim the diffe d mes ference. When ask ked why he offers su uch a rare and pow e werful guar rantee, Gre said eg "After 17 years in business I ve learne that hap b ed ppy custommers who repeat purchase and give referrals a my mo valuable asset. S I look after my r are ost e So a customers very well. Ill back myself to provide the best val ue solution every s time and Im prepare to put m money where my mouth is!" ed my w m – Mini REP PORT “Gu uarantee”© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 11 All Rig u 5 ights reserve ed 
  12. 12.  How can I improve my staff efficiency and busi e y iness effic ciency? Take Control of Wo orkday Inteerruptionss Next time you spend the who le day at your desk but feel a though you got d y as y nothing do one, dont worry, you not alo w ure one. Interru uptions con nsume 28 percent of a typica knowled worker day, ac al dge rs ccording to New York o k-based re esearch and advis sory firm, Basex. Th translates to an approxima cost of $588 hat ate o billion in th United States alon according to the company. he S ne, c “Greg also freely advised, without favou on soluti w ur, ions which were outsid his comm de mercial reallm”. Tim Is saacs, Ge eneral Man nager. FIT TEC – Mini REP PORT “Tak control of weekda interrupt ke ay tions”  How can “Mobility” benefit m busine my ess? 20 - 43 % PRODUCT TIVITY IM PROVEME ENT Teleworkin has pro ng ovided com mpanies th world over with b saving on real he big estate and accommodation co d osts. In fac the Sen ct nsis Busine Index Report ess 2007 state that "Teleworkers have proven to be be es etween 20 and 43% more 0% % productive e". “Mobile Un nified Com mmunicatio deman is growin at a rap pace, by 30% ons nd ng pid b annually. T key dr The rivers are p productivity gains thr y rough pres sence and contact availability and call y, ling cost re reductions. Mobile devices are becoming more e capable a and less expensive, and by 2013 comp e 2 panies willl purchase more e mobile dev vices than fixed deskktop device es.” — Forrest Group ter© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 12 All Rig u 5 ights reserve ed 
  13. 13. … The da commu to work is stressing out Au aily ute k ustralian w workers mo than ore ever and t technology is badly needed to improve things, ac y o ccording to a new o study… te echnologica solution include introducing greater flexibility to work al ns t f from home (35%)… e The IBM s study also shows tha our relia at ance on ca for com ars mmuting severely s impacts th nation’s health and stress lev he d vels. 41% of drivers b believe tha traffic at has negatively affe ected their health, and 39% believe iit has neg r gatively affected th perfor heir rmance at work or school/university. Sy t ydney commmuters are worst off, with 50% of dr 5 rivers in th city ex hat xperiencing negative health g e effects, w whilst the least affec cted are in Adelaide (28%) a n e and Perth (28%). A Among those who believe th traffic has negat hat tively affeccted their health, increased stress (77%) and an nger (52%) are the pr ) rimary sym mptoms… Surprisingly, Brisban is the m ne most stress Austra sed opping the nation alian city, to e with 90% of its res w cing increased stres due to roadway traffic, sidents fac ss o followed b Adelaid (81%), Melbourne (78%), Sydney (7 f by de 74%) and Perth, w which has the least number of stressed commuters (73%)… n c s Concluding Hawkins said: “W commis g s We ssioned this study to understa o and the realities of daily trav that co f vel ommuters face and what altern f w natives - such as s carpooling public tr g, ransportatiion, and working fro home – might improve w om their commmute. – Mini REP PORT “5 Reasons w every business owner must understan R why b t nd Unified Co ommunicat tions”  your history with ot her customers like me? What is y Developing happy cu g ustomers w repea purchase and refer others ha been who at e r as a business success principle w s we’ve used for decad now. This is not rocket d des science, I know, bu I am co ut onsistently surprised at the nu umber of genuine g business o owners who’ve been lead up th garden path by an inexperienced or he p n unscrupulo telephone system vendor. ous m Think of it this way… would yo trust the recommendation o your GP if they … ou of P w wrote the script as soon as you sat down before they took tim and s s t y me considerattion to diag gnose you ailment? Of course not! Liste researc then en, ch, recommen is the approach I like to use when it comes t our cus nd a u to stomers business ttelephone system. s Here’s wha some of my happy clients ha said. at f y ave© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 13 All Rig u 5 ights reserve ed 
  14. 14. “Normall a sales pe ly erson will te you anyt ell thing to mak a ke sale… he ddelivered on his promises. Greg is good at ke n s eeping an eye out for ways to reduce costs… we ha saved ab t o ave bout $900 a moonth since th new phon system w installed he ne was d.” Ro Tait, CEO. Ballina Toyota oss C a “…we hav virtually halved the monthly cos of calls to ve st o ones… His advice prov to be fin mobile pho ved nancially so ound, and we ar very happ with Greg thoroug attention to re py g’s gh detail” Darryl Di ickson, Ch Finan hief ncial Office Beaude er. esert Toyota “While the financial b e benefits are great, e the thing that impress me most was t sed t the way Greg respond to my ca ded alls …The Follow up serv was exc vice cellent” Peter Rushmore, P Practice Manager. Terrace Eye Centr re.© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 14 All Rig u 5 ights reserve ed 
  15. 15.  How can I eliminat phone t te tag? Mary trave to New Zealand for a holid break. John is le to com els w day . eft mplete a very impor rtant subm mission and present to their largest client i n just a few days. d o w John must discuss the submi ssion with Mary in detail prior to presentation. h d r John & Ma become very frus ary e strated with emails an telephon tag… h nd ne W What happens Next t? Mary arriv ves in Au uckland an is inun nd ndated with emails and voic mail ce messages on her mobile. John has also wasted so s n o ome of his time. How s wever if Mary was using a Unified Com U mmunications system results could hav been m, ve different. wer The Answ Unified Coommunicat tions (UC) features allow Mary to turn a ny telepho into a y one their work extension and opera seamle ate essly from any locatio a on. It also pro ovides John with Ma ary’s prese ence and availability, saving tim and a , me wasted communicati w ions. Some of th features are Insta Messag he ant ging, Real time prese ence Infor rmation, Single num mber conta Video Conferenc act, cing, call control, sp c peech recoognition, unified me essaging, voice mail, and email, SMS, Fax and Mob v bility. – Mini REP PORT “Fiv reasons why every CEO mus understa Unified ve s y st and d Communic cations” & “Don’t buy a VoIP Ph y hone Syste before you read this” em t  ALLY need all of the telepho lines on my acc Do I REA d ese one count? Y You may never nee to pay l ed line rental again! I’ve found that ma d any Austra alian busin nesses are still payying “line rental” charges on their pho bill eve though they qualify for a se one en ervice that has no line rental charges. You see m most busin nesses whi are loc ich cated within CBD, metro or mmajor regioonal locatio actually qualify fo phone liines with free line ons or f rental. Whhat’s the ca atch? Ther is a catc in fact a couple of them. To qualify re ch, f o f free line rental: for • You business must be located within a metropolitan a ur s area. • You must hav a genuin busines with an ABN (we d not prov u ve ne ss A do vide services to residentia custome o al ers). - Mini REP PORT – “N Never Again n”© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 15 All Rig u 5 ights reserve ed 
  16. 16.  Why doesn’t my Te elco show me how to slash my costs l w m like The Telephone Guy can e n? Hig Commissions inf gh mendations made by Telco Account fluence th recomm he s y A Executives This removes the benef of ‘indep s fit pendent’ ad dvice that is best for your busin ness On again y get the great spie nce you e el… “Evverything is on easy to read Billl… You will save up to 16%... We’ll supp you s w port – ju call 180 ??? ??? One Ea monthly paymen ust 00 ?... asy nt.” But here are t FACTS The Telco Accoun Manager t the S. nt r;  Often d hich “Mate” he’ll get to sell you the teleph one system decides wh ” t m purely based upo the “Ma tes” closing ratio (ie; the likeliho of the Telco on ood Accoun exec get nt tting their f free comm mission).  Is heav influenced Not to discuss your Best available op vily o ptions allow wing you to make an in nformed de ecision.  Receiv high co ves ommissions on long term contra s t acts Bundl ed with Teleph hone Equip pment Hard dware. Queestionable integrity.  Support = Call a Help Desk wait in th queue, speak with a low qua k, he s h alified call cen operat get pa ssed aroun from op ntre tor, nd perator to o operator (s sound familiar?) And all you want is to speak with the people wh o installed the k system but you have to go through th other process firs Sounds Hard – m, h o his st. Becaus it is hard. se – Full REP PORT “9 se ecrets the Telcos don want yo to know n’t ou w”  xplain VoI to me in layman’s language Please ex IP n s V VoIP - Wh is it? hat V VoIP mean Voice over Interne Protocol not Voice over the Internet. ns o et l, e Still confu used abou what Vo is? ut oIP V VoIP is te ermed very loosely t y today. VoIP is often confused with “Lo Cost n d ow Calls” and “Telephon System Let me explain, VoIP best describes “Voice d ne ms”. e s over a dat network” whereas IP Telephony or Unified comm ta ” munications refers s to the Soft tware Applications an Hardwa of an IP phone sy nd are P ystem.© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 16 All Rig u 5 ights reserve ed 
  17. 17. V VoIP - Low Cost Ca w alls V Voice over Internet Protocol (V P VoIP) conv verts voice calls to p e packets tha travel at over data networks. In this wa a singl robust network ca carry all of an ay, le, an a on’s data and voice t organizatio a traffic in a converged system. c V VoIP involves trade- -offs surrou unding factors such as cost, fle a exibility, reliability, and user e expectation but evi dence con ns, ntinues to mount that improvem m t ments in technology are tilting such eva luations in favour of is IP Teleph y g hony? IP (Interne protocol) telephony is a Telep et ) y phone Sysstem hardw ware and software that suppo telepho calls o your co orts one on omputer ne etwork. In tthe office you will y see that yyour telephone can nnow plug in the sam cable a your co nto me as omputer bringing bo devices and their full potential closer together. oth r – REPORT “Don’t bu a VoIP s T uy system un you read this repo ntil d ort”  What are the Adva e antages of my staff working from home only 2 da f w e ays per week?? NO COST NET WAG INCRE T GE EASE Teleworkin has provided a no ng o-cost net wage increase for em mployees who save thous sands on reduced tra r uced trave time. avel costs and benefit from redu el By working from hom just 2 d ays per we g me eek, emplo oyees can… …  save an av s verage of $ 000 per year on petrol, park $3, r king and ve ehicle upkeep u  save an av s verage of 2 weeks co ommute tim me – Mini REP PORT “5 Reasons w every business owner must understan R why b t nd Unified Co ommunicat tions.”  How can I do Low cost video conferencing? o Have you ever seen a grown man cry? n ? Well I nea did the other day Let me explain. I was spea arly e y! aking with a client recently w who was complainin about having to constantly travel between c ng h y b Melbourne and Syd e dney for b usiness meetings. Sometimes these meetings m S s m w would last for only ha an hour but he wo alf r ould waste a whole d travelin back e day ng and forth because the meetin ngs involv ved severa people a travelin from al all ng different lo ocations. – Mini REP PORT “Have you eve seen a grown man cry”? er g n© Greg Eicke 2011 | | 0414 75 28 28 | page 17 All Rig u 5 ights reserve ed