UC Expo 2010 - Driving efficiency through HP


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UC Expo 2010 - Driving efficiency through HP

  1. 1. Customer & Service Orientated Communications Theatre<br />Storage solutions for Unified communication & Collaboration<br />
  2. 2. HP & Microsoft uc&C solutions <br />HP Services & System Integration<br />Consulting <br />Assessments<br />Program Management<br />Support & Training<br />Design<br />Deployment<br />Integration<br />Outsourcing<br />Microsoft Software Powered Applications<br />HP VIDEO<br />Exchange Server 2010<br />Office Communication Server 2007<br />Office SharePoint Server 2010 <br />HP UC&C Qualified Laptops, Clients and Devices <br />HP Management Software<br />HP Infrastructure Solutions<br />HP Servers & Storage<br />HP ProCurve Networking<br />
  3. 3. You’ve got mail…andmore mail…and more mail…and more mail…<br />UC&C Exchange 2010<br />
  4. 4. The challenge and expectation<br />Trends<br />Business Challenges<br />UC&C Storage Value Proposition<br /><ul><li>Enable data availability where and when users need access
  5. 5. Data portability
  6. 6. Shift from labor to knowledge workers
  7. 7. Distributed, global workforce
  8. 8. 24x7 connection</li></ul>Changing Workforce<br />Customer Demands<br /><ul><li>HP services and 5 nines availability
  9. 9. Tiered storage and Thin Provisioning. Place data on most cost effective storage tier
  10. 10. Faster turnaround
  11. 11. Quality service
  12. 12. Competitive prices</li></ul>Enterprise Globalization<br />Increasing Complexity<br /><ul><li>Simplify storage management and operational overhead
  13. 13. Application aware storage with ZDB/IR
  14. 14. Workforce mobilization
  15. 15. Application, data & comm. Silos
  16. 16. Security & management </li></ul>Business Performance Pressure<br /><ul><li>Reduce expenses
  17. 17. Improve productivity
  18. 18. Accelerate business growth
  19. 19. Reduce time to decision
  20. 20. High performance storage systems
  21. 21. Consolidated shared storage
  22. 22. Highly available systems</li></li></ul><li>Converged infrastructure<br /><ul><li>Virtualized
  23. 23. Resilient
  24. 24. Orchestrated
  25. 25. Optimized
  26. 26. Modular</li></ul>Servers, Storage: Efficiency mantra<br /><ul><li>Adaptive Resource Pools
  27. 27. Infrastructure Operating Environment
  28. 28. Flex Fabric
  29. 29. Data Center Smart Grid
  30. 30. Virtual Connect
  31. 31. Data Center Connection Manager
  32. 32. L2/L3 Edge Switch Leadership
  33. 33. Microsoft Qualified UC&C Laptops
  34. 34. Smart Phones
  35. 35. IP Phone partners
  36. 36. Mobile, Business Ready
  37. 37. Planned enhancements</li></li></ul><li>HP & Microsoft UC&C Solution Benefits<br />Designed, delivered, managed and supported by HP on a converged infrastructure<br />HP Services & System Integration<br />ProCurve Networking<br />HP Software Management Tools<br />Improve communication efficiency<br />Enhance how people interact<br />Shorten business decision cycle times<br />Reduce overhead <br />Improve brand affinity<br />HP + Partner Video Collaboration<br />HP Servers & Storage<br />Simplify management and operations overhead<br />Increase productivity<br />Reduce telecom costs<br />Reduce travel expense<br />HP Clients & Devices<br />Microsoft Software<br />
  38. 38. Exchange 2010 Storage<br />Microsoft’s focus is on low cost direct attach storage<br />Much more storage is required for Exchange 2010 if you use:-<br />DAGs with multiple database copies<br />Exchange online archive to replace PSTs<br />Extended deleted items retention periods to avoid the need to recover from backup<br />DAS addresses complaints about the cost and complexity of exchange deployments based on SAN………….<br />SAN can be the right choice for those who use storage to serve applications intelligently<br />Expect Exchange-specific storage solutions from vendors<br />
  39. 39. Exchange 2010 Storage Considerations<br />If deploying an Exchange 2010 DAG, the database is the granularity of failover<br />If deploying RAID-less (JBOD) consider 1 database per physical disk<br />Enterprise SAS or Midline SAS/SATA are options. Don’t tie JBOD solely to Midline drives<br />If deploying RAID1 or RAID10, consider smaller RAID arrays to better match failover granularity<br />More disks help to balance IO load; can help to even out hot spots.<br />An array of 4 disks with RAID10 logical drive may be a good compromise.<br />If deploying RAID5 be aware of impact of drive failure and rebuild cycle, especially with lower performing and higher capacity Midline SAS and SATA disks. Have a plan.<br />
  40. 40. MDS600 Overview<br />Each HP StorageWorks MDS600 holds 70 SATA or SAS hard drives in just 5U of rack space. A single HP BladeSystem enclosure can support up to six HP StorageWorks MDS600, providing up to 840TB of capacity. <br />Drives within the HP StorageWorks MDS600 are<br />“zoned” and assigned to individual blade servers,<br />and appear as local storage to that server, allowing<br />server administrators to easily build and manage<br />low cost DAS storage for Exchange environments.<br />
  41. 41. Exchange Server 2010: HP P4000 SAN <br />The solution uses the HP LeftHand P4500 storage system, to support the Exchange environment. Easy to deploy, scale and maintain, P4000 SANs ensure that crucial business data remains available. The innovative approach to storage provides unique double fault protection across the entire SAN, reducing vulnerability without driving up costs the way traditional SANs can. <br />• Storage Clustering simplifies scalability<br />• Network RAID delivers new levels of data availability<br />• Thin Provisioning reduces costs by increasing storage efficiency <br />• Snapshots simplify data protection<br />• Remote Copy reduces costs for disaster recovery<br />
  42. 42. UC&C Configuration: Up to 1000 Users - Virtualized<br />
  43. 43. UC&C Configuration: Up to1000 Users - Blade<br />
  44. 44. Unified Communication and Collaboration Storage Solutions <br />The integration of communication & collaboration solutions to drive out cost and improve efficiency measured in shareholder value<br />Unified Messaging<br /><ul><li> Storage solutions for Exchange 2010
  45. 45. Consolidated integrated storage solutions
  46. 46. Data protection solutions including ZDB/IR
  47. 47. Integration services</li></ul>Collaboration<br /><ul><li> High availability solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server
  48. 48. Integration services</li></li></ul><li>Deep Expertise<br />5500 certified network infrastructure and voice professionals in 170 countries<br />11,000 Microsoft-certified professionals<br />Established consulting methodologies for assessments<br />2000+ Microsoft engagements managed each year<br />WW Prime Integrator<br />Global services from HP to connect, communicateand collaborate for better business outcomes<br />
  49. 49. Get ready today<br /><ul><li>For more information, go to:
  50. 50. www.hp.com/storage/microsoft
  51. 51. www.hp.com/solutions/microsoft/UC
  52. 52. Whitepapers
  53. 53. Implementing Disaster Tolerant and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server
  54. 54. Sizing Tools
  55. 55. http://h71019.www7.hp.com/ActiveAnswers/us/en/sizers/microsoft-exchange-server-2010.html
  56. 56. For Support Services information, visit:
  57. 57. www.hp.com/services/microsoftservices</li>