Storage Designed for Your Virtualized Data Center


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The virtual data center is based on efficiency and agility. Join this session to learn how the latest storage and data management innovations from Dell can help you accelerate your journey to the private cloud. See how you can take advantage of Dell Fluid Data technology to enable automated, integrated management of servers and storage infrastructure.

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Storage Designed for Your Virtualized Data Center

  1. 1. Sto rage de sign e d fo r yo u rvirtu alise d data ce n trePhil NewmanEMEA Product TechnologistDell Storage Fluid Data Storage
  2. 2. Data centre in transition From To Physical Resources Efficiency Agility Traditional Data centre Virtual Data centre Cloud Computing2 Co nfide ntial 2 Confidential
  3. 3. Dell has built an exciting storage startupVirtualizediSCSI SANs Dedupe and Virtualization compression management software Multi- protocol, auto- tiered enterprise storage IT services Scalable file system Memory virtualization Data center networking 3 Confidential
  4. 4. Strategic acquisitions accelerate our ability to help youachieve efficiency and agility Multi- Content- aware Virtualized Highly protocol compression & iSCSI SAN tiered SAN Scalable NAS deduplication EqualLogic Compellent Exanet Ocarina Networks • #1 in virtualization • Never a fork-lift Dell Scalable • Up to 57x be tte r upgrade File System data re duc tio n • 97% customer • Unlim ite d, o n- the- than other leading satisfaction rating • Slash storage costs fly bandwidth and solutions • InfoWorld 2011 up to 80% capacity scalability • Up to 90% less Technology of the in a clustered, • 100% of customers reduction in file Year multi-platform NAS would buy again size • Over 54,000 arrays • Sc ale s to 64x • Sto re 5- 10 tim e s installed since • Zero-touch better than other m o re data acquisition automatic tiering leading solutions Available today Available today Available today Available 20124 Co nfide ntial4 De ll Co nfide ntial 4 Confidential
  5. 5. DELL – IDM Ove rvie wSm all Large NX350 0 NX350 0 FS750 0 FS750 0 WSS zNAS BPS BPS PV EQ L CML RAID 5 PV EQ L CML EQ L CML5 Co nfide ntial5 Co nfide ntial 5 Confidential
  6. 6. Dell Fluid Data architecture O ptim ise d sto rage infrastruc ture at e ve ry tie r. Offsit e Product ion Archive Backup Recovery 6 Confidential
  7. 7. Storage for your virtual data centre Storage Fabric Physic al Infrastruc ture Virtualise d Asse ts7 Co nfide ntial 7 Confidential
  8. 8. Performance Challenge: o ptim ise virtual se rve r pe rfo rm anc e Be fo re VAAI With VAAI • VAAI • SAN data c o py o fflo ad • Blo c k ze ro ing • Hardware assiste d lo c king • Multipath Exte nsio n Mo dule Tim e Se rve r CPU Ne two rk Sto rage †Base d o n te sting pe rfo rm e d by De ll Labs in May 20 10 c o m paring De ll & Me m o ry % Bandwidth Le ad EqualLo gic Firm ware v. 4.3 to De ll EqualLo gic Firm ware v. 5.0 . Ac tual pe rfo rm anc e will vary base d o n c o nfiguratio n, usage and m anufac turing8 Co nfide ntial Gb/ se c MB/ se c variability.” 8 Confidential
  9. 9. Content-Aw are Data Reduction:Concurrent Dedupe and Compression WORD CMP1 PPT CMP2 PDF Delayering Dedupe Com press Package Decode exist ing Block and object Choose t he right Updat e met adat a, compression and ident ify deduplicat ion wit hin algorit hm and package compressed fundament al dat a object s and across files compress chunks on disk9 De ll Co nfide ntial Confidential 9 11/2/
  10. 10. DX6000 Scalable Archive Platform • About the DX6000 • A ‘flat’ digital asse t re po sito ry with ne xt ge n arc hite c ture • po lic y- base d re te ntio n, re plic atio n, im m utability • Failure re silie nc e and de fe rre d m ainte nanc e • Le ve rage s x86- base d sto rage no de s • No n- disruptive e xpansio n/ re tire m e nt/ upgrade • HTTP inte rfac e with CIFS/ NFS suppo rt• Data- reduction co- processor • Po st pro c e ss c o m pre ssio n o nly using de dic ate d c o m pute no de • Le ve rage s e xisting DX po lic y se m antic s • Shipping be fo re ye ar e nd10 De ll Co nfide ntial Confidential 10 11/2/
  11. 11. Questions?11 Co nfide ntial 11 Confidential
  12. 12. Thank you.Visit us at stand E32 to learn more about how Dell can help youdrive toward the virtual era with Fluid Data storage.
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