Is Cloud-Based Data Backup Right for You?


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Digitized data has exploded, encompassing more than 1.2 million petabytes and growing at a rate of more than 50 percent annually. However, for all the gaps it bridges, digital data is not without its flaws. Vulnerable to loss, corruption and malware, when combined with the rise in mobile employees, this vulnerability increases exponentially. As an organization, you must protect your infrastructure with a stable, secure backup and recovery solution. To minimize the costs and risks associated with data loss, companies are looking to the cloud for increased digital data storage capacity and performance. Attend this seminar to hear from an expert in this field explain; • How to protect and secure your server and endpoint data• Tips to reduce the costs and risks associated with data loss• Regulatory, legal, and privacy requirements• Gain seamless connectivity and understand the meaning of content throughout the data protection process with Autonomy IDOL

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Is Cloud-Based Data Backup Right for You?

  1. 1. Is Cloud-Based Data Protection Right for You? David Jones, CEO Data Protection & Emerging Technologies, - Autonomy, an HP companyPOWER PROTECT PROMOTE
  2. 2. Autonomy, an HP Company• Information Management Vision: – …to radically simplify the management and governance of information “A single platform that spans all aspects of information management, from backup and recovery to archiving and document and records management, covering both structured and unstructured data.”
  3. 3. QuizHow much does a lost laptop cost the business? _______ $50,000 – Cost of the lost hardware: _______ $1,500 – The machines contents: ________ $48,500• The most valuable laptops are those used by: – Director or manager? ________ $61,000 – Senior executives? ________ $28,449 53• One laptop is stolen every ____ seconds.• Up to ______ laptops are lost or go missing in US airports each week 1,200 – ___ percent of those returned to lost and found are never reclaimed 70
  4. 4. Today’s Environment• Mobility – Over 80% of the Fortune 100 is deploying or piloting tablets with sales expected to increase by 123% by 2014 – Key employees are mobile• Cloud – Nearly 40% increase expected by 2012 in backing up to/storing data in the cloud• Prevalence of virtualized environments• Increased laws and regulations• Convergence of data protection, archiving, and eDiscovery/Legal Hold
  5. 5. What Do We Mean By Data Protection?• Recover data in the event of disaster, failure, or corruption• Protect data at the edge “Organizations are• Protect virtualized environments increasingly making their backup product selections• Meet strict SLAs from vendors that also offer expanded protection• Fulfill regulatory compliance and litigation capabilities and techniques in requests addition to traditional backup software.”• Contain data storage growth and cost — Gartner, 2011
  6. 6. Meaning Based Data Protection• Unique ability to collect data for any purpose – Efficient data recovery and discovery – Regulatory compliance – Data analytics• Ability to understand the meaning of backed up data• Automatic categorization, mobile device Scales to handle support, clustering, search, etc., powered by many thousands of IDOL protected systems• Timely access to vital data anywhere, anytime• Intelligent recovery of data from failure, or corruption• Contain data storage growth and cost
  7. 7. POWER PROTECT PROMOTE World’s Largest Private Cloud, Over 31 PetabytesCloud-based OptionsAutonomy’s Cloud Data Protection helps organizations to achieve speed,flexibility, cost-effectiveness, allows IT to be more agile and helpsorganizations to be more competitive.
  8. 8. Benefits of Data Protection in the Cloud• Support multiple locations and mobile workforce that need to back up business-critical data anywhere• Cloud platform enables delivery of data protection enterprise services such as legal hold, eDiscovery• Enables focus on business objectives by relieving organizations of non- core competencies associated with data protection• Cost control and certainty
  9. 9. The Power of IDOL Info Gov
  10. 10. Autonomy LiveVaultFully Automated Backup and ReliableRecovery for Physical and Virtual Machines• Cloud-based server backup• Selective backup and restore of specific files• Seamless integration with Autonomy solutions• Application awareness for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server• No impact from migrations of virtual machines from one physical host to another• Quick recovery times during site disasters• Works with any hypervisor
  11. 11. Backup and Archiving• Meaning understands: – What to keep in backup – What to keep in archiving – What to delete: reduce storage costs, comply with retention policy, and improve backup window• Single Platform in the cloud• Save on database licenses with Autonomy archiving – Old data is always available, databases not on site – Backup & archiving data together in the data center• Remove the cost of keeping data but maintain access• Single point of control for administration, policy management and control, infrastructure, and operation
  12. 12. Autonomy Connected Backup• Protect critical information at the edge of the network• Reduce the risks and costs associated with litigation, compliance, and data backup requirements Industry’s first• Ensure endpoint data is available, secure, and eDiscovery-ready laptop data accessible for recovery and discovery protection solution – Fully automatic, conceptual, policy-based protection – Seamless integration with Autonomy Legal Hold – 3 million endpoints protected – Patented data reduction technologies – Understands the meaning of all business-critical data
  13. 13. Mobile and Connected Backup• Mobile capabilities for backup and recovery, including embedded IDOL search – Access backed up content on mobile devices – Backup mobile content• Anywhere Access• Leading mobile devices supported – iOS, Android
  14. 14. Data Protection and Information Governance POWER PROTECT PROMOTE• Unleash the power of the Connected Backup agent – More than backup and recovery – Real time intelligent collection of enterprise laptops/desktops data• From simplifying to automating Legal Hold – Industry-first “hold in-place” option for desktops & laptops – One platform for all Legal Hold stages: notification, preservation, collection, and disposition – Retain backed up data subject to legal hold policies• Extends the power of eDiscovery solution
  15. 15. HP Data Protector• Secure & simplified onsite data protection• Centralized – Centralized, down-to-the second recovery for virtual and physical servers• Fast Recovery – Fast recovery from deduplicated backup data on HP StoreOnce and 3rd Party appliances• Distributed Recovery – Distributed recovery for application administrators removes burden from data SIMPLIFY – UP TO 90% FEWER center staff INSTALLATION STEPS THAN COMPETITIVE ONSITE PRODUCTS• Continuous Protection – HP Data Protector Notebook Extension SAVE UP TO 70% delivers continuous protection for laptops OVER COMPETITIVE without burdening IT staff ONSITE PRODUCTS
  16. 16. Choosing Your Cloud Service Provider• Relieves organizations of non- core competencies associated with data protection• Delivers data protection enterprise services such as legal hold and information governance• Safe and secure - end-to-end encryption and mirrored data centers – PCI compliance, SAS-70 certification• Supports mobile workforce• Proven security and scalability• Contains data storage growth and cost
  17. 17. Thank youPOWER PROTECT PROMOTE
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