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Benefits of mobility without compromising your company data


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The traditional approach to data security often means managing risk of data loss and security breaches by locking down business, which can significantly hinder flexibility and efficiency. In today’s challenging environment, security not only helps to manage risks and maintain compliance, but allows the organisation to drive business opportunities, customer service and improved performance as the enabler of flexible and mobile working. This requires a more open approach to security, where productivity is no longer compromised.This session will explore:• How to allow your staff the freedom to work flexibly and productively through mobile working, safe in the knowledge that security is covered.• How to apply the appropriate security measures to meet the needs of your business, making sure they won't suppress productivity by restricting the availability of IT.• Securing Smartphones and Tablets in the enterprise world.

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Benefits of mobility without compromising your company data

  1. 1. Benefits of mobilitywithout compromising yourcompany dataSecuring Smartphones and TabletsOctober 2011Tarik Reid
  2. 2. Mobility - the challengeOrganisations today arefacingan uncertain economicoutlook, changing workpatterns, growing customerexpectations and rapidlychanging technology
  3. 3. Meeting the challengeSpeed up78% 70of organisations 33 £30k Average cost of not %said that providinga fast response tocustomer querieswas their biggest of customers % of 16 – 24 year responding to a potential business enquiry is over £30K (Vodafone’s 2010 Criticalsource of now expect a olds want a Response Time Index - 2010)competitive response in less response in lessadvantage than 2 hours than 30 minutes(Vodafone Working Smarter (Vodafone’s 2010 Critical (Vodafone’s 2010 CriticalResearch 2011) Response Time Index - Response Time Index - 2010) 2010)
  4. 4. Meeting the challengeSimplify50% 28m 22By 2012, 50% of by 2014 there will 67% 67% of businesses %all investments incommunications inlarger enterpriseswill be part of a UC be over 28 million mobile workers in the UK 22% of monthly believe flexible workers are happier and 51% think they are more productivedeployment deadlines are Avaya (2009)(Gartner 2011) missed because the right person cant be found at the right time
  5. 5. Meeting the challengeSave costs30% 40of employees £10k average cost of a %forwardtheir fixed phone totheir mobile phone 40% of workers desk is over £10,000 per annum (Wisework)(Gartner) say they rarely at their fixed desk (Wisework)
  6. 6. Meeting the challengeSecure£1.9m 98Average cost of a 80 55 %data breach(Ponemon Institute 2011) 98% of the % 80% of devices m Tablet PC sales workers polled sold in UK in predicted to rise have used 2012 will be from 20 million technology they smartphones in 2011 to 55 purchased million in 2012 themselves for (UBS) work
  7. 7. What does it mean?Embrace, engage and inspire
  8. 8. Developing aStrategy
  9. 9. If you are developing a ‘consumerisation’ strategy- there are four keyareas to focus on… Obtain device Use device Pay for services Provide support
  10. 10. If you are developing a ‘consumerisation’ strategy- there are four key areas tofocus on… Pay for Provide Obtain device Use device services support Employees pays Company has no Bring own all and claims Support device limits / rules back Company wants Company pays - Employee pays devices limited device for personal Insurance connected range usage or data securely Wider range, but Secure for work - Company pays an Set up and employee pays unsecure amount, balance provision services balance personally paid by employee Employee Fully flexible, but Lifecycle purchases employee pays Company pays all management of additional 100% hardware services
  11. 11. Securely ManageTablets andSmartphones
  12. 12. The Solutionfrom VodafoneA powerful solution to manage, secure and integrate your wholeSmartphone and Tablet estate. Manage Secure Integrate
  13. 13. Device management & security solution– Good for Enterprise provides a similar device management and security architecture to BES.– Supports multiple Smartphone platforms e.g. iPad, iPhone, Windows 6.5, Symbian S60 & Android smartphones & tablets.– The solution provides a contained secure environment on every smartphone by encrypting data from the enterprise server such as email.– National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) compliancy – in line with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). A defacto requirement for US federal government agencies. 14
  14. 14. Securing enterprise data – The solution provides a secure “contained” environment on mobile devices by encrypting data from the corporate server and restricting its access within a special application. – The user clicks on the Good application to enter the secure container. Personal Protected Data Enterprise Data Use native device Enterprise data applications for lockdown personal use – Data encryption – Email – Password – Contacts – Remote wipe – Calendar – Applications Access corporate apps – Pictures – Email, attachments – Videos etc & PIM – Intranets – Document repositories – Corporate IM15
  15. 15. Thank you
  16. 16. Q&A
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