The Compelling Case for Client Virtualisation – Better Performance than VDI for 1/10th the Cost


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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) radically improves IT administration, but it adds significant infrastructure cost while introducing new limitations on mobility and performance. This session demonstrates how client virtualisation delivers all the benefits of server-hosted VDI while delivering better mobility and performance for less than 1/10th the cost.

Desktop virtualisation presents an opportunity to radically improve both IT operations and end user productivity. Activities such as operating system migrations or the deployment of new business-critical applications can be delivered faster and more easily using desktop virtualisation than traditional PC management systems. It also offers new opportunities to improve IT service to business by enabling increased workforce mobility, improving data security, creating remote working opportunities, and offering employees increased choice of computing device or run multiple desktops on a single PC.While Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) radically improves IT administration, it adds significant infrastructure cost and introduces new limitations on mobility and performance. Desktop virtualisation does not have to be limited by these challenges. There are now hundreds of companies reaping the advantages of desktop virtualisation without extensive capital outlay, without wholesale reworking of existing desktop management practices, and without a compromising user experience. This session demonstrates how client virtualisation delivers all the benefits of server-hosted VDI while delivering better mobility and performance for less than 1/10th the cost.

Visitors to the session will learn about a viable alternative to both traditional systems management tools and infrastructure-heavy VDI implementations. This session will identify the key pain points we face today and how desktop virtualisation via type-1 hypervisors can be a more effective way to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

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The Compelling Case for Client Virtualisation – Better Performance than VDI for 1/10th the Cost

  1. 1. Intelligent Desktop VirtualizationThe Compelling Case for Client Virtualization Better Performance than VDI for 1/10th the Cost IP EXPO, 19/10/11, Earl’s Court, London Dan McCall & Darren Chapman, Virtual Computer Inc.
  2. 2. Where you come from has a lot to do with where you end up2 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  3. 3. • Server Virtualization  Use case: Server Consolidation  Benefit: Instant ROI VDI  Benefit: Better Management Server • As a Result  We bought a lot less servers! Virtualization  This cost infrastructure vendors big $$  Being made up on your desktop3 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  4. 4. But there’s a problem… One Size does not fit all Desktop Computing4 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  5. 5. VDI Strengths • Centralized Management – Provisioning, Backup and recovery • Real and Perceived Security • Remote Access • Session Persistence5 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  6. 6. VDI Weakness • Complexity • Cost • End-user 6 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  7. 7. VDI Weakness • Complexity • Cost • End-user 7 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  8. 8. VDI Complexity • Lose one machine, take down lots of users – N+1 is a requirement • To get a real PC, you need a lot of new stuff – New networks , WAN optimizers, connection brokers – Storage with lots of IOPS – Server-side rendering of graphics (how many GPU’s are in a server?) – I have 4GB of RAM on my PC. How many GB/user will I have on the server? – What about unified communications? • More stuff means more stuff than can break8 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  9. 9. VDI Cost • The average cost of a thin client = price of a low-end desktop – A low-end desktop has much higher performance: CPU, Memory, Disk • And then… – You must replicate the computing power in the data center – Plus all that other new stuff…9 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  10. 10. What About our End-users? • Want mobility • Want a Laptop • Want it personal10 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  11. 11. Where We Come From 4 Year journey to reverse the direction IT’s called IDV: Intelligent Desktop Virtualization All the benefits of server hosted VDI with none of the complexity, cost, and end-users like it11 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  12. 12. VDI versus Intelligent Desktop Virtualization VDI IDV Centralized Centralized Management Management Type-1 Centralized Local Type-1 Hypervisor Execution Execution Hypervisor12 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  13. 13. IDV is Also Hard To Do • Hard on us, not on you • Type-1 client hypervisors are complex – Graphics cards, USB devices, docking stations, cameras, microphones, speakers… • But as we get it right, you get it “righter” – One to many PC management – No more worries about drivers, OS migration, PC refresh, Virus recovery, Recovery from lost or stolen devices13 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  14. 14. We’re Not Alone on Our Journey • We are joined by very influential partners • Whose next generation of PCs will put sizzle into the frying pan – New form factors (Ultrabooks) – Faster processors, better graphics, super-power management • If you think the PC is going anywhere, guess again – Gartner forecasts double-digit growth in 2012 • And don’t forget Windows 8…. How will you get there?14 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  15. 15. Benefit: >50% Savings in PC Support Costs vs. Traditional PC Management Time/Cost Saving Features  One image to manage  Zero failure patching  Instant virus/corruption recovery  Integrated remote support  Security with encryption, lock, kill  Migrate machines or OS in minutes Traditional PC Mgmt15 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  16. 16. Benefit: >90% Reduction in Infrastructure Cost versus Server Hosted VDI Management Management Storage Execution Network Server Servers Arrays Servers Gear Virtual Computer Server Hosted: VMware, Citrix16 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  17. 17. Intelligent Desktop Virtualization Center Engine17 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  18. 18. Simple, Powerful Features and Benefits Provisioning and Management Backup and Recovery • Fast provisioning & portability • Profiles, preferences, settings • Fail-safe one-to-many provisioning and patching • User data backup & restore • OS migration • Instant re-provisioning • Integrated helpdesk • Snap-back and snap-forward Security and Control Productivity and Delight • Trusted boot enabled • Fast-boot into Google Chrome environment • Full disk encryption • Integrated cloud access: Chrome, RDP, Citrix • USB filtering • Locally managed and/or Personal VM • Expiration, lockout, remote kill • Instant recovery from OS corruption18 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  19. 19. The Press Has Taken Notice Client Hosting Takes Virtualization Mobile Virtual Computer Debuts New Release of NxTop 4 – EE Times (09/12/2011) – (08/29/2011) News: Virtual Computer Turns VDI on Its Head with Virtual Computers NxTop 4: A Smarter Approach to NxTop 4 VDI? – The Virtualization Practice (08/30/2011) – MSPmentor (08/29/2011) Virtual Computers NxTop Creates More Potent Client-Based Virtualization Gains Momentum Virtual Desktops Than VDI – Smarter Technology (07/26/2011) – ReadWriteWeb (08/29/2011)19 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  20. 20. The Analysts Like It "Based on the new capabilities Virtual Computer has launched in NxTop 4, their global distribution and technology collaboration agreement with Lenovo, and their strong customer traction, we see Virtual Computer as a major player in the distributed desktop virtualization space." – Ian Song Senior Research Analyst, IDC Enterprise Virtualization Software Practice20 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  21. 21. Even Brian Madden’s on Board “Virtual Computer on the other hand whos actually out there doing whats supposedly so complex! I mean hot damn, you know?? And their v4 looks really, really good.” - Brian Madden, It’s hard to give Virtual Computer enough credit for what theyve done. By far, they have the most mature piece of client-side virtualization software on the market. – Gabe Knuth, SearchVirtualDesktop.com21 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  22. 22. Intelligent Desktop Virtualization Darren Chapman Senior Systems Engineer, EMEA Let’s Do a Demonstration22 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  23. 23. Engine Architecture Type-1 Hypervisor – Based on Xen with extensive modifications to support PCs – Fully virtualized platform – Secure communication to server infrastructure Center – Quick-boot Linux VM (NxTop Connect with ) WAN/LAN Virtual Machine #1 Virtual Machine #N Engine User Data 11 User Data Applications Win XP … Applications Windows 7 NxTop Connect Services Domain Management and Control Domain Virtual HW Virtual HW (DomS) (Dom0) Hypervisor (Open Source) Hardware23 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  24. 24. IDV is Elegantly Simple One-to-many from server Patch Center Discard on Snapshot reboot/patch COW for backup COW System User Local VHD VHD VHD Shared System Disk Persistent User Data Persistent Local Data One to many: patch once, publish many Backed-up on server for (not backed up) instant re-provisioning Page.sys, temporary internet files, search indexes, .ost files24 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  25. 25. Built for Scalability Central Server • Remote Caching Server – Optimized for low-bandwidth/WAN environments – At Remote Office • Local LAN operations for publishing/backups • One copy of OS image and patches • Backups stored locally in Remote Office Center – At Central Office • Single view of NxTop Environment through NxTop Center Remote Server LAN WAN Center25 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  26. 26. Server-Hosted Comparison VDI26 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  27. 27. Client-Hosted IDV27 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
  28. 28. It’s Like Discovering…28 © 2011 Virtual Computer Inc.
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