Virgin Media Business Beyond the connectivity


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You have heard about the network capability of Virgin Media Business now come and find out how we are helping our customers beyond the network connectivity. The seminar gives you a flavour of how to differentiate in this difficult economic climate. Also it demonstrates how Virgin Media Business is helping to enhance our end customers lives.

Staff are located at 40 offices across the country, meaning that Virgin Media Business really is closer to its customers. Organisations working with Virgin Media Business include London City Airport, Nottingham Building Society, Arqiva, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership and South West Water.To see analysis on the current issues surrounding business-to-business telecoms please visit our blog or get involved and

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Virgin Media Business Beyond the connectivity

  1. 1. Virgin Media BusinessBeyond the connectivity…………..Agenda Background Market Dynamics Customer Trends Strategy
  2. 2. A little background… £4bn 21st Century Cisco / HP Gold NGN 5A2 Local everywhere
  3. 3. The most advanced national networkSignificant economic advantage and end-to-end control 186,000km UK wide fibre-optic network 38,000 powered breakout points 157 voice switches delivering more than 70,000 phone calls every minute 35% of UK broadband and 40% of mobile traffic uses our network
  4. 4. Market Dynamics Economic climate Mergers & Acquisition Parallels to car industry Driving customers behaviour..
  5. 5. What the market is telling us Differentiation is key Reviewing processes Reduce people Centralised procurement Business projects underpinned by IT What are we seeing from our customers…
  6. 6. Public Services Network‘Network of networks’ saving £500m a yearAwarded 1st PSN accreditation NGN 2-2-4,Direct Network Service Provider &Government Conveyance Network SPPSN marketplace to life A ‘Network of Networks’ Hampshire & Isle of Wight London Grid For Learning Lancashire care NHS Foundation Trusts North Yorkshire PoliceEnables innovative public services for citizens
  7. 7. Lancashire and Cumbria harness technology powerfrom Virgin Media Business to save lives with remotestroke diagnosis 4000 incidents every year 15 specialist doctors use video conferencing NHS saving (estimates) 24 more patients will survive a stroke 40 more patients recover with no symptoms/disabilities 30 less patients will require care £6.6m saving in local social care Standardised care
  8. 8. Collaboration for Tees Valley and beyond 5 townhall installations Reduce travel by 2.5% Carbon management plan Reduce CO2 by 40% Realise £4.5 million savings Virgin Media adopter
  9. 9. Changing the Way We Work Collaborative Tools Text Voice, Video Social Networking Video on Demand Many Discussion Forums Unified Stakeholders Communications Number of Wikis Blogs Contact Center Email Conferencing One IM TelePresence Documents Vmail Virgin Media – video blogs , “grill the boss” , video conferencing“Raising the productivity of employees whose jobs cant be automated the next great performance challenge—and the stakes are high.” McKinsey & Company, The 21st Century Organization
  10. 10. Customer Experience Aligned to web strategy Data Mining Communication channels Social networking Chat Voice Video SMS Social inclusion
  11. 11. Just the start of collaboration Not just meeting Virtual field trips Distributed Workforce Retention of workforce Integration of devices
  12. 12. Virgin vision and values Value for money Good quality Brilliant customer service Innovative and challenging Fun
  13. 13. YOUR YEAR-ROUND IT RESOURCE – access to everything you’ll need to know
  14. 14. THE WHOLETECHNOLOGY STACKfrom start to finish
  15. 15. COMMENT & ANALYSISInsights, interviews and the latest thinking on technology solutions
  16. 16. VIDEOYour source of live information – all the presentations from our live events
  17. 17. TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY Over 3,000 whitepapers,case studies, product overviews and press releases from all the leading IT vendors
  18. 18. EVENTS, WEBINARS & PRESENTATIONS Missed the event? Download the presentations thatinterest you. Catch up with convenient webinars. Plan your next visit.
  19. 19. DirectoryA comprehensive A-Z listing providing in-depth company overviews
  20. 20. ALL FREE TO ACCESS 24/7
  21. 21.