Optimizing VM Backup with Quantum


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This presentation will discuss the implementation of Quantum’s data protection solutions for virtual environments by Concert Pharmaceuticals, a clinical stage biotechnology company, and the challenges they faced that prompted them to implement these solution offerings.

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Optimizing VM Backup with Quantum

  1. 1. Optimizing VM Backup withQuantum© 2011 Quantum Corporation. Company Confidential. Forward-looking information isbased upon multiple assumptions and uncertainties, does not necessarily represent thecompany’s outlook and is for planning purposes only. 1 | Customer NDA Presentation
  2. 2. Agenda Technology Introduction vmPro Appliance Customer Example © 2010 Quantum Corporation. Company Confidential. Forward-looking information is based upon multiple assumptions and uncertainties, does not necessarily represent the company’s outlook and is for planning purposes only.
  3. 3. VM Data Protection Remains a Key Challenge VM technology is pervasive across the enterprise – 39% of total VM’s in production today, 58% within 24 months (ESG, 2011) The scale of the challenge is greater than ever – Most companies have more than 100 VM’s (ESG, 2011) Virtualization is the top priority for IT in 2001 (ESG, 2011) – Represents a key opportunity for QTM How many total VM’s are currently deployed in your organization? (N=460) 20% 18% 18% 16% 14% 12% 13% 13% 12% 12% 11% 10% 8% 6% 5% 6% 6% 4% 3% 2% 0% Less than 25 to 49 50 to 100 101 to 250 251 to 500 501 to 1,001 to 2,501 to More than Don’t 25 1,000 2,500 5,000 5,000 know3
  4. 4. A Major Problem Area is Protection Virtualization creates protection complexities – Dynamic VMs create more data, much is temporary and redundant – VMs and their data often need separate treatment – Specialized methodologies, tools, agents, ISVs are proliferating rapidly—not all provide backup, DR, retention – Results are complex integration, increased costs, islands of data Customer needs vary by use case – In heavily virtualized edge sites: limited backup tools, infrastructure and IT – Need simple protection recovery and system for DR – In data centers: physical and virtual mixed, legacy backup applications in place – Need streamlined VM recovery and better consolidation Data Center Virtualized Remote Site / Small Office Tape DiskPhysicalmachines Virtual machines Traditional VM-specific Traditional OR Backup ISV Backup Tool Backup ISV4
  5. 5. Pancetera Technology Background Company founded by engineers from Data Domain, Legato Created advanced technology designed to optimize and simplify the protection and recovery of virtual machines – Present a consolidated file system view – Optimize the VM’s – Maintain copies in native VM form Synergistic with Quantum deduplication and replication Acquired by Quantum in June 20114
  6. 6. The Technology: File System VM View Any backup applicationESX Hosts andassociated VM’s Provides File System View of all VMs Auto-discovers VMs in all locations Provides admin view across hypervisors, groups, etc Presents view to any application (i.e., backup app)5
  7. 7. The Technology: Optimization of VM Data Live VM Changed blocks Optimized ReadProgressive optimization – Patented technology interacts with the file system metadata inside VMs to manage blocks – Filters out inactive, unassigned and deleted data when it is read by any application—reduces data to backup by up to 75% or more – Accelerates backups and optimizes use of disk, server, and network – Arranges blocks to increase deduplication rates—highly synergistic with Quantum deduplication6
  8. 8. Optimization Real-World Results Protected 2.5TB, avoided transferring 1.7TB of unassigned/useless data Reduced Primary Storage I/O and network load by 68%7
  9. 9. The Technology: Native VM Copy Creates copy of VMs on any NAS storage Schedule based Data is available in native, file system view – VMs are bootable – Image backup, file by file access – Data can be used for any application (recovery, test VM on ESX Server environment, archive, etc.) VM copy on NAS BU Device8
  10. 10. Applying the Technology for Small or Remote Sites: vmPRO 4000Turnkey simplicity, advanced technology, leading value
  11. 11. Scalable vmPRO 4000 for Smaller SitesVM backup software and storage target in one integrated solution - Turnkey VM protection - No need to integrate separate pieces - No need for specialized VM software or separate serversOptimized for smaller sites—SMB or remote offices - New model more than doubles capacity with vmPRO 4000 Solution non-disruptive scaling—up to 12TB vmPRO 4510 – 2TB usable vmPTO 4601 – 4, 8, or 12 TB with cap on demand - Support for vSphere5 Pancetera VM Deduplication & Backup Software Replication SystemIncludes full deduplication capability for backup retention - Allows local retention for months10
  12. 12. Includes DR Protection CapabilityDR protection for VMs difficult with other approachesvmPRO 4000 includes encrypted replication in base price for automated, off-site protectionCan replicate to other vmPRO 4000 or to DXi in edge-to-core Enterprise deployments vmPRO 4000 vmPRO 4000 vmPRO 4000 vmPRO 4000 DXi Appliance vmPRO 4000 For single DR site For edge-to-core11
  13. 13. Preserves Value of Legacy SystemsvmPRO 4000 can support multiple Physical VMs serverapplications – Legacy backup software sees VMs directly—no agent needed – Other apps benefit from progressive optimization for faster backup, less disk needed Legacy vmPRO ISV backup backupUsers can consolidate storage vmPRO 4000pool for physical and virtual Storageserver backup Replication to vmPRO or – Replication provides both with DR to DXi protection12
  14. 14. NAS Virtual Filesystem for vSphere VMs• Open protocol support for CIFS and NFS• Direct integration point for Server, Desktop and 3rd party data protection apps• Scriptable DR integration without need for storage based replication17
  15. 15. Scalable Multi-Node Filesystem Support18
  16. 16. Supports Consolidated Protection Across locations – Edge sites and data centers with replication for DR Across virtual and physical servers – Common applications or data stores Across applications – Supports legacy apps Data Center Virtualized Remote Site / Small Office Tape DXi vmPRO Software vmPRO 4000 Traditional VM-specific Backup ISV Backup Tool Traditional vmPRO4000 Backup ISV DXi Replication19
  17. 17. Customer Example: Concert Pharmaceuticals Clinical stage biotech company Strategic alliance with GlaxoSmithKline Deep science & industry expertise Small IT team Almost 100% virtualized Any views or opinions expressed in this presentation are solely my own and do not necessarily represent those of Concert Pharmaceuticals. High growth in storage20
  18. 18. Concert Pharma’s Previous Challenges VM backup solution did not play well with gen1 dedupe appliance – Forced to do custom scripting to copy snapshots of full VMs to dedupe appliance Poor performance – Slow backup times, VERY slow to restore from dedupe appliance Surprisingly short retention, disappointing compression – 2 days for Exchange server, 1 week for other critical systems21
  19. 19. Concert Pharma’s New Solution Benefits of Quantum Pancetera + DXi solution Simplified data protection process – Appliance-based approach, simple NAS interface – Works with native VMDK files, not proprietary blobs of data – Protected all VMs with single solution Improved performance – Cut VM backup time to minutes, able to backup Exchange in one hour Increased on-site and off-site retention to 3 months Reduced data protection costs with simple solution22
  20. 20. Questions?
  21. 21. | Demystify Data Deduplication25
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