Managing heterogeneous environments (virtual, physical and cloud)


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As you expand the virtualization footprint and create a cloud infrastructure, IT management must change. For a more flexible and dynamic infrastructure the traditional approach to silo’d, static, physical infrastructure management does not provide adequate automation and control. This session provides guidance on the different approaches for managing virtual and cloud infrastructures and how management solutions purpose-built for virtual and cloud environments reduce cost, management overhead and increase IT agility. If you have, or plan to have a VMware-based infrastructure this session is a ‘must attend.’

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Managing heterogeneous environments (virtual, physical and cloud)

  1. 1. IP Expo 2011 Managing heterogeneousenvironments (virtual, physical and cloud) Ashley Davies VMware UK © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Delivering IT as a Service in a Hybrid World “Strategically, virtualization leads inexorably down a path toward Broker of IT Services agility, flexible sourcing and Source, Deliver and Manage cloud computing.” the Quality of Services: Tom Bittman, Gartner • Cost Virtualization • Compliance & Risk • Service Levels Private Public Web Hybrid PC / Client-Server % loads virtualized now in 40% Mainframe range, rising 10% per year VMware is the world’s most trusted virtualization platform for cloud computing • 84% of all virtualized applications in the world run on VMware (Gartner, December 2009) • Leader in Magic Quadrant for x86 virtualization infrastructure (Gartner, May 20102
  3. 3. Virtualization is the Foundation for Cloud Computing VMware is  Enables cloud computing enabling companies to  Changes how IT is acquired, managed and used treat IT more like a business  Enables new forms of applications VMware is the world’s most  84% of all virtualized applications in the world trusted run on VMware Gartner, December 2009 virtualization  Leader in Magic Quadrant for x86 virtualization platform for cloud infrastructure Gartner, May 2010 computing3
  4. 4. Management Must Change to Realize Benefits of Cloud Computing Today’s IT Budget is in Maintenance Mode 5% Infrastructure Investment Innovation Throttled by Today’s IT Management  Brittle silo’d infrastructure and overwhelming complexity forces IT to spend > 70% of budgets on ‘status quo’ 23% Today’s Complex Management Inhibits Cloud Application 42% Infrastructure  New levels of automation are required to Investment Maintenance provision, deploy and manage in a dynamic self-service environment 30% Application Management Implication for Cloud Maintenance  How do I achieve zero-touch?  How do I enable self-service with control?  How do I get to the hybrid cloud?Source: VMware Fortune 100 Customers 4
  5. 5. The Ultimate Destination: IT as a Service COST EFFICIENCY QUALITY OF SERVICE COST-EFFECTIVE BUSINESS AGILITY IT Production Business Production IT as a Service 85% IT Business Management Automated Operations 70% Management Self-service Infrastructure 30% 15% Cloud is transforming the traditional IT landscape5
  6. 6. The New IT Landscape in the Era of Cloud End User Computing Empowered, Secure, Mobile Workforce End User Freedom. Computing as a Service IT Control. Any app on any device, anytime, anywhere – securely!Cloud Application Cloud Application New Generation of Enterprise AppsPlatform Platform Combining the social, mobile experience withModernize Today’s Apps. Build Existing Apps New Enterprise Apps SaaS Apps Applications as a Service enterprise requirementsfor Tomorrow’s.Cloud Infrastructure & A More Flexible, Efficient InfrastructureManagement Exploiting modern, cost-effective hardwareInfrastructureIntelligent Virtual a ServiceDelivered Your Way. Creating & spanning both internal and external resource pools Existing Datacenters Public Cloud Services6
  7. 7. Bringing IT All Together to Deliver IT as a Service The key to achieving the promise of cloud End User IT Business Computing Management (End User Access as a Service) Source, deliver and manage services to the business based on an understanding of cost, risk, compliance and Cloud Manage the business value Application business of cloud Platform to ensure cost-effective • IT Financial Management (Application as a business agility • IT Governance, Risk & Service) Compliance • Enterprise SLA & Vendor Management Cloud • Service Catalog Infrastructure & Management (Infrastructure as a Service)7
  8. 8. Cloud Requires a New Approach to Automation and Management Traditional IT Cloud Management Management • Applications managed at the • User access to applications individual device, usually the and data managed across desktop, with limited data multiple devices ensuring portability availability anytime, anywhere • Ad-hoc, manual approaches • Applications developed and to building, testing, releasing released on consistent, complex applications based standardized, fully on monolithic architectures automated application platforms • Static, traditional • Highly virtualized infrastructures with low levels infrastructures (>80%) with of virtualization resulting in embedded management complex, often manual resulting in high availability management processes and greater agilityServices and assets tied Service components aretogether in complex, brittle, abstracted and sourced fromvertical stacks that are hard dynamic resource pools withto change and manage Business agility IT able to keep up with the horizontal layers loosely bound suffers speed of the business into services 8
  9. 9. VMware’s Approach To measure and manage in the era of Cloud will drive cloud you need to change the way you: change in the way IT is: • Standardize and converge the disciplines Measured tools, teams and processes to build and Managed manage your cloud Purchased • Implement business rules and policies to Governed facilitate self-service while maintaining control • Provide visibility and control into costs, compliance and service levels But If you can’t measure it, you can’t Transform manage it Management9
  10. 10. VMware Management Strategy: End-End Management For The Cloud Encapsulate applications for Configuration & Change Release Management Service Assurance lifecycle management independent of location or infrastructure Enable IT to become a Service Provider to the business and deliver services that span both • Policy • QoS • Resource • Resource public and private clouds requests commits Simplify infrastructure management through Virtual Data Center Virtual Data Center Virtual Data Center abstraction, policy-based automation, and “app awareness” Private Cloud Public Clouds Planning Provisioning Monitoring10
  11. 11. An Integrated Approach to IT Operations Management Performance App = host Limited movement Performance + Capacity Capacity + Configuration OPERATIONS Dedicated resources Pre-committed Resource abstraction / pooling Configuration Mobility Static , pre-configured Speed / self-service 1-1 mapping Setup Update Inventory HA INFRASTRUCTURE vMotion DRS Distr. S/W I/O Control vSphere Cloud OS Physical Datacenters Virtual Datacenters12
  12. 12. Customers Need Better Tools to Automate Virtual Operations Customer pain and requirements reveal the need for a more integrated approach to operations management Financial Services – #1 priority is Broadcasting – Want to further better performance monitoring tools consolidate but need to for Ops team to proactively understand capacity and troubleshoot virtual environment performance implications. Service Provider – Live with VCD to Bank – Building cloud with high VM enable self service provisioning; density, but lack tools to plan need to ensure SLA while capacity, maximize utilization predicting near-future demand. without degrading performance.13 Sources: 100+ Customers
  13. 13. VMware’s IT operations management strategy  Understands all the underlying systems  Provides a simple, actionable view of what’s going on  Alerts you to problems  A single console puts everything into context: Performance Capacity Configuration14
  14. 14. Cloud Computing demands a new management approach Automated Operations Enable a more automated, Performance + Capacity + proactive approach to IT Configuration… operations Resource abstraction • Integrate “siloed” management Pooling disciplines Mobility • Infrastructure-awareness Constant change • Analytics for increased automation Self-service Zero-Touch Infrastructure Setup Update Inventory HA Build core management functions into the vMotion DRS Distr. S/W I/O Control platform VMware vSphere15
  15. 15. VMware vCenter Operations Overview Automated Operations for the Private Cloud Integrated Performance, Capacity and Configuration Management vCenter Operations Enterprise vCenter Operations Advanced vCenter Operations Standard Operations Management for Operations Management for VMware environments For smaller (<500) VMware heterogeneous environments deployments vSphere vSphere Environments Heterogeneous environments16
  16. 16. How vCenter Operations delivers a new model for operations Slide 17 An integrated approach and patented analytics to transform how IT ensures service levels in dynamic environments Integrated with underlying systems via vSphere, 3rd party monitoring Self-learns “normal” conditions using patented analytics Aggregates underlying metrics into Workload, Capacity, Health scores Smart alerts of impending performance degradation Powerful visibility and drill down from datacenter to component level Puts performance, capacity and configuration data in context of the health and performance of services17
  17. 17. vCenter Operations - Solution Overview Patented Performance Analytics • Self-learning of “normal” performance conditions • Service health baseline and trending • Smart alerts of impending performance degradation Purpose Built Capacity Planning & Analysis • Integrated capacity analysis and forecasting • Decision support & automation via views, alerts, reports • VM right sizing and capacity reclamation Automated Configuration & Compliance • Automated Patching and Provisioning • Comprehensive change tracking to isolate root cause • Single-click rollback to remediate and return to normal19
  18. 18. 1. Performance dashboard based on self-learning analytics Visualize environment performance in three unique dimensions Simple, actionable scores that indicate overall performance Highlights resources that are deviating from “normal” behaviour20
  19. 19. 2.Get “At-a-glance” insights into performance issues Performance scores “Details” for further analysis Visualize impact21
  20. 20. 3. Drill down into problem source Key metrics of interest based on continuous learning of Stress caused by Net I/O “normal” behavior Quickly identify problem source22
  21. 21. 4. Correlate cause-and-effect of the problem Check health of related objects in the hierarchy Correlate events that occurred at the same time23
  22. 22. 5. Opportunities to remediate Move VMs to another host? This host looks This host seems healthy… to be overloaded!24
  23. 23. Customer Success Resolving Performance Issues Proactively Before After  400 critical alerts / HOUR  20 alerts / MONTH  End user complaints  3 hours advanced alerted IT to the problem warning of slowdown with root cause  End users impacted (avg. 2 hours / outage)  NO impact to end users  12 Level-2 engineers on  1 Level-2 Engineer and 1 long bridge calls to address DBA to address problems problem Learn “Normal”  Smart Alerting  Root Cause25
  24. 24. How vCenter Operations is packaged Automated Operations for the Private Cloud Integrated Performance, Capacity and Configuration Management vCenter Operations Enterprise vCenter Operations Advanced vCenter Operations Standard Operations Management for Operations Management for VMware environments For smaller (<500) VMware heterogeneous environments deployments VC Ops Standard VC Ops Advanced VC Ops Enterprise VC Ops Standard VC Ops Ent Standalone CapacityIQ CapacityIQ VCM Bundle A-la-carte26
  25. 25. VMware’s Current Focus: Private Cloud Enable Self-Service Automate Infrastructure &  Infrastructure as a Service Operations Management  Orchestration / workflow  Performance  Chargeback  Capacity  Configuration Ensure Security & Streamline IT Service Compliance Management  Operational best practices  Problem, incident, change and  Regulatory configuration27
  26. 26. Virtualization & Cloud Management Customer Success We spend far less time performing upgrades and maintenance tasks, and our service delivery processes are incredibly streamlined.” Checkpoint By understanding the impact of change, we better understand how we need to staff up or redeploy staff to higher-value activity to drive increased volume and improve efficiency. It’s about making the best use of the labor we have and optimizing our total systems.” David Frazier, Director of the Competency Center for Siemens IT Solutions and Services Thanks to vCenter, management has been simplified so we do not need to continually hire more administrators. Using vCenter we can provision new virtual machines and monitor the performance of our physical servers and our virtual machines very easily.” National Trades Union Conference (NTUC)
  27. 27. In Summary… IT management is at an inflection point and will change in cloud era VMware is redefining modern cloud infrastructure and applications and is the obvious choice to redefine their management VMware is focused on enabling and managing private clouds while designing for a hybrid cloud environment VMware’s approach is to simplify management with new levels of automation and policy-based service assurance VMware management solutions leverage and are tightly integrated with vSphere VMware delivers upon open, standards-based and evolutionary approach to managing hybrid cloud architecture29
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