Seeing Beyond the Cloud: New Applications, Opportunities, and Challenges in a Cloud-Centric World


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During this session Dr. Borenstein will debate what new kinds of services might emerge once cloud computing has become ubiquitous, what new standards might emerge, and what dangers might be posed by their absence.

Discussions about the cloud have largely focused on the mechanics of the cloud, the challenges of moving traditional applications to the cloud, and generally on reasons for moving to the cloud. Cloud computing has been, for the most part, sold, justified, and appreciated on grounds of economy and efficiency.However, we are rapidly entering a world in which the cloud is an accepted, increasingly mundane fact of life, but one that informs and underlies nearly every aspect of information service delivery. In this talk I will explore what will be different in such a world. What new kinds of services might emerge once cloud computing is ubiquitous? What new standards might emerge, and what dangers might be posed by their absence? How will black hat" hackers change their techniques and targets in a cloud-centred world? What new kinds of threats might command the attention of IT executives

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Seeing Beyond the Cloud: New Applications, Opportunities, and Challenges in a Cloud-Centric World

  1. 1. Seeing Beyond the Cloud: New Applications,Opportunities, and Challenges in a Cloud-Centric World Nathaniel S. Borenstein Chief Scientist, Mimecast
  2. 2. Cloud Computing: The Next Last Big Thing“The half-life of knowledge in technology is 6 months. Half of what I know sitting here right now will be obsolete in 6 months, that is the speed at which technology moves and why you can never stop learning.” -- Ian Rudy, Everyday CIONot in the cloud yet? This talk is not for you. …but feel free to post a complaint to me… I’m worrying about what’s next.
  3. 3. So, What’s Next? (Predictions) IT operations will become a key source of business innovation. Enterprise-scale archives will enable deeper business intelligence, deeper self-insight, and finer control.
  4. 4. Am I Really Predicting Innovation From The IT Department ???Yes – after it’s entirely outsourced! (which I also predict!)Predict what you understand best. – Narrower expertise means better predictions – 1986: “I’ll get photos of my grandkids via email”
  5. 5. But I never pictured it like this:
  6. 6. Consider what the cloud enables• Technology rarely leaps, it evolves – Newly mainstream technologies promote innovation• Cloud is or will soon be “newly mainstream” – The next gazillionaire will credit the cloudFor $64 billion, then: What’s newly possible?
  7. 7. A Prerequisite Question: What’s Most Different?At least two big things: Data Centralization and Expertise Amortization
  8. 8. Truly Centralized Data• For the first time in the history of IT humanity, it is becoming possible1 to store all kinds of data, from all parts of an organization, together, with unified efficient access to all of them. – Even IBM has never had that.• We can write programs that make use of this. – An app store for cloud applications? 1. Not all cloud archives are fully integrated.
  9. 9. Amortizing Expertise• The average business is short on IT Expertise. – Cloud providers amortize this.• For commoditized services, cloud providers should do a better job than in-house• Business data intelligence insight profit.• Archive-driven innovation now makes economic sense for cloud providers and third parties.
  10. 10. Future IT Will be Run Professionally • Cost of providing services goes down. • Quality of services goes up. • Cost of innovation is broadly amortized. • Longer Tail for business apps? • And where will innovations come from? – Individuals with smartphones offer a clue.
  11. 11. What does business need? What I have! • My phone knows all. • Great for individuals • Organizations need to integrate private data • Business will need enterprise-scale data mining cloud apps
  12. 12. Why is Business Data Harder?• There’s so much more of it• It comes in so many more forms• Permissions are complex and crucialBut it’s still possible.• All your business data combined is probably less than a nano-Google.• If only you could combine it properly.
  13. 13. Central Archiving is the Key• Cloud computing is just the delivery model. – Albeit the first to make it practical!• Unified store and API simplify app-building• Some apps can run externally, use an API• Data-intensive apps must run “inside”• Need both to get full benefit
  14. 14. External Apps Using an API• Add new data and data types to an archive• Customer-driven interaction and reporting• Visualization of aggregated statistics• Apps using search/analysis primitives provided by the archive• Deeper analysis of smaller data (sub)sets
  15. 15. Data Intensive Archive Apps• Data-intensive apps must be “inside the cloud”• Vendors need provisions for running customer and third party code without disruption.• Permits deep analysis of enormous data sets• Communications patterns and trends Time for some examples…
  16. 16. I. Instant Implicit Search (a)
  17. 17. Instant Implicit Search (b)
  18. 18. Instant Implicit Search (c)
  19. 19. Instant Implicit Search (d)
  20. 20. II. Overnight Implicit SearchDate: January 28, 2011 9:06:52 PM GMTFrom: Mimecast Implicit Search <>To: John Doe <>Subject: Links that might be usefulBased on the messages you sent and received yesterday, we have found the following links to information that we think you might find useful. 14-Jul-10 Ali Bye-> Me “New products from Acme” 21-Oct-10 Steve Xu -> Bob Ray “Competive threat:” 12-Nov-10 Bob Ray -> Me “Who do we know at Acme?” 23-Jan-11 “ sues Acme in $23M patent brawl” 25-Jan-11 “Acme countersues Deathstar; CEO says ‘This is war!’”To further customize the search process, use this link:
  21. 21. III. Proactive Permission Management
  22. 22. IV. Enterprise Social Network Analysis• You’ve probably seen diagrams like this one from LinkedIn, showing one person’s network: A map of just one person’s network is surprisingly useful!
  23. 23. Deeper Social Network Analysis• Enterprise organizational network explorers are more complex, interactive• It’s easy to see patterns; are they useful?• Most orgs have a few key connectors• And most key connectors… …get bad performance reviews, are laid off first!• Cloud archive-enabled social network apps can lead to better HR management!
  24. 24. V. Communication Pattern Analysis• Warning: 5 employees may be in a conspiracy• But beware of surprise parties, etc.
  25. 25. VI. Information Security Analysis• How many sensitive artifacts do you have?• Which are most widely available internally?• Who has access to the most sensitive objects?• How has your document security evolved?• Which access rights make the least sense?
  26. 26. VII. Regulatory Compliance Analysis• Today, we scan emails for credit card #’s, etc.• Tomorrow: Scan all for HIPAA violations, etc.• Potential cost savings for audits/certifications• Which employees need extra training?• Where are risks lurking unnoticed?
  27. 27. So, Everything’s Just Great?• Not so simple, of course• More power raises the stakes – Bad guys can make more mischief with more data – Provider selection is more important than ever • Security, Privacy, Availability, Reliability, …..• Don’t want employees to feel spied on – Aggregation increases the sensitivity of each datum – Government powers must be considered carefully
  28. 28. What’s that about provider selection?• Provider selection is a decision that must be taken with inadequate information• Customer references are vital.• Monitoring as outsourcing is vital.• Emerging standards for evaluating cloud providers will help eventually, perhaps.
  29. 29. The Bottom line• Corporations can’t afford to ignore this stuff• Pioneers may get competitive advantage – Or arrows in their backs!• You’ve got cloud infrastructure, now exploit it!• Don’t bet against efficiency and optimization!
  30. 30. Questions? Comments? Nathaniel Borenstein <>
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