Trends and opportunities in the wireless market


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Trends and opportunities in the wireless market

  1. 1. Teresa CottamResearch Director & FounderOctober 2011Trends and opportunities in the wireless market
  2. 2.  Telesperience is a UK-based analyst firm specialising in software (BSS and OSS) and data Telesperience looks at how CSPs can optimise their operational efficiency, improve their commercial agility and offer an enhanced customer experience through better use of software and data Teresa Cottam is the research director and founder. She has more than 17 years experience working in telecoms. Before founding Telesperience she was an Associate Principal Analyst with Analysys Mason, & prior to that the Research Director at Chorleywood Consulting. She begun her career in telecoms analysis at
  3. 3. Martini lifestyleExclusive, expensive, restricted Inclusive, affordable, always
  4. 4. What do customers want? Video & entertainment What do Internet customers Smartphones Access want? Social
  5. 5. Retailers Personal device = personalised precision contextual marketing Ability to create innovative customer experiences Bridges online and store experiences – better customer insight from stores Meet customer expectation Create more effective employeesSmartphones enable, but done badly (e.g. poor QoS, badly targettedoffers etc.) will alienate
  6. 6. Universities/Colleges Meet student needs – for free? Do they pay? Do they feel like customers? Information provision across campus, ranging from reminders, information to freshers and updates from the student union Innovative teaching models Meeting needs of researchers (e.g. for collaboration)Freshers week! Problem of managing high data
  7. 7. Hotels and hospitality Wi-fi increasingly seen as a basic must-have Applications include mobile check-in to avoid queues and information provision Possibility of replacing basic pay-TV offer with streaming of much wider range of content Possibility to provide premium QoS which could be charged for Potential M2M and m-payment applicationsPotential cannibalisation of some lucrative applications by mobile
  8. 8. UtilitiesSmart meters – M2M!  Cheaper for utilities  More convenient for customersNeed to be assured traffic is delivered reliably, possibility of maximisingnetwork capacity in off-peak
  9. 9. Step 3 Smart Step 2 Managed Step 1
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