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While server and storage virtualisation have been successful and widespread in their adoption, the virtualised
desktop has yet to be taken up to the same extent. We believe this could be about to change......

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  • Research of 100 private sector clients – over 2k employeesBears out our experience with clients in all sectors
  • XP support ends 2014
  • Our research shows 31% of orgs will embrace iPADs etc for senior execs – 15% for anyone if gives competitive advantage – but rest will resist
  • No point in starting a journey unless you know where you are goingCloud Services turn supply of technology into true Utility ServiceMost Enterprises are not fit to go straight to CloudCloud services aren’t fit to take every workload yetFujitsu has a vision for taking clients on that journeyCloud based Desktop services reflectthat Journey
  • Evolution not revolutionWe understand the need for a blended, role based service that evolvesManaging diversityWe can help deliver a compelling user experience while meeting diverse stakeholder needs Leveraging our experience and heritageTelecoms, networks, computing and servicesSecurity and complianceAddressing a key concern of our customersLower Costs, lower energy, lower carbonLeveraging our R&D investments
  • Are you ready for a brave new world?

    1. 1. Brave new world of<br />Desktop <br />Services<br />Glenn Fitzgerald<br />Technical Director, Design and Development<br />Fujitsu UK&I<br />
    2. 2. Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />Agenda<br />What’s the state of the market<br />What are the challenges for IT<br />How are Fujitsu helping our clients<br />The need for a “Blended” service<br />Our credentials<br />How we can help<br />
    3. 3. Desktop virtualisation – the next big thing<br />2<br />Server and storage virtualisation are well established<br />Desktop virtualisation has yet to achieve same levels of acceptance<br />Estimated at less than 1% of 550m business PCs (Source: Ovum, 2010)<br />CITRIX and VMWare dominate the market – estimated at 90% market share<br />Expected benefits<br />Concerns / blockers<br />Source: Fujitsu research, Sept 2010<br />Benefits well understood – challenge is about how to make it happen successfully <br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    4. 4. Four key drivers …<br />3<br />Transforming to new <br />Desktop Service<br />Improve Workforce <br />Agility<br /><ul><li>Flexible headcount
    5. 5. Reduce office space
    6. 6. Support mobile / nomadic working</li></ul>Manage technology refresh<br /><ul><li>Replace old devices
    7. 7. Migrate from XP and adopt Exchange 2010 etc</li></ul>Reduce Cost of Service<br /><ul><li>Reduce complexity –simplify support
    8. 8. Role based - rather than “one size fits all”</li></ul>Exploit Desktop virtualisation<br /><ul><li>Move toward “thin client”
    9. 9. Reduce support costs
    10. 10. Improve data security </li></ul>Possible starting point ….. XP support ends 2014 but tech refresh funding could<br />enable a desktop transformation delivering workforce agility and cost savings<br />“People are finding they have not upgraded their desktop operating systems since 2003/2004” <br />Roy Illsley senior analyst, Ovum, June 2010<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    11. 11. … Need to satisfy diverse requirements<br />4<br />Traditional wisdom was to reduce costs by standardising the PCs and “locking down” functionality as much as possible<br />“Martini”<br />Access<br />User Perceptions of <br />“good IT service”<br />Business<br />Expectations<br />Improved service quality<br />Flexibility, agility and security<br />Reduced costs<br />Technology<br />choice<br />User<br />Roles<br />A new approach is needed that embraces this diversity – and delivers it effectively<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    12. 12. Real life examples<br />FLEX - first large scale fully virtualised desktop shared service in UK Government:<br />Reduce cost of highly secure desktop service <br />Delivered as a shared service to multiple central government departments – currently 10 and growing<br />Standard architecture and platform with options to meet specific needs<br />UK Government’s largest department – business drivers:<br />Reduce costs and building capacity<br />Adopt role based solution to replace “one-size fits all” locked down desktop for 140,000 users<br />Enable flexible working while reducing travelling and environmental impact<br />Refresh technology cost effectively with users only receiving (and paying for) the IT service they actually need <br />Enable Bring Your Own Computing (BYOC) models<br />Deliver secure access from anywhere with any technology<br />Enable users to move quickly and easily between roles<br />Enhance collaboration and productivity<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    13. 13. Real life examples<br />Private sector example - drivers:<br />Enable expected M&A<br />Support headcount flexing and building consolidation<br />Increase user density to desks via hot desking<br />Reduce time to recover from desktop failures <br />Support secure access while protecting and assets<br />Locate core of the desktop environment in secure Data Centres<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    14. 14. Role-based services<br />Segment user requirements<br />Mobile Worker<br />Office Worker<br />Task/Blue Collar Worker<br />Contract/Offshore Worker<br />Developers<br />Power User<br /><ul><li>External contractors
    15. 15. Non-corporate clients
    16. 16. Security
    17. 17. Standard applications
    18. 18. Central data storage
    19. 19. Sales, Consultants
    20. 20. Mobile Access
    21. 21. Remote Access
    22. 22. Flexibility
    23. 23. Standard Applications
    24. 24. Local data storage
    25. 25. HR, Legal
    26. 26. Connected clients
    27. 27. Static access
    28. 28. Personalized Desktop
    29. 29. Central datastorage
    30. 30. Call center, accounting
    31. 31. Connected clients
    32. 32. Limited Set of Software
    33. 33. Low Cost
    34. 34. Central data storage
    35. 35. SW developers
    36. 36. Connected Clients
    37. 37. Performance
    38. 38. High personalization
    39. 39. Local and central data storage</li></ul>Rich Client<br />Cloud Based Desktop <br />Thin/Zero Client<br />Rich Client<br />Cloud Based Desktop <br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />7<br />
    40. 40. Flexible access - secure working <br /><ul><li>Assess the apps portfolio against user roles and target technology</li></ul>WiFi Hotspot<br />Internet Cafe<br />Hot Desk<br />Fixed Desk<br />Home Office<br />Business<br />Thin-Client<br />Private<br />Laptop<br />Public<br />PC<br />Business<br />PC<br />Home<br />PC<br /><ul><li>Deliver apps with consistent desktop experience
    41. 41. Application availability automatically defined by access mechanism</li></ul>Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    42. 42. Flexible working strategy<br />Head<br />office<br />Regional<br />office<br />Contact<br />Centre<br />Branch <br />office<br />Branch <br />office<br />Nomadic<br />worker<br /><ul><li>Process, Process Worker Plus, Knowledge Workers Defined
    43. 43. Applications Mapped Against Roles by User Type
    44. 44. Application Delivery Method Defined for Each Application </li></ul>Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    45. 45. A blended Desktop Service<br />Compelling user experience<br /><ul><li>Single point of contact
    46. 46. Focused on First Time Fix, Average Elapsed Time, User Satisfaction</li></ul>Modular service options <br /><ul><li>Reflecting users changing expectations of technology</li></ul>Consistent end user access <br /><ul><li>Application virtualisation
    47. 47. Office, mail and messaging
    48. 48. Collaboration tools
    49. 49. Hosted virtual desktops
    50. 50. Cloud-based delivery</li></ul>Continuous Service improvement<br /><ul><li>Single point of responsibility
    51. 51. Focused on performance management
    52. 52. Based on lean thinking</li></ul>Driving end user productivity and satisfaction<br /><ul><li>Role/work style based provisioning
    53. 53. Thick and thin clients, kiosk PCs
    54. 54. BYOC, iPADS, Smart Phones </li></ul>Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />10<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    55. 55. Journey to cloud-based desktop service<br />Off - premise<br />On / Off - premise<br />On - premise<br />Infrastructure <br />Infrastructure<br />as<br />-<br />a<br />-<br />Service<br />Managed <br />as<br />-<br />a<br />-<br />Service<br />Bespoke <br />Services<br />Services<br />Workplace<br />Workplace<br />as<br />-<br />a<br />-<br />Service<br />Managed<br />Product &<br />as<br />-<br />a<br />-<br />Service<br />Managed<br />Office<br />Solutions<br />Office<br />Server<br />Managed <br />as<br />-<br />a<br />-<br />Service<br />Managed<br />Server as<br />-<br />Server<br />Storage<br />a<br />-<br />Service<br />Managed<br />Storage<br />Managed <br />Server<br />as<br />-<br />a<br />-<br />Service<br />Storage<br />Storage as<br />-<br />Managed<br />a<br />-<br />Service<br />Generic<br />Managed <br />Maintenance<br />Network<br />Service<br />Generic<br />Tools/Processes<br />One<br />-<br />to<br />-<br />One<br />Service<br />Customized<br />One<br />-<br />to<br />-<br />Few<br />Onsite Delivery<br />Service<br />Shared Infrastructure<br />Standardized SLA’s<br />Standard Tools/Processes<br />Own IT <br />–<br />Individual<br />Dedicated<br />Shared<br />Composition<br />Systems Management Center<br />Systems Management Center<br />Level of standardization / consumption-oriented billing<br />Managed<br />Network<br />Cloud-based services – delivered to meet individual organisations needs as part of the “blended” service<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    56. 56. 12<br />Our credentials<br /><ul><li>“Cloud based” desktop virtualisation
    57. 57. Public Sector FLEX – framework delivering 1st “cloud based” shared service
    58. 58. UK Govt’s largest dept – Europe’s largest desktop transformation
    59. 59. Desktop 21 – 1 of 3 preselected suppliers for standardised Government desktop
    60. 60. CITRIX’s largest Service Integrator partner
    61. 61. Over 1231 different customers across Europe
    62. 62. 2.2m users supported
    63. 63. 2.9m devices supported
    64. 64. Over 1.1m devices supported in UK
    65. 65. #1 in UK Government</li></ul>A “Leader” in both of Gartner’s 2010 Desktop and Help Desk outsourcing Magic quadrants – rated for our ability to innovate and improve clients desktop environments and the way we deliver services<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    66. 66. Fujitsu Global Delivery<br />Fujitsu Global Delivery capability<br />5 multi-lingual service desks supporting 29 languages<br />3 global delivery centers (remote infrastructure management and applications management)<br />5 regional delivery centers<br />Fujitsu data centers(85 in 26 countries)<br />Finland<br />Sweden<br />Estonia<br />Russia <br />Ireland <br />Canada<br />UK<br />US<br />China<br />Poland <br />Portugal <br />Japan<br />Follow the sun<br />Philippines<br />India<br />Costa Rica<br />Seamless tickets transfer<br />Singapore<br />Malaysia<br />Brazil<br />Australia<br />South Africa<br />Global scale delivered locally – through common processes, toolsets and procedures<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    67. 67. Fujitsu’s approach<br />Evolution not revolution<br />Focus on user experience<br />Leveraging our experience and heritage<br />Lowering costs, energy and therefore carbon footprint<br />Security and compliance<br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />
    68. 68. Summary<br /><ul><li>Making a virtue out of managing diverse requirements
    69. 69. Proving the business case
    70. 70. Delivering a compelling user experience</li></ul><br />Copyright 2010 FUJITSU LIMITED<br />