Driving complexity from the Data Centre


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Data centres’ today are at the breaking point with complexity running out of control. This session focuses on
proven tools and techniques you can deploy to mitigate and solve this complexity.

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  • First, let’s start with deduplication. CA and CommVault only offer media server, or target side dedupe. Microsoft doesn’t offer anything at all. Acronis offers client and media server dedupe. EMC offers global deduplication similar to NetBackupPureDisk with their enterprise Avamar product. And finally, HP offers target side deduplication as well as integration with their VLS Virtual Library System appliance. So as you can see, Backup Exec 2010 is the only product here that can do client, media server and appliance deduplication. Now with regards to eliminating those tedious mailbox backups, most of these products still backup Exchange the old fashion way. And that is doing two full backups. One of the information store and one of the mailboxes. One stand out here is Microsoft. With their Data Protection Manager, continuous data protection product, they technically do not do mailbox backups. They backup Exchange similar to the way Backup Exec does with Continuous Protection Server. However, they cannot recover down to the individual mail message. They can only recover and entire mailbox and then use a Microsoft tool to extract individual messages. Now, I bet you are wondering about the grey checkbox under Acronis. I put that there because Acronis never really did mailbox backups in the first place. If you are familiar with their product, you know it functions similar to Backup Exec System Recovery in that it takes full volume snapshots. Well, from these full volume snapshots, they cannot recover individual email messages. They require a completely separate product called Acronis Recovery for Exchange which like DPM, is also a continuous data protection product. This will run independently of Acronis Backup & Recovery. Not an ideal solution.Moving on to Active Directory … this one is pretty straight forward. Only Backup Exec and CommVault have the ability to restore AD users or attributes of users while the domain controller is online. Nobody else has this functionality. The differentiator here is that CommVault requires multiple agents and multiple backups in order to get this level of granular recovery.Granular Recovery of SharePoint is still a differentiator for Backup Exec. Others are catching up, however. As you can see, CommVault, Microsoft and EMC can all do this as well. But again, CommVault requires multiple agents and multiple backups. Virtualized Applications Granular Recovery. I bet you’re thinking to yourself “I thought we could do this with 12.5?) Well, we could. The only exception was that we required a separate application agent to be installed in that virtual guest machine and it ran a separate backup from the one managed by the Agent for VMware or Agents for Hyper-V. Now, with Backup Exec 2010, we can do one backup with our virtual agents AND get the same level of granular recovery as before, only we do not require a separate backup of that application to be run. This unique feature is supported for Exchange, SQL and Active Directory environments. This first to market technology truly distinguishes us from the competition when it comes to virtual machines protection. True Continuous Protection is defined as capturing every change as soon as it happens, real time. Only Backup Exec can claim they have True Continuous Protection, which allows us to restore to any point in time. Others claim near continuous, which only allow restores to fixed intervals in time, such as 15 minutes or one hour. The products represented here that are marketed as near continuous are marked with a grey check. As you know, we have introduced integrated file and email archiving options into Backup Exec 2010. Only two products in our competitive space offer similar technologies. CommVault has had this functionality for a few years, but mostly competes in the upper mid-market and enterprise space against Symantec’s Enterprise Vault product. EMC plays up there as well with their SourceOne product, but it is not integrated into the Networker backup and recovery product. Backup Exec is the only true mid-market player that offers this technology integrated into the core product. As we all know, there is much critical business data that resides on desktops and laptops. Some often reside outside the corporate infrastructure. Backup Exec’s Desktop and Laptop Option offers true continuous protection for these systems, which captures changes as they happen and replicates them to a network storage location. Microsoft DPM offers protection for desktops and laptops, but not if they are disconnected from the network. HP recently announced a similar desktop and laptop strategy to ours and we expect others such as CA to follow in their next major release.
  • The CDP device is basically a server with storage (in an appliance form or using any open storage). It is used to maintain a full mirrored copy of your data as well as multiple snapshot recovery points. There are two ways to integrate CDP into your environment. The first is using a host-based method for splitting data to the CDP device. This has minimal impact on the host. The other option is to use fabric-based write splitting. This can be done using CDP appliances that function as fabric-based write mirroring devices, or by using switch-based technology incorporated with Cisco SANtap.
  • Leverages out-of-band snapshot technologyNo impact to primary storage or host applicationsShifts backup traffic from LAN to high-speed SANCompletely off-host backup process has no impact on application serversHyperTrac option coordinates and automates the snapshot process with the backup softwareCaution: does not solve the problem of once a day Recovery Points
  • Driving complexity from the Data Centre

    1. 1. CDP for Backup Appliances<br />Backup Made Easy !!<br />
    2. 2. 2<br />Backup Pains<br />Backup Pains <br />
    3. 3. Backup challenges <br />Windows<br />Cannot complete backup job within backup window<br />OS backup always failed <br />Cannot perform backup job during office hours<br />Labor and time intensive to manage backup jobs<br />
    4. 4. Recovery challenges<br />No complete system recovery solution<br />No unified recovery SOP for all applications<br />8~24 hrs service recovery(RTO)<br />8~12 hrs data lost(RPO)<br />
    5. 5. Disaster Recovery challenges<br />WAN<br />Cannot extend from local backup to remote DR<br />Difficult to perform backup validation & DR drill<br />
    6. 6. FalconStor CDP – Continuous Backup<br />Continuous Data<br /> Protector<br />What it does? CDP provides continuous protection from all potential data loss.<br /><ul><li>Continuous backup
    7. 7. Replication
    8. 8. Instant data recoverability</li></ul>Why is it needed? Because traditional backup and recovery solutions are inadequate.<br /><ul><li>Backup windows to short
    9. 9. Tape backup only provides one recovery point
    10. 10. Traditional disaster recovery is expensive and complex
    11. 11. SLA ‘s are becoming more stringent</li></ul>Where does it fit? Everywhere data lives:<br /><ul><li> SMB to Enterprise , ROBO to Datacenter
    12. 12. Protects all data - DAS to SAN - All Applications</li></ul>Continuous Backup<br />Primary Storage<br />Backup<br />Storage<br />.,<br />
    13. 13. Continuous Backup & Data Protection with CDP<br /><ul><li>Continuous backup
    14. 14. Roll back to any point in time or individual file recovery
    15. 15. Bare metal recovery
    16. 16. Replication for offsite protection
    17. 17. In or out of fabric protection, </li></ul>Host-based write-splitting for DAS, via iSCSI<br />DAS<br />1-10 Gig Ethernet<br />2-8 Gb FC or1-10 Gb iSCSI<br />Journal<br />8:00<br />9:00<br />10:00<br />11:00<br />CDP Storage Appliance<br />SAN Storage<br />
    18. 18. Enables fast, host-free backup<br />By backing up snapshot images, all backup operations are entirely host-free and do not impact primary disk<br />Eliminate backup software agents from servers<br />Snapshot mounting is automated by HyperTrac system<br />Increase backup speeds up to 1000% compared to LAN backup model<br />Latest snapshots automatically mounted <br />High speed SAN data transfer<br />iSCSI or FC SAN<br />/home<br />/home<br />D:<br />D:<br />D:<br />VTL or physical tape library<br />10:00<br />8:00<br />9:00<br />Any backup server<br />/home<br />
    19. 19. CDP backup advantages<br />Windows<br />Easily protect Windows OS<br />No more backup window<br />24x7 continuous backup<br />255snapshot recovery points, Save time and cost<br />
    20. 20. CDP recovery advantages<br />Instant and accurate system recovery<br />Unified recovery SOP for all systems<br />10 min service recovery(RTO)<br />Less than 30 min data loss(RPO)<br />
    21. 21. CDP Disaster Recovery advantages<br />WAN<br />Easily extend from local backup to remote DR<br />Instant backup validation and impact free DR drill<br />
    22. 22. FalconStor CDP Provides Instant Access Capability w/o Data Restore<br />10min <br />Server<br />/storage<br /> recovery<br />2min file recovery<br />1solution for physical /virtual/local/remote<br />30min <br />remote <br />Disaster<br />recovery<br />3min <br />mailbox <br />recovery<br />
    23. 23. FalconStor CDP Solves All the Backup Pains<br />Continuous backup eliminates backup window<br />Instant access replaces data restore<br />Policy based protection, setup and forget<br />Instant backup validation w/100% recovery<br />255 snapshot recovery points w/o media mgnt<br />10 minutes local recovery for any hw/sw errors<br /> 85% media saving (Reduce backup job from 365 to 52 ) <br />
    24. 24. Backup Software do not change backup admin’s lifeBackup Software is not Cheap!! Why keep on investing in it!!<br />Pricing per Backup Client, application agents, # tape drives, etc<br />Incremental administrative workload<br />The more you grow, the more you pay !!<br />
    25. 25. Buy FalconStor CDP for Backup Appliance <br />You just need to select usable capacity<br />ALL Agents and features are included<br />NO hidden costs<br />
    26. 26. Target Buyers and door opening conversation<br />Backup Administrators and Storage Administrators<br />Concerned with operational challenges and downtime <br />Often need to see the demo or POC<br />Door Opening conversation points!!<br />Continuous backup/DR for both physical & virtual environments<br />Eliminate your backup window w/o impacting the host performance<br />Instant recovery replaces data restore<br />10 mins local recovery for any hw/sw errors<br />30 mins DR site recovery after primary site failure <br />Instant backup validation and zero-impact DR rehearsal<br />
    27. 27. Target market and major competitors<br />Take the wave of paradigm shift: <br /><ul><li>People looking for virtual server backup/DR solution
    28. 28. People need to upgrade their backup sw to support Windows 2008</li></ul>Cloud Backup/DR<br />CDP SA<br />SQL, Exchange, <br />Oracle, SharePoint,<br />Web, File server<br />VMware, Hyper-V, <br />SMB<br />Acronis<br />Symantec BE/BESR<br />Double Take<br />Commvault, CA<br />ROBO<br />
    29. 29. Quick Comparison Chart<br />Next Generation Data Protection<br />
    30. 30. Why Engage with FalconStor?<br /><ul><li>Traditional Backup Software is a very competitive and saturated market with ever shrinking margins
    31. 31. CDP Backup provide lowest total acquisition cost including software, server and storage
    32. 32. Complete sizing guidance and best practices
    33. 33. One-stop solution support provided by FalconStor
    34. 34. Fixed configuration, easy to quote
    35. 35. Competitive total solution cost, higher margins
    36. 36. No system integration efforts and risks</li></li></ul><li>Contact us<br />Corporate Headquarters<br />2 Huntington Quadrangle<br />Melville, NY 11747<br />Tel: +1 631.777.5188<br />Support: +1 631.777.3332<br />info@falconstor.com<br />Asia Pacific Headquarters<br />6F-1, No.521, Sec. 1, Wunsin Rd.Taichung 40848Taiwan <br />Tel: +886-4-2259-1868<br />infoAsia@falconstor.com<br />European Headquarters<br />58 rue Pottier<br />78150 LE CHESNAY<br />France<br />Tel: +33.1.3923.9550<br />infoEurope@falconstor.com<br />Thank You!Any Questions?<br />