UC Expo 2010 - How to unify your workspace using messaging, Voice, Video and Web conferencing


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  • War On talent – Influx of millenials – used to internet, myspace, facebook, twitter, immediate access to informationProviding working environment to retain these high demand individualsGreen not just for environmental issues but also to reduce IT i.e power consumption and dissipation in data centres can be huge
  • UC Expo 2010 - How to unify your workspace using messaging, Voice, Video and Web conferencing

    1. 1. Collaborarion & Messaging Theatre<br />How to unify your workspace using messaging, voice, video and web conferencing<br />Adrian Hipkiss<br />Vodafone Business Services <br />Version 1.3<br />1<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    2. 2. Contents<br /><ul><li>Introduction
    3. 3. What are today’s business communication priorities?
    4. 4. What are today’s communication trends?
    5. 5. What are the challenges?
    6. 6. A solution for today
    7. 7. Making Unified Communications ‘real</li></ul>Version 1.3<br />2<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    8. 8. Changing work climate is driving new challenges…<br />Business trend<br />Evidence<br />Challenge<br />Aligning employee processes worldwide with consistent communication to enable effective customer, partner and colleague interaction<br />Geographic disparity<br />Workers get 50%-75% of their information from other people, but now must work with more people in more locations*<br />Increased flexible working<br />Finding information, people and working together is difficult while outside the office<br />12 million flexible workers by 2014*<br />Travel<br />Managing travel costs and the “overhead” of travel downtime<br />275 million business travelers per year*<br />Time to market pressures<br />More productive and broad-reach processes and solutions requiring real time access<br />Accelerating pace demands real-time access to information and people*<br />*Flexible Working Act 2008<br />
    9. 9. Influencing companies’ business priorities…<br />Key pressures driving the need to deploy Unified Communications solutions<br />Responsiveness to customer needs<br />Managing a decentralised workforce<br />Maintaining a strong & continuous workplace<br />Lower costs<br />Leverage specialised talent globally<br />Top 3 Priorities<br /><ul><li>Business Agility</li></ul>Provide superior customer service<br />Increase Competitiveness<br />Securely implement workforce mobility<br />Mergers and acquisition, divest, restructure<br />Capex Vs Opex<br /><ul><li>Cost Reduction</li></ul>Reduce operating costs<br />Increase employee productivity<br />Minimise TCO<br />Investment protection<br />Optimise moves, adds, changes and deletes<br /><ul><li>Reduce Business Risk</li></ul>Business continuity<br />Business compliance<br />Reduce complexity<br />Improve security<br />Source: Aberdeen Group, September 2007<br />Version 1.3<br />4<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    10. 10. In turn affecting trends in communications requirements..<br /><ul><li>Network accessRequirement for mobile access continues to grow with the proliferation of mobile/fixed bandwidth and public wireless access points  
    11. 11. IP communications Continued growth in IP based communication technologies, especially seeing a resurgence in Video communication as it moves from the boardroom to the desktop, supporting corporate “green” agenda.
    12. 12. Telephony integrationTelephony Integration is increasingly seen as a differentiator as identity management integrates contact information david.wardell @vodafone.com = david.wardell@vodafone.com + 07810 155557 + 01283560513 () + 0208652736 ()
    13. 13. Presence managementThe ability to determine the availability of devices, individuals and teams when integrated with desktop, business applications and processes can deliver significant productivity improvements.</li></ul>Version 1.3<br />5<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    14. 14. Head of IT<br />IT and Telecoms Director<br />Head of Technology and Integration<br />“Our business is becoming increasingly virtual, which makes meeting work life aspirations of employees difficult and rolling out tools and communication capabilities is challenging”<br />“My traders can perform deals in my office but not with their customers and vice versa, so they trade in coffee shops – give me flexible secure solutions”<br />“One seamless integrated network with multiple bearers on a single platform with limited administration needed”<br />“Single number and delivery of call to an individual in the cheapest way by a mix of technologies”<br />“Productivity is a critical challenge as competitive pressure from foreign markets increase”<br />“We are looking for the lowest price vs genuine convergence, or voice and data on a single device”<br />“Reduced cost – TCO, cost of call, one device and one number”<br />“Simplification of platforms and networks. Improved contactability on a single device”<br />“Attracting and retaining top talent is a real challenge, we have to adapt…..”<br />CIO<br />CFO<br />CEO<br />EMEA Voice Manager<br />IT Director<br />HR Director<br />What our customers say…<br />Version 1.3<br />6<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    15. 15. Does this look familiar?<br />J Smith. IM…<br />07786..<br />JSmith@email<br />01782..<br />J Smith.<br />VoIP…<br />Multiple directories<br />Multiple services<br />Multiple voicemail systems<br />JSmith VoIP/VM<br />121<br />94116…<br />Version 1.3<br />7<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    16. 16. It’s a complex area….<br />Version 1.3<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />8<br />
    17. 17. Requiring the integration of complex components .. <br />Connectivity<br />Unified Comms<br />Applications<br />Mobility<br />Professional services<br />Proactive contact<br />Consultancy<br />Minutes<br />Machine to Machine<br />IPT<br />Support<br />Unified msg<br />Self service<br />MPLS<br />Mobile voice<br />Asset purchase<br />Unified directory<br />Voice recording<br />Financial services<br />SIP<br />Mobile applications<br />Conferencing<br />Managed services<br />Voice analytics<br />Video conferencing<br />Mobile broadband<br />Location tracking<br />Implementation<br />Application sharing<br />Intelligent presence<br />Training<br />Secure Remote Access<br />Mobile email<br />Multi media<br />Vodafone One<br />Billing<br />Version 1.3<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />9<br />
    18. 18. Through the intelligent integration of world class partner solutions<br />Version 1.3<br />10<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    19. 19. Using recognised, assured and consistent methodology…..<br />consultative approach <br />empowers mobility and productivity outcomes<br />client focused service approach<br />drives and owns continuous improvement<br />diligent, client focused considered approach<br />business focused performance guarantees<br />advise<br />assure<br />evolve<br />design<br />mobilise<br />support<br />Encompasses audits / discovery<br />Requirements definition<br />Options and feasibility<br />Technical, operational and commercial scope<br />Technical design, service model, implementation plan and commercial model<br />Service transition and implementation. Includes project management, implementation and service transition<br />Services essential for any customer, regardless of sourcing orientation. Includes maintenance and options for proactive elements<br />Vodafone responsible for Service. Builds on support with monitoring through to full availability based SLM<br />Ensures the service and underlying networks keep pace with business needs and technology trends. <br />Version 1.3<br />11<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    20. 20. To deliver…. <br />Version 1.3<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />12<br />
    21. 21. Efficient<br />Effective<br />One directory<br />Single directory<br />Responsive<br />One voicemail<br />One number<br />Increase productivity | Lower overall TCO | Simplify user experience<br />‘One’ Solution delivering an ‘effective, efficient and responsive’ workforce<br />Unified voice<br />One service<br />Outbound<br />Contact helpdesk<br />Presence<br />Access voicemail via 121 or Outlook<br />Inbound<br /> Rings all active devices<br />Unified voice<br />Version 1.3<br />13<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    22. 22. Some forward thinking organisations are already deploying intelligent IT enablement to deliver Unified Communications solutions… <br />Version 1.3<br />14<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    23. 23. Unified Communications GroupA Case Study: Youth Justice Board<br />Version 1.3<br />15<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    24. 24. Youth Justice Board : An overview<br /><ul><li>Delivers the youth justice system in the UK
    25. 25. 300+ employees
    26. 26. Multiple sites
    27. 27. Core site, remote data centre, branch offices
    28. 28. Remote workers & home workers
    29. 29. Highly sensitive issues need to be discussed at relatively short notice
    30. 30. Core staff and volunteers historically have disparate infrastructure</li></ul>Requirements : YJB had invested in separate voice, video and data environments. The voice environment had reached the end of manufacturer support and required replacing. YJB took the opportunity to implement a Unified Communication solution which brought together core and remote workers and incorporated voice, video and document sharing <br />Version 1.3<br />16<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    31. 31. Youth Justice Board : The solution<br /><ul><li>Avaya Communication Manager with resilient remote DR
    32. 32. Microsoft Office Communicator integration
    33. 33. Polycom High Definition room based video conferencing
    34. 34. Integration of Polycom and Avaya soft client video conferencing
    35. 35. Modular Messaging with speech activation
    36. 36. Avaya OneXthin and thick soft-phone clients
    37. 37. Web conferencing and document sharing </li></ul>Version 1.3<br />17<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    38. 38. Youth Justice Board: The benefits<br /><ul><li>Improved disaster recovery
    39. 39. Improved customer service
    40. 40. Efficient home-working
    41. 41. Reduced costs
    42. 42. Enhanced flexibility
    43. 43. Increased resilience</li></ul>Version 1.3<br />18<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    44. 44. Unified Communications GroupA Case Study: Vodafone UCG Burton on Trent<br />Version 1.3<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />19<br />
    45. 45. Vodafone Unified Communications Group : An overview<br /><ul><li>Communications
    46. 46. 300+ employees
    47. 47. 6000 customers
    48. 48. Issue : snow & management meeting
    49. 49. Some employees trapped at home
    50. 50. Some employees en route
    51. 51. Some employees in the meeting room</li></ul>Requirements : Snow interrupted travel plans to a critical management meeting where business impacting decisions were being made. Documents needed to be shared and full participation in the meeting was required <br />Version 1.3<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />20<br />
    52. 52. Vodafone UCG : The solution<br /><ul><li>Avaya Communication Manager
    53. 53. Microsoft Office Communicator
    54. 54. Microsoft round table 360 degree vision
    55. 55. Tandberg video conferencing
    56. 56. Modular Messaging with speech activation
    57. 57. Inbuilt 3G connectivity in laptops with inbuilt or add-on webcams
    58. 58. Vodafone Secure Remote Access </li></ul>Version 1.3<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />21<br />
    59. 59. Delivering business as usual, snow, rain or shine<br />Version 1.3<br />22<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
    60. 60. In conclusion… <br /><ul><li>It’s not about the technology – it’s about what the technology can deliver
    61. 61. It’s not about complex problems – it’s about simple solutions
    62. 62. It’s not about individual projects – it’s about business lifetime solutions </li></ul>Version 1.3<br />23<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />