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Is mobile truly integrated into your business?


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We explore how you can bring all of your communication systems together to work more effectively. We will
demonstrate how one device, one number and one voice mail can really work and how by bring everything
together you can save money, improve customer services and open up new business opportunities.

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Is mobile truly integrated into your business?

  1. 1. UC Expo<br />20 October 2010<br />Is mobile really integrated into your business?<br />Vodafone Business Services<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Access to information and people regardless of location<br />The Business World is Changing<br />Managing your communications so you can manage your business<br />Key<br />considerations<br />How to:<br />Enable flexible and remote working<br />Work more closely with customers, partners and suppliers<br />Attract and retain talent<br />Use technology to deliver a superior customer experience<br />The <br />implications<br />Changing organisational structures<br />Enabling new business models<br />Supporting the cultural shift<br />The<br />requirement<br />Secure information<br />Simplified and streamlined ICT<br />Greater collaboration across the enterprise<br />New supplier capabilities<br />The business<br />need<br />Reduce cost<br />Increase productivity<br />Greater flexibility <br />Improve responsiveness<br />Over a third (36%) of UK workers said a lack of access to mobile email causes unnecessary stress and conflict.<br />Source: Vodafone Critical Response Time Index, July 2008<br />49% of the working nation believe that flexible working will change the way we work entirely (rising to two thirds of MDs and CEOs).Source: Vodafone Working Nation Survey, 2008<br />70% of businesses say their perceptions of organisations that do not embrace mobile working have changed for the worse, lessening trust, confidence and likelihood to invest.<br />Source: Vodafone Critical Response Time Index, March 2009<br />Nearly a quarter of all businesses (23%) in the UK have experienced security issues because employees have used mobile devices or laptops outside of work in contravention of company IT policies.<br />Source: Opinion Matters, 2008<br />Avaya+Nortel Forum<br />2<br />C3 - Confidential<br />20 October 2010<br />
  3. 3. Video<br />Systems<br />Enterprise<br />Applications<br />Contact <br />Centres<br />Conferencing<br />Services<br />Communication<br /> Systems<br />Data<br />Centres<br />FIXED<br />NETWORKINFRASTRUCTURE<br />Communication<br /> Systems<br />Enterprise communication<br />3<br />
  4. 4. UC Expo<br />4<br />20 October 2010<br />But what problems does this create?<br /><ul><li>People use different technologies to communicate – Email, SMS, Voice, Video</li></ul>Multiple addresses e.g. +447802881695, +441283560522,<br />Multiple presence states e.g. out of the office for email, in a call, on a conf call<br />Multiple stores e.g. voicemail system, email<br /><ul><li>People need remote applications access</li></ul>What's the progress with our support case?<br />What’s the progress on our order?<br /><ul><li>We now spend more time ‘out of the office’ visiting the people we work with</li></ul>Travelling to see a customer<br />Travelling to see a partner<br /><ul><li>Communicating and accessing applications is no longer simple</li></ul>Managing risk<br />Increasing<br />productivity<br />Maintaining<br />control<br />Mobility<br />strategy<br />
  5. 5. Technology Trends<br />Technology<br />Next generation services<br />Implication<br />More opportunities to win, retain and serve customers online<br />Easier, ubiquitous access to people and information <br />Lowering cost to operate<br />Easier to deploy, scale and configure as business needs change<br />Simple for users<br />Optimal use of resources<br />Partnerships to reduce cost and reduce risk<br />Where<br />Locally stored<br />Fixed<br />Voice and Data<br />Hardware<br />Discrete<br />Dedicated <br />Built in house<br />Online<br />Mobile<br />Converged<br />Software and services<br />Unified<br />Virtual<br />Managed services<br />What<br />How<br />Avaya+Nortel Forum<br />5<br />C3 - Confidential<br />20 October 2010<br />
  6. 6. UC Expo<br />6<br />20 October 2010<br />Phase Two<br />Phase Four<br />Phase One<br />Phase Three<br />Simplify Contracts<br />Converged Client<br />Collaboration<br />Foundation for UC<br />Consider all angles, the journey to mobility!<br />Consolidate<br />Supply<br />IP Enable<br />Network Convergence<br />Mobile IntegrationExtend to any user, any device<br />Unified Communications<br />Desktop integration<br />Consolidate Simplify Innovate<br />Reduce Unit Costs<br />Secure access<br />Drive Productivity<br />IP enabled<br />Simplify service<br />Mobile applications<br />Flexible Working<br />One service<br />Free Existing Budgets to invest in Phase 2<br />Some Capex investment to enable mobile productivity<br />Opex Model to manage costs<br />Capex investment to realise savings<br />
  7. 7. Requiring the integration of complex components .. <br />Connectivity<br />Unified Comms<br />Applications<br />Mobility<br />Professional services<br />Proactive contact<br />Consultancy<br />Minutes<br />Machine to Machine<br />IPT<br />Support<br />Unified msg<br />Self service<br />MPLS<br />Mobile voice<br />Asset purchase<br />Unified directory<br />Voice recording<br />Financial services<br />SIP<br />Mobile applications<br />Conferencing<br />Managed services<br />Voice analytics<br />Video conferencing<br />Mobile broadband<br />Location tracking<br />Implementation<br />Application sharing<br />Intelligent presence<br />Training<br />Secure Remote Access<br />Mobile email<br />Multi media<br />Vodafone One<br />Billing<br />Version 1.3<br />7<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
  8. 8. Does this look familiar?<br />J Smith. IM…<br />07786..<br />JSmith@email<br />01782..<br />J Smith.<br />VoIP…<br />Multiple directories<br />Multiple services<br />Multiple voicemail systems<br />JSmith VoIP/VM<br />121<br />94116…<br />Version 1.3<br />8<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
  9. 9. One directory<br />Single directory<br />One voicemail<br />One number<br />Increase productivity | Lower overall TCO | Simplify user experience<br />‘One’ Solution delivering an ‘effective, efficient and responsive’ workforce<br />Unified voice<br />One service<br />Outbound<br />Contact helpdesk<br />Presence<br />Access voicemail via 121 or Outlook<br />Inbound<br /> Rings all active devices<br />Unified voice<br />Version 1.3<br />9<br />UC Expo 2010<br />March 2010<br />
  10. 10. The Complete Portfolio<br />PSTN<br />VF 2G/3G Network<br />Proactive Contact<br />Contact Centre<br />Internet<br />Internet<br />Multimedia<br />MPLS With Cisco / VF <br />Back-Up<br />Self Service<br />and Apps<br />VF 2G/3G Network<br />Avaya+Nortel Forum<br />10<br />C3 - Confidential<br />20 October 2010<br />
  11. 11. Greater flexibility and improved customer service <br />Situation<br />Solution<br />Business benefits<br />We saw…greater flexibility in part time staff shift patterns, a significant extension of opening hours, a 50 percent increase in outbound dialing efficiency and dramatically improved call forecasting” <br />Avaya+Nortel Forum<br />11<br />C3 - Confidential<br />20 October 2010<br />
  12. 12. New IP Network allows true business transformation<br />Situation<br />Solution<br />Business benefits<br />“Our vision is that staff work flexibly, balancing work life pressures and the needs of the community - satisfying these and their own requirements.” <br />C3 - Confidential<br />Avaya+Nortel Forum<br />12<br />C3 - Confidential<br />20 October 2010<br />