Progression of Film Magazine Cover


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Progression of Film Magazine Cover

  1. 1. Ancillary:Film Magazine Progression
  2. 2. Here I am taking the original photo and putting it onto a magazine sized page, A4. I decided to change the colour of the image to grey scale.Here I am making themasthead for my magazine.The masthead consists of 2different fonts century andvivaldi. I later capitalise the fin film My masthead is loosely based on the total film masthead.
  3. 3. For the heading I am using a redcoloured font, so that vengeance willstand out from the rest of the text. Thefont for the heading will be different. The subheading, underneath the heading is coloured grey, as neither black or white stood out. I have also outlined the text in black, but I think that I will change it to white so that the text stands out more.
  4. 4. This is the font that I am using for the heading, it will be used in both the trailer and the poster.Here I have added in acolumn of subheadings andalternated the colours, the toppieces of text are coloured inred, for now, so that theystand out from thebackground, I will probablycolour them black and dosomething to make themstand out.
  5. 5. I have decided to do two banners rather than just one, here they are positioned at the top and bottom of the page.I have decided to colour thetext on the banners whitewith red plus symbol. I amgoing to place a black boxbehind the banner text sothat they are visible. I mayalso do this for the columnof subheadings.
  6. 6. I added in the magazineproduct details, date, price andissue number, above themasthead. It is small butreadable and doesnt disruptthe cover or the masthead. I have again based this on where total film have placed their magazine details.
  7. 7. Here I have added the black background to the banners, this is much better as the text is readable. I just need to think of another heading for the top banner.I put red coloured boxesbehind the column oftext and now it is morereadable. I will howeverchange the colour of theboxes to a less vibrantcolour. I have also changed the colour of the heading to a darker red.
  8. 8. Here I have changed the colour ofthe boxes behind the column oftext. I changed it to a darker greyso that it stands out less from thebackground but so that the textalso stands out. Here I have changed the darkness of the image. I darkened the image so that it stands out from the background.
  9. 9. Still too add:I need to add the other heading on thetop banner, which will be Spock withnew ears and a barcode which will beplaced bottom right.I might change the font of thesubheading, winter just got scarier andadd more red accents of font.