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Audience profile

  1. 1. Audience Profile
  2. 2. How would you describe the target audience for this genre of film? Is there a core and secondary audience?The target audience for our film would be 15-30year olds, it would be for everybody but mainlymales would watch this genre of film. Thesecondary audience would be anybody whoenjoys psychological horrors or just horror films.
  3. 3. How would you describe the tastes and attitudes of the target audience? What other media are they likely to consume? Outline their media consumption profile. The audience for this genre like films that will push them both emotionally and physically. They like films with dark motives that are different and twist real life. Other than films this audience would enjoy many forms of media within in the same genre like video games, TV shows and books. Books that they may like would be something written by Stephen King, who mainly writes horror stories and many of these have been adapted into films.
  4. 4. Stephen King Books
  5. 5. What function/pleasures does this genre of film serve to its audience (uses and gratifications)? Uses and Gratification theory is used to explain the different reasons for consuming media, such as personal identity and relationship, diversion and surveillance This form of genre would be used for diversion, to escape out of real life and into something different and a scarier world with no routine or logic.
  6. 6. Films That Serve As A Diversion
  7. 7. Film fans often use media to help them construct their own cultural and visual identity – how do fans of your particular genre do this? People who like this genre would normally construct their cultural and visual identity,not through the plot or story but, around the feelings and emotions that are experienced when watching the films. People who enjoy this type of genre, expect to get a reaction from the film they would want the film to evoke fear or excitement from them, they would be a type of adrenaline junkie. This would then relate to their cultural and visual identity either through the actions and decisions they make or through their visual appearance. They may also idolise an actor or character from the films and this would affect their cultural and visual identity
  8. 8. How/when/where is this genre of film consumed?This genre of film is usually watched at nighttime, as most are rated above PG/12A and arenot suitable for younger viewers. Watching thefilms at night time adds more atmospheretowards the move, the darkness adds anunknown element, and when watched in thedaytime it loses its scare factor. Films aregenerally viewed at the cinema, which is alwaysdark, and at home, usually with company forboth a social aspect and comfort.
  9. 9. Film Watching