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Prezi (licious)

  1. 1. Prezi(licious)View slides at: a tour of this zippy cloud based presentation tool - Noah Brubaker, Library Technology SystemsManager, University of IndianapolisCome and take a look at Prezi a free alternative to your current software for presentations. This sessionwill provide an overview of the Prezi application and tour of the product. A tutorial will illustrate theinterface and demonstrate some of the interesting features offered and how to make the most of the cloudbased features of this application.Prezi 1. What is Prezi? a. Prezi is a free, cloud based, collaborative, zooming presentation tool. Prezi is free to use, but has a paid option. It is entirely web based but has a desktop option. b. Pricing: Prezi is free to use, but has a paid option for desktop, increased, size, etc. i. Regular Pricing ii. Education Pricing for students and teachers, including college level significant reduction c. Cloud based: but also has a desktop option d. Collaborative: i. Can easily distribute Prezi’s to others ii. Conduct a live presentation remotely iii. create prezi’s live with other people e. Zooming: Got that by now if you aren’t already motion sick 2. Prezi Webpage a. Your Prezis i. New Prezi Option ii. Click On Prezi title to access Copy, Delete, Rename, etc. iii. Link to Prezi found here iv. Public / Private, Invite Editors b. Learn
  2. 2. i. Several tutorials, videos, and documents ii. Cheat Sheets, well put together, and to the point iii. Support (at bottom) FAQ, Manual, Usergroups c. Explore i. Example Prezis ii. Prezis by category3. Prezi Interface: Looks different than conventional applications a. Top Bar: Save, Undo/Redo, Start Online Meeting / Invite to edit 10 people max, Help, exit b. Zoom, Home (reset view to default) c. Bubble Menu i. Write Menu 1. Demo: “Wite Menu”, bullet list: “Justification, Bullets, Font Category” 2. The Item menu, move, resize “Write Menu” larger, demonstrate rotate, What I call the “Context menu” ii. Frame Menu Serves to group items together with a visible or hidden outline to create a group of related objects that appear together on the screen 1. Square, Circle, Solid, Hidden : Add solid frame iii. Path Menu Serves to create a link between topics or areas of a prezi presentation. The camera follows the numbers on the path 1. Capture view: creates a path to center of view on screen 2. 1-2-add: creates path to item highlighted or to frame highlighted ii. Insert Menu This menu allows you to place different objects into your Prezi 1. Load File : Images, Videos, and PDF’s 2. Youtube: Cut and paste URL into Prezi box : Piano
  3. 3. Cat 3. Shapes: ii. Colors/Fonts Menu This menu allows the user to customize the overall look and feel of the prezi 1. Theme Wizard 2. Theme Manual Changes 3. Theme CSS editor : ZLabelBody : #81f “Purple” 4. ii.Show Menu 1. Create Last Slide Together: Text: “Show” & “HotKeys”4. Thank you / Questions