Managing Brands for Maximum Profits


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This presentation covers brand content, managing brands, North Plains Systems' technologies for creative production and an introduction to On Brand brand management features and functionality.

The effective management of brands is increasingly challenging due to the proliferation of media channels, the need to effectively manage global brands and deliver consistent but often localized messaging. On Brand is designed to address these challenges by empowering teams to control, protect, create and collaborate on all aspects of their brand through a simple and intuitive modular cloud-based solution. On Brand’s functionality enables and facilitates the creation of multiple brand interfaces, asset management, brand guidelines, creative approval, campaign management and resource management. Related topics covered include Brand Management, Digital Asset Management and Marketing Resource Management.

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Managing Brands for Maximum Profits

  1. 1. © 2012 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.© 2014 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Since the very beginning, managing digital media and production workflow automation have been at the heart of what we do. Founded in California by former Xinet, Apple and DALIM executives and partners, IO Integration has been helping companies innovate, automate and resonate with customers since 2001. Fast forward to 2014, and we help top retailers, agencies, marcom and publishers rapidly deliver digital media to any platform worldwide.
  2. 2. © 2012 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Jill is a results-oriented executive with 20 years of experience in integrated technology marketing and product management for startups and industry leaders alike, including Adobe, Microsoft, Akeena Solar, and Equifax. She has led product management teams that produced award winning shrink-wrapped and SaaS software that benefits millions of users, and directed world-wide ROI-driven marketing strategies and campaigns, driving demand and building brand equity. She has a passion for customer experience and engagement, an analytical background, and an entrepreneurial spirit. MBA in Marketing from Seattle University and BA in Cognitive Science and Econometrics 3 Jill Talvensaari VP of Marketing IO Integration @ioi_inc
  3. 3. © 2012 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.© 2014 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Introductions - Rory McClelland, North Plains Systems One of the world’s foremost experts on On Brand, Rory has helped define, develop, manage, roll-out and grow both beautifully simple and highly sophisticated brand management and web application solutions for many bespoke brands such as the National Trust, US Army, BBC, Distell, Nokia, Lowe Worldwide, Grey Advertising and more. Since 2006, in positions ranging from developer to program and product management, Rory has worn many hats while he helped grow On Brand into one of the most recognized user-friendly, brand management applications available today. During his tenure, the company has grown from 15 to 200 people. On Brand is built on the powerful, proprietary Java based web application framework Unify. Holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Birmingham PRINCE2 Project Management Certified" Rory McClelland On Brand and Unify Product Manager North Plains Systems
  4. 4. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. multi-channel content marketing technology Creating engaging consumer experiences for maximum brand value
  5. 5. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Creatives create . . . Let technology communicate.
  6. 6. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. 7 Mission Tactics Measurement Customer Intelligence THEN NOW Represent the brand Finding customer Mass Advertising Demographic Point in time blasts Few isolated channels 3rd party table Intuitive decision making •  Represent the consumer •  Find the consumer •  1:1 targeting •  Behavioral •  Continuous relationship •  Exploding integration channels •  Owned big data •  Fact based decision making Marketing is transforming
  7. 7. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. 8 Technology is driving new conversations . . . …with consumers across every media platform
  8. 8. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. And it’s going to continue to grow . . . TB/yr 2013 2014 2018
  9. 9. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. 10 Did you know… 60% of all goods are bought on the strength of the brand communications. Source: Millard Brown And Brands need to build consumer experiences to be relevant
  10. 10. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Why - because other brands are doing it better!
  11. 11. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. And every brand needs a 1:1 Consumer Relationship 12 1:1
  12. 12. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. •  Centalize all media-content assets •  Build a uniform Global Creative/Publishing Platform •  Enable all online, offline, social and mobile media •  Integrate ERP/CRM for personalized context •  Build uniform, agile and adaptive content experiences •  Listen and analyze content interactions •  Deliver relevant, engaging and interactive content So how do you monetize content (because really-good content sells)
  13. 13. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Apps CRMs Marketing Media Channels Events & Promotions Social Media Magazines Web2Print Intranets Websites Blogs Data & Information Branded content consumer brand value To maximize the value of your Content Communication Strategy
  14. 14. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Web Print Mobile Social Networks PIM/ERP CRM Analytics Geospatial e-commerce Customer engagement Customer experience Content Well at IOI, we bring together brands and marketing technology
  15. 15. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Marketing Resource and Brand Management solutions that automate the creation, production and execution of media content across multiple- marketing channels. •  Creating once delivering multiple online and offline Consumer experiences. •  Executing through internal and external communication channels Media Asset Management Publishing / Creative All Channels OfflineOnline Consumer Experience By using smart people and smarter technology
  16. 16. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. With this technology . . . Higher Efficiency in all processes Higher Creativity – less transaction work Higher Quality – less mistakes Fast – on all channels Save money – system amortized quickly …your marketing will start working really hard in every area.
  17. 17. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. And your consumers will really . . . Your brand!
  18. 18. © 2014 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Talk to IOI. Win markets, win customers More about censhare More about David Parker
  19. 19. Corporate Overview
  20. 20. We enable companies to connect with, and engage, people by unleashing the power of their Visual Media Our Mission
  21. 21. 20 years experience 1400 installations + 1,000,000 active users + Global Reach
  22. 22. •  Large collection of Visual assets •  Multi-brands / multi-markets / multi-channel •  Reduced time to market •  collaborative work process / environment •  Regulatory compliance / brand integrity Creatives In-House Creative Teams, Digital And Print Agencies Production Publishers Media & Entertainment Marketing Global Brands // Various Needs
  23. 23. CONNECTING
 WORLD -  Accelerate time to market -  Increase relevancy -  Maintain branding consistency -  Ensure control -  Improve effectiveness -  Create impact
  24. 24. Creative Asset Lifecycle MANAGE LEVERAGE visual assets efficiently and effectively PRODUCE
  25. 25. PRODUCE Design Layout Synchronize Capture Re-Express Proof visual asset creation / production
  26. 26. MANAGE Tag Curate Organize Automate Transform visual asset management
  27. 27. LEVERAGE across all output devices, media & platforms
  28. 28. Comprehensive Portfolio visual asset PRODUCE visual asset MANAGE visual asset LEVERAGE
  29. 29. Solutions Portfolio
  30. 30. North Plains Confidential On Brand Overview 23 April 2014
  31. 31. North Plains Confidential About me Rory McClelland Product Manager, On Brand & Unify
  32. 32. North Plains Confidential Agenda ● Introduction ● What is On Brand and Brand Asset Management? ● How does this differ from DAM? ● What makes it different in the market? ● What is the difference between On Brand & On Brand Enterprise? ● Example clients: Distell, US Army, Exelon and BBC ● Live demonstration ● Questions and answers session
  33. 33. North Plains Confidential What is On Brand and Brand Asset Management
  34. 34. North Plains Confidential What is On Brand On Brand is an out-of-the-box Brand Asset Management solution In simple terms: It is a SaaS Cloud based web application. It provides four quick-to-deploy modules and can be further customised with the addition of print and campaign management.
  35. 35. North Plains Confidential On Brand Clients
  36. 36. North Plains Confidential What is On Brand
  37. 37. North Plains Confidential Asset Management ● Enterprise search based ● Track usage & control access ● Share assets ● Collaborative lightboxes ● Update notifications ● Role based permissions ● Automatic media conversions
  38. 38. North Plains Confidential Brand Guidelines ● Simple guidelines builder ● Easily create sections & folders ● Create media rich articles ● Link videos, images, documents ● Showcase work ● Guide users on correct usage ● Sales kits, tool kits, & more
  39. 39. North Plains Confidential Creative Workflow ● Centrally manage entire creative workflows ● Annotate media ● Group commenting and discussions ● Project overview and reports ● Easily approve assets through the workflow
  40. 40. North Plains Confidential Reporting ● Audit trails and usage reporting ● View asset popularity and use ● Group stats for summaries ● View user searches ● Configurable columns ● Easily export reports
  41. 41. North Plains Confidential Dynamic Publishing (web-to-print) An additional customised module not available out-of-the-box ● Easily localise approved artwork and templates ● Guide users through simple and easy artwork creation ● Provide approval workflows ● Industry standard InDesign template based ● Clearly show users where they can and can’t modify
  42. 42. North Plains Confidential Campaign Management An additional customised module not available out-of-the-box ● Implement continuous campaign improvements; reduce costs, time and effort ● View and review multiple creative workflow projects within a single campaign ● View campaign statistics, budgets, and costs ● Campaign and project auditing
  43. 43. North Plains Confidential What is Brand Asset Management ● Similarities with Digital Asset Management – but approved brand assets ● It incorporates management of brand guidelines ● Brand approvals and compliance is central to its success
  44. 44. North Plains Confidential How does this differ from DAM ● Brand asset management focuses on approved digital files for brands ● These are typically final artwork, logos, branding, packaging, videos files ● Emphasis is on guiding end-users to the correct asset through brand guidelines, tools, best practice articles, and search.
  45. 45. North Plains Confidential How does this differ from DAM? ● Key to BAM is controlling access, compliance, and ensuring effective distribution of assets ● Connect users to the right assets, easily ● It ensures approved assets are reused & localised rather than duplicated ● Using a BAM solution ultimately increases the accuracy and efficiency for brands
  46. 46. North Plains Confidential Who benefits from On Brand? Roles: CMOs, Brand Managers, Digital Managers, Creative Directors, Marketing Operations, Marketing Compliance, Asset Managers, Creative Agencies, Creative Departments
  47. 47. North Plains Confidential Example Clients
  48. 48. North Plains Confidential Distell ● Global company with over 75 brands ● Needed centralised, easy to use system ● Take back control from agencies (days to get assets) ● Empower brand managers to manage own assets and themed portals ● Improve efficiency and accuracy of brand asset creation and distribution
  49. 49. North Plains Confidential Distell Brand360 – 60 Brands in One System
  50. 50. North Plains Confidential US Army (On Brand Enterprise) ● Tailored On Brand solution ● Configured look & feel and structure ● Best practice articles, templates ● Ratings, insights, events ● Multiple asset libraries ● Logo finder
  51. 51. North Plains Confidential US Army (On Brand Enterprise)
  52. 52. North Plains Confidential US Army (On Brand Enterprise) – Logo finder
  53. 53. North Plains Confidential Exelon ● Centralised resource for Exelon group of companies ● Over 10,000 users within weeks of going live ● Single brand portal with multiple brands & guidelines ● Utilise Creative Workflow module for creative approvals
  54. 54. North Plains Confidential Exelon
  55. 55. North Plains Confidential Exelon
  56. 56. North Plains Confidential BBC (On Brand Enterprise) ● Tailored On Brand solution that allows the BBC to streamline their brand and creative marketing processes ● Includes planning, campaign, resource, brand management ● Single solution to deliver greater efficiency, transparency and accountability ● Chose North Plains because of flexibility, approach and domain expertise
  57. 57. North Plains Confidential BBC (On Brand Enterprise)
  58. 58. North Plains Confidential BBC (On Brand Enterprise)
  59. 59. North Plains Confidential BBC (On Brand Enterprise)
  60. 60. North Plains Confidential Live demonstration
  61. 61. North Plains Confidential Summary ● High adoption – clear, simple & intuitive ● Flexible – On Brand or On Brand Enterprise ● Multi branded – Themed, permission based brands ● Modular – 6 Pre-built OOTB modules ● Cloud based – Hosted, secure, managed ● Interoperability – Integration options
  62. 62. North Plains Confidential Questions and answers
  63. 63. North Plains Confidential Thank You