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Insight - a term thats widely used but rarely mastered.

IO Consulting help businesses get greater return from their investment in market research and insight.

We are an experienced team of insight professionals, providing a range of services that can compliment an existing insight department or bring capability where none already exists. Our approach is unique and highly flexible; we can be available to you for a few hours, a few days or as part of a longer term partnership. Our business allows you to access the skills you need at the times you need them.

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IO Consulting: Insight Health Check

  1. 1. Ignite Insight: An InsightHealth CheckIO Consulting
  2. 2. Insight: widely used, rarely mastered The statistics* for insight aren’t great: Stage 4 Stage 3 The o  60% of companies don’t see their insight as a Foresight Stage 2 The Strategic Leader source of competitive advantage Influencer Stage 1 The Business o  54% don’t agree it provides good return on Contributor The tactical investment order taker o  Only 28% feel their company provides sufficient funds for insight o  90% of companies fail to move beyond using insight as a ‘manager rather than a leader’ 90% of businesses fall in stages 1 & 2* •  The reasons why so many companies struggle with insight are complex – but we found internal factors play a significant role “Our understanding of consumers was insufficiently deep, so the opportunities created from insight weren’t large •  15 years ago knowledge was power, transforming enough” VP, Unilever knowledge into ‘insight’ is now the name of the game* Sources: Boston Consulting Group & IO benchmarking
  3. 3. Insight: users versus generators •  Insight is still a relatively ‘new’ discipline within marketing. As a result many organisations have different approaches ”My insight managers are to the development and resourcing of the capability undoubtedly highly skilled researchers but I donʼt naturally think of them as business •  What is consistent, however, is a frequent gulf in the leaders” - MD perception of the capability between those that generate (e.g. market researchers or insight managers) and those that ultimately use (e.g. senior leadership, product developers or marketers) “ I just donʼt get time to stop and think, we are swamped with •  A deeper exploration of these perceptions is vital in order requests, and end up in a to make progress in truly igniting your insight capability reactive perpetual fire fighting mode” – insight manager •  Many assume organisational design holds the key to the solution but our benchmarking has highlighted the drivers are more fundamentalSources: IO benchmarking
  4. 4. A failure to ignite: the root causes ofinsight heath issuesThe Ignite Insight Health Check has two fundamental areas of focus with several underlying drivers. From ourbenchmarking they are consistently the root cause of any issues or positive aspects of an organisations insightperformance. Within each driver we can provide a ‘temperature check’ versus our benchmarks Quality Engagement Drivers: Drivers: People Corporate Vision Process Senior Stakeholders Mix Budget Vendors Accountability Organisation
  5. 5. Ignite Insight: IO’s Insight Health Check •  The Ignite Insight Health Check examines all aspects of an organisation’s insight infrastructure and An holistic and objective diagnostic performance and benchmarks it vs peers / best in class assessment of insight health •  The diagnosis results in clear recommendations for improving insight, focusing on the actions that will have the biggest positive impact Internal External Improvement •  Ignite Insight is designed for senior managers withassessment benchmarking recommendations responsibility for delivering insight, who feel they could get greater returns from the investment they make •  The benefits of the Ignite Insight Health Check are: o  a thorough understanding of both the symptoms and causes of insight under-performance o  a clear view of insight performance vs best in class o  recommendations for improving insight performance
  6. 6. Ignite Insight: typical process Briefing meeting Desk Review Interviews IO Benchmarking Current approaches and practice – Current perceptions and stakeholder project examples, output etc ambitions Assessment and diagnostics Working session – learning, debate & implications Final report and recommendations Timing: 3 – 5 weeks, depending on stakeholder availabilityCosts: dependent on scale of business assess (but typically less than a couple of focus groups!)
  7. 7. IO Consulting: a unique perspective •  IO Consulting specialise in helping businesses maximise return from their investment in consumer and customer understanding. We either work alongside existing client side insight teams or bring capability where none already exists •  Our team have lived through the challenges of insight generation from both sides of the fence as ex-heads of client-side insight and as founders of successful research and innovation agencies. •  We believe in tailoring our approach to our clients and avoid ‘off the shelf’ solutions. The diverse backgrounds of our team mean “Before you become someonesconsultant, make sure you walk a mile in that we have a strong appreciation of the varying insight their shoes. That way, if they don’t like challenges across different markets and sectors what you say, youre a mile away from them and youve got their shoes” •  Our experience of both leading insight projects for clients as well as reviewing and optimising their insight infrastructure gives us a unique perspective – understanding the needs and challenges of insight practitioners and stakeholders alike
  8. 8. Three reasons to work with IO ConsultingWe are able to bring you the insight capability you need in the form you need it. Our offering is unique, givingcompanies a new way to access the skills needed to turn insight into profitable actionResponsive•  Our team is ready to go when you are, we are able to hit the ground running•  No job is too large/ small. We’re available to you for a couple of days, a couple of months or as part of a longer term relationship Flexible •  Our support can evolve with the project. Unlike single freelancers we can flex specific capability and experience in/out as needed •  Any individual can also draw on the wider experiences and best practice developed within IO ConsultingAccountable•  Our team members are highly experienced with the skills necessary to turn insight into impact•  In every project we hold ourselves accountable to that impact, not simply the number of days worked•  A senior director will always be involved in a project and if our team do not deliver, the buck stops with us.
  9. 9. Thank you For more information please contact: Morgan Arnell +44 7801 045864