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5 High Security Locks for Home


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5 high security locks to increase your home security level. Choose the right lock on the basis of their features, your need and budget.

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5 High Security Locks for Home

  1. 1. By: Wayne Loc
  2. 2. By: Wayne Loc Touch Screen Locks Nowadays Touch Screen locks strengthen our security. It provides access only to the recognized users. If any unauthorized user try to enter, then the deadbolt lock behind the touch screen interface get locked and it is nearly impossible to breakdown the lock.
  3. 3. By: Wayne Loc Bluetooth Activated Locks Bluetooth Activated locks is a perfect blend of technology for the security. It allows you to manage the lock from a distance. You can access and manage the lock via your Smartphone. A special entry code is assigned for this purpose. On request it comes up with a doorbell camera to see the outside before open your door.
  4. 4. By: Wayne Loc RFID Locks Majorly RFID security locks are used in commercial sector. But now it’s in trend for residential areas because of its increased security level. This lock is based on radio frequency and the key to this lock is in form of a token, card or a wristband.
  5. 5. By: Wayne Loc Padlocks Padlock is a traditional way to secure our homes. It gives you an option of re- key if you lost your key. Even if we compare the usage of latest locks and traditional padlocks then padlocks are much above than the technology rich locks in the market. We can say that they still are in fashion.
  6. 6. By: Wayne Loc Knob Locks Knob locks replaced the padlocks to some extent. Knob locks provide increased security along with the deadbolts. It’s better to use the knob locks on inner doors inside the main door.
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