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Accountability When Fundraising: Deal RoadMap


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Accountability When Fundraising: Deal RoadMap. Learn how following a Deal RoadMap and bring money into your business. Sign up for our FREE course today

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Accountability When Fundraising: Deal RoadMap

  1. 1. Course Objective Where are we? Where are we going? ● Get everyone on your deal team working towards the same goal ● Accountability tool ● Drives decisions and saves time
  2. 2. Key Learning Outcomes ● How to put together a Deal Road Map ● Obtain agreement of key stakeholders ● How to be successful fundraising ● Avoid pitfalls and misallocation of time
  3. 3. Project Management Basics Customized for You 1. Define your scope 2. Time 3. Resources 4. Budget
  4. 4. The Real Value is Accountability ● 20% of the value is from thinking through the process and defining a scope ● 80% of the value is from holding people accountable and make sure everything is present at close
  5. 5. Key Elements Task/Activity Start and End Date Primary person responsible Secondary person responsible Completion percentage Notes
  6. 6. Sharing Outside Your Organization You decide Make a subset available for outside people to access
  7. 7. Step One... ● Pilfer
  8. 8. Validate 1. Get buy in from all stakeholders 2. Validate with your advisory board 3. CEO / founder to talk with peers that have been through the process (don't forget they are an influencer) 4. Talk with your attorney
  9. 9. The Kickoff Have a kickoff event where everyone's roles are defined Build a roster
  10. 10. Weekly Accountability Meeting ● Go through the deal road map on a line by line basis once a week. ● It is a living document
  11. 11. Action Plan ● Outline Accountability tools and timelines ● Create Deal Road Map ● Share your Deal Road Map
  12. 12. Next Steps ● Join our Master Fundraising Course ● Join us now for 50% off ● "FAN" ● Feedback: Jason (at)