INTO University of South Florida Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012


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INTO University of South Florida Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012

  1. 1. Pre-Departure Guide 2011- 2012YOUR BEST ROUTE TO UNIVERSITY SUCCESS
  2. 2. Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 2011 Pre-Departure Guide - Summer In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida on +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457 Welcome Page title Page title USF Team Meet the INTO Welcome Meet the INTO USF Team Welcome! Body text Body text We are so glad you have selected INTO USF to develop your English skills, start your college career as an undergraduate student, or continue your college education in graduate school. This pre-departure guide contains important information on immigration, immunization requirements and how to prepare for your arrival. It also provides helpful information about things like finances, life in Tampa, student activities, getting to our center, and who to contact for help. Glen Besterfield Kate Wolfe-Quintero Sean Gilmore Kris Appel Center Director Director of Academic Assistant Center Director Director of Finance & Our experienced staff and faculty will be here to help you any time, and we will do everything we can to make Programs Business Operations your time here a productive, enjoyable and successful learning and academic experience. We wish you a safe flight and we look forward to meeting you! See you in Tampa! The INTO USF Team Michelle Bell Tor Nielsen Laura Murphy Sarah Kay Assistant Director of Academic English General English Marketing & Communications English Language Programs Coordinator Coordinator Coordinator Jenny Schultz Lynn Hameline Karolina Goldberg Alnicia Williams Assistant Pathway Director Pathway Coordinator Pathway Coordinator Student Support Specialist - Housing and Arrivals Contents Welcome 2 Transportation 12 Meet the INTO USF Team 3 Orientation 13 Before You Leave Home 4 Student Services 14 Visa and Immigration Information 5 Important Phone Numbers 16 Regina George Nicole La Baw Romel Pancho Shuhua Kriesel Immigration Specialist Student Support Student Support Student Services Manager Immigration and Arriving in Tampa 6 Money and Banking 17 Assistant - Front Desk Coordinator - Student On-Campus Housing 8 Immunization and Health Insurance 18 Experience & Engagement On-Campus Dining 9 Immunization Documentation Form 202 2 Temporary and Off-Campus Housing 10 Maps of USF Campus and Tampa Bay 22 3 Living in Tampa 11
  3. 3. Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 2011 Pre-Departure Guide - Summer In casecase of emergency INTOINTO University of South Florida on In of emergency call call University of South Florida on +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457 +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457 Before title Page You Leave Home Page title Visa and Immigration Information Checklist The SEVIS I-901 Fee Visa Interview: Required Documents Please read this list carefully and check (√) the box beside each task once you have completed it. Body text The U.S. Government requires that international Body text At the time of your visa interview, you will need to 1. I have sent my arrival information (flight number, airline name, arrival time) to students pay a $200 SEVIS I-901 fee when applying provide original documents confirming the amounts for an F-1 visa. The fee must be paid prior to the and sources of financial support for your studies. visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Documents you need to bring include: 2. After getting my measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations (and meningitis if living on campus) This fee is in addition to the visa application fee. • I-20 I have completed the Immunization Form at the end of this guide, have had my doctor sign it, • INTO USF Offer Letter and Admission Letter and am bringing it with me to the US. Paying your SEVIS I-901 Fee: • A receipt for the visa processing fee for each applicant 1. Go to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program 3. I have completed my Immunization Documentation Form, have had my doctor sign it, and have • Original financial documents (such as bank SEVIS I-901 fee processing website: sent it to at least two weeks before I am scheduled to arrive. statements, account statements, tax documents) that show you have enough money to cover 2. Read and follow the instructions carefully. Make sure 4. I have packed the following academic documents (if entering a Pathway Program after tuition and living expenses during your time in to complete the SEVIS Form I-901 and pay the fee Academic English or General English) the US at least three business days before applying for your • Original sealed transcripts, in native language and also translated to English • Proof of your relationship to your spouse and visa interview to allow time for processing. • Original TOEFL/IELTS score(s) children (if they are joining you). 3. Use the SEVIS ID number from your I-20 form to • Letters of recommendation (if applicable) • Copy of I-901 fee payment receipt complete the SEVIS Form I-901. This number is above the bar code on the top right-hand side of 5. In my hand luggage (to take with me on the plane), I have packed the following original **Please keep copies of these documents to present to your form. For an F-1 visa, you will also need the documents: the US Immigration official at the Port of Entry (the first INTO USF School Code: MIA214F00043000 • Valid passport with F-1 Student Visa US airport you enter). 4. Pay the $200 SEVIS I-901 fee with a credit or debit • I-20 card. If you do not have a credit or debit card, visit • SEVIS I-901 fee receipt You can find additional information by visiting the U.S. • INTO University of South Florida Offer Letter and Admission Letter Immigration and Customs Enforcement website: Toc81222044 • Copies of financial documents (bank statements, account statements, or tax documents 5. Print and save your SEVIS I-901 fee receipt. You that show you have enough funds to support your study in the US) must bring it with you to your visa interview at the • Health insurance card (if not signing up for the INTO USF Student Health Insurance Plan) Remember... embassy or consulate. It may take a few weeks or more to get an 6. I have sent original financial documents (bank statements, account statements, or tax Applying for an F-1 Student Visa appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. You documents that show you have enough funds to support your study in the US) to: should wait and make your travel arrangements after INTO University of South Florida To obtain a visa for the US, you must have a passport you have obtained your visa. 4202 East Fowler Avenue, FAO100 valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended date of Tampa, Florida 33620 return home. Before visiting the U.S. Embassy or Please let INTO USF know as soon as you have your Consulate for your visa, please read the instructions on visa. If your visa is denied, the consular officer will tell 7. I am bringing enough cash in US dollars to cover initial expenses (about $400). the Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) issued to you for your you the reason for this and should give you something in studies at INTO USF. You will use your I-20 to apply for writing. You can try again to get a visa if you have 8. I have packed copies of all my prescriptions (in English) for medicine, eyeglasses and contact an F-1 visa. additional evidence to support your case. lenses. For more information, contact your closest U.S. 9. After reading this Pre-Departure Guide carefully, I have printed it and put it in my hand luggage. Embassy or Consulate and visit the U.S. Department of State’s Travel website: 4 5 5 temp/types/types_1268.html
  4. 4. Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 2011 Pre-Departure Guide - Summer In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida on +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457Immigration and Page title Page titleArriving in Tampa Immigration Information Program Start Dates Airport Pickup Hotel Arrangements Body text Body text When you arrive in the United States, you need to Start dates (listed below) will depend on your program. If you have paid for airport pickup, it is strongly It is not possible to check into on-campus residential present the following to the Immigration Officer at the You must arrive in Tampa one to four days before your recommended that you arrive between 06:00 and housing after 21:00. INTO USF recommends that Port of Entry: program start date and arrive at the INTO USF Center 21:00. When your plane has landed at Tampa students arriving after 21:00 hours make arrangements for • Passport with new visa inside by 09:00 on your program start date. International Airport (TPA), please follow these steps: temporary housing at the Tampa Airport Marriott Hotel, • I-20 Undergraduate and Graduate Pathways 1. Upon exiting the plane, take the airport transfer which is conveniently located inside the Tampa International • I-94 Card (a small white card you will be given to • Fall 2011: August 18, 2011 shuttle to the main terminal. Airport on Transfer Level 3. fill out on the plane) • Spring 2012: January 5, 2012 2. After exiting the airport transfer shuttle, an INTO • Customs form Academic English and Study Abroad with English USF Leader will be waiting for you near the If you have made hotel arrangements: • Fall 2011: August 29, 2011 escalators to baggage claim. He or she will be 1. Please wait at baggage claim. An INTO USF Students will be given a WHITE arrival card (I-94) on the • Spring 2012: January 17, 2012 wearing a green INTO USF t-shirt and will be Leader will meet you and accompany you to the airplane that needs to be completed for the Port of General English and Campus Year Abroad carrying a big green sign that says INTO USF. Tampa Airport Marriott Hotel, where you will Entry process. Information on the I-94 should be written • On the Monday of your program start date. 3. The INTO USF Leader will direct you to one of spend the night. clearly and should match the information on your two baggage claim areas: red or blue. 2. At 10:00 in the morning of the next day, you will go passport. Before you leave home, check that all your For specific arrival dates for these programs, or if you 4. Go to the baggage claim area to collect your down to the main entrance of the hotel (by the valet documents are for an F-1 visa and not other visas. plan to arrive outside of these dates, please e-mail baggage. parking) and the driver will pick you up from here. If you arrive before our arrival 5. The INTO USF Leader will direct you to your driver, Do not enter the US on any other visa type! You dates, you must make arrangements for temporary and your driver will take you to your destination. Making your Hotel Reservation must enter as a F-1 in order to study at INTO USF. housing, such as staying in a local hotel. Please note If you choose to stay in a hotel before moving into your that on-campus residential housing is not available before If you did not book your airport pickup in chosen housing, you are responsible for making your If you have any questions about this process or any our arrival dates. Please see page 10 of this guide for advance, call or text the INTO USF Arrival Number at own hotel reservation at the Tampa Airport Marriott other visa-related matters, please e-mail on-campus move-in hours and temporary housing +1-813-361-7163 so that INTO USF can make Hotel. You will need a credit card to make and pay for information. arrangements for you while you wait at the airport. this. To make a reservation, go to http://www. Customs Information If you will not be able to arrive on your start date, please Problems or Delays marriott/. There is a hotel rate for INTO USF students contact INTO to defer your admission to a later session. Once you have seen the Immigration Officer, you will go If your flight is delayed, you cannot find an INTO USF but this rate is only good during INTO USF arrival and collect your checked baggage. You will need to Leader, or if you encounter any problems during your dates. Please bring a copy of your reservation with you Arrival Information take these with you to the Customs Officer and hand travels, please: to the Tampa Airport Marriott Hotel. Be sure to send your him or her your customs form that was just stamped We would like to make your arrival in Tampa, Florida • Do not panic hotel reservation/confirmation to by the Immigration Officer. Once you have done this, and your transition to INTO USF and the USF Tampa • Call or text the INTO USF Arrival Number at there will be a place to drop off your bags again for campus as comfortable as possible. Please make sure +1-813-361-7163 For students living off-campus arrival in Tampa. that you send the following arrival information to • Wait in the baggage claim area Students living off-campus may not be able to move into at least 72 hours prior to your their apartments on the same day they arrive. You must departure. If the INTO USF Arrival Number is busy or there is no contact your apartment manager to find out when you will Student Name: LAST NAME, First Name answer, please call the INTO USF Emergency Phone be able to move in. If you need help finding off-campus Flight Information (including connecting flights): Number at +1-813-362-3457. housing, please visit the INTO USF office. If you arrive on 1. Flight # Arrival Date/Time either Saturday or Sunday, you must stay in temporary 2. Flight # Arrival Date/Time housing until the following Monday. Please see page 10 3. Flight # Arrival Date/Time of this guide for temporary housing information.6 6 You must notify with any flight changes. 7 7
  5. 5. Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 2011 Pre-Departure Guide - Summer In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida onPre-departure Guide 2011-2012 +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457On-Campus Housing Page title On-Campus Housing and Dining Page titleOn-Campus Housing On-Campus Housing and Dining Bed Linens Dining Body text Body text If you will be living in a residence hall, you will receive When you reserved your accommodations, you also a bed linen pack when you check in. These items are selected one of the meal plans. The money for your given to you and do not need to be returned when selected meal plan will be placed onto your USF ID you leave. card, which you can use like a debit card. Meals are served in one of USF’s three primary dining centers. Your bed linen pack will include: Bring your USF ID card with you to the dining center and use it to pay each time you eat. There are also • Bed sheets (one flat, one fitted) Housing many other food choices around campus. To see a • Pillow and pillowcase Checking-In at Your Residence Hall map of all the dining locations on campus, visit If you’ve already signed up for housing • Heavy blanket (comforter) If you selected “University Residence” on your Please have your passport available when you check • Towel UnivSouthFlorida/LocationsMenus/. application for accommodations, you will be placed in in at your residence hall so that INTO USF can make • Washcloth university apartments, premium style suites, or sure that you get the correct room. • Hand towel Remember... traditional style suites. From any of these three locations, the INTO USF Center can be easily Remember... Some residence halls have a shared kitchen, which You will also have the opportunity to purchase reached by taking the USF Shuttle Bus, called the On-campus housing accommodations in the residence allows you to cook what you want from time to time, additional bedding, blankets, towels and other “Bull Runner”. Please see page 12 of this guide for halls will not be available until the weekend before the just for yourself, or to share with a group of friends. necessities after you arrive. It is best to wait to buy more information about transportation. program start date. INTO USF will send you the these things until you arrive in Tampa. These items specific move-in date for your program before you can be bought conveniently and are relatively If you haven’t yet signed up for housing arrive. If you arrive before your on-campus housing is inexpensive. If you would like to stay in a residence hall and have ready, you will need to stay in a local hotel. Please see not yet signed up for housing, or for any other page 10 of this guide for more information about Appliances questions about on-campus accommodation, please temporary housing. contact Student Support at For appliances, phones, and other electrical items like Please note that in addition to the Residence Hall and computers or laptops, please be advised that Dining fees, you will be charged a fee of $80 for a electrical outlets in the US are 110-volts AC, which bed linen pack. Please see page 9 of this guide for may be different from your home country. Most more information. appliances (like rice cookers or electric teapots) are not allowed in residence hall bedrooms. USF Residence Halls include: There are, however, shared kitchens in the residence halls where these items may be kept and used. We • Shared bedrooms or single bedrooms • On-site laundry facility recommend purchasing necessary appliances and • Shared bathroom • Convenient location on campus electronics after you arrive. • Wireless internet and high-speed internet • Resident Assistant (RA) -- trained staff connection (required ethernet cable not provided) person to help you adjust to residence • Cable television on every floor in common area hall and USF life8 8 9 9
  6. 6. Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 2011 Pre-Departure Guide - Summer In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida on +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457 Temporary Housing and Page title Living in Tampa Page title Temporary Housing and Off-Campus Housing Living in Tampa In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida on +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457 Off-Campus HousingTemporary Housing in Tampa Off-Campus Housing Tampa Weather weather, students wear shorts and t-shirts. In the Body text Body textIf you arrive before the assigned move-in date for your If you want to rent an apartment or house, you should Tampa is located on the West coast of Florida. winter, sweaters, jackets and other warm clothes areprogram, you will need to make temporary arrive several days early and budget to stay in a hotel Summer months can be very bright and hot with necessary. However, you may need more formal clothingarrangements to stay in a hotel until you can move for a few days, until you are able to move-in. All of the highs in the low 90s °F (around 32 °C), lows in the for special occasions. It is good to have at least one niceinto the residence hall. Please note that on-campus apartments listed are on the bus route providing easy mid-70s °F (around 24 °C). Fall tends to be warm outfit. For men, a sports coat or suit jacket and tie is fine,move-in hours are 06:00 to 21:00, seven days a week. access to USF and are typically less than two miles with calm breezes. Spring in the Tampa area brings and a suit or nice dress is appropriate for women. from campus. More housing information is available at rain. The weather is usually mild and dry, with highsTampa has numerous hotels within a few miles of in the 70s (around 25 °C) and lows in the 50s You may also want to consider bringing items ofUSF’s Tampa campus. You can contact the hotel by (around 13 °C). During the winter months Tampa cultural interest, such as photos, books, souvenirs,phone or on the internet and make a reservation If you plan to live off campus, bring enough money to experiences some cold fronts. Most often, winter recorded music, and musical instruments. INTO USFusing a credit card. When you make a reservation, cover the cost of making all the necessary highs are near 70 °F (21 °C). hosts an International Festival each year, so pleaseask about possible discounts and tell them you are an arrangements. This could include first and last months’ bring something to share!INTO USF student. rent, security deposit, utility deposits for gas, electric It is important to drink lots of water and wear sun and telephone, and the first month’s utility bills. These screen during the warmer months and have a warm FoodOptions for Temporary Housing deposits and rent can cost up to $2,000 or more. jacket and umbrella during the cold and rainy months. There are many opportunities to cook for friends inINTO USF preferred hotels (see below) have a the residence halls and for special events on campus. If you need help finding off-campus housing, please What to Wearreservations page for INTO USF students and will be Be sure to bring recipes with you from home. Do not visit the INTO USF office, or e-mailable to offer you excellent rates. Most students at the USF dress very casually. There bring any food with you, however, because many is no official dress code. Students usually wear jeans spices and food items from other countries can be Preferred Hotels Website and sweatshirts or other comfortable clothes. In warm found in Tampa. Suggested Options for Tampa Airport Marriott Off-Campus Housing Hotel travel/tpaap-tampa-airport- Monticello Sterling 42nd Street 4200 George J. Bean Parkway marriott/ Tampa, Florida 33607 USA +1-813-910-3433 +1-813-673-8304 +1-813-879-5151 Residence Inn Tampa On 50 13420 North Telecom Parkway travel/tpari-residence-inn-tampa- Tampa, Florida 33637 USA north-i-75-fletcher/ +1-813-984-6650 +1-813-972-4400 USF Embassy Suites http://embassysuites1.hilton. 3705 Spectrum Boulevard com/en_US/es/hotel/TPAFRES- Tampa, Florida 33612 USA Embassy-Suites-Tampa-USF- +1-813-977-7066 Near-Busch-Gardens-Florida/ accomodations.do10 10 11 11
  7. 7. Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 2011 Pre-Departure Guide - Summer In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida on +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457 Transportation Page title Page title Orientation Transportation Orientation Public Transportation Driving Orientation at the INTO USF Body text Body text You may use public transportation to get around the If you would like to drive a car while you are living in Center Testing Tampa Bay area. The Bull Runner, which is the USF the US: Upon arrival, your English level will be assessed so Once you arrive at the INTO University of South shuttle bus, runs throughout campus, to some • You must bring your driver’s license from we can ensure you are placed in the right program. Florida Center, you will be welcomed by our nearby off-campus housing, and to the University your home country. If you are enrolled in an Undergraduate Pathway experienced student support team. You will receive a Mall. This service is free with your USF ID card. • Please also obtain an International Driving program, you will also be assessed on your schedule with the activities of our Orientation Permit from your home country. mathematics level to ensure you are in the right including information about: For a map of the Bull Runner route, please visit • You should carry both of these documents math class for your degree. with you when you are driving in the US. • Testing • Registration and Payment Bull_Runner_map.pdf. • Academic programs • USF and its facilities and services Course Registration If you would like to drive regularly while living in the • Immunization • INTO USF and USF social activities Other methods of transportation include calling US, you will need to obtain a US Driver’s License. To • Health Insurance • Student Welcome Social INTO USF will register you in the correct courses within taxicabs (which can pick you up from almost any do this, you will need to contact the Hillsborough the first few days of your arrival. If you have not paid location, 24 hours a day), renting a car, and taking County Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can Orientation is mandatory and your attendance at your full tuition and accommodation fees, as well as the HARTline (Hillsborough Area Regional Transit), learn more about the Hillsborough County DMV at these sessions is required. Please arrive at the provided proof of insurance and immunization, you will which can be used to explore other parts of Tampa. INTO USF Center located in the FAO building no need to pay the outstanding amount and provide these The HARTline bus is available to INTO USF students later than 09:00 on your scheduled orientation documents before you are able to register. You will not for free by showing your USF ID card. start date below. be able to register until you have taken the necessary English (and Math) testing. Taxis Pathway Students Yellow Cab of Tampa • Thursday August 18, 2011 — 09:00 Textbooks +1-813-253-0121 • Thursday January 5, 2012 — 09:00 After you arrive, you will need to buy textbooks for your   Academic English and Study Abroad with classes at INTO USF. You will find out what textbooks ABC Taxi English Students you must buy after you have registered for classes. The +1-813-872-8294 • Monday, August 29, 2011 — 09:00 USF Bookstore will have every textbook you need. The   • Monday, January 17, 2012 — 09:00 cost of textbooks can be high, but previously-used United Cab Company textbooks are often available in the Bookstore at lower +1-813-253-2424 General English and Campus Year Abroad prices. Here is what you can expect to pay for   Students (Monthly) textbooks while taking classes at INTO USF. Do not United Taxi (taxis, vans and limousines) • Monday of each start date — 09:00 buy your textbooks online as they often take too long +1-866-804-0508 to arrive. Remember to bring the following documents: • General English students: Approximately   • I-20 $150 - $170 per academic term (three sessions). Checker Cab of Tampa • Dependent documents (if applicable) • Academic English students: Approximately +1-813-229-1888 • I-94 Card $150 - $200 per academic term. • Passport with valid F-1 visa • Pathways students: Approximately $500 - $700 • Original transcripts (in native language AND per academic term. translated to English) in a sealed envelope • Original TOEFL/IELTS score12 12 13 13
  8. 8. Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 2011 Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 Pre-Departure Guide - Summer In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida on on In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or or +1-813-362-3457 +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) +1-813-362-3457 Student title Page Services and Activities Student title Page Services continued On the USF Campus With INTO USF Body text Body text Computers and Wireless Access INTO USF Activities Conversation Partners Wellness On-Campus INTO USF has many activities to keep you occupied The Conversation Partners program is designed to INTO USF believes that to excel in your studies, you The INTO USF Center has a computer lab reserved and having fun. We have something fun give INTO USF students the opportunity to meet with must maintain a high level of personal health. just for our students, and there are many other to do every weekend! Activities are a great way for native English speakers multiple times each week to Because of this, INTO USF is committed to finding locations throughout the USF campus where you can you to make new friends, see Florida, and practice practice speaking and listening skills. In this program, the necessary resources for you to maintain a access computers. All internet access is free and can your English. you will speak about a variety of different topics every balanced lifestyle. One of the many resources you will be used wirelessly throughout the campus. week, from cultural traditions to world news. By the have access to is the Student Health Services clinic, INTO USF offers a wide range of activities throughout end of the semester, you will feel more comfortable located on campus. Whether you have health care To connect to USF’s wireless network, you must: the year and you will certainly find activities that you conversing in English and you will have many more needs, are looking for student employment, or are • Have a wireless card in your personal computer will enjoy. INTO USF wants to make your experience friends at the University of South Florida. looking for places to practice spiritual customs, INTO • Have a valid USF e-mail and NetID account. here the best you can possibly have, so get involved USF has your whole well-being in mind. (This will be given to you during your outside of class and we guarantee you will have a Academic Advisors orientation. If you encounter problems once fantastic time! INTO USF academic advisors are your key resource Cultural and Language Ambassadors you have been set up with a USF e-mail for questions about your classes, attendance or account, please contact the Information Sample INTO USF activities include: INTO USF’s Cultural and Language Ambassadors academic performance. You can talk to our advisors Technology Help Desk at +1-813-974-1222.) • Visits to theme parks like Busch Gardens, help students learn how to understand their about any concerns you have related to adapting to Disney World, and Universal Studios. classmates or roommates, communicate with learning in a university environment. • Visits to local attractions like Lowry Park Zoo, teachers, and navigate daily life. Before you arrive at Campus Life Florida Aquarium, MOSI, and the Dali Museum. INTO USF, you can contact these individuals with Tutors Established in 1956, USF is a dynamic teaching and • Shopping trips to high-end fashion malls, questions. After your arrival, the Ambassadors can research university. More than 47,000 students are outlet malls, convenience stores, and stores INTO USF students have access to academic tutors help you overcome transitional language problems and registered in undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D. and like Walmart. who are available every day to provide extra support culture shock as you transition to US university life. professional degree programs. As an INTO USF • Sporting events like football, soccer, basketball, for classroom learning. Our tutors are earning student, you will have access to all USF’s facilities, and baseball games. advanced degrees in that major. These tutors will work including the library, computer labs, campus recreation • Other fun activities such as beach trips, with you to understand the course content and help center, tutoring centers, health clinic, bookstore, riverfront barbecues, conversation socials, you develop study strategies for your courses. Our dormitories, dining area and sporting events. For a map canoe or kayaking trips, and attending concerts English tutors are professionals in the field of ESL and of the USF campus, please see page 22 of this guide. and festivals. can help you with any language learning needs you • USF and student organization events have. This may include getting extra help with grammar, You can learn more about campus life at USF by • INTO USF Center nights (movies, games and pronunciation, reading, or writing. For students visiting these websites: celebrations) preparing for graduate school entrance exams, we • Much, much more! provide professional GRE/GMAT tutoring to assist students with achieving the exam score they need. Make sure you visit the INTO USF Center to learn more about upcoming events.14 14 15 15
  9. 9. Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 2011 Pre-Departure Guide - Summer In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida on +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457 Important Phone Numbers Page title Money and Banking Page title Important Phone Numbers and Information Money and Banking Important Phone Numbers Emergencies Money in the US Body text Body text The INTO USF office number from 07:30 to 18:00, If you need the Police, Fire, or Ambulance services in Currency and Cash Bank of America Monday to Friday, is +1-813-905-(INTO) 4686. an emergency, the telephone number in the United The INTO USF emergency number for use outside of States is 911. The currency in the United States is the US Dollar INTO USF uses the Bank of America as our banking office hours is +1-813-362-3457. (US $). It is divided into one hundred cents (100 partner. Remember that your tuition fees for your cents). Bills are issued in $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, study program must be paid four weeks prior to the Websites Please use the emergency number to contact our and $1. Coins are called a quarter (25 cents), a dime start of all programs. staff if necessary during your travel to Tampa INTO University of South Florida Home Page (10 cents), a nickel (5 cents), and a penny (1 cent). International Airport. Someone will always be available INTO University of South Florida’s to help you. After you arrive, this number is for It is not a good idea to carry large amounts of bank account details are: emergencies only. During orientation you will be told University of South Florida Home Page money with you every day. But it is a good idea to Bank name: Bank of America what to do in other circumstances, such as if you lose bring about $400 with you when you come to the Address: 9385 N 56th St., your keys. US in case you need money for food, transportation, Temple Terrace, FL 33617-5533 INTO USF’s Social Activities Page phone calls, etc. Account name: INTO USF, INC INTO USF Center contact information: Account number: 229030921901 T: + 1-813-905-INTO (4686) contact-us Domestic wire Credit Cards F: + 1-813-905-XNTO (9686) (Routing number): 026009593 E: In the US, the most common credit cards are VISA, SWIFT code: BOFAUS3N Social Media MasterCard, American Express and Discover. It is not easy for international students to obtain credit How to get to the INTO USF Center USF Credit Union cards in the U.S. It is best to apply for a credit card Then INTO USF Center is located on the first floor of in your home country. The USF Credit Union offers checking and savings the Faculty Office (FAO) Building. If arriving by car, accounts, loans and credit cards. They are located taxi or shuttle, ask them to follow these directions: on campus at: Currency Exchange • Go in main entrance of USF from Fowler Ave. USF Tampa - Main Office • Take a right onto Alumni Drive (first traffic light). Before leaving your country, exchange your local 13302 USF Palm Dr. • Then take a left onto Maple Drive (next traffic light). currency into US dollars. You can also do this once Tampa, FL 33612 • Go over two speed bumps and take a left into you arrive at Tampa International Airport. Visit the Social Sciences building parking lot. Travelex Currency Exchange, which is located on There is also a USF Marshall Student Center • The Faculty Office building is in front of you Level 3 near the Armstrong (Blue) elevators and is Branch located at MSC 1400. slightly to the left. Skype open every day from 07:00 - 20:00. For more information on the services the USF Credit Skype is a free computer program that allows you to The address of the INTO USF Center is: Union offers, call +1-813-569-2000 or visit use your computer like a phone and place international Bank Accounts INTO University of South Florida calls to other Skype users for free. Depending on your 4202 East Fowler Avenue, FAO100, Once you arrive at the INTO USF Center, you will be computer, web cameras are also supported. Please go Tampa, Florida 33620 able to meet with banking representatives that will to for more information and to help you open a bank account. It is a good idea to download for free. open a checking account in the US since checking accounts make it easy to deposit foreign checks and pay your bills.16 16 17
  10. 10. Pre-departure Guide 2011-2012 2011 Pre-Departure Guide - Summer In case of emergency call INTO University of South Florida on +1-813-905-4686 (M-T, 07:30 - 18:00 F, 07:30 - 17:00) or +1-813-362-3457 Health title Page and Health Insurance Page title Immunization and Health Insurance Immunization and Health Insurance continued Immunization Requirements and information, signature and the date. Please note that Health Insurance If your alternative policy is approved, your student Medical Records Body text only an official shot record will be accepted. Birth Body text The University of South Florida requires that account will be updated and the INTO USF Student certificates are not considered official shot records and As a student at INTO University of South Florida you international students be covered by health insurance Health Insurance Plan will be removed. Your will not be accepted by USF Student Health Services. must show proof that you have certain immunizations which meets the US Government visa, State of alternative policy must be approved at least four If you do not bring or submit documentation of two before you can take classes. The required Florida, and University of South Florida requirements. weeks before your program start date or you will be Measles and one Rubella vaccine or two MMR, you will immunizations at USF are: For this reason, the INTO USF Student Health billed for at least one term of the INTO USF Student need to receive the two MMR or have your blood Two Measles and one Rubella are required for Insurance Plan is automatically added to the invoice Health Insurance Plan. drawn for immunity within 48 hours of arriving on EVERYONE born after December 31,1956. of all INTO USF students. If you have your own health campus. The cost for the MMR is $55 per shot and • The first Measles must have been given on or after insurance, and it is approved by the compliance If your alternate health insurance coverage does NOT the Meningitis shot is $108. 1/1/68 and on or after the first birthday. The office at least four weeks prior to your start date, the meet the waiver requirements, you will remain   second Measles immunization must have been charge for the INTO USF Student Health Insurance enrolled in and billed for the INTO USF Student You must complete the Medical History Form given 28 days apart or more after the first Plan will be removed from your account. Your health Health Insurance Plan. available at Measles AND one dose of Rubella is required for insurance policy must begin before you travel to the US. immunization-forms.aspx. Submit this form no later entry into USF given at age 12 months or later and Please note that most travel insurance policies than two weeks before the start of classes to: in 1969 or later Sponsored students, please note: If your purchased in your home country will not meet the Fax: + 1-813-974-9686 OR sponsor’s health insurance coverage is known to waiver requirements. E-mail: • Two MMR doses: The first MMR must have been meet the waiver requirements, you will not be charged. given on or after 1/1/68 and on or after the first Dependent Coverage **Please bring a copy of these forms with you birthday. The second MMR immunization must have Waiving Health Insurance to the US. Health insurance coverage for dependent spouses and been given 28 days or more after the first MMR If you have health insurance from your home country family members traveling with an INTO USF student is OR Prescriptions and would like to remove the mandatory INTO USF available at an additional cost. • Titers Positive IgG blood test for Measles Student Health Insurance Plan, you must show that (Rubeola), German measles (Rubella) antibodies Bring a copy of all prescriptions for medicines, your insurance provides equal or greater coverage If dependent family members are not INTO USF or may be submitted instead of proof of (2) Measles eyeglasses, and contact lenses with you to the US. than required by the State of Florida. To see if your USF students, they cannot use Student Health and (1) Rubella. Copies of the actual lab results The prescriptions should be written in English. For alternate insurance will be acceptable, please Services on campus but they can see other doctors showing the positive IgG titers must be provided to more information on Health Insurance, Immunization download and carefully review the International in the Tampa area. Dependent family members who the Immunization Compliance Office before the Requirements, or other health and medical questions, Student Health Insurance Compliance Form at: are also INTO USF or USF students can use Student student will be able to register for classes. visit Health Services. forms.aspx. Meningitis vaccination is required of all students who On-Campus Pharmacy If you would like to enroll your family members for will live on the USF campus. No student will be The on-campus pharmacy is located on the first floor You must submit this form, along with a complete dependant coverage, please visit the INTO USF office assigned a USF residence hall room until proof of of the Marshall Student Center and can fill copy of your insurance policy in English, with after you have arrived to complete and submit Meningitis vaccination is received by USF Student prescriptions sent in from other pharmacies. Please coverage amounts listed in US dollars by mail, fax, or enrollment forms by the fifth day of the term. Health Service. note that the on-campus pharmacy only accepts e-mail to: major credit cards and does not accept cash. It is Fax: +1-813-974-9686 Hepatitis B is an optional vaccination. You may open Monday through Friday, 09:00 to 17:00. It is E-mail: provide the date of vaccination if you have been closed on weekends and any time USF is closed. You vaccinated or check the declination box. In addition, can contact the pharmacy by phone at +1-813-974- **Please bring a copy of these documents with vaccine records must be officially translated and have 2071, by e-mail at or by you to the US. the doctor’s stamp with his or her name, contact visiting 18 19