INTO Oregon State University Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012


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INTO Oregon State University Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012

  1. 1. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-12
  2. 2. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.Welcome Meet the INTO Oregon State University Team Dear Students, Welcome to INTO Oregon State University! We are eagerly awaiting your arrival on campus. This guide is designed to help you prepare for your departure. It contains helpful Amy McGowan Bob Glimour Valerie Rosenburg Jonathan Rhodes Glenda Curry information about securing your visa; your application for health insurance and housing; Center Director Director of Director of Student Admissions & Academic Support what to bring with you and what to buy after you arrive; and details about your arrival at the Academic Programs Experience and Inter- Academic Support Assistant Portland International Airport and transportation to the OSU campus. national Admissions Manager PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ARRIVAL DETAILS IMMEDIATELY at: There is always someone available to answer your questions or help you with any needs you may have at INTO OSU. We have a friendly and helpful team dedicated to your success and happiness, and we look forward to meeting you! Michael Witbeck Erich White Erich Cutler Elena Sapp Nathan Warren Executive Coordinator Pathway Programs Academic English General English Finance Manager See you soon, Coordinator Program Coordinator Coordinator, Russian The INTO Oregon State University Team Language Advisor Ryoko Misner Jessie Song Yu Julianna Betjemann Nikki Hinshaw Robert Hinderliter Finance Assistant, Accounting Assistant, Student Services Student Care & Student Services Japanese Language Chinese Language Manager Conduct Coordinator Assistant Advisor Advisor Contents Welcome 2 What to Bring 14 Meet the INTO OSU Team 3 Money 15 Before You Leave 4 After You Arrive 16 Visa and Immigration Information 5 Safety Guide 18 Immunization Requirements and Health Orientation Program 19 Insurance 6 Student Services 20 Thet Mar Win Ismail Warsame Sydney Purdy Lindy Osborne Warren Lawless Immunization Documentation Form 8 Important Phone Numbers Housing Coordinator International Student Learning Center Marketing Lead Reception Arrival and Transportation 10 and Websites 21 Advisor, Arabic Manager & and Communications Housing and Dining 11 Maps 22 Language Advisor Testing Coordinator Coordinator2 3
  3. 3. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.Before You Leave Visa and Immigration InformationChecklistPlease make sure you have completed everything on this checklist before you leave home.  Acquiring an F-1 Student Visa How Do I Pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee?1. SUBMIT a passport photo at You must have a valid passport in order to obtain a 1. Go to the Student and Exchange Visitor visa for the United States. Before visiting the U.S. Information System: SEVIS I-901 Fee2. SUBMIT your flight arrival details at Consulate for your visa, please read carefully the website: Read and follow3. Get your measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine if you have not done so already. Have your doctor instructions on the Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) the instructions carefully. Make sure to complete sign your Immunization Documentation Form. (See pg. 8) issued to you for your studies at INTO OSU. Students the SEVIS Form I-901 and pay the fee at least4. SUBMIT YOUR International Student Health Information and Immunization Documentation Form—SIGNED BY YOUR DOCTOR—TO STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES AT LEAST TWO WEEKS with an I-20 will apply for an F-1 student visa. three business days before applying for your BEFORE YOUR TERM START DATE. (See pg.6-9) Fax: 1+ 541-737-9665, visa interview to allow time for processing. Please bring a copy of these documents with you to the U.S. There is complete information on obtaining a student 2. Your SEVIS ID number can be found above the5. Undergraduate and Graduate Pathway students – You are required to provide official documents visa on the U.S. Department of State’s Travel bar code on the top right-hand side of your your prior to registration for classes as follows: website: I-20 form. If you are applying for an F-1 visa, you • Official Transcript copies including final certificate and/or degree certificate in a sealed envelope types_1268.html. Useful links include: “When Do I will also need the OSU School Code: issued directly by the institution attended and/or government educational ministry (Ministry of Need to Apply for my Student Visa?” “Required POO214F00002000. Education) in both English and the original language.* • Official TOEFL score submitted online via ETS directly to OSU (OSU College code 4586) Documentation” “Entering the U.S.—Port of Entry” 3. Please pay the $200 SEVIS I-901 fee with either a • Official IELTS scores • You should contact your closest U.S. Embassy or credit or debit card. • Official results from other accepted English language tests Consulate to find out about the procedures for 4. PRINT YOUR RECEIPT. Please send these documents to: applying for an F-1 student visa. 5. Your SEVIS I-901 fee receipt is required for OSU Office of International Admissions your visa interview. Bring it with you to the 1701 SW Western Blvd. Corvallis, OR. 97331 The SEVIS I-901 Fee embassy or consulate. U.S.A 6. Bring your SEVIS I-901 fee receipt, I-20, and The U.S. Government requires that international Or bring them with you when you come to the U.S. You will not be able to register for classes without these documents. passport containing your visa, on the airplane. students and scholars pay a $200 SEVIS I-901 fee *Please note: for undergraduate students, submitting these documents in a sealed envelope is not required, but is preferred. You must show it at the Port of Entry. when applying for an F-1 visa. The fee must be paid6. Print this Pre-Departure Guide and bring it with you in your carry-on luggage. prior to the visa interview at the U.S. Consulate. This Please note that continuing students transferring from7. Confirm that your passport is valid for at least six months after the date you enter the U.S. fee is in addition to the visa application fee. another U.S. institution and dependents applying for an • A brief description and instructions about how to8. Apply for and receive your F-1 Student Visa. F-2 or J-2 visa do not need to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee. submit the SEVIS I-901 fee payment can be found9. You MUST bring ALL of these ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS with you to the airport. You will be required If you need more information, visit at: to show them at the Port of Entry, or they will be necessary for INTO OSU registration, medical faq.htm to view frequently asked questions about the students/new#SEVISFee. services or other services after you arrive. SEVIS Form I-901 and the SEVIS I-901 fee. • Valid passport with F-1 Student Visa • More comprehensive information can also be • I-20 found by visiting the U.S. Immigration and If you have any questions about this process or any • SEVIS I-901 fee receipt Customs Enforcement website: • INTO Oregon State University Offer Letter other visa related matters, please email International i901/index.htm. • INTO Oregon State University Confirmation Letter Student Advising Services (ISAS) at: • Financial documents showing funds to support your study in the U.S. • At the time of your visa interview, you will need to provide documents certifying the amounts and10. Bring enough cash in U.S. dollars to cover expenses for your first few days, about $200. sources of financial support for your studies.11. Bring a copy of ALL prescriptions for medicines, eyeglasses, and contact lenses with you to the U.S. • Please keep copies of these documents to The prescriptions should be written in ENGLISH. present to the U.S. Immigration official at the Port of Entry.4 5
  4. 4. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.Immunization Requirementsand Health InsuranceAll international students attending OSU must provide Health Insurance Waiving Health Insurance Please bring a copy of these materials with you toproof of two (2) doses of measles, mumps, and the U.S. Oregon State University requires international If you have health insurance from your home countryrubella (MMR) (either combined in the MMR vaccine, students be covered by health insurance which and would like to waive the mandatory OSUor given as individual doses) before starting classes. If your alternate health insurance coverage meets the meets the U.S. Government visa requirements, State International Student Health Plan, you must show waiver requirements, your student account will be of Oregon requirements, and Oregon State University that your alternate insurance provides equal orYou must complete the Immunization credited the amount of the insurance fee. requirements. For this reason, the OSU greater coverage than the OSU International StudentDocumentation Form (pg. 8-9). International Student Health Plan is automatically Health Plan.• You and your doctor will need to complete the If your alternate health insurance coverage does not added to the invoice of all* INTO OSU students. Immunization Documentation Form. It must be meet the waiver requirements, you will remain To see if your alternate insurance will be acceptable, signed by your doctor. enrolled in and billed for the OSU International (*Sponsored students, please note: If your sponsor’s please download and carefully review the “International• Please bring a copy of these forms with you to Student Health Plan. health insurance coverage is known to meet the Insurance Waiver Requirements”, at: studenthealth. the U.S. waiver requirements, you will not be charged.)• If you do not bring or submit documentation of the Prescriptions measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR), you Dependent Coverage PLEASE NOTE: Most travel insurance policies Bring a copy of ALL prescriptions for medicines, will need to receive the two-shot series of this purchased in your home country will not meet the eyeglasses, and contact lenses with you to the U.S. immunization upon arrival. The cost is approximately Health insurance coverage for dependent spouses waiver requirements. To avoid unnecessary The prescriptions should be written in English. $70 per shot, but is often covered by insurance. and family members traveling with an INTO OSU expense, please carefully review all waiver student is available at an additional cost. requirements in Section 4 of the Waiver For more information on Health Insurance,In addition to the Immunization Documentation form, • If dependent family members are not INTO OSU Requirements Form. Immunization Requirements, or other health andyou will need to submit the “Health History Form.” students, they cannot use Student Health Services medical questions, please visit:Please visit: on campus but they can see other doctors in the If your plan meets ALL the waiver requirements and to download this form. The Corvallis area. Dependent family members who are you would like to apply for the waiver, pleasewebsite contains helpful information, links to required also INTO or OSU students can use Student download and complete the “International Waiverforms, translations of Student Health Services (SHS) Health Services. Form”, at:information, and details about various policies and • If you would like to enroll your family members at SHS. for dependent coverage, please visit the Student Health Center after you have arrived to You must submit this form, along with a completePlease complete these two forms, and submit complete and submit enrollment forms by the copy of your insurance policy in English, withthem by mail, fax, or email to: end of the 3rd week of the term. coverage amounts listed in U.S. Dollars, at leastImmunization Coordinator two weeks before your course start date by mail, fax,201 Plageman Building or email to:Oregon State University OSU Student Health InsuranceCorvallis, OR 97331 110 Plageman BuildingFax: 1+ 541-737-9665 Oregon State Corvallis, OR 97331 Fax: 1+ 541-737-7914THE DEADLINE TO SUMBIT THESE FORMS TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOUR COURSESTART DATE.6 7
  5. 5. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.Immunization Submit these forms by mail, fax, or email to: Immunization Coordinator Fax: 1+ 541-737-9665Documentation Form 201 Plageman Building Oregon State University E-mail: Corvallis, OR 97331 U.S.A. 2 doses of Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination are REQUIRED by Oregon law and OSU. OTHER IMMUNIZATION HISTORY: Accurate immunization history is vital for effective care and treatment. A photocopy of immunization records or a clinic stamp/provider signature MUST be included. Please provide as much immunization information as possible! Polio Date series completed (final dose given) _____ /_____ /_____ Proof of MMR - please select one of the following three options Hepatitis AA) Dose 1_____ /_____ /_____ Dose 2_____ /_____ /_____ Dates of vaccinations: MMR: (measles, mumps and rubella combined) 2 doses required Hepatitis B Dose 1_____ /_____ /_____ Dose 2_____ /_____ /_____ Dose 3_____ /_____ /_____ Dose 1_____ /_____ /_____ Dose 2_____ /_____ /_____ Twinrix (Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B combined) Dose 1_____ /_____ /_____ Dose 2_____ /_____ /_____ I have attached copies of my immunization records reflecting the dates above. Varicella (Chicken Pox) -OR- Dose 1_____ /_____ /_____ Dose 2_____ /_____ /_____ OR date of disease_____ /_____ /_____ My health care provider has signed below, officiating the dates above. Tetanus-Diphtheria (Td) Date childhood series completed:_____ /_____ /_____ most recent booster_____ /_____ /_____ Tetanus Diphtheria Pertussis (Tdap) Dose 1_____ /_____ /_____ _______________________________________________ ____________ Meningococcal Official health care provider signature Date Dose 1_____ /_____ /_____ -OR- HPV Dose 1_____ /_____ /_____ Dose 2_____ /_____ /_____ Dose 3_____ /_____ /_____B) Lab tests (titers) may be substituted as proof of immunity in lieu of vaccinations. Exemptions: COPIES OF LAB WORK MUST BE ATTACHED I was born before January 1, 1957 (automatic exemption from MMR requirement, though a completed I have attached a copy of my titer results. health form is still required). Medical or religious waiver requested: you must come to Student Health Services to sign a waiver with a SHS clinician in order to receive a waiver.8 9
  6. 6. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.Arrival and Transportation Housing and DiningWe would like to make your arrival in Oregon and during the timeframe listed below. You will be personally On-Campus Accommodations At Oregon State, a residence hall is a community. Whiletransition to the OSU campus in Corvallis as smooth greeted by one of our staff members wearing bright convenience is often the number one reason for living If you selected “university residence” on your applicationas possible. Please upload a passport photo as soon orange OSU apparel, and they will escort you from the on campus, the residence halls provide opportunities for for accommodations, you will be placed in one ofas possible, so that we can have your OSU student security checkpoint to our INTO OSU shuttle. you to meet people from around the U.S. and the world, OSU’s 14 residence halls. The most common layout isID card ready, at • For Academic English and Pathways students, develop new friendships, enjoy dining with friends and for two students to share a bedroom, and the personal greeting service is offered on the two become involved with the on-campus community. are shared between 4 or more students. ThisPlease upload your arrival flight information as soon days before your course start date, between arrangement is very popular in the United States. Everyas it is available at 8:00am and 9:00pm. Residence hall living also offers resources and a support effort will be made to pair students with an • For General English students, the personal structure beyond the classroom. There are live-in roommate or a roommate from a country other than greeting service is offered one day before your support staff in each hall, including a Resident Assistant their own. Please note, however, than no guaranteesThis information is required from all students. You course start date, between 8:00am and 6:00pm. (RA) on every floor or wing and a Resident Director (RD) can be made about nationality of roommates.may indicate on these forms if you would like an • Outside these times additional charges may apply. in every building.on-campus housing reservation and/or to be picked • You cannot utilize airport transportation if you doup at the airport. Submitting this information ahead not make a reservation in advance. OSU Residence Halls include:of time will ensure that all arrangements are madefor you in advance. Housing requests cannot be PLEASE NOTE: On-campus housingguaranteed without a reservation. accommodations in the residence halls will not be • Shared bedrooms, and limited single bedrooms available until the weekend before the program start • Shared bathroomArriving By Air date. The specific move-in date for your program will be sent to you upon acceptance to INTO OSU. If you • High-speed internet connection (required Ethernet cable not provided)All students are expected to arrive via air at Portland arrive before your on-campus housing is ready, youInternational Airport (PDX) in Portland, Oregon. will need to stay in a local hotel. Please see • Active telephone line (telephone not provided) “Temporary Housing in Corvallis” in the HousingINTO OSU Airport Shuttle & • Cable television connection (television not provided) section of this document (pg. 12-13).Greeting Service $100.00Our airport shuttle is the fastest, safest, easiest way to Portland International Airport (PDX) • Free, on-site laundry facilityreach the university from the airport. It is available 24 Information about Portland International Airport, • Convenient location on campushours a day. Charges will be billed to your student including maps, can be found online at:account. Additionally, the greeting service is offered • Resident Assistant (RA) and Resident Director (RD) network of 24-hour support • Dining facilities with a variety of food options10 11
  7. 7. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.Housing and DiningcontinuedMeal Plans Temporary Housing in Corvallis Temporary housing optionsWhen you reserved your accommodations, you also Corvallis has several hotels within 8 kilometers (5 Hilton Garden Inn (Closest to OSU) Towne House (Closest to OSU)selected the INTO meal plan. The cost of your meal miles) of the Oregon State University campus. You can 2500 SW Western Boulevard 350 SW 4th Streetplan will be loaded onto your OSU ID card, which then contact the hotel by phone or on the internet and Tel: 541-752-5000 Tel: 541-753-4496acts as a debit card. Meals are served in one of OSU’s make a reservation using a credit card. When you Fax: 541-752-5001 Fax: 541-753-7287 http://townehouse.mfbiz.comthree primary dining centers. Bring your OSU ID card make a reservation, ask about possible weeklywith you to the dining center and use it to pay each discounts and tell them you are an OSU student.time you dine. This payment method will also work at Rodeway Inn Willamette River Super 8the many other food locations around campus. For Off-Campus Housing 345 NW 2nd Street 407 NW 2nd Street Tel: 541-752-9601 Tel: 541-758-8088information about dining services, including hours of If you want to rent an apartment or house, you should Fax: 541-752-0042 Fax: 541-758-8267operation, please visit: arrive at least one week early. Apartments, houses, and rooms for rent are all advertised in the local OR046?promo=gglocal newspaper, the Corvallis Gazette-Times, which youAdditionally, the residence halls have a shared Days Inn Holiday Inn Express can find online at:kitchen, which allows you to cook what you want 1113 NW 9th Street 781 NE 2nd Street time to time, just for yourself, or to share with a Tel: 541-754-7474 Tel: 541-752-0800group of friends. Fax: 541-754-2437 Fax: 541-752-0060 The OSU student-run newspaper, The Daily Barometer, publishes a “Corvallis Area Renter’sIf you would like to stay in a residence hall and have Guide,” which you may access online at barometer. Best Western Grand Manor Inn Salbasgeon Suitesnot yet signed up for housing, or for any other This guide (in the left sidebar towards the 925 NW Garfield Avenue 1730 NW 9th Streetquestions about on-campus accommodation, please Tel: 541-758-8571 Tel: 541-753-4320 bottom) contains information on all the major rentalcontact the INTO OSU Housing Coordinator at Fax: 541-758- 0834 Fax: 541-754-0535 property managers and all apartment complexes Corvallis. Printed copies are also available after you western-grand-manor-inn-corvallis/ arrive.For those living in the residence halls, your room willgenerally be available the weekend before your More housing information is available on theprogram starts. The specific move-in date for your International Programs page of the OSU website:program will be sent to you upon acceptance to OSU. If you arrive before the assigned move-in for your program, you will need to maketemporary arrangements to stay in a hotel until you If you plan to live off campus, bring enough money tocan move into the residence hall. cover the cost of making all the necessary arrangements. This could include first and last months’ rent, security deposit, utility deposits for gas, electric and telephone, and the first month’s utility bills. There may also be expenses for household items (furniture, kitchen appliances, etc.). These deposits and rent can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,800 or more.12 13
  8. 8. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.What to Bring MoneyWeather Food Transferring Money Bank AccountsSummer and fall in Oregon are generally sunny and There are opportunities to cook for friends in the Some countries have strict rules about transferring When you arrive in Corvallis, you will need to openwarm. It can get hot during the day (75-95F/24-32C) residence halls and for special events on campus. money to the United States. checking and/or savings account(s) with a bank. INTObut cools down in the evening (50-60F/10-15C). Many spices and food items from other countries • Be sure that you have made the necessary OSU will give you information about local banks. YouWinter and spring bring lots of rain, and occasionally can be found in Corvallis, but be sure to bring arrangements with your government and usually need two pieces of picture identificationsnow. Temperatures range between 50F/10C and recipes with you. familiarized yourself with your bank’s procedures (passport and student ID card), your local mailing30F/-1C. for transferring funds. address, and money to open an account. Driving • It is a good idea to transfer enough money toIt is VERY important to have a good raincoat and cover expenses for one term, in addition to tuition More information is available on the International If you would like to drive a car while you are living inan umbrella. You can purchase these items after paid. You should have access to at least $500, Programs page of the OSU website: the U.S.:you arrive. and up to $1,000, or more. • You must bring your driver’s license from your banking. home country.Dress Cash • Please also obtain an International DrivingMost students at Oregon State University dress very Permit from your home country. You should not carry large sums of cash with you.casually. There is no official dress code. There are • You should carry both of these documents with However, plan to carry some smaller bills and changemany wonderful opportunities for international you when you are driving in the U.S. with you when you first arrive in the U.S. for food,students to share their culture on campus during phone calls, and other inexpensive purchases. If youfestivals and special events such as: fashion shows, If you would like to drive regularly while living in the need cash you can use a Plus, Cirrus, Interlink, or Starinternational dinners, cultural exhibits, and talent U.S. you will need to obtain a U.S. Driver’s License. Network bank card to make a cash withdrawal. ATMsshows. Please consider bringing your national dress, To do this, you will need to contact the Corvallis are located in the airport, on the OSU campus, andor other clothes associated with a hobby or sport you Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which you can around Corvallis.enjoy in your home country. (For example: martial arts learn more about online at:attire, costume for national dances, soccer uniform or sports team uniform, clothing worn for formal orreligious ceremonies, etc.) For more information on buying a car and driving, please visit the International Programs page of theYou may also wish to bring items of cultural interest, OSU website:such as photos, books, souvenirs, recorded music, musical instruments. INTO OSU produces an transportation/cars.International Fair each year as part of InternationalEducation Week in November, so please bringsomething to share!14 15
  9. 9. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.After you ArriveTextbooks Computers Appliances International Welcome CenterAfter you arrive, you will need to buy textbooks for your If you would like to use the internet from your room in For appliances, phones, and other electrical items like There is a Welcome Center on campus forclasses at INTO OSU. You will find out what textbooks the residence hall, you will need your own computer computers or laptops, please be advised that international students. It is located in the Memorialyou must buy after you have registered for classes. The and an Ethernet cable. There is ample access to electrical outlets in the U.S. are 110-volts AC, which Union (MU) building, just off of the Main Lounge onOSU Bookstore will have every textbook you need. The computer labs on campus, including a 24-hour lab, may be different from your home country. Most the concourse level. The International Resourcecost of textbooks can be high, but previously-used and the INTO OSU Learning Center computer lab. appliances (like rice cookers or electric teapots) are Center (IRC) will be specially staffed by currenttextbooks are often available in the Bookstore at lower All internet access is free. Many locations on the OSU not allowed in residence hall bedrooms. There international OSU students during the week beforeprices. Here is what you can expect to pay for campus have wireless internet access available, are, however, communal kitchens in the residence classes begin to welcome new international students.textbooks while taking classes at INTO OSU: including the Memorial Union (student union building) halls where these items may be kept and used. We Stop by to receive help and information about• General English students: Approximately $150 - and the library, for students who would like to use recommend purchasing necessary appliances and housing, banking, living in Corvallis, and much more. $170 per three sessions (one academic term) WiFi from their laptops on campus. electronics after you arrive.• Academic English students: Approximately Campus Life and Corvallis Life $150 - $200 per academic term Bed Linens Visit Us on Facebook and YouTube For more information on life in Corvallis, please visit• Pathways students: Approximately $200 - $450 If you will be living in a residence hall, you will receive the following resources: per academic term a bed linen pack when you check in. These items are given to you and do not need to be returned when corvallisCell Phones INTO OSU is on Facebook! Simply visit facebook. you leave. The pack includes: com and search for INTO Oregon State University.All rooms in the residences halls have an active You can also find lots of helpful information on thephone line that includes free local calling. If you would guidebook Your bed linen pack OSU Facebook page for international students. Visitlike to use the phone line in your room, you will need Bed sheets Pillowcase and 2 Towels and search for New2OSU-to purchase a phone. Phones are very inexpensive, This site has great listings for “Places to Eat” and (1 flat, 1 fitted) pillow International.from $5. If you would like to have a cell phone while “Things to Do.”living in the U.S., Corvallis hosts all four major 2 blankets Mattress pad Washcloth INTO OSU is on YouTube! Simply visit (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint). user/INTOoregonstate. You can also learn more about Oregon State University at are two major options in the U.S. cell phone You will also have the opportunity to purchase oregonstate.industry: long-term contract and pre-paid, or pay-as- additional bedding, blankets, towels, and otheryou-go, phones. For a monthly service plan, cell phone necessities after you arrive.companies require a new customer to sign a 2-yearservice agreement. Penalty charges apply if you It is best to postpone these purchases until youcancel your contract before the 2-year period has arrive in Corvallis. These items can be boughtexpired. You can choose from a wide variety of calling conveniently and are relatively inexpensive.plans, costing from around $30-$100 per month. If youdo not want to sign a 2-year contract, you have achoice of pre-paid or pay-as-you-go plans. You willreceive a handout with more information about buyinga cell phone and all the cell phone stores in Corvallisafter you arrive.16 17
  10. 10. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.Safety Guide Orientation ProgramCorvallis Safety Information • Campus Security can provide additional services Your First Day and Orientation Testing and Registration such as personal escorts, vehicle jump-starts, andCorvallis and Oregon State University are, for the most Please report to Reception in the International building access assistance. New students will take English placement tests topart, very safe and welcoming places. However, it is Living-Learning Center, on the OSU Campus, by • Report any suspicious activity to Campus Security determine their appropriate course level. After allimportant to be aware of possible threats and take 8:15am on the first day of your program. DO NOT immediately. admissions documents have been verified and fullsteps to help ensure the safety of your property and BE LATE. Check-in and scheduled events begin at payment of tuition has been made, students will beyourself. By far the most common crime in Corvallis is 8:30am. You will receive a detailed Orientation Medical Services in Corvallis able to register for their classes. Students cannottheft. Follow these steps to prevent thieves from taking schedule upon arrival on campus. The detailed register for classes until tuition payments haveadvantage of your unprotected property: If you need medical attention from a doctor please use schedule will provide locations and further information. been made in full.• Lock up your bicycle whenever you leave it these resources: Orientation week includes academic and student life unattended. Securely lock your bike through the 1. OSU Plageman Student Health Center orientations, testing, advising, registration, student Late Testing and Registration Fee frame and both wheels. Don’t buy an expensive Located on campus (PSHC on campus map) health check-in, campus tour, tour of downtown bike, as it will be more attractive to thieves. Provides general services to students only Corvallis, welcome party, and more. The events during PLEASE NOTE: Students who arrive late or are• Do not leave items unattended in the library. Even Phone: 541-737-2721 Orientation Week contain important information that unable to test or register according to their scheduled textbooks may be stolen, as thieves hope to sell Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am-6:00pm, will help you be successful both academically and time will be subject to a Late Testing & Registration the books for cash. Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm, Sunday CLOSED personally during your time in the U.S. Fee of $250. This fee will be charged to your student• Always keep your OSU ID card on you and safe, After-hours Urgent Medical Advice Hotline for account, and you will not be able to register for your as a thief could use the money attached to the students: 1-800-607-5501 ALL ORIENTATION WEEK EVENTS ARE classes until all balances have been paid. card to make purchases on campus. 541-737-9355—this number is a recorded message MANDATORY. ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND.• Always lock the door to your house, apartment, or listing services and phone numbers 24 hours a day dorm room when you leave. It is also a good idea 2. Good Samaritan Hospital to lock your windows. Provides general and emergency care to everyone• Always lock your car when you are not using it. Location: 3600 NW Samaritan Drive Sample Orientation Schedule Don’t leave valuable items in your car. Phone: Information 541-757-5111, MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY• Don’t keep a lot of cash on you or in your apartment Emergency 541-757-5021 MORNING 8.30-9.00 gET yOUR ID CaRD 9.00-11.00 ALL DAY ALL DAY WELCOME • Bring your passport MANDATORY CLaSSES CLaSSES or dorm room. Keep it in the bank until you need it. Hours: Emergency services available 24 hours a TO INTO OSU, NEW with you. ORIENTATION SESSION: BE ON TIME TO CLASS BE ON TIME TO CLASS STUDENT ChECk-IN • You will need to show ALL NEW STUDENTS day, seven days a week your id card at advising MUST ATTEND THINGS TO DO BEFORE Campus Safety Tips 3. Corvallis Clinic and registration. CLASS BEGINS: • Get your OSU ID card Provides general care to everyone 9.00-10.30 9.00-12.00 11.00-12.30 • Activate your ONID OSUAt night, use well-lit and well-traveled routes. Avoid aCaDEMIC ENgLISh ADMISSIONS AND STUDENT HEALTH email address Location: 3680 NW Samaritan Drive PROGRAM ORIENTATION, FINaNCE DOCUMENT SERVICES: hEaLTh • Buy your textbooks. (Bedark, vacant areas. TESTINg aND WELCOME ChECk-IN HISTORY FORMS AND sure to take a copy of Phone: 541-754-1150 WEEk OVERVIEW • Bring your financial and MMR your class schedule to• Travel with a friend or in a group. academic documents. • Bring health form and the bookstore with you.) Hours: Monday–Friday 8:00am-5:00pm 10.30-12.00 • Bring your I-20 and documents from your• Saferide is a free service for all OSU students that ONID EMaIL aCTIVaTION passport with you. doctor. 4. Samaritan Urgent Care Center provides transportation to, from, or around campus 5234 SW Philomath Blvd. (in Sunset Plaza LUNCh for anyone who does not feel comfortable walking AFTERNOON 1.00-17.00 1.00-16.00 13.30-15.00 ALL DAY ALL DAY next to Safeway), Phone: 541-768-4970 around at night. Call ahead to schedule a ride. LEVEL PLaCEMENT ADVISING AND DOWNTOWN CLaSSES CLaSSES Hours: Weekdays from 8:00am-9:00pm TESTING REGISTRATION CORVaLLIS TOUR BE ON TIME TO CLASS BE ON TIME TO CLASS• Blue Light Emergency Phones are placed around Saturdays from 9:00am-6:00pm campus for quick communication with Campus EVENING WELCOME PARTY! Sundays from 10:00am-6:00pm • Free bowling and pizza! Security. • Meet other new and returning students.18 19
  11. 11. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.Student Services Important Phone Numbers and WebsitesStudent Services at INTO OSU helps every Conversation Opportunities: INTO Oregon State Oregon State University Student Health Centerinternational student feel welcomed, involved, and University Information 541-737-2721 Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm • One-on-one and small group mentoring forconnected. We provide support for students’ daily Pathways students Please make sure that you put these numbers inlives, plan many unique and exciting trips, and offer • One-on-one and small group conversation your phone:numerous opportunities to meet and talk to native students partners for Academic English studentsEnglish speakers. In short, we strive to help all of our Find information here about required immunizations, • Small group conversation tables for General INTO OSU Front Office 541-737-2464students get the absolute most from their experience in health insurance, getting medical treatment on English students The INTO OSU Front Office is open Monday throughOregon. Here is a list of programs and activities offered campus, and an overview of Student Health Services Friday, 7:30am until 5:00pm.or promoted by Student Services at INTO OSU: at OSU. Activities for Students INTO OSU Emergency Phone 541-224-2964Trips • Day, weekend, and break trips around Outside of the Front Office business hours, the the Northwest This website provides helpful information about OSUTrips around the Northwest show INTO OSU students Emergency Phone number can be used for urgent • Free OSU sporting events and Corvallis, Adjusting to Life in the U.S., Culturalall the beauty and excitement our part of the country matters. • Free bowling & pizza parties Organizations at OSU, Housing, Money & Banking,has to offer. • Concerts and cultural events News You Can Use, OSU Life Guidebook, Special INTO OSU website: • Intramural sports Registration (NSEERS), Coming to OSU withActivities • Welcome and Farewell Parties Spouses and Families, Transportation, Buying andEnglish conversation programs and on-campus • Week-night gatherings with OSU students Owning a Car, Travel Outside the U.S., U.S. Taxes, INTO OSU email: INTO@oregonstate.eduevents help students feel like a part of the OSU and • Trips to see professional sporting events Visa Delays & Security Clearance, and What to BringCorvallis community. • OSU student clubs and organizations to join to the United States. Oregon State University Information On Facebook Oregon State University Information: Search: INTO Oregon State University 541-737-1000 Search: New2OSU-International Oregon State University Campus Police Corvallis (non-emergency) 541-737-3010 This is Corvallis’ tourism Oregon State University Campus Police website. You can learn a lot about our town, things (emergency) 541-737-7000 to do, places to eat, and local events here.20 21
  12. 12. Pre-Departure Guide 2011-2012 In case of emergency, call INTO Oregon State University at +1-541-224-2964.Maps INTO OSU Center • International Living-Learning Center (ILLC) Important OSU Locations • Arnold Dining Center (Arnd) • Memorial Union (MU) • Valley Library (VLib) • Kerr Administration Building (KAd) • Plageman Student Health Center (PSHC) • Dixon Recreation Center (DxRC) • Reser Stadium (Resr) • LaSells Stewart Center (LSC) • Milne Computing Center (MCC) Residence Halls • West (West) • Cauthorn (Cau) • Buxton (Bux) • Hawley (Haw) • Poling (Pol) • Sackett (Sack) • Finley (Finl) • Halsell (Hal) International • Bloss (Blss) Living-Learning Center ILLC22 23
  13. 13. Want to find out more?If you would like to find out more about any of ourcourses or services, please visit our website.You can also contact us via email or phone, or visitone of our educational agents in your home country.INTO Oregon State UniversityOregon State University1701 SW Western BlvdCorvallis, OR 97331USAT: +1 541 737 2464F: +1 541 737 4220E: