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Genetic-efficient tourism                     Promoting        NEW YEAR’S AND CHRISTMAS                    various offer  ...
The Interdisciplinary research colony Intermedija                                           The monastery-hotel complex “S...
WE ARE INVITING   All creators, intellectuals, scholars and those with good intentions, to              participate in the...
art work “The Circle of Perfection-The Fires of The Holy Trinity 11”,when we were witnesses of the happening of another Go...
Through the efficient dimension, the zurlas and the drums of“Synthesis” and strong thoughts of the commitment of the initi...
New year's and christmas offer 2012 (st.naum, republic of macedonia)
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New year's and christmas offer 2012 (st.naum, republic of macedonia)


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New year's and christmas offer 2012 (st.naum, republic of macedonia)

  1. 1. Genetic-efficient tourism Promoting NEW YEAR’S AND CHRISTMAS various offer (St.Naum - Trpejca - Kurbinovo) "TOWARD THE PATH OF THE RENAISSANCE "For those who want to live and create in longevity,fullness, happily, sucessfully and Regeneratively,along with to achieve the overall selfrealization of theirselves.For those who want to explore and research, to live and to create with a new creative genetic-efficient approach, with which had lived and created thegratest efficient individuals and creators, the genius and succesfull people, the initiators of the Renaissance, then and now.
  2. 2. The Interdisciplinary research colony Intermedija The monastery-hotel complex “St.Naum” and the known old touristic village Trpejca INVITE YOU To be our guests on the extraordinary promoting New year’s and Christmas offer of the new Genetic-efficient tourism Toward the Path To be participants and initiators ofof the Renaissance the common civilization commitment “LET US INITIATE THE NEW CIVILISATION RENESSAINCE” from Macedonia, the land of the roots of the beginnings of the Renaissaince In Intermedija, in this new tourism’s frames, there will be interdisciplinary treats of fenoumenon of the spiritual workers who had initiated and are continuing to initiate the appearance and the beginnings of the Renaissaince, then and now. That is objectively possible with the discovery of the Discipline of the man’s inner compound(s) and in accordance to it, with new discoveries will continue the creating of the cultural and spiritual creativity as a continuity of the cultural spiritual heritage. ֠+ The programme of the Genetic-efficient tourism Seminars for all categories and groups of individuals and initiators, according to their needs. Efficient touristic season through the year, which begins with the New year’s and Christmas offer. Practice of the Genetic-efficient approach, method and system, discovered in the deep creative processes and scientific-creative researches, systematized and authorized as scientific-creative researching. Practice and implementation of the achievements and results of the autor’s researching of the man’s inner creative systems and processes. With help and efficient implementation of the Discipline of the man’s inner compound(s), Regeneration discipline, Genetic psyhophilosophy, which are jointly helping us to reach the secret of achieving/happening (of) the miracle in ourselves. Promoting opening and broadcasting of the First creative genetic/profound research-creative open internet TV channel “Discoveries-Hope for the future”. On the theme:”Initiating of the appearance and the beginnings of the Renaissaince, then and now” in the “Dialogues for the creativity and the spirit”, which now we are initiating together as “Civilisation-green DIALOGUES FOR THE SURVIVAL AND HOPE FOR THE FUTURE OF THE MANKIND” Opening of the scientific-research-creative seminars and genetic/ profound researches, which will be held in the hotel complex "St.Naum". St.George’s Monastery, Kurbinovo
  3. 3. WE ARE INVITING All creators, intellectuals, scholars and those with good intentions, to participate in the above mentioned expert theme. All individuals and citizens to participate in the initiating of The New Renaissaince, in the broad frames of the creative-touristic pallete of opportunities, firstly for personal regeneration/renaissaince and selfrealization, “Towards the Path of the Renaissaince”. ֠+ Even though we are one millennium far from that turnover andefficient living and creating on this territory, there is authenticity andomnipresence of the vivid efficient spirit of the greatest spiritualpracticioners in the whole region. Especially, alongside the Ohrid Lakeshore , from Ohrid to St.Naum, which is the one destination of the Path ofthe Renaissaince. The other is alongside the Prespa Lake shore, from theMonastery in Slivnica, Kurbinovo, Pretor, Asamati, . . .Sir Han, Otesevo,and is connecting through Galicica with the first one. In the frames of the Genetic tourism, visitors will have that uniqueopportunity and honour to walk along the creative-touristic path/ “The Pathof the Renaissaince”, then and now. Walking along the Path they will come to know the pure and highdimensions of the natural cosmic grant, to reestablish the authentic genetic-efficient relation with it, with the surrounding, with the people. But, first ofall, to reestablish the authentic relation with themselves, to achieve reliefof all layers, of all negative habits and conditioning of any kind and TOBE in an objective efficient compound of rest, peace, revitalization,regeneration. On this way, autheticaly and for their own benefit, they will bediscovering the efficient dimensions of living and creating on this territory,which are in inseparable, mother tie with the natural cosmic dimension.All that, jointly, is build in the spiritual-scientific and cultural creativitywhich does not stop, and is continuing to be created, on that way, upon thatbasis and dimensions, through the millenial history of Macedonian cultureand civilization. On this authentic and efficient creative way, Macedonia had becomethe Mother and the cradle of literacy of the whole human civilization, 7000years B.C., with creating of the first fonetic letter, with artefacts inOsincani, near Skopje. And, after that, there are another two renaissaincesof the letter and literacy: one of them is in the age of Aleksandar TheGreat, 4th century, B.C. with the letter of the Ancient Macedonians, theother is in 9th century, C.E., with the Macedonian enlighters, the Saintbrothers Ciril and Methodius, with the renaissaince of the Slovenianliteracy, spirituality and culture, with which are initiated the beginningsand the appearance the of the Big civilization Renaissaince. Nowdays, again, with the creation of the given and granted Genetic-efficient work and deed, to us as contemporary people is being given, withthe initiation of our own personal renaissaince in living and creating, to beinitiators of the new civilization Renaissaince, under the direct entireprotection and patronage of the very patron of the macedonian andcivilization efficient spiritual discipline, our blessed spiritual father, homouniversalis and miracle-worker, Saint nNaum Ohridski. This piece of lend, not ordinary, but exstraordinary, holy andmiraculous, is God’s legacy for the mankind and for the whole humancivilization, because it is full and soaked with true and real efficient andinitiating stories and scrolls among which will be also THE GOLDENBOOK OF THE PARTICIPANTS AND INITIATORS OF THERENAISSAINCE, in which, you, dear guests, in the monastery ofSt.Naum, with your initiating will be registered, upon your wish. ֠+ In 2012 year, again, we are going to realize the eighth efficientcelebration of Badnik, in St.Naum’s monastery. This kind of celebration isreestablish in 2005 year, in Markov manastir, the double church ofMother Mary – St.Nikolas, in the village Markova Susica, near Skopje,when in the presence and in front of the eyes of hundred of people washappened the miracle with the burning of the Badnik fire. In 2011 year, with the transmission of the Badnik fire of The Christ’sbirth from Markov manastir, Skopje, Nerezi, to the monastery of“St.George”, Kurbinovo, Prespa, has happened the conception of TheCircle of Perfection and the new efficient dimension (the author’sconcept), with which was initiated The Renaissaince of the living and ofthe creating. The fire of the miracle was transsmited in the Monastery“The Mother of God’s” in Slivnica and was realized the seventh efficientcelebration Badnik-Genetic efficient performans- multimedial
  4. 4. art work “The Circle of Perfection-The Fires of The Holy Trinity 11”,when we were witnesses of the happening of another God’s miracle: themanifestation of the bright cross inside the Badnik fire.(you can see it onthe photos, here, on the right side) Now, we will transmit the Badnik fire along the path of theRenaissaince, from Prespa, Slivnica’s monastery, across Kurbinovo,Trpejca, Ljubanista to “St.Naum”, the place choosed by St.Naum himself. As long as to the southest spot of the efficiency, from which had beeninitiating the path of the Renaissaince and we will initiate the newRenaissaince. With this we are promoting the Genetic creative-touristic path – ThePath of the Renaissaince: Prespa, Prespa Lake, Slivnica’s monastery,Kurbinovo, Surlenci, Sir Han, Otesevo – Galicica – Ohrid lake, Trpejca,Ljubanista, St.Naum. According to the common commitment is upon to us to continue thetransmission and spreading of the light of the Badnik fire and miraculouslyto enlighten the Path of the Renaissaince, that will be broadcasting over theinternet TV channel, connecting the locations of the celebration andwitnessing of the initiating. It seems that it can be clearly seen the overall individual, social,civilization and national aspects and dimension of this commoncommitment and challenge for the individual and the society, for thegovernment and for the state, for the greens and for the mankind. Do we have higher aim than the realization of the profound and thehigher man’s needs and values, with which are created the highest andgreenest civilization values and achievements, which take and guide themankind ahead. For that aim, we invite you to come and to join us and the otherparticipants and representatives of the Diplomatic core in Republic ofMacedonia and to enrich the celebration of the Badnik and of St.Naum inthe Monastery complex of "St.Naum", on 05.01.2012 year and to plant atree of longevity in honour and as a neverlasting memory of your initiatingand participation in this common aspiration. ֠+ The guests and the initiators will be welcomed and will have theopportunity to rest and to enjoy in the hospitable and warm atmosphere andextraordinary surrounding of our macedonian house and the monastery’skonaks:●rooms and apartments with view of the Lake and Galicica, of 2, 3 and 4stars, with own toilets, steam heating, wood heating, electricity heating,TV, internet.●SPA (jakuzi, sauna, steam bath, massage (St.Naum)●restoran, halls●conference halland in the tastes of our:●National (authentic traditional) kitchen, which consist of cosmic jointsof water, air, climate and the cosmic materials which are specific for thisarea of creativity of profound spiritual creation.●Food which is in accordance with creating the preconditions for initiatingof the efficient circles of realization and selfrealization,for the man’sregeneration.●Lake water and vivid efficient water, as one of the factors, for fasterachieving/reestablish of the efficient dimension in the man’s being andinner compound with which is possible inner symbiosis of elements,evolutive transformation, natural genetic regeneration and topselfrealization and achievement of the high values and dimensions (ofgenuity and miracle creation) in living and creation.● In the Slivnica’s monastery, they can stay and to practice for their ownneeds, the created (given in the creative processes) efficient creation „TheEfficient Mother of God’s room”.●Present (gratis) by the author, included in the New year’s and Christmasoffer is practicing of the new Genetic efficient inovative approach, methodsand system for personal overall renaissaince in themselves. A NEW RENAISSAINCE HAS TAKING AHEAD WITH THE PERSONAL REGENERATION OF THE INDIVIDUAL Nothing more beautiful, than to finish the old year with efficientwelcome to the new year, nothing more beautiful, than to begin the newyear with the Badnik, the day before the day of the birth of the Jesus, withthe lighting of the fire of the Christ’s birth in our hearths, in ourselves, inthis context, to light the fire of our own regeneration/renaissance inourselves.
  5. 5. Through the efficient dimension, the zurlas and the drums of“Synthesis” and strong thoughts of the commitment of the initiators, toswell the waters of the Ohrid Lake and through them to spread ahead thesynergy of the commitment by all waters in the ecumene. ֠+ The New year’s and Christmas offerbegins: on 31st of December 2011, with lunchends: on 7th of January 2012, with solemn Christmas lunch Accomodation in The Hotel complex ST.NAUM Monastery hospices8 days: 500 € (FB) per person 130 € (FB) per children (3-13 years)4 days: 300 € (FB) 80 € (FB) Accomodation in a private capacities in TRPEJCA8 days: 270 € (FB), per person, 580 € (FB), for two4 days: 150 € (FB) 300 € (FB) Included in the price: New Year’s Eve, Christmas lunch. ●Present (gratis) by the author, included in New year’s and Christmasoffer - practicing of the new Genetic efficient inovative approach, methodsand system for personal overall renaissaince in themselves. ● In the Slivnica’s monastery, practicing for their own needs, the created(given in the creative processes) efficient creation „The Efficient MotherMary’s room”. Not included in the price: Organized transport from Skopje to St.Naum/Trpejca, visits along thepath of the Renaissaince, visits to the The Mother of God – Zaum church,The St.Atanasij church, St.Bogorodica church, St.Petka church, springs ofCrn Drim river, Trpejca (for those who are accomodated in St.Naum),Galicica, the Museum on water, Slivnica’s monastery. There is an opportunity to use a part of the offer: minimum of 4 days,for 300 € and additional paying of 70 € (St.Naum) for every next day, i.e.270/150 € and additional paying of 40 € for a person and 80 € for two(Trpejca). Reservations: paying 50% of the sum.12.12.2011 For IIK INTERMEDIJASkopje coordinator prof. Ana Bobinkova contact: 077/581-871., All autor’s rights on the text and on the more of the presented photos are preserved. It is forbidden any misuse and any kind of their use without author’s permission and agreement..