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  3. 3. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF OVERVIEWINTERGALACTIC!GOLF is THE FUTURE of GOLF.Golf can be an educational, entertainment, and recreational vehicle for the common man, woman,and child simply by reducing the amount of time, space, and skill necessary to maximize itsenjoyment.I!G will remove all barriers to entry that five-hour rounds, expensive tracts of real estate, andsophisticated skill level presents to youth, minorities, women and blue collar men.Around an efficient, par three course can be built an entertainment experience encompassingmusic, celebrity, merchandising, and other forms of entertainment and community service thatcompetes vigorously for consumer spending.A professional International 7 Star Golf, Entertainment, and Empowerment Tour, comprised of thegreatest men, women, and senior golfers in The World, will travel the world to each of thesefacilities promoting our INTERGALACTAIC!GOLF venues and our incredible golf experience.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is a concept that does not encroach on the golf industry as it now exists.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF simply brings this great game to the masses.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is THE FUTURE of GOLF.
  4. 4. WHAT IS INTERGALACTIC!GOLF™ ?! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF™ is the freshest, hottest, and most exciting live event experience ever. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF combines the best of Golf with The Best of Fashion, The Best In Music, and The Best in Super Star Style.! Our one of a kind 7 Star Intergalactic Pro-Celebrity Golf, Entertainment, and Empowerment Tour travels to strategic locations around the world for 1-3 weeks at a time and features night club events, concerts, art events, golf tournaments, empowerment speaking forums, music fastivals, car shows, technology shows, fashion shows, library literacy events, and community outreach programming.! Hollywood Pop Culture Icons, Entertainment Personalities, Artists, Movie Stars, Models, and Professional Golfers, VIP’s, CEO’s, and International Dignitaries interact amongst paid guests and spectators who attend for the out of site, life altering experience, entertainment value, and non-stop action. Plus, the best part is we are raising money for numerous charities who are dedicated to giving back to their community and the world.
  5. 5. WHY INTERGALACTIC!GOLF ?! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is a MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL ECONOMIC STIMULATION PLATFORM that will jump start our global economy; create tens of millions of jobs; empower and inspire humanity; grow golf by hundreds of millions of participants; and effectively restructure our global economy around a Golf, Arts, Fashion, Education, Entertainment, Technology, and Knowledge Based Society.! GOLF is the ultimate social and economic mobility tool as well as the ultimate fundraising and networking tool that has effectively been controlled by the elite. Learning to play golf is as important as getting a good education. Those who know how to golf are in far better position than those who do not. So lets prepare our youth and the world to be great!!! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is responsible for making golf sexy, hip, fun, and ultra cool by creating a new "energized lifestyle scene” comprised of increased culture and positive energy.! Our event programming is a totally immersive, full sensory, live sporting and cultural entertainment experience.! We create an exciting community around the finest golf and entertainment. Thus inspiring, enlightening, and empowering humanity as we popularize golf.! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF creates massive international growth and opportunity for golf, the arts, entertainment, and those organizations and alliances supporting our programming and positive humanitarian and world causes.! We connect with the logical, emotional, social, physical, and financial touch points of the GEN X, Y, and Zers ages 6-75 year olds. This connection activates real desire with lasting activation and buying power.! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is sustainable, powered by Wind and Solar Power, is low impact, carbon neutral, and Totally Green. Thats right. We Green Golf as we make it Super Fun and very cool!!!
  6. 6. WHERE IS INTERGALACTIC!GOLF LOCATED?! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF travels to strategic locations around the world for 1-3 weeks of a non-stop city wide adventure featuring all types of amazing events such as Stadium Empowerment Forum’s for Youth, Music Festivals, Par 3 Shoot Outs, Urban Golf Festivals, Golf Course Festivals, Pro-Celebrity-Amateur Golf Events, Night Club Events, Art Events, Fashion Shows, Car Shows, Speed Racing, Technology Shows, and much more. We set up our super golf and entertainment experience at INTERGALACTIC! GOLF branded courses, as well as public and private courses and driving ranges all over the world.! THE INTERGALACTIC!GOLF EXPERIENCE is implemented at our cutting edge INTERGALACTIC!GOLF Branded Golf and Cultural Art Facilities.! We partner with Public Golf Facilities, Putt-Putt Golf Courses, Resorts, Country Clubs, Night Clubs, Domes, Stadiums, Arenas, Hotels, and City Centers around the world.
  7. 7. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF EXPERIENCE! There is Nothing in the world like a live or televised INTERGALACTIC!GOLF event.! The live and at home delivery of our programming is completely and totally different from the traditional golf experience and creates an enigmatic aura and euphoric energy.! You will be totally and completely entertained, mesmerized, and transformed to another dimension and level of consciousness while watching and after leaving an I!G EVENTFOR STARTERS! The energy at THE INTERGALACTIC!GOLF EVENT is electrifying and that of a giant festival rather than a traditionally quiet golf tournament.! Various stages located around the course feature live music and DJ Sessions both day/night.! DJ’s spin tunes from a giant tower overlooking the course during competitive play.! Comedians replace stodgy television commentators for maximum excitement and fun.! Laser Light Shows are implemented for effects and energy.! Fashion Shows add glitz and glamour.! Break dancing competitions bring stunning moves and gasping effects to the crowd.! Go-Go Dancers show off their hot and sexy moves on platforms located down the fairways.! Technology and Popular Culture Exhibitions make sure everyone is fresh and up to date on the latest and greatest gadgets.! Luxury Cars, Hot Rods, Low Riders, Supped Up Cars and Golf Carts patrol the cart paths and parking lot for a non-stop City Wide adventure.! Dazzling Disco Globes are Situated around the course for night night Glitter and Shimmer Effect! INTERGALACTIC inspires a new generation of dreams and possibilities. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!
  8. 8. LIVE BANDS, DJ’s, GOLFERS, CELEBRITIES +Live Music To Add Energy, Ambiance, and sound Track +Jumbo Trons For Instant Replay & Graphics +Laser Lights & Multi-media For Artistry & Excitement +Now The Golf Course is a Multi-Use Facility+Attracting New Customers, New Demos, & New Opportunities I!G
  9. 9. INTERGALACTIC!STADIUM GOLF THE FUTURE of GOLFThe 16th hole AT the FBR Open, The par-3, 162-yard hole, has been fully enclosed with grandstands seating between 15,000 and 20,000 spectators.“It looks unbelievable, but it’s going to be a circus,” said Pat Perez, coming off his first PGA Tour victory in last week’s Bob Hope Classic. “But it looks cool. It looks really cool, full-stadium effect. It’s going to be loud.”For Thursday’s opening round, the crowd at the 16th may be larger – and noisier – than the 17,000- plus expected to attend that night’s NBA game between the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs at U.S. Airways Center in downtown Phoenix.“The 16th hole, which gets a lot of attention, is unique to golf,” former local resident Phil Mickelson said. “We just don’t have anything like that. To have that type of environment that NBA players or football players experience, for us as golfers to be able to experience it is pretty cool.” BEFORE DURING ARIEL SHOT DURING PLAY
  10. 10. INTERGALACTIC!STADIUM GOLF EXPERIENCEImagine the world’s most unique golf course where the long ball isn’t king, instead accuracy and skillrule the land. Not sprawled across 100 acres, instead this first of its kind course is housed inside a60,000 seat sports complex. One hole, constantly changing to millions of different layouts. Fromplacement of the pin to the location of the trees and bunkers, nearly every obstacle quickly adjustableto change the playing field. Stress and pressure pile on the player every movement is watched byThose packing the stadium and on television around the world. Sixteen undiscovered golfers attemptTo tackle this new challenge. The prize? A one on one battle with a legendary golf pro. This is realityshow meets big time pro sporting events. This is INTERGALACTIC!GOLF.
  11. 11. INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT™ OWNS OUR SPACE GOLF + ENTERTAINMENT= INTERGALACTIC!GOLF™INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is known around the world as the go to brand for Good Times,The Greatest Parties, and unbelievable memories on or off the golf course. Our extensiveInternational network of strategic alliances, partners, events, and branded facilities areexpansive. Our revolutionary approach to promoting professional and amateur golf withlive entertainment, excitement, and multi media elements along side good times makesINTERGALACTIC!GOLF a Live Sporting Event unlike any other.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF has merged pro-celebrity-amateur golf, entertainment, greentechnologies, media technologies, fashion, music, dance, and car culture into anamplified lifestyle brand for The MTV Generation. Whether we are staging an event in adome, a driving rage, a par 3 course, a resort course, or night club, we are the only teamin the world that do what we do, how we do it. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is THE GREATEST PARTY IN THE WORLD!!
  12. 12. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF’s MISSION1) Grow international golf participation and popularity around the world through the creation of the hottest and most exciting 21st Century Live Golf Experience featuring high level Entertainment, Dance, Fashion, Arts, Technology, and Cultural Programming Implementation.2) Inspire and Empower People of all ages with Winning Attitudes thanks to innovative athletic, artistic, and entrepreneurial programming. We inspire and Empower Humanity to be the best they can be now and into the future.
  13. 13. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF’s VISION1) Positively Inspire and empower the masses by implementing our fun and exciting, highly innovative golf entertainment experience in strategic locations around the world, thus growing golf and entertainment as we establish the brand name INTERGALACTIC.2) Create positive community development, job creation, economic stimulation, opportunity, and incredible prosperity around The World via our innovative brand.
  14. 14. THE OPPORTUNITY! Golf requires immediate attention and help growing the fan base with innovative and exciting programming connecting with the next generation of golfers.! Massive growth potential through Super Cool Cross Marketing efforts Connecting with 100’s of Millions of Gen X, Y, and Z’ers around the world.! Less than 1% of the world’s population plays golf and this means massive growth and conversion opportunity with hot and exciting programming leading the way.! Imagine if one golf course, driving range, or country club in each county In The United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, or Scotland, implemented one or two nights per month of live music featuring a DJ or A Band. This would create new Jobs, New energy, new fun, new memberships, commerce flow, and more.! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF WILL JUMPSTART THE WORLD.
  15. 15. THE OPPORTUNITY CONTINUED! Worldwide, golf is a $71 billion market and includes golf clubs, balls, apparel, foot wear, bags and gloves. Real Estate and travel and Tourism value is not included in this statistic, but are two industries greatly dependent on a healthy golf market. Remember, that with less than 1% of the worlds population participating.! Wide Spread Golf Growth is determined by the value derived from investing time in the sport; quality, fun, and meaning of the experience; the short and long term value provided; the business networking conducted; the and The ROI generated for corporations. Currently, golf does not provide the experience, impact, or ROI it could.! Golf’s Growth Potential is unlimited with a realistic growth opportunity of 100’s of Millions world wide once INTERGALACTIC!GOLF leverages A Live Event Experience featuring celebrity, music, fashion, and reporting is launched, developed, and marketed through wide spread public relations/communications, advertising, marketing outreach, strategic partnerships, and Global Outreach Initiatives.
  16. 16. THE OPPORTUNITY CONTINUED! The Golf market in India and China has been forecasted to grow over 28% annually in the next five years.! India, China, much of Asia, and South America are undeveloped regions ripe and ready for golf.! Currently, 2 million world wide jobs created by golf.! Currently, Approximately 50 Million Golfers World Wide with Sky’s The Limit Growth Potential.! What is lacking is an experience and environment other than what we traditionally and typically know, to connect with the emotional and social touch points of humanity.
  17. 17. THE OPPORTUNITY CONTINUED! A comprehensive study by SRI International that was commissioned by the World Golf Foundations GOLF 20/20 initiative, has determined golf in the United States generated $76 billion in direct economic impact in 2005, up significantly from $62 billion in 2005.! The report indicates that golf generated a total economic impact of $195 billion in 2005, creating approximately 2 million jobs with wage income of $61 billion.! The report also confirmed that, as first determined in the 2002 study, golf remains a very significant segment of the U.S. economy. At $76 billion in 2005 direct revenues, the U.S. golf economy is larger than the motion picture and video industries. At $28 billion, revenues from golf facility operations exceed facility revenues from all professional and semi-professional spectator sports combined! As it did for 2000, the report identified the financial contributions from the games core segments, including golf facility operations ($28 billion); golf course capital investment ($3.6 billion); golfer supplies ($6.1 billion); tournaments, golf associations, and endorsements ($1.7 billion); and charities ($3.5 billion). Also included is the impact on "enabled" industries, such as hospitality/tourism ($18 billion) and real estate ($15 billion).
  19. 19. TARGET AUDIENCE! The World! Spectators and Participants of All Walks of Life! Golfers and Non-Golfers! Avid Golfers! Core Golfers! Occasional Golfers! Interested Former Golfers! Interested Never Golfed! Children (5-17)! Minorities! Adults! Women! Blue Collar Men! Young Men and Women! Fathers&Mothers! Aunts&Uncles! Grandparents! Community Oriented! Socially Conscious! Good Times Oriented
  20. 20. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF GOES GREEN! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is green, low impact, and carbon neutral from the get go by implementing strict environmental guidelines to counteract the negative impact golf courses often make on Mother Nature.! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF greens golf by implementing wind turbines and solar power generators at all venues and events. This is the beginning of INTERGALACTIC!ENERGY.! INTERGALACTIC!GOLF Courses and its neighborhood can be fueled by solar and wind technology. Implementing such green technologies will create new streams of revenue for the course and develop a new business, INTERGALACTIC!ENERGY.! We will buy up 9, 18, 27, and 36 hole golf facilities and turn them into 9 hole Golf facilities where applicable in order to save resources.! Where appropriate, we will turn the rest of the golf course into wind and solar parks.! We partner with appropriate major land owners to implement wind and solar power.! All fertilizers we use will be organic and Mother Nature Friendly.! We effectively utilize rain water and runoff to irrigate and nourish our vegetation.! We work with event greening organizations to ensure we make the smallest possible impact on Mother Nature during our events and at our venues. Our Recycling Teams are top notch!
  21. 21. STREAMS of REVENUEINTERGALACTIC!GOLF is both a competitive pro-celebrity tour along side aPop-culture experience traveling around the world to our branded facilities.We are a new sports entertainment league and experience in the form of theultimate international integrated marketing, advertising, pr/communicationsPlatform providing consumer brands and Fortune 1000 with extensive reachto their most valuable Customers. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF providessignificant ROI.Our streams of revenue include:+Advertising/Sponsorship +Movie Revenues+Brand Licensing +Clothing+Ticket Sales +Real Estate Investments+On-Line Lessons Subscription +Golf Clubs+Broadcast Rights +Video Game Sales+Pro-shop Sales/Merchandising +Range Balls at Driving Range+Wind & Solar Power +V.I.P. Promotions+Tournament Fees +Push Cart Rental+Concessions +Event Based Promotions+Lessons From Pros +Facility Rental+Club Membership +Club Rental+Books/Magazine +Rounds Played
  22. 22. GOLF AS WE KNOW IT
  26. 26. GOLF IS MISSINGOUT ON VAST RICHES!! New Demographics of Future Golfers must be cultivated for International Growth This requires immediate new types of exciting programming.
  27. 27. NEEDED IMMEDIATELY1) Fresh, Exciting & Innovative delivery of new Golf formats and programming connecting with 6-75 year olds.2) Doing so will create increased fan base and participation base plus create new standards for live and televised broadcasts.3) Call to action golf and cross marketing programming connecting with the The Emotional Touch points of Humanity will Create New Fans and substantial Long Term growth.4) A traveling festival experience connecting with Golfers and Non Golfers who want to be part of the Ultra cool traveling community and scene.5) A real personal, social, and emotional reason & desire for golfers to want to improve their skill level.6) Added Value, shortened version, More Fun, More Community, More Fun, better overall experience compared to the traditional Golf game we have known forever, and international competitive tie in.
  32. 32. THE WORLD’s GREATEST DJ’sR.I.P. R.I.P.
  35. 35. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF OVERVIEWINTERGALACTIC!GOLF is THE FUTURE of GOLF.Golf can be an educational, entertainment, and recreational vehicle for the common man, woman,and child simply by reducing the amount of time, space, and skill necessary to maximize itsenjoyment.I!G will remove all barriers to entry that five-hour rounds, expensive tracts of real estate, andsophisticated skill level presents to youth, minorities, women and blue collar men.Around an efficient, par three course can be built an entertainment experience encompassingmusic, celebrity, merchandising, and other forms of entertainment and community service thatcompetes vigorously for consumer spending.A professional International 7 Star Golf, Entertainment, and Empowerment Tour, comprised of thegreatest men, women, and senior golfers in The World, will travel the world to each of thesefacilities promoting our INTERGALACTAIC!GOLF venues and our incredible golf experience.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is a concept that does not encroach on the golf industry as it now exists.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF simply brings this great game to the masses.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is THE FUTURE of GOLF.
  36. 36. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF EVENT EXPERIENCE! 7 Star Live/Made for Television International Celebrity Golf Tournament Series hosted at the worlds finest golf resorts, short courses, and stadiums by the world’s most famous golf pros, celebrities, DJ’s, and musicians playing side by side in Professional Golf Tournaments and Par 3 Shoot Outs by day or night. The World Series or Super Bowl of Golf.! Concerts, dance shows, and multimedia elements such as laser lights, jumbo trons, graffiti artists, break dancing competitions and DJ’s are strategically located throughout the course and active during and after competitive play. Multimedia elements keep crowds interested and active in between holes. Active experience rather than passive.! Comedians replace stodgy commentators on play by play, while up and close personal interviews on course and driving range leave home viewers in stitches.! Amped up golf experience takes golf to a new energy and excitement level.! Provides people at the course and at home with an intriguement factor to see the show when it comes to a city near them.
  37. 37. TALENT, CELEBRITIES, and PERSONALITIESWORLD DIGNITARIES-World Leaders, Royalty, Diplomats, Peace EnvoysARTISTS-Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails,Sean Combs, Snoop Dog, Chamillionaire, Nicole Eggert, Pamela Anderson, Lil’ Kim,Kelis, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Young Jeezy, Paris Hilton, Evil E, Q-Bert,Marc Ecko, Samuel L Jackson, Don Cheadle, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin,Ice Cube, Ice-T, Nick Cannon, Kevin Costner, Brian Austin Green, Freddy Prince Jr.,Cheryl Ladd, Heather Locklear, Catherine Zeta Jones, Morgan Freeman, MichaelDouglas, Adam Sandler, Mark Whalberg, Tiesto, Timo Mass, Sasha Cohen, Paul VanDyke, Paul Oakenfold, Underworld, Eye Candy Caddies, and many more actors,actresses, DJ’s, musicians, caddies, and politicians joining in on the fun.GOLFERS-Top World Golfers from The PGA, EUROPEAN, ASIAN, SENIOR, LPGA, and All World Tours.ATHLETES-Current and Former All Stars, Hall of Famers from MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, USTA, MLS, and Olympic Athletes too
  40. 40. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF MILESTONES 1! At least 10% of our profits will be directed to international underprivileged organizations, Youth Arts and Sports Charities, Wish Granting Organizations, Indigenous Population Organizations, and Not For Profits.! Begin Docu-Reality filming showcasing the retrofitting and development of the INTERGALACTIC!GOLF Facility, plus preparation for global address in Abu Dhabi in May 2012, followed by the launch of INTERGALACTIC!GOLF event series in December 2012 from Dubai.! Hold a Large, International Press Conference in The United Arab Emirates stating our arrival, mission, vision for INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT and INTERGALACTIC!GOLF, and our 1 Large Event in Dubai November 19-26 2012, in correlation with The European Tour Championship.! Announce INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT and INTERGALACTIC!GOLF Strategic Partnerships and Talent.! Announce Docu-Reality Series on our new network, INTERGALACTIC.TV! At the INTERGALACTIC!GOLF press conference, we will announce the purchase of internationally located golf courses, Par 3 Courses, and driving ranges.! Clarify we are not competing against The PGA, rather bolstering international golf participation and interest levels via our unique platform, while creating millions of jobs, and jump starting our global economy by effectively restructuring the global economy around INTERGALACTIC!GOLF.
  41. 41. MILESTONES 2! Implement INTERGALACTIC!EVENT Series in DUBAI in November 2012! Follow up with Post Press Conference! Edit event content into a 30min and 1 hour presentation to be sent to all major cities that will then bid on event.! Prepare for INTERGALACTIC!2 in March-April 2013 from Singapore, Mumbai, Seoul, Tokyo, or Hong Kong! INTERGALACTIC!3 in August 2013 from Singapore, Mumbai, Seoul, Tokyo, or Hong Kong! Begin implementing INTERGALACTIC!PRESENTS Concert events in Night Clubs and Stadiums in strategic markets Around The USA and The World.! Promotions For Our branded facilities will include: The 7 Star INTERGALACTIC!GOLF, ENTERTAINMENT, and EMPOWERMENT Touring event series consisting of Driving Range Events, Traditional Golf Tournaments, Competitive Par 3 Tournaments, Stadium Golf, Stadium Speaking Forums, Urban Golf Festivals, and concerts featuring A Select Group of Celebrities, Personalities, and Talent, traveling to our branded facilities.! At the INTERGALACTIC branded facilities we will create reality programming and game show programming around our events to distribute on our partner stations and INTERGALACTIC.tv
  42. 42. MILESTONES 3! Host Large scale music festivals and events on the golf course and driving range in order to make the golf course a multi-use facility bringing both golfers & music lovers to the course.! INTERGALACTIC Branded Facilities will partner with various Youth and Cultural enrichment opportunities helping to propel students, artists, and athletes to their best on topics including: +Science +Physics +Math +Arts-break dancers, Hip Hop Dance, DJ’s, & Musicians +Entrepreneurialism +Journalism/Video +Health and Wellness! INTERGALACTIC branded facilities will also Promote: +Tennis +Basketball +Racquet Ball +Action Sports-Physical fitness +Aquatic Centers +Steam and Sauna +Skate Boarding +Wall Climbing +The Arts +Technology/Computer Arts
  43. 43. PARTNER & CHARITY NETWORKINTERGALACTIC!GOLF will contribute at least 10% of our profits to all these associations plus many more.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF’s responsibility is to be a catalyst for fundraising supporting 100’s of globalcharities some of which include:• MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION-www.wish.org• UNITED WAY-www.unitedway.com• UNICEF-www.unicef.org• PUERTO RICAN GOLF ASSOCIATION-www.prgr.org• NATIONAL GOLF FOUNDATION-www.ngf.org• HOOK A KID ON GOLF-www.hookakidongolf.org• NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF YOUTH SPORTS-www.nays.org• BAVARIAN GOLF ASSOCIATION-www.golf.de• WORLD GOLF FOUNDATION-www.wgv.com/hof/foundation.php• INTERNATIONAL GOLF FEDERATION-www.internationalgolffederation.org• THE FIRST TEE-www.thefirsttee.org• GOLF 20/20-www.golf2020.com• THE PGA TOUR-www.pgatour.com• LPGA TOUR-www.lpga.com• USGA -www.usga.org• THE ROYAL and ANCIENT-www.randa.org• ASIAN TOUR-www.asiatour.com• SUNSHINE TOUR-www.sunshinetour.com• TOUR de LOS AMERICAS-www.tlagolf.com• GUADALUPE CENTER KANSAS CITY-www.guadalupecenters.org• URBAN LAND INSTITUTE-www.uli.org• NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION-www.nsf.org• UNITED KINGDOM SPORT-www.uksport.co.uk• ENGLISH WOMEN’s GOLF ASSOCIATION www.englishwomensgolf.org• BACK TO THE UNDERGROUND-www.backtotheunderground.com• Many, Many More Golf, Youth, and Arts Organizations around the World
  44. 44. INTERGALACTIC EXECUTIVE TEAMJERRY ANDERSONIs an internationally recognized architect with more than 25 years of experience in the design, construction and operations of some of the mostprestigious events and sports facilities worldwide. He is recognized for his unique experience in the design of temporary facilities and venuesand has become the foremost authority in the sport and special event industry. As the head of HOK Event, he leads a group of highly talentedevent professionals who have significant experience in major events for football, baseball, international games, Olympics, soccer, cricket,golf, auto racing, festivals and political conventions. Jerry has been the consultant to the International Olympic Committee for facility andvenue standards for Summer and Winter Olympic Games and the Games Study Commission. He has been the coordinating architect for theNational Football League for the past 25 Super Bowls and 8 Pro Bowls; for all nine venues in 1994 for World Cup Soccer; Director of EventVenue Planning for the 1996 Olympic Summer Games and served as the Managing Director of Venue Development for the 2002 OlympicWinter Games. Most recently Jerry provided significant design guidance and leadership for the winning London 2012 Olympic Bid.RICK GENTILEIs an Emmy Award-winning sports broadcaster and former CBS Sports executive producer and senior vice president, whose career beganwith the Elias Sports Bureau, the renowned sports statistical service. During his long tenure at CBS, Gentile served in a number of executiveproduction and programming positions, including as the senior vice president of production and executive producer for the Nagano, Albertvilleand Lillehammer Winter Olympics, the latter being the highest rated event in television history. In 1996, he produced CBS’s exclusive coverageof the Paralympic Games in Atlanta, and in 2000 produced coverage of the Paralympics from Sydney, Australia for WebMedia, a pioneeringwebcast in sports history. At CBS, Gentile also oversaw the production of other major sporting events including two World Series, two NationalFootball League seasons, five NCAA tournaments, five U.S. Tennis Opens, five seasons of PGA golf including the Masters Tournament andcountless other sporting events. Most recently, Gentile was president and executive producer of Diamond Sports and Entertainment, and SeniorVice President, Executive Producer of The Football Network.
  45. 45. INTERGALACTIC EXECUTIVE TEAM CONTINUEDSTEVE GRIFFITHIs a twenty-year professional in Public Relations and Marketing, Steve Griffith has worked at the highest levels for Alan TaylorCommunications’ sister company, Pyramid Public Relations; NBC Sports, Madison Square Garden, Main Events, the WorldwideSenior Tennis Circuit, Pyramid Public Relations, and The Festival Group. He is an elite talent who specializes in the application ofstate-of-the-art tactics to reach the desired result. At NBC, he promoted all major events in the Sports Division, including the SuperBowl, the World Series, Wimbledon, the Rose Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl and the Big East college basketball tournament. At MadisonSquare Garden, Griffith was the only director who served on both the Public Relations and Marketing committees for company-wide initiatives. His day-to-day responsibilities included duties specific to Madison Square Garden Network and Boxing, both ofwhich thrived during his tenure. With the Worldwide Senior Tennis Circuit, He played the pivotal role in establishing the NuveenTour brand when the Jimmy Connors/Bjorn Borg/John McEnroe circuit acquired its Umbrella sponsorship. Simultaneously, heestablished a PR services profit center at RHB Ventures, which owned and operated the tennis tour. Griffith’s current client listincludes NBC Sports (American Century Celebrity Golf Championship and ADT Skills Challenge, both broadcast Networktelevision specials), Carson Events International/National Dog Show Presented by Purina, “Get Married”(airing on the WeddingChannel), ACIS, BRL, and the National Football Foundation, among others. He has also represented SFX, Magnum Sports &Entertainment, NFL Players Golf Club, Tickets Now, and Threshold Sports/Wachovia USPRO Cycling Championship. Knownnationally for his aggressive style that is both creative and systematic, Griffith has worked with some of the world’s most prominentsports figures, including Muhammad Ali, Bob Costas, LaDanian Tomlinson, John Elway, Charles Barkley, Mario Lemieux, EvanderHolyfield and John McEnroe, delivering impactful results.SANDY HOLMESAs a marketing executive with selling, strategizing, managing and promotional background, she has played a part in the changingMedia landscape. With a start in radio, quickly rising from new business development manager to sales manger, she thentransitioned to ABC television. A move to Los Angeles presented a new opportunity, were she developed and launched the salesand marketing department for the West Coast’s leading Public Broadcasting Station KCET. In sales management at historic KTLAshe transitioned a local sales team from an independent force, to a network (The WB) sales organization under the TribuneBanner, also serving on various Task Forces established to build revenue across numerous business units. As Sr. Vice President,managing director of west coast for Channel One a niche teen network she continued to generate success within the entertainmentand video space. She created several groundbreaking programs, including cross-platform promotions with various clients.
  46. 46. INTERGALACTIC EXECUTIVE TEAM CONTINUEDLUKE KOHLIs a philanthropist, social entrepreneur, creative visionary, golfer (+5 handicap), writer, producer, director, promoter, designer, andpersonality who began caddying professionally on The Senior PGA Tour at the age of 14. For over eighteen years, Luke has beeninvolved with hundreds of professional golf tournaments as a producer, player, caddy, and spectator. Golf, not to mention professionalgolf, is one of his passions. The other is creating experiences capable of making a positive impact on the world and humanity. Lukerecognizes a change needs to be made in the structure and organization of golf in order for it to connect with younger, sociallyconscious constituents. In 2005, Luke organized the first hip-hop golf benefit in San Francisco with Virgin and Akademics Clothing.Fusing youth culture, contemporary music, and a cause has been Luke’s driving vision. Growing golf around the world throughinnovative, one of a kind programming connecting with emotional touch points of human beings is Luke’s Passion. For the past sevenyears, Luke has developed his vision for The Future of Golf Programming and built a world’s Best of the Best Team capable ofimplementing his vision in strategic locations around the world. Luke’s company, INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT, isdedicated to developing ‘sports edutainment’ properties for Gen X, Y, and Z’ers ages 10-55. INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT’srole is to manage and provide prospective executive producers of all programming with the vision and advisory for launch, operations,and future development.LANCE H. ROBBINSLance H. Robbins is president of Robbins Entertainment Group, a full-service production, financing and distribution company which hasMore than 20 projects in various stages of production and development. He is also partner in New York-based Rave Entertainment, whichproduces features, reality series, and television movies. As president of Fox Family Television Studios Worldwide from 1998-2002, he wasresponsible for the development and production of motion pictures, television movies and series for Fox Family Channel, as well as thecontinuing development of international co-productions for Fox Family Television Studios. Prior to the purchase of Fox Family, he served aspresident of Saban Entertainment and was the primary force behind the creation and acquisition of the Saban International and SabanEntertainment libraries. During the course of his career, Robbins has executive-produced more than 280 movies for network television, cableand video. Robbins credits for Fox Family Channel include the critically acclaimed four-hour miniseries Les Miserables, starring JohnMalkovich and Gerard Depardieu; The Elian Gonzalez Story; and three of the highest-rated telefilms in the history of Fox Family Channel: AuPair, Au Pair II and The Michael Jordan Story. His additional credits include the highly rated telefilm Honor Thy Father and Mother: TheTrue Story of the Menendez Murders; To Catch a Killer, which earned Brian Dennehy an Emmy® for Best Actor; Ice Angel; Cowboy and TheMovie Star; Blindfold; Hard Evidence; Earthquake in New York; Voyage of Terror; Free Fall; The Spiral Staircase; Exception to the Rule;Christmas List; Susie Q; and National Lampoons Golf Punks. Robbins has also been a leader in live-action single-camera series,specializing in kid, teen and young adult programming. He has been the executive producer/creator on more than 17 series, which includesome of the biggest hits on cable, syndication and network, including Sweet Valley High, The New Addams Family, Big Wolf on Campus,Beetleborgs, Ninja Turtles, Misguided Angels, and Higher Ground.