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  1. 1. INTERGALACTIC STRATEGIES PRESENTS THE INTERGALACTIC VISION Prepared by Luke Kohl, CEO Intergalactic Strategies 818.813.3790 December 1, 2013 Greetings Friends and Alliances: Thank you very much for reviewing the latest INTERGALACTIC VISION. I greatly appreciate your interest in our work. This document will educate you on the main aspects of our enterprise. You are receiving this document because you are a very important friend and alliance with special gifts and core competencies that will help us complete our vision. You play an important role in the future success of our vision and the world. Humanity, especially children, need empowerment, inspiration, and the desire to achieve right now more than ever. THE INTERGALACTIC VISION, which includes INTERGALACTIC GOLF, will welcome our new era and new world. The Intergalactic Vision is dedicated to creating global peace, positivity, opportunity, and profitability for humanity. The Intergalactic Vision is a global infrastructure project leveraging the power of golf and its real estate holdings, green tech/green energy, entertainment, and travel and tourism. Implementing accordingly will jump start the global economy, create millions of jobs, empower and inspire humanity/children, while activating The 21st Century Awakening. When you are ready, I look forward to connecting with you. I appreciate your communication as this is a global community effort. Everything that I present to you is very real and time sensitive. You may reach me via email or on the phone in California at 818.813.3790. Please excuse typos and formatting errors. Thank you very much. All the best and continued success. Peace, Luke 12-1-13-INTERGALACTIC STRATEGIES--Luke Kohl--818.813.3790-1
  2. 2. THE INTERGALACTIC VISION & INFRASTRUCTURE The Intergalactic Group and its partners have layed out THE INTERGALACTIC VISION, an environmentally important and commercially sustainable green-sports edutainment initiative elevating global mainstream popularity and participation in Golf, Entertainment, and Green Energy & Green Technology. To accomplish our goals, we will acquire 2 major international sports and entertainment groups responsible for laying the foundation for an innovative multipronged global humanitarian agenda. The Intergalactic Vision will open up new world markets and stimulate new money (from foreign territories) through the fusion of golf, environment, and green energy/green technology construction development, coupled with the massive education and healthy living parallels that these symbiotic initiatives bring. The Intergalactic Group sees a future world where the activities and economic stimulus that major sports and entertainment generates can result in a cleaner planet and healthier society with a social and economic return result previously unimagined by any one individual, city, state, or country, but achievable through this incredible group of partners and our investors who collectively are arguably the most relevant influencers in the world. (1) INTERGALACTIC VISION OBJECTIVES: (1) Activate The 21st Century Global Awakening (2) Empower and Inspire Children Around The World to Achieve (3) Promote Global Peace, Global Prosperity, and Global Citizenship (4) Make golf the most popular sport in the world (5) Maximize the golf marketing and advertising opportunity and value for all partners and sponsors (6) Raise billions of dollars for charities supporting Global Peace and The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (7) Create millions of jobs globally (8) Provide all people equal access to golf, arts, entertainment, and green energies/green technologies (9) Further implement, promote, popularize, and maximize green energies/green tech and its infrastructure (10) Activate Trillions of dollars in global economic stimulation (11) Create a golf centric economy leveraging green energies, entertainment, travel and tourism, urban core real estate, and merchandising/manufacturing (12) Promote a global transition towards a sustainable, flourishing world directed by the Intergalactic Vision (13) Rebuild our global economy around a new one world currency (14) Jump start global economy (2) THE INTERGALACTIC VISION  Make Golf the most popular sport in the world.  Maximization of Green Technologies/Green Energies Infrastructure  Activation of The 21st Century Global Awakening and Enlightenment through implementation of THE INTERGALACTIC VISION, a global land, energy, and sports edutainment infrastructure project.  THE INTERGALACTIC VISION is managed by Luke Kohl and a global league of hand selected entertainment and media professionals, global leaders, companies, countries, cities, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, and infrastructure organizations.  To achieve our vision, Luke Kohl and Team Intergalactic will create a private-public global corporate land trust focused on positive development and implementation of THE INTERGALACTIC VISION, a global land and energy infrastructure project leveraging golf, green energy, entertainment, and other underutilized industries. When strategically aligned and leveraged, these industries combine to generate great wealth, create millions of jobs, while jump starting the global economy.  Major golf, entertainment, and technology loving cities around the world will welcome THE INTERGALACTIC VISION, a urban renewal and revitalization mixed use real estate development built upon golf, entertainment, and green energies/green technologies.  INTERGALACTIC venues are urban core golf and entertainment mixed use real estate revitalization developments located in the urban core of global strategic cities. They include: multi-tiered driving ranges, par 3 golf courses with lights, powered by INTERGALACTIC ENERGY (green energy and green technology), wired with the latest in SONY technologies, feature 24 HOUR FITNESS or GOLD's GYMS, and promote golf, arts, entertainment, and empowerment events and programming on a consistent basis.  Simultaneously, we will build and market a global sports, entertainment, cultural arts, and education internet network in partnership with SONY called INTERGALACTIC1.TV. INTERGALACTIC1.TV distributes 24 hour live and edited programming promoting the INTERGALACTIC branded sports and entertainment lifestyle venues. INTERGALACTIC1.TV is comprised of former IMG, AEG, and DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS properties and programming. 12-1-13-INTERGALACTIC STRATEGIES--Luke Kohl--818.813.3790-2
  3. 3. (3) THE $10 TRILLION INTERGALACTIC GLOBAL LAND TRUST  Luke Kohl recently announced on Facebook, Twitter, and at, the creation of a $10 Trillion Intergalactic Global Land Trust, a global corporate land trust dedicated to fulfillment of THE INTERGALACTIC VISION.  Supported and funded by a global league of hand selected entertainment and media professionals, global leaders, Corporate 2000 Companies, Royalty, countries, cities, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, and infrastructure organizations.  Investments promote the overall excellence of the INTERGALACTIC mission, vision, lifestyle, and land investments.  Proper implementation of THE INTERGALACTIC VISION will activate the 21st Century Awakening and allow us to restructure the global economy and infrastructure around a golf centric economy and a golf centric world. (4) INTERGALACTIC BUSINESS DIVISIONS I am dividing THE INTERGALACTIC VISION core business competencies into ten sectors: Philanthropy, Real Estate, Live Event Programming, Media & Entertainment Programming, Green Technologies & Green Energies, Merchandising, Finance, Consulting, Technology, and Publishing. PHILANTHROPY: ● ● ● ● ● Funding of all UNITED NATIONS MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS Support Indigenous People and their programming globally Provide extensive funds to more than 1,000 local, national, and international charities Provide significant yearly funds to local, national, and global Youth, Mother & Baby, Healthy Food & Housing initiatives. Provide youth and people of all ages and socio-economic brackets access to golf, arts, and entertainment in the urban core REAL ESTATE: ● ● ● Buying and managing of large plots of urban core/suburban, and rural plots of land where we will implement Mixed Use Entertainment Districts-residential and commercial space with golf, entertainment, and green technology offerings Golf Courses, Resorts, Par 3 Golf Courses, and Driving Ranges-identify, evaluate, purchase, renovate, and rebrand. Construction of appropriate INTERGALACTIC BRANDED venues LIVE EVENT PROGRAMMING: ● ● ● ● Sporting Events-Golf, tennis, cycling, boxing, basketball, baseball, UFC, extreme sports, motor-cross, water sports, beach sports, wrestling, monster trucks, and other traditional and nontraditional sports aired onINTERGALACTIC1.TV Music Events-touring shows, on stage, in stadiums, at a lounge or bar. Opera, Rock, Rap, Country, and other genres. Cultural Art and Fashion Events-art, fashion shows, dance, etc. Docu-reality documentation of the everyday life of important and unique people doing important and unique things. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMMING: ● ● ● ● ● ● Motion Pictures-retelling the Luke Kohl story and the creation of how THE INTERGALACTIC VISION and all aspects of INTERGALACTIC was created Documentaries-tells the background story of a person and/or a company Animation-retells the INTERGALACTIC STORY in fun, dynamic, and sexy animation Video Game Creation Sponsorship Activation for Series Management and Production of programming for network GREEN TECHNOLOGIES/GREEN ENERGIES: ● ● ● Revolutionary integrated marketing, advertising, and pr platform jump starting the 21st Century Green Energy Awakening Maximization of Sun, Wind, and Water to fuel businesses and the world Intergalactic Energy-In partnership with The Golf Course Superintendents Association and The National Renewable Energy Labs in Golden, Colorado, will retrofit global driving ranges, golf courses, and resorts with the latest in green technologies and green energies. MERCHANDISING:    Clothing-INTERGALACTIC GOLF-super fly fashions turning the fairway into the runway Golf clubs-in partnership with one of the leading golf club manufacturers. Memorabilia-DVD’s, coloring books, figurines, video games, books, costumes, watches, glasses, etc. FINANCE:    Consumer and Business Credit Cards called the INTERGALACTIC CARD. Entrepreneurial Enterprise investments for artists and entrepreneurs Lending of Money for refinancing of businesses Intergalactic buys ous 12-1-13-INTERGALACTIC STRATEGIES--Luke Kohl--818.813.3790-3
  4. 4. CONSULTING:  INTERGALACTIC STRATEGIES consults globally for artists, entrepreneurs, CEO's, corporations, countries, and others on a variety of industries, sectors, best practices, and systems. TECHNOLOGY:   In partnership with SONY ELECTRONICS, INTERGALACTIC will create and release cutting edge, dynamic technology products under the "INTERGALACTIC" brand name starting with our 3D, holographic SONY INTERGALACTIC E-Reader showcasing THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDY CADDY. INTERGALCTIC WATCH-cutting edge cell phone, mp3 Player, and web browser. PUBLISHING:      Editing, Publishing, and Distribution of a 30 book series called, THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDY CADDY (MDC). Published exclusively on SONY E-READER in traditional electronic format, with a limited run of soft and hard back print. THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDY CADDY will also be presented in a new SONY E-READER 3D Hologram literature experience. Website for THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDY CADDY found here--> Link to THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDY CADDY can be found here--> (5) INTERGALACTIC1.TV  In partnership with SONY CORPORATION, we will create a dynamic Gen X, Y, and Z global sports, entertainment, cultural arts, and education lifestyle internet network promoting INTERGALACTIC brand name and THE INTERGALACTIC VISION.  All INTERGALACTIC programming will air on the network  INTERGALACTIC1.TV is comprised of former IMG, AEG, and DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS properties and programming.  INTERGALACTIC1.TV is broadcast from a variety of INTERGALACTIC/branded global venues. (6) INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES  Docu-reality series showcasing Team Intergalactic and Luke Kohl traveling globally developing and implementing all aspects of THE INTERGALACTIC VISION including all charity work, infrastructure implementation, events, etc.  All programming Airs on  Various INTERGALACTIC brands are born and emerge on INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES (7) THE INTERGALACTIC VENUE  Golf is an educational, entertainment, and recreational vehicle for the common man, woman, and child simply by reducing the amount of time, space, and skill necessary to maximize its enjoyment. INTERGALACTIC GOLF will remove all barriers to entry that five-hour rounds, expensive tracts of real estate, and sophisticated skill level presents to youth, minorities, women and blue collar men.  Around an efficient, par three course can be built an entertainment experience encompassing music, celebrity, merchandising, and other forms of entertainment and community service that competes vigorously for consumer spending. A professional International 7 Star Golf, Entertainment, and Empowerment Tour, comprised of the greatest men, women, and senior golfers in The World, will travel the world to each of these facilities promoting our INTERGALACTIC GOLF venues and our incredible golf experience.  INTERGALACTIC GOLF is a concept that does not encroach on the golf industry as it now exists. INTERGALACTIC GOLF simply brings this great game to the masses. INTERGALACTIC GOLF is THE FUTURE of GOLF. INTERGALACTIC GOLF is THE FUTURE of THE WORLD. 12-1-13-INTERGALACTIC STRATEGIES--Luke Kohl--818.813.3790-4
  5. 5. INTERGALACTIC's STRATEGIC ACQUISITIONS (8) Acquisition of IMG  We will fold under our INTERGALACTIC GROUP UMBRELLA.  I am speaking with IMG attorneys and the MORGAN STANLEY sales team on this and have been for numerous years. We will offer them their desired asking price and I have verbalized this to them.  We will package and distribute the global sports entertainment properties IMG currently maintains on a new global network we will co-create with SONY called INTERGALACTIC1.TV.  In partnership with SONY, we will create, INTERGALACTIC1.TV , a new internet station distributing INTERGALACTIC LIFESTYLE programming globally. (9) Acquisition of AEG  We will appropriately package AEG's sports entertainment properties and distribute them on INTERGALACTIC1.TV  We will also leverage the power of the AEG global branded venues by adding INTERGALACTIC GOLF infrastructure and programming as extra value programming.  We will package and air AEG live event properties at INTERGALACTIC1.TV. (10) Acquisition of DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS  We will package and air the educational and enriching DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS programming on the new internet network, INTERGALACTIC1.TV. (11) Acquisition of THE WYNN LAS VEGAS RESORT  The Wynn Hotel and Golf Resort sits on the Vegas Strip and is accompanied by a pristine 18 hole golf course.  Adjacent to The Wynn Hotel is land available for the addition of our INTERGALACTIC DRIVING RANGE and PAR 3 COURSE  We will buy, renovate, rebrand, and launch this new venue as INTERGALACTIC  We will implement extensive daily, weekly, and monthly programming on the golf course (12) Acquisition Of world driving ranges, golf courses, & resorts  Driving ranges, golf courses, and resorts found in urban, suburb, rural, and college locations will be renovated, revitalized, and rebranded as INTERGALACTIC GOLF & CULTURAL ARTS CENTERS.  Venues are revitalized with the latest in SONY TECHNOLOGIES and MEDIA, updated with the latest in green technologies/green energy , and promote daily and weekly programming appealing to youth, Gen X, Y, and Z'ers. DEFINING INTERGALACTIC GOLF (13) INTERGALACTIC GOLF  INTERGALACTIC GOLF is a lifestyle brand promoting the future of golf programming in the form of a sustainable global golf, entertainment, and empowerment tour traveling to urban core INTERGALACTIC branded golf and entertainment lifestyle venues. INTERGALACTIC GOLF is a sustainable golf and entertainment lifestyle urban core renewal infrastructure and development platform in the form of a sports edutainment tent pole franchise built upon ten industries: Philanthropy, Real Estate, Live Event Programming, Media & Entertainment Programming, Green Technologies & Green Energies, Consulting, Merchandising, Finance, Technology, and Publishing.  Intergalactic Golf creates an expansive new golf world and lifestyle comprised of globally branded and marketed golf and entertainment mixed use urban core revitalization developments wired with the latest in SONY technologies and powered by the wind, water, and sun. These venues are accompanied by an extensive schedule of enriching programming and promotions.  INTERGALACTIC GOLF properly aligns and leverages these underutilized markets and industries in our new lifestyle brand in order to stimulate global commerce, create thousands of jobs in each city we implement, charity fundraising, and hundreds of millions new golf converts. INTERGALACTIC GOLF programming and events are powered by green energies and technologies and are carbon neutral. Proper implementation will create a golf centric economy and a golf centric world. 12-1-13-INTERGALACTIC STRATEGIES--Luke Kohl--818.813.3790-5
  6. 6. (14) GOLF in THE GULF for PEACE in THE MIDDLE EAST Our talks with The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, Qatar, other Middle East countries, and The World are peaceful and dedicated to implementation of THE INTERGALACTIC VISION and AGENDA, featuring INTERGALACTIC GOLF. Intergalactic will work positively with all countries to harness the peaceful nature and value of golf, entertainment, and green technologies/green energies in order to empower, inspire, and direct the future of the world. (15) INTERGALACTIC STADIUM GOLF Imagine the world’s most unique golf course and golf experience where the long ball isn’t king, instead accuracy and skill rule the land. Here, silence is not golden. Instead, the world's greatest DJ's create the most exciting sound track that golf or any sport has ever heard. No longer sprawled across 100 acres, instead, this first of its kind course is housed inside an 80,000 seat Olympic Stadium. One hole, constantly changing to millions of different layouts. From placement of the pin to the location of the trees and bunkers, nearly every obstacle quickly adjusts to change the playing conditions and challenge the contestants. Stress and pressure pile on the player with every movement. Fans pack the stadium and global television spectators watch closely. A global Intergalactic Golf Qualifying Tour finds the best eighteen undiscovered golfers who will attempt to tackle this new challenge. The prize? The opportunity to enter a shootout with the greatest global golfers in The World for the chance to win, not money, but SONY products, VW Automobiles, educational scholarships, trips, houses, and gold bars. That's right, gold bars. INTERGALACTIC STADIUM GOLF is Golf's Gold Rush. This is reality game show meets big time pro sporting events. This is Intergalactic Golf. The Future of Golf, The Future of The World. (16) INTERGALACTIC GOLF PRESENTATIONS: a) INTERGALACTIC GOLF MOBILE-by MICROSOFT DIGITAL CMO YOLI CHISHOLM: 22 slide power point: b) INTERGALACTIC GOLF by BOOZ & COMPANY + INTERGALACTIC: 9 slide power point: c) INTERGALACTIC GOLF POWER POINT: 47 slide power point: d) INTERGALACTIC GOLF EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 49 slide power point: (17) NEXT MOVES  Proper packaging of vision and finalization of first stage partners, service providers, executive team  Acquisition Process of strategic companies needed to make Intergalactic Agenda Work  Appropriate next stage partners include: SONY JAPAN/SONY USA, WESTFIELD MALLS, CAA (Creative Artists Agency), CITI GROUP, FAIRMONT HOTELS, VOLKSWAGEN, TOYOTA.  Set up Docu-Reality Platform, INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES, and begin filming, airing content on INTERGALACTIC1.TV  Leading up to our global launch, we will establish THE INTERGALACTIC EDUCATION SERIES, a global series of INTERGALACTIC VISION educational and fundraising seminars taking place at Fairmont Golf Resorts  ACTIVATION of FUNDS FROM SONY JAPAN/SONY USA Activate Cash Infusion Deal with SONY PICTURES ENTWERTAINMENT, SONY CORP (SONY JAPAN/SONY USA)SONY CORPORATION is one of our first global corporate partners enabling us to begin activating executive management, talent, building infrastructure, and acquiring companies needed for total implementation of THE INTERGALACTIC VISION & AGENDA. Our first acquisition is IMG, next AEG, DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS, and then WYNN HOTEL LAS VEGAS. Finally, a large group of global golf courses, resorts, driving ranges, and family fun centers will be activated. 12-1-13-INTERGALACTIC STRATEGIES--Luke Kohl--818.813.3790-6