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Luke Kohl's Memoirs and Business Plan Surrounding his global book launch and sports entertainment platform called INTERGALACTIC GOLF.

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  1. 1. THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES OF THE MACK DADDY CADDY By Luke Kohl THE INTERGALACTIC GOLF REVOLUTION Join the former youngest professional golf caddy and his Intergalactic friends on an out of this world adventure turning golf into the coolest sport and most exciting party in the galaxy. Accompany Luke and his friends as they strategically align golf and entertainment to revitalize the global economic system and get golf, humanity, and this world back on track. This indepth expose takes a deep look into the golf, entertainment, music, fashion, and art worlds by the youngest caddy turned global explorer and entertainment maverick. Join Luke as he brings together these industries, the leaders of the world, and internationalcelebrities to create an exciting new traveling sports entertainment experience, scene, and charity event called INTERGALACTIC GOLF.Golf required a 21st Century make over because the stodgy, elitist, and discriminatory sport could no longer flourish in its traditional format. Golf’s was dying a slow death and humanity was on a downward spiral. Golf’s appeal was minimal and its impact was dwindling. Global industries relying on Golf as a premier marketing platform were failing. Both golf and humanity required love, good times, a new direction, and positive leadership with a real vision for the future.Now more than ever, golf required a serious change agent who would revitalize the great game for the present day and take it to new levels of excellence and success.Promoting golf as a community sport comprised of good times, opportunity, and life giving skills would empower humanity and create an enlivened scene and culture across the world. Watch as Luke Kohl and his INTERGALACTIC team positively empower humanity and inspire the world with their innovative programming and this magical story. These are THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDY CADDY. Hold on tight, cuz this is the ride of a lifetime!!! Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 1
  2. 2. THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES OF THE MACK DADDY CADDY By Luke Kohl Son, THE TOUR is not the place for a 14-year-old boy. Dont you get it? Do you want to be a caddy for the rest of your life? I mean look at Herman here, hes been shagging balls and raking traps for a good part of his life. I seriously don’t think that is what you want. DO YOU? -Golf Legend Lee Trevino to Luke Kohl in 1995THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES BOOK SERIES SYNOPSIS:Shadowing The Legends of Golf like Gary Player, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, RaymondFloyd, and Lee Trevino was the ultimate education and inspiration for the precocious 14-year-old Luke Kohl.After ten years of caddying more than 200 professional tournament rounds as the youngest caddy on tour,Luke has gathered his journals, interviews, and vignettes detailing his daring, rags to riches, world wideadventures into a 30 book series called, THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES OF THE MACKDADDY CADDY (MDC). Follow the youngest professional caddy ever turned global adventurer, socialentrepreneur, and entertainment maverick, and his INTERGALACTIC friends as they travel around theworld implementing solutions to the world’s toughest challenges in the action packed book series, THEINTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDY CADDY (MDC).The MDC Book Series is highly anticipated, extremely dynamic, totally engaging, and very deep. MDC isan epic, coming of age expedition of the grandest proportion through the wild and enigmatic worlds of golf,entertainment, music, fashion, and the arts. MDC is a thrilling sports and entertainment memoir seriespacked with many deep spiritual and entrepreneurial lessons. MDC is a controversial, non-fiction book writtenin first person providing unique, behind the scenes insight of the unique development of a unique artist-athlete-entrepreneur who ventured out onto The PGA and Senior PGA Tours at the tender age of 14 to caddyfor the greats of golf while experiencing life in the fast lanes around the world. Eventually this young caddyturned entertainment maverick would bring the worlds of golf, arts, entertainment, and fashion together byassembling THE INTERGALACTIC GOLF REVOLUTION, a positive evolutionary sports entertainmentplatform traveling to strategic locations around the world. MDC examines golf’s unique social hierarchy; itscompetitive format; its nightlife; its Underworld, and the solutions for greater growth and popularity in thefuture. MDC adds much needed mystery, intrigue, coolness, and excitement to golf while exposing the far lessprecious side of the game from a birds eye perspective. Most importantly, MDC will grow golf to incrediblenew levels of success, popularity, and participation while entertaining and inspiring the current 50 millionworldwide golfers and the billion Generation X, Y, and Z’ers (4-55 years old) around the world to turn up themusic, pick up a club, and give golf a shot. Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 2
  3. 3. Accompany Luke Kohl through his highly turbulent childhood full of nasty bullying at school. Watch as hetranscends his learning disabilities and finds himself learning about life on the road with the greats of golf.Follow Luke as a youngster living on a horse and bison ranch in Peculiar, Missouri, and thru his adoption intoThe Northern Cheyenne Indian Tribe of Lame Deer, Montana. You will then witness Luke hit rock bottom afterhe ends his potential professional baseball career by throwing his arm out in a no hit shut out perfect game atthe age of 12. Luke is wrecked, but fortunately rebounds moving from baseball directly into golf via caddying atcountry clubs around Kansas City. Join Luke as he grows up caddying at Kansas City’s finest country clubs andat 14, does the unthinkable by jumping onboard The Senior PGA Tour working for The Legends of Golf as oneof the youngest caddies ever. What started out as a summer job for Young Luke in Kansas City soon grew into aglobal adventure of the grandest proportion. Come with Luke as he takes you on his high flying escapades fromcountry to country, city to city, and from course to course helping some of the greatest golfers ever achieverecord-breaking golf rounds, big payouts, and improved mental outlook. Once night falls, come with Luke ashe takes you into some of the hottest nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels in the world to see the greatest DJ’s,bands, Fashion Designers, Artists, and go go dancers ever.THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES OF THE MACK DADDY CADDY BOOK SERIES (MDC)shares: (1) Luke’s highly turbulent youth; (2) his unique education; (3) his transition from baseball into countryclub caddying and then into professional golf as the youngest caddy in the world; (4) his life on tour travelingaround the world working for the greats of golf; (5) the divine inspiration Luke received to createINTERGALACTIC; (6) the eight year global journey to build his vision, team, and implementINTERGALACTIC; (7) Luke’s personal development; (8) Luke’s total implementation of his innovative andvery exciting global media and entertainment company, INTERGALACTIC ENTERTAINMENT; (9) andmuch more. Experience the cold nights Luke spent sleeping in the back seat of his cramped Toyota Tercel formonths; the red eyes he flew to Hawaii for early morning tee times; the parties he produced in penthouses overlooking Miamis South Beach; the production of parties and concerts for the greatest bands and DJ’s; Lukeplaying professional golf tournaments around the world; the dresses and jeans Luke creates for super modelsand queens; the love affairs Luke enjoys with beautiful women; and the exhausting 8 year out of this worldjourney Luke embarks on to implement his vision for bringing the world together around the future of golf andentertainment, THE INTERGALACTIC GOLF REVOLUTION (IGG). Travel around the world with Lukeas he meets with Royalty, recording artists, celebrities, sexy girlfriends, and VIP Executives who support hismission to elevate humanity and bring about The Dawn of a New Civilization. Luke’s experiences will teachpeople around the world how a hole in one can save your life, how traveling the world is the best education, andhow listening to your heart and sticking with your dreams and passion is our birthright leading to salvation andt0tal personal excellence.Follow Luke into young adulthood, and into his diversified professional career as a professional golfer,entertainment maverick, writer, producer, actor, fashion designer, international peace ambassador, andinternational change agent. Accompany Luke on his 18-year journey around the world assemblingINTERGALACTIC and its complete vision for the future of sports, entertainment and humanity.Professional Golf and Entertainment positively directed young Luke’s life and after 10 years of working for thebest on The PGA and Senior PGA Tours, he received an inspired vision to democratize golf and spread anamped up, competitive par 3 golf tournament and party experience across the far reaches of the world. Bydoing so, golf and humanity would prosper. Luke’s vision would maximize golf’s full potential and the gamewould finally properly be used as an international economic stimulator, job creator, and social mobility tool bythe masses. Join Luke as he gathers together Hollywood Icons and The World’s leading talent, pop culturesensations, musicians, and VIP’s around the fresh and exciting INTERGALACTIC BRAND. Watch as theyimplement a one of a kind, 21st Century, super hot, super glammed out, totally incredible golf, entertainment,and empowerment live event spectacular called INTERGALACTIC GOLF. INTERGALACTIC GOLF is thefirst branded property created by INTERGALACTIC ENTERTAINMENT and is dedicated to positivelyshaping the future of humanity into a most positive and productive society.Our transformative journey begins in Kansas City, Missouri with young Luke’s chaotic childhood dealing withhis learning disabilities and disorderly conduct as a special needs child. As a youngster, he was terribly isolatedliving on a horse and buffalo ranch in rural Missouri, where he shoveled manure, bucked bales of hay, anddrove tractors at 4 years old. This was rough work, but necessary for building the discipline Luke needed forhis future. Day after day, young Luke dreamed of traveling the world, eventually ending up in Hollywood. Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 3
  4. 4. How this would happen, he did not know. He was constantly kicked out of class and out of schools, so hisparents decided an alternative education was in order. Luke’s mom used positive television programming,daily gallery visits, board games, along with art and music therapy to inspire and direct Luke’s Future. Littledid she know how large of an impact all of this creative education would make on his future. Luke also spentmany hours working with his father, a 17th and 18th Century antique reproduction specialist. Luke desperatelywanted out of Kansas City because when he was in school, he was severely tormented and ridiculed endlesslyby his classmates for wearing glasses and a cold weather mask during fall and winter months. Luke hadterrible asthma that caused him horrible illness during the cold months in Kansas City. Luke’s classmates wereextremely cruel and often pelted him with basketballs, broke his glasses, and severely beat him up on theplayground and after school. Fortunately, this did not dissuade Luke from maximizing his full potential andlooking beyond the bullies trying to stop him in his tracks. Kansas City was a long ways from Hollywood andLuke felt doomed with no way out. But he was determined to get on the road and explore the world. Then, amiracle occurred.At 7 years old, Luke went on his first plane ride to Montana’s Big Sky Country with his parents and togetherthey traveled to The 4th of July Pow Wow on The Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Lame Deer, MT.Luke’s parents had spent their early to mid twenties as part of the Jesuit Volunteers working in Lame Deer onThe Reservation. Now it was Luke’s turn to experience The Northern Cheyenne. At The Pow Wow, Luke wasadopted into the tribe during a very special naming ceremony. The spiritual leaders of The Northern CheyenneCommunity then blessed Luke. This included three chiefs, their sacred eagle feathers, as well as several holywomen. He was honored and bestowed with an eagle feather and given the name Mo Ha Nista, or "WhistlingElk" by his adoptive grandmothers Viola Little Whirlwind and Annie Limberhand. "Whistling Elk" was TheNorthern Cheyenne Medicine Man and Spiritual Leader who watched over and protected his people againstCuster and The United States Cavalry during THE BATTLE at LITTLE BIGHORN in 1876. Luke’s relationshipwith The American Indian and Indigenous Tribes around the world would forever be the foundation of hiswork. This experience was a turning point in Lukes life and provided him inspiration for his future.Five years later, at the age of 12, Luke threw out his arm out in baseball. Luke was distraught with no idea ofwhat his future would hold. Then, another miracle occurred. Luke’s Guardian Angel appeared to him in threeseparate locations around Kansas City over three months and told him to get involved as a caddy at a local golfcourse. Becoming a caddy was the best move Luke could make. Soon after making this move, professional golfcalled Luke’s name and that’s when he jumped off the tractor, threw aside his shovel, and hopped onboard thehottest cart ride across the Fairways of The World. For the next 10 years, Luke traveled around The UnitedStates, Canada, and Mexico, caddying at various professional golf events. He helped his players break worldrecords and win millions in prize money. He learned the fine details of creating a technically and mentallyinvincible game that he would eventually test against the greatest players in the world. At 22, Luke beganwriting one book chronicling his thrilling adventures as a young caddy. He then decided one book was notenough and began writing a series. He also decided golf needed a serious complete and total makeover so itwas more fun, more accepting, and a lot more exciting. That’s when Luke began development and constructionof INTERGALACTIC GOLF, The Future of Golf Programming.To complete this project, Luke would spend 8 years in isolation writing, researching, and at times traveling theworld fitting the pieces of this giant puzzle together. Luke was completely focused on transforminggolf’s stuffy, elitist, stodgy, and conservative atmosphere into the coolest, hottest, and sexiestgolf and entertainment tour in the world. In accomplishing his vision and mission, Luke wouldpositively impact humanity and advance culture, thought, international job creation, and the global economy.To finally complete his vision, Luke would enter Hollywood and network at the highest levels of media andentertainment. After many years of diligent work, Luke assembled a team of A++ Senior Executives and joinedforces with various consulting firms who helped him assemble his business plan and financials for building outhis complete vision for INTERGALACTIC. At the young age of 32, Luke would accomplish his goals forcreating the hottest golf tour and popularizing golf around the world. Team INTERGALACTIC would cometogether to inspire and empower humanity with the retelling of this story, as well as thru the production oftheir innovative traveling event series and empowerment programming. Incredibly, Luke would then jump intoHollywood becoming an action adventure movie star while playing part time on golf tours around the world.Come with us as we venture into INTERGALACTIC TERRITORY in one of the greatest stories ever told. This isthe story of how golf and entertainment saved the world. Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 4
  5. 5. MORE DETAILS:THE BOOK STRUCTURE:THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDY CADDY (MDC) is a 30+ book serieschronologically organized and comprised of Luke’s youthful adventures in vignette, short story, and interviewformat. Each MDC book is approximately 9 chapters of short stories, 3-20 pages long, with 4 interviews perbook. Interviews with the greatest golfers, DJ’s, musicians, athletes, celebrities, and VIP’s in the world arefound before chapters one, four, seven, and after chapter nine, and focus on the nature of golf, the impact it hasmade on the specific professional, golf’s tradition, its present, past, and future. Each book is 190-230 pages ofadventure in the 5x8 inch package. The cover is completely silver, platinum, or gold. The logo and title is gold,platinum, or silver foil.MARKETING:The release of Luke’s Book Series, THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDYCADDY, will coincide with the release of Luke’s Golf and Entertainment Platform, INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT, INTERGALATIC GOLF and his international stadium concert and nightclub series,INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS.Luke’s vision for the future of INTERGALACTIC and its various ventures is very large and will roll out overthe next 20 years. Luke and INTERGALACTIC will promote golf, entertainment, entrepreneurship, the arts,education, and green technology to children and adults around the world. Luke has created new entertainmentproperties and businesses working together to advance the popularity and participation of golf, entertainment,the arts, entrepreneurship, education, and green technology to new levels of excitement, excellence, andrevenues. Luke has gone to great lengths and traveled to the far reaches of the galaxies to build the network,teams, strategic vision, and plan needed to completely and successfully implement INTERGALACTIC acrossthe world. INTERGALACTIC will align strategically with other entertainment, media, corporate andphilanthropic partners to advance culture, sports, humanity, and thought. Luke has brought together financingfrom Royal Families, Sovereign Wealth Funds, private investors, and the worlds largest and most positivesponsors.INTERGALACTIC ENTERTAINMENT is focused on creating a variety of cutting edge branded sports,entertainment, and art properties promoting and building the INTERGALACTIC BRAND. THEINTERGALACTIC BRAND and the variety of associated businesses are responsible for bringing about THEDAWN of a NEW CIVILIZATION. INTERGALACTIC ENTERTAINMENT is dedicated to being a verypositive organization for humanity and the development of the future. INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT is dedicated to activating a new era and epoch for humanity through the implementationof our live and televised events, major motion picture, and docu-reality programming. INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT is the creator of INTERGALACTIC SPORTS.INTERGALACTIC SPORTS are dynamic new sports entertainment experiences utilizing theimplementation of multimedia added value such as DJ’s, laser light shows, go go dancers, break dancers, aerialartists, and much more. Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, and Cycling are included. The addedvalue helps connect with the Gen X, Y, and Z’ers unlike sporting events without these elements. Theseelements also help advance culture, integration of arts, and new energy into sporting events that need a littleextra excitement. Our first INTERGALACTIC SPORT is INTERGAALCTIC GOLF, THE FUTURE of GOLF.INTERGALACTIC GOLF (IGG) is an international 7 Star Golf, Entertainment, and Empowerment tourevent featuring international celebrities, pop culture icons, personalities, executives, VIP’s, CEO’s, pro golfers,musicians, DJ’s, go-go dancers, laser light shows, and international fashionistas. INTERGALACTIC GOLFis one event that is part of the larger 1-2 weeklong INTERGALACTIC EMPOWERMENT EVENT SERIEStraveling to strategic locations around the world. INTERGALACTIC GOLF is the coolest, freshest, andgreenest golf brand and international tour in the world. INTERGALACTIC GOLF is a high energy 7 StarGolf, Entertainment, Youth Empowerment charity platform dedicated to creating new revenues for charitiesaround the world, inspiring and empowering people of all ages as we use the strategic alliance of golf andentertainment/culture as a vehicle for positive change, opportunity, and the evolution of man.INTERGALACTIC GOLF is responsible for revamping the international golf scene by merging the Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 5
  6. 6. entertainment, art, fashion, music, pop culture, and competitive golf worlds into a fresh new traveling sceneand culture. The INTERGALACTIC GOLF TOUR will cultivate a new hip, hot, and electrifying lifestylescene connecting with and inspiring humanity on vital levels. IGG is a live and televised experientialmarketing platform connecting with the emotional, physical, social, mental touch points of humanity activatingbuying power. INTERGALACTIC GOLF is an action catalyst activating humanity. INTERGALACTICGOLF connects with the five senses in order to enliven, awaken, and empower humanity to be the best theycan be. INTERGLACTIC GOLF is dedicated to both advancing golf as we advance humanity for Golf is theperfect metaphor for life and as soon as we make golf more wholesome, fun, exciting, and community driven,we will also advance the human race. Luke and his team are dedicated to laying the foundation andinfrastructure needed to advance humanity using the strategic alliance of Golf and Entertainment/Culture as avehicle for inspiration, empowerment, enlightenment, positive change, social mobility, and creation ofincreased opportunity for people of all backgrounds. Our Super Macked Out, MTV Generation CompetitiveGolf Tour Experience features the top DJ’s, Hollywood Celebrities, Personalities, Pro Golfers, Go Go Dancers,Designers, and will foster a younger, more hip demographic of teens, women, and Generation X, Y, and Z’ersaround the world. Luke is a +5 handicap golfer (shooting 64-74) who will begin playing professionally onvarious world tours including the brand new INTERGALACTIC GOLF TOUR (IGG). INTERGALACTICGOLF will be found on different levels in Tier A, B, C, D, E cities and college towns around the world.INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS is responsible for producing the hottest and coolest art events andconcerts in galleries, stadiums, nightclubs, and unique outdoor settings. We are specialists at event creation ofall kinds. INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS is responsible for increasing the energy and excitement aroundcities thru our concert and art programming. We will take stadium concerts, night club events, and art eventsto incredible new levels of success and international popularity with dynamic added value and multimediaelements like the best international go go dancers, break dancers, laser light shows, Video Disc Jockeys, ArialActs, and more. INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS will be found on different levels and magnitudes in Tier A,B, C, D, E cities and college towns around the world.INTERGALACTIC INSPIRES are large scale speaking forums featuring world’s most dynamic leaders,celebrities, athletes, and world VIP’s dedicated to empowering, enlightening, inspiring, and helping youth andpeople of all ages shoot for the stars so they can be the best they can be. INTERGALACTIC INSPIRES takesplace in stadiums, libraries, concert halls, out door pavilions, and will offer youth and their parents’ insight intoVIP’s unique stories of rags to riches, struggles, and triumph.Together, INTERGALACTIC ENTERTAINMENT, INTERGALACTIC SPORTS, INTERGALACTICGOLF, INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS, and INTERGALACTIC INSPIRES are catalysts for expansivegrowth for advancing culture, inspiration, youth empowerment, entertainment, golf promotion, consumergoods sales, and international economic stimulation in the most important markets. IGG’s innovative liveevent experience will help Corporate 500 brands achieve the R.O.I. (Return on Investment) they desire fromprofessional golf, while growing the international popularity to unfathomable new levels. Together,INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS will align golf, music, popular culture, andentertainment to form a new global scene, culture, and industry around the brand name, INTERGALACTIC.Most importantly, INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS are destined to inspirethe masses to shoot for the stars, be the best they can be, all while making their dreams reality.Luke Kohl’s highly anticipated MDC SERIES, his entrepreneurial vision for INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT, INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS, INTERGALCTIC GOLF, and INTERGALACTICINSPIRES, and his professional acting and golf careers are destined to take entrepreneurship, golf, music, art,fashion, entertainment, green technology, and popular culture to incredible new levels of internationalpopularity, excitement, and profitability! Join Luke and his team on a one of a kind, INTERGALACTICADVENTURE that will have you coming back for more, time and time again!! Witness Luke and his team usegolf, music, fashion, entertainment, and green technology as positive catalysts for initiating the global evolutionfollowed by an international paradigm energy shift taking humanity to new levels of excellence, excitement,and success. Luke Kohl’s dynamic spiritual and entrepreneurial journey is the real deal and of momentousproportion. Luke’s Journey must be retold in order to inspire, empower, and enlighten the world!INTERGALACTIC INSPIRES and is dedicated to helping humanity achieve new levels of excellence,excitement, opportunity, and success. The Future is Bright with Intergalactic Leading The Way. Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 6
  7. 7. THE INTERGALACTIC LAUNCH:Watch how ENTERTAINMENT MAVERICK Luke Kohl and his team build a global empire live and fromscratch in front of your eyes. Follow their every move as they travel the globe implementingINTERGALACTIC in the hottest and coolest new reality format experience ever. INTERGALACTIC willlaunch by way of an innovative internet/television reality show, THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES.This program will air on the INTERGALACTIC.TV NETWORK and major television partners and willfollow Luke and his team around the world as they implement all INTERGALACTIC Programming and buildall INTERGALACTIC Businesses from scratch. Intergalactic camera team will follow Luke and TEAMINTERGALACTIC around the world on a daily basis and document how INTERGALACTIC is built anddeveloped. The at home crowd will be on hand to watch all the negotiating, deal closing, and hand shakesaround the world. Luke and his team will completely build out the business mission and vision on camera.This highly innovative approach will be a first of its kind, edutainment tutorial on the art of entrepreneurship,the negotiation, sealing of the deal, and implementation of the vision and mission. Luke andINTERGALACTIC will emphasize corporate transparency thru live and tape delay. To complete their missionsand vision, INTERGALACTIC will call on the assistance and participation of many world renowned VIP’s,artists, actors and actresses, heads of state, royal family members, CEO’s, professional golfers, musicians. Lukeand TEAM INTERGALACTIC will travel globally to all sorts of venues and destinations to implement specialconsulting missions, as well as strategic growth, and change agent missions. Our missions will be created by avariety of individuals, as well as Corporate and Philanthropic Organizations. INTERGALACTIC will alwaysbe doing good and helping people. We will be known for the excellence we create, theempowerment we promote, and the inspiration we generate for each one we connect with. Wewill also be known for the ample resources we raise for not for profits and the less fortunate.Whether we are teaching golf, running an event, giving lectures and speeches, playing a 24 hour golf marathon,or acting as a courier delivering documentation for someone, we will be doing our work on camera and for themasses to witness. Watch Live as TEAM INTERGALACTIC implements INTERGALACTIC GOLF,INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS, and all INTERGALACTIC Programming.“THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES” TELEVISION SHOWCASES:Luke Kohl and THE INTERGALACTIC BRAND will enter the market place via docu-reality programming.A camera team will follow Luke and his team on all activities and missions as they build INTERGALACTICfrom the ground up. A camera team will follow Luke and his team 3-5 days a week to all activities andmeetings. This coverage will at times stream live to our website, INTERGALACTIC.TV,INTERGALACTIC1.TV, or INTERGALACTICGOLF.TV. Other times it will be edited by producers andeditors and aired online or on network channel. Our action packed, global adventure will feature many WorldCelebrities, World VIP’s, Executives, and Royalty all making appearances and assisting with carrying out eachepisodic mission. Missions will flow chronologically so it’s important to watch from the beginning. A MajorSelling point is that because of the magnitude of INTERGALACTIC’s GLOBAL IMPLEMENTATION andall activities, meetings, etc., people who do not watch from the start will need to go back and do so. This meansextra sales of on line episodes and box set DVD’s.After business plan completion, funding, and infrastructure development and implementation, we will makesure all driving ranges and par 3 courses are secure and able to make a quick and easy transition to our newINTERGALACTIC GOLF BRAND. Our Internet channel and website will also be up and running. Allbranding, pr, and marketing will be completed. We will then implement our first event which is a pressconference announcing the arrival of INTERGALACTIC and a discussion about our vision, mission, and thefuture featuring some of our major partners and celebrities. This live press conference will be held in LOSANGELES or DUBAI. Heads of State, VIP’s, World Leaders, actors & actresses, artists, and participants willattend and be seated at a very long, oblong oval table that can seat at least 100 professionals. The SuperHeroes and Super Powers of The World Will Unite at this time for the arrival andimplementation of INTERGALACTIC. All of this programming will happen just after TheOlympics 2012. Our next mission will be rolling out our golf courses, live events, and launch event signalingthe international start of INTERGALACTIC. We will begin building teams and preparing forINTERGALACTIC’s next event showcasing how Luke and team build out the entire vision and prepare forINTERGALACTIC’s launch party in Los Angeles at The Rose Bowl and other amazing Los Angeles Venues.This launch will take place Sept 1-14, 2012. Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 7
  8. 8. LUKE’s DAYS ARE DYNAMIC AND INCLUDE THE ELEMENTSBELOW AND THE DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OFTHE INTERGALACTIC FRANCHISE BUSINESSES:(1) Preparation and Launch of INTERGALACTIC LAUNCH EVENT(2) Launch and Implement all INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS programming(3) Travel around the world fulfilling strategic peace missions(4) Strategic Buyouts and Acquisitions of Organizations such as IMG and its renaming to INTERGALACTICMANAGEMENT GROUP(6) Negotiations and the buyout of THE KANSAS CITY ROYALS.(7) Enter the professional golf world as a player competing on international tours(8) Luke practicing on courses around the world and giving playing lessons with The Pros and Celebrities to at homeviewers all streamed live or on tape delay to INTERGALACTICGOLF.tv(9) Design clothing for The Launch of The Intergalactic Golf Platform and Upcoming Global Runway Shows(10) Prepare, Cast, Create all elements of all programming from behind the scenes perspective(11) Join Luke as he enters Hollywood as a writer releasing his book series;(12) As a producer producing both live events, stadium concerts, and major motion picture series inspired by the bookseries.(13) Luke will also co-direct the major motion pictures and animation projects with assistance from several of Hollywood’sleading Producers and Directors.(14) Luke will star in the movies retelling THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES as well as other action adventure anddrama movies that are presented as opportunities to properly extend his brand(15) Luke working out at the gym and giving workout-training instruction(16) Luke and team traveling the world on jets for meetings with VIP’s, Heads of State, etc.(17) Luke and TEAM INTERGALACTIC working with Global Indigenous Populations, American Indian Tribes, Youth,Underprivileged(18) Luke hosting INTERGALACTIC GIRL model searches and talent searches of all kinds around the world(19) And much much more THE INTERGALACTIC FRANCHISE IS COMPRISED OF: **Development of the below business extensions and programming will be filmed and included in docu-reality show**REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES(1) INTERGALACTIC REAL ESTATE-7 Star Properties-golf, resort, residential, commercial holdings(2) INTERGALACTIC NIGHT CLUBS, CASINOS, HOTELS, RESORTS-Properties will be purchased through ourIntergalactic Real Estate Business. Night Clubs, Hotels, and Resorts will embody the INTERGALACTIC themes,excitement,FASHION PROPERTIES(3) INTERGALACTIC GOLF CLOTHING-T-Shirts, shorts, golf gloves, hats, belt buckles, polos, shoes(4) INTERGALACTIC 1-Super Fly Clothing Line for the club, work, or courseLITERATURE PROPERTIES(5)THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES of THE MACK DADDY CADDY -30 book series detailing the thrilling international adventures of Luke Kohl. This book series can be released on digital format, paperback, or(6) INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES GRAPHIC COMIC BOOK SERIES-content comes from book series and canbe in traditional comic book formTECHNOLOGIES(7) INTERGALACTIC MOBILE-in partnership with a carrier(8) INTERGALACTIC ELECTRONICS/TECHNOLOGIES-in partnership with SONY ELECTRONICSNATURAL RESOURCES(9) INTERGALACTIC ENERGY-Wind, Water, and Solar Technologies fueling our facilities and The World Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 8
  9. 9. SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT and EVENT PROPERTIES(10) INTERGALACTIC EVENT SERIES-7-21 days of concerts, fashion shows, golf tournaments, empowerment events(11) INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS-Festivals, Concerts, Art Events, and Night Club Promotions(12) INTERGALACTIC SPORTS-The Future of Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Hurling, Hockey, AllSportsGOLF SPECIFIC PROPERTIES(13) INTERGALACTIC GOLF 7 STAR INTERNATIONAL GOLF LEAGUE-featuring the greats of golf,entertainment, music, etc.(14) INTERGALACTIC GOLF EVENTS-par 3, driving range, urban golf events(15) INTERGALACTIC GOLF VENUES-Global Driving Ranges, Par 3 Golf, and Cultural Art Facilities(16) INTERGALACTIC GOLF EQUIPMENT-clubs, bags, balls, tee’s, umbrellas, etc(17) LUKE KOHL and INTERGALACTIC GOLF INSTRUCTIONAL TAPES-Luke and occasional guests willinstruct on the golf swing in destination locations and resorts around the world(18) INTERGALACTIC GOLF VIDEO GAMES-teaches the art of event production and event organizationTELEVISION, INTERNET, DVD PROPERTIES(19) INTERGALACTIC.TV, INTERGALACTIC1.TV, INTERGALACTICGOLF.TV-internet, mobile, and TVstations(20) THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES-Docu-Reality Programming. Live Streaming show available on Internetand TV showcasing the building of INTERGALACTIC. Camera Team Follows Luke and Team 3-5 days a week. Camerateam documents Luke & Team’s activities as they implement INTERGALACTIC globally.(21) INTERGALACTIC ACTION ADVENTURE ANIMATION SERIES-content comes from book series(22) THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES-Major Motion Picture Series(23) INTERGALACTIC CONCIERGE-each city we are located in will have a website dedicated to the city’s best hotspots, best eats, best of everything(24) INTERGALACTIC INSPIRES-Youth empowerment speaking and teaching forums using celebrity stories ofovercoming great obstacles and rags to riches(25) INTERGALACTIC WORKOUT SESSIONS-Luke Kohl and rotating guest fitness instructors, models, actressesteaching gym & health(26) INTERGALACTIC STARS-International Runway Shows, model, go go dancers, and talent searchesTRANSPORT(27) INTERGALACTIC AIR-Global Transport, Shipping, and Logistics in partnership with UPS(28) INTERGALACTIC CRUISER-Sun Powered, fuel efficient, low emission, super fly sports carALL OTHER PROPERTIES(29) INTERGALACTIC STAR BANK-The Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Artisan’s Bank(30) INTERGALACTIC KIDS-International Youth Golf, Arts, Entrepreneurial Programming and Outreach Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 9
  10. 10. INTERGALACTIC TIME LINE2011AUGUST+Finalize PlanBegin working with Teams (UAE, IMG, Saban Brands, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Etc.)SEPTEMBER+Finalize PlanBegin working with Teams (UAE, IMG, Saban Brands, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Etc.)OCTOBER+Finalize PlanPlan CompletedBegin Working With Teams (UAE, Saudi, Saban Brands, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Etc.)+Hand out PlanActivate FundingActivate SponsorshipNOVEMBER+Finalize PlanBegin Working With Teams (UAE, IMG, Saban Brands, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Etc.)+Build Infrastructure for INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTSPrepare for 2012 Launch+Hand out PlanActivate FundingActivate SponsorshipDECEMBER+Finalize PlanBegin Working With Team (UAE, Saudi, Saban Brands, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford)+Build Infrastructure for INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTSPrepare for 2012 Launch+Hand out PlanActivate FundingActivate Sponsorship2012JANUARY+Activate FundingActivate Sponsorship+Begin Filming The Building of INTERGALACTIC INTERGALACTIC GOLF & INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS+Build Infrastructure for INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTSPrepare for 2012 Launch+Press Conference #1FEBRUARY+Activate FundingActivate Sponsorship+Begin Filming The Building of INTERGALACTICINTERGALACTIC GOLF & INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS+Build Infrastructure for INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTSPrepare for 2012 LaunchMARCH+Activate FundingActivate Sponsorship+Begin Filming The Building of INTERGALACTICINTERGALACTIC GOLF & INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS+Build Infrastructure for INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTSPrepare for 2012 LaunchAPRIL+Activate FundingActivate Sponsorship+Begin Filming The Building of INTERGALACTICINTERGALACTIC GOLF & INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS+Build Infrastructure for INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTSPrepare for 2012 LaunchMAY+Activate FundingActivate Sponsorship+Begin Filming The Building of INTERGALACTICINTERGALACTIC GOLF & INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS+Build Infrastructure for INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTSPrepare for 2012 Launch+Begin Hard Core PressJUNE+Activate FundingActivate Sponsorship+Begin Filming The Building of INTERGALACTICINTERGALACTIC GOLF & INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS+Build Infrastructure for INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTSPrepare for 2012 Launch+Begin Hard Core PressJULY+Begin Filming The Building of INTERGALACTICINTERGALACTIC GOLF & INTERGALACTIC PRESENTS+Build Infrastructure for INTERGALACTIC GOLF and INTERGALACTIC PRESENTSPrepare for 2012 Launch+Begin Hard Core PressAUGUST+Attend Olympics with Team Filming+Prepare for INTERGALACTIC #1-LA+Press Conference #2SEPTEMBER+Launch 2012-INTERGALACTIC #1-Los Angeles-Labor Day in LA-Sept 1-13, 2012OCTOBER+Prepare for INTERGALACTIC #2-DUBAINOVEMBER+Implement INTERGALACTIC # 2-DUBAIDECEMBER+Prepare for 2013 and all Events and Programming2013JANUARY+Spielberg Joins TeamBegin Major Motion Picture Development and Action Adventure Animation Development+Acquire IMG+Continue INTERGALACTIC GOLF ROLL OUT+Prepare for INTERGALACTIC #3, 4, 5, 6, 7-HONG KONG, SHANGHAI, VEGAS, NYC, PARIS Luke Kohl-IntergalacticGolf-7-25-11 10