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  1. 1. __________________________INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC. ™ Presents ________________________ INTERGALACTIC! GOLF, LLC ™ GOLFs GOLDRUSH EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & IMPLEMENTATION PLAN JANUARY 2012 Prepared by: ______________________________ INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC.™ Luke Kohl!Founder & CEO 818.813.3790!
  2. 2. __________________________INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC™ PRESENTS IMPLEMENTATION PLAN _______________________________________ JANUARY 2012 Prepared by: __________________________________________________________________ INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC. ™ Luke Kohl!Founder & CEO 818.813.3790! ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 1
  3. 3. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF’s VISION & MISSION: Equal access to entertaining and educational golf facilities should be available to All people, including those of limited financial means. As a part of INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF (I!G) is dedicated to providing entertaining, enriching, and affordable access to a new and exciting golf lifestyle for people of all ages, levels of income, educational backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities. Over the next decade, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will implement a global framework of unique golf venues in selected urban areas, expanding golf participation by 100’s of millions of people by 2020. Whenever possible, each facility will use solar and wind energy, and other state-of-the-art energy sources, to produce carbon neutral imprints. Other environmentally sound practices, including wastewater regeneration and recycling programs, will be employed to produce low-impact sustainability. INTERGALACTIC!Golf’s par 3 courses, driving ranges, miniature golf courses, and multi-sport facilities will offer both excellent opportunities to learn and perfect golf skills, and will provide quality arts, top-notch entertainment, and solid education programming. These venues will also house broadcast centers for creating cutting edge media programming to be distributed on THE INTERGALACTIC!NETWORK. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is committed to eliminating unfortunate barriers to entry for the enjoyment of quality golf club experience, such as time commitments, burdensome cost, and inconvenient locations that often prevent ordinary people of diverse backgrounds from enjoying the enriching experience that golf offers. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF provides Corporate America and world urban communities new an exciting golf formats providing quality and affordable entertainment for golfers, while simultaneously activating and expanding the purchasing power of consumers. In advance of its debut in the 2016 Olympics, I!G will transform and popularize golf into one of the most exciting participatory and spectator sports in the world.IMPLEMENTING INTERGALACTIC!GOLF: INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is purchasing both existing golf facilities (which will be redesigned and rebranded) and urban parcels of land in order to build unique and high-tech venues that offer both quality and affordable golfing, entertainment, and educational programs. These facilities will be maintained in compliance with the highest environmental standards. By 2020, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will renovate or construct, own and operate at least: 300 mini golf courses; 500 multi-tiered driving ranges with attached night clubs featuring live-entertainment and arts performances; 500 Par 3 courses with lights for evening play; 30 traditional golf resorts; and 30 multi-sport athletic facilities with adjacent multi-tiered driving ranges and par 3 courses. All facilities will feature cutting- edge Sony technology enhancing consumers’ total entertainment experiences. Starting in 2013, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF venues, in collaboration with our media partners, will host a wide variety of world-class entertainment events, including concerts, amateur and professional tournaments, in partnership with the PGA, European, and Asian tours, and broadcast to international audiences. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will formally launch its worldwide programming in late 2012 from Dubai, U.A.E. In 2013-14, I!G will produce four major international golf and entertainment events; six more in 2014; eight more in 2015; ten in 2016; twelve in 2017; fourteen in 2018. In addition, I!G will implement hundreds of smaller events on a weekly basis at all I!G branded venues around the world. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 2
  4. 4. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF’s MARKET EXPANSION PLANS: Starting immediately, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF (I!G) will produce the ongoing documentary reality programming, Intergalactic!Adventures, showcasing I!G’s worldwide development. James Cameron’s Cameron-Pace 3D Fusion Technology Group will film all live events using their proprietary 3D Technologies. Other top production teams will help create all I!G programming. I!G will document everyday activities on video for replication in other international communities, including our charity work on Indian Reservations; in African communities; facilitation of meetings among Royal family members; and presentations/speeches at major conferences and with organizations, global governments, and heads of state. From the start of its operations in 2012, I!G will establish and distribute dynamic flash websites and viral videos in order to widely market its venues and entertainment programs. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2012 and extending through 2020, I!G will fully implement its projected plan of building and operating more than 1,400 I!G branded facilities-miniature golf, par 3 courses, driving ranges, resort courses, and multi-sport athletic facilities. All I!G programming implemented at Par 3, Miniature Golf, Urban Golf, Stadium Golf Tour will feature professional golfers, celebrities, athletes, musicians, amateurs, and youthful golfers. Amateurs will qualify through a series of local, national, and international qualifiers and can play their way to THE INTERGALACTIC!GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS hosted each year in Dubai. The major prize, a luxury apartment in Dubai, $1 Million, and a luxury sports car from The VW Group. Beginning in late 2012, I!G will publish a 30 book series entitled, The Intergalactic Adventures of The Mack Daddy Caddy, a chronologically developed story line describing the epic adventure of how INTERGALACTIC!GOLF was created and implemented. Between 2012-2020, I!G will design and produce: live-events, major motion pictures, animation series, video games, clothing lines, concerts, art events, car shows, urban golf tournaments, grass root events; press conferences, meet & greets, all promoting transparency in I!G’s organization. From 2013-2020, I!G will begin purchasing and operating global youth tours, golf schools and camps. Over the next ten years, I!G will work with major motion picture companies to create and produce a series of films chronologically depicting the development and growth of I!G. In addition, I!G’s CEO, Luke Kohl, will be featured in a variety of movies intended to further expand I!G’s unique brand. Luke Kohl will also serve as I!G’s spokesperson during his participation on the I!G TOUR. Other professionals are invited to join Luke in various global golf events as part of I!G’s brand expansion. As part of its broad mission, I!G will also collaborate with other for profit and nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing access to essential services and recreational opportunities currently unavailable to most ordinary citizens. I!G’s dedication is to inspire and empower other organizations and individuals to take a broad approach to the beneficial social impacts that their efforts can activate. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 3
  5. 5. 2012-2016 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF SCHEDULED VENUES & EVENTS:The majority of cities around the world with a population of 300,000 or more people within a30-mile radius of the urban core, will have at least one low impact, wind and solar poweredINTERGALACTIC!GOLF branded facility. Location, climate, and population will determine thesize and structure of the facility. Each facility will be completely low impact, technologicallyadvanced, and extremely unique, with no two I!G venues being the same. AllINTERGALACTIC!GOLF branded facilities will feature the same excitement, fun, top-notchservice, and learning opportunities. Because of the size and nature of I!G’s globalimplementation, we will always be working on developing numerous facilities at one time.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will be the STARBUCKS of GOLF. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF’sfirst branded facilities are as follows:USA/CANADA-LA, SF, SD, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Vegas, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago,Kansas City, Denver, Louisville, Nashville, D.C., Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, Sante Fe, Austin,Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Omaha, Memphis,Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Baltimore, New York City, Minneapolis, Boston,Detroit, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Vancouver, TorontoMIDDLE EAST, EUROPE, AFRICA-Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Amman, Riyadh, Karachi,London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Naples, Rome, Lisbon, Kiev,Prague, Budapest, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Cairo, Cape TownMEXICO, SOUTH AMERICA-Mexico City, Guadalajara, Sao Paulo, Rio, Bogotá, Buenos Aires,Salvador, Santiago, Lima, CaracasINDIA, ASIA, AUSTRALASIA-Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, Seoul, Tokyo,Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, Saigon, Jakarta, Manila, Dhaka,Sydney, Melbourne ______________________________ ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 4
  6. 6. INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC™ Presents ____________________________ INTERGALACTIC!GOLF™ LAUNCH EVENTS! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 5
  7. 7. ___________________________ INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES™ Presents _________________________ INTERGALACTIC!GOLF™ LAUNCH EVENTSAt The European Tour Golf Championships, Intergalactic will produce 4-6 separate auxiliary events launchingINTERGALACTIC!GOLF. We are very honored to have James Cameron and The Cameron-Pace 3D FusionTechnology Team committed to filming all of these events in 3D Technologies. Events feature live DJs, music,entertainers, go go dancers, supped up golf carts, laser light shows, jumbo trons, and a lot of bling. All eventtickets are tax-deductible donations to THE INTERGALACTIC!INSPIRES FOUNDATION. Specific Locationscan be changed depending on sponsoring companies. Event format stays the same and includes: (1) INTERGALACTIC!DRIVING RANGE EVENT Located at The Dubai Festival City Albadia Golf Club and featuring DJ’d music, go go dancers, jumbo trons, supped up golf carts, laser light shows, and VW Group Luxury Cars on display. EADS, Etihad, Emirates, or Virgin will donate an AIRBUS A380-800 to us. Ian Schrager and other Celebrity Designers will help create various environments in the plane on the top deck. This plane will carry all celebrities from LA, NYC, London to Dubai. When it lands in Dubai, it will be escorted to the golf course and be parked on the side of the range or near the club house. This plane will be turned into a club and lounge for another level experience with DJ’s and celebrities tending bar within. DJ’s will play in flight and at the event. Celebrity Bartenders will be found at all bars at all events. 2,000 tickets & accommodation packages will be offered for $5,000-$250,000. Sponsorship packages will be offered at the price of $3 Million and up. Funds raised will go to Intergalactic!Inspires. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 6
  8. 8. (2) INTERGALACTIC!YOUTH EMPOWERMENT FORUM Located at The Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium, The INTERGALACTIC!YOUTH EMPOWERMENT FORUM will inspire the world, young and old alike. The Event will feature world celebrities, entertainers, athletes, artists, musicians, and between 10-16 Royal Families from around the world gathering to speak to youth about maximizing their full potential. Celebrities will offer their advice with personal anecdotes about their personal struggles and triumphs. At the end of the Youth Empowerment Forum, The Royalty of the world will offer the game of golf back to humanity in a special ceremony. For one night only, you can be part of history. A very special gold plated INTERGALACTIC!GOLF CLUB will take the place of EXCALIBUR on this night. Each Royal Member and World Dignitary will be bestowed with this club and in unison, they will raise this club, into the air. Mohammad Ali will appear and bless the crowd and the at home viewers with the golf club. A large group of children from around the world will be gathered on the field with Luke Kohl. Luke and the children will be waiting to receive one of these clubs which will be handed to each of them by Sheikh Khalifa President of The U.A.E., Sheikh Al Maktoum, Vice President of The U.A.E., and other U.A.E. Dignitaries. When the club is handed from Sheikh Khalifa to Luke Kohl, there will be a MAJOR RELEASE of ENERGY AROUND THE WORLD that will empower and inspire all of us, but especially the common man, woman, and child. Offering golf back to humanity will be a very beautiful, powerful, and gripping event. 60,000 Tickets and accommodation packages will be offered from $10,000-$250,000. Sponsorship packages are available from $5 Million up. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 7
  9. 9. (3) INTERGALACTIC!STADIUM GOLFAt the end of the youth empowerment forum is the offering of golf back to humanityceremony. After Sheikh Khalifa and Sheikh Al Maktoum receive the gold golf club fromMuhammad Ali, they will raise the golf club into the air and share it with the audience andwith the world. They will then hand the club to Luke Kohl. He will then raise the golf clubinto the air and offer golf back to humanity. Each child on the field with Luke will then go onstage and receive a special club from Sheikh Khalifa, Sheikh Al Maktoum, or one of theU.A.E. Dignitaries. Each child will then climb to the top of a large platform that is located atone end of the stadium. They will proceed to tee off and hit a gold golf ball, 100-150 yards, tothe green on the other side of the stadium. This will be followed by celebrities, dignitaries,and athletes hitting a shot while Tiesto, Cosmic Gate, Jes, Paul Oakenfold, and other DJ’sperform. Thus, The INTERGALACTIC!STADIUM GOLF experience will be born. This eventwill travel the world as part of The INTERGALACTIC!GLOBAL TOUR. A new sporting eventhas been birthed. At the end of this event, we will make an announcement about thefollowing night when the INTERGALACTIC!PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIP will take place.Location Dubai Sports City. Ticket & Accommodations will offered for $10,000-$250,000.Sponsorship packages will be offered for $5 Million & up. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 8
  10. 10. (4) INTERGALACTIC!PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS The INTERGALACTIC!PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS will take place at a flood lit par 3 course with driving range. Suitable locations include: The Emirates Golf Club, Dubai Creek, The Montgomerie Club, or Arabian Ranches. This major celebrity par 3 golf event will launch the INTERGALACTIC!PAR 3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. The INTERGALACTIC!PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS will be set up just like a European Tour Event, but in a much smaller space. Here, world celebrities, dignitaries, athletes, and royalty will all come together with children to play this super event featuring a couple of the world’s greatest DJ’s, dancers, laser light shows, supped up golf carts, etc. The INTERGALACTIC!PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS will feature 18 groups each containing: 1 child, 1 golf pro, 1 celebrity, and 1 world dignitary/royalty/leader. The event will start in the afternoon and lead into the late evening. At the clubhouse, a party with entertainment will take place the entire day so that once teams are completed playing, they can go back and enjoy the party or head to their hotel. The three (3) teams with the lowest scores at the end of the par 3 tournament will then play on Sunday night in a one hole shootout on the traditional course immediately following the final round of The European Tour Championship. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 9
  11. 11. On one of the par 3 holes, we will implement stadium seating justlike the 16th at The TPC Phoenix during the Phoenix Open. The hole that is picked on the European Tour Championship Course will be completely surrounded/enclosed by stadium seating like the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open. The three (3) teams who are finalists in the par 3 championships will receive a group of incredible gifts donated by Sony, VW group, and The U.A.E The three (3) children who are finalists will each receive a $150,000 College Grant to a school of their choice located in The U.A.E. This prize will include a luxury apartment, food, and air travel back and forth to the recipient’s hometown on Etihad or Emirates Airlines. This prize will become a standard integrated into The INTERGALACTIC!PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS. USA Collegiate rules will not apply. This platform will have parents around the world wanting to get their children to play golf. Together, the emerging INTERGALACTIC!JUNIOR GOLF TOUR and INTERGALACTIC!PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS will be the greatest sporting event in the world. Tickets & Accommodation packages will be priced at: $10,000- $250,000. Sponsorship packages are available for $2.5 Million and up. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 10
  12. 12. (5) INTERGALACTIC!PRESENTS! INTERGALACTIC! MEGA This INTERGALACTIC!MEGA Concert will take place on The Golf Course at one of the courses in Dubai and will feature numerous stages with 8 hours of music on each.(6) INTERGALACTIC!SYMPHONY A full time symphony orchestra comprised of the very best of the best. Participants will be picked through a reality television show component of INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES, where our celebrity judges will judge those who sign up for auditions in Dubai. This will be The U.A.E. Global Symphony and funded by The United Arab Emirates. This symphony will play all over the world and play at home in Dubai from November-February. One night, all participants and celebrities will attend a very special symphony taking place at a to be determined location. Several Internationally acclaimed guest conductors will work with the UAE National Symphony to arrange several dynamic pieces broadcast to a world audience. Invitation Only. Thank you very much for looking through this expansive vision and offering INTERGALACTIC makes to your organization and all of humanity. Aligning your organization with INTERGALACTIC!GOLF and The Future of Golf would be amazing for all of us. I have worked the last nine (9) years full time on building and implementing this vision so that all teams and professionals would have an excellent foundation from which to work. We are now ready!!!For the longest time, it has been my desire to present this project to your team with the hopes of working with youto implement accordingly Now, we can work together to implement The Future of Golf!! We would be honored towork with your group and appropriately implement your prestigious brands into this momentous platform. I askyour organization to allow INTERGALACTIC to spread your excellence, elegance, and excitement around theworld. We will do a wonderful job for you. INTERGALACTIC is the ideal global growth catalyst to boost yoursales and revenues, while making your organization The New Greatest Standard of Excellence around the world.If there are changes you would like to see made, such as countries, venues, or times, please let me know. All ofthis can be catered to best fit your needs and desires. I am here to make this great for you. I am standing by toanswer any of your questions and provide you with proper documentation whenever you like.Please contact me 24/7! 818.913.3790 Excellent health to you and your families. We wish you the best andcontinued success. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 11
  13. 13. ______________________________INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC.™ Presents _________________________ INTERGALACTIC!GOLF, LLC ™ GOLFs GOLDRUSH EXECUTIVE SUMMARY JANUARY 2012 Prepared by: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC.™ Luke Kohl!Founder & CEO 818.813.3790!! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 12
  14. 14. “It is my honor and pleasure to connect with you today through this executive summary forINTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT andINTERGALACTIC!GOLF. Thank you for your time and consideration for our highly innovative,paradigm shifting organization dedicated to creating the finest in the future of sports and entertainment.Our programming will innovate and evolve sports programming, entertainment, and humanity, thusactivating a Global Renaissance.” -- Luke Kohl CEO INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF doesn’t aim to change the sport. It aims to change the world.With the inaugural INTERGALACTIC!GOLF event, we will launch an event company with an integratedmarketing, advertising and pr platform, geared towards making golf the most popular participation sport inthe world. This will be the foundation for a corporation that establishes itself in the market as a diversifiedEntertainment, Marketing, and Real Estate Company with core competencies in Television and MotionPicture Production, Marketing, Promotions, Strategic Consulting, and Communications.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is a new live tournament experience produced at INTERGALACTIC!GOLFbranded venues around the world. Live and made-for-television programming, filmed in 3D by JamesCameron’s Cameron--Pace 3D Fusion Technology Group. will be projected to television, mobile phones, andIMAX-AMC-RELIANCE-REGAL movie theaters across the world. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF increasesglobal golf participation rates by underlining the positive attributes and social mobility qualities of the game,while reducing the major barriers to entry that hold golf back from massive growth. There are currently 45-50 million active golfers in the world. That represents less than 1% of the world’s population. That said, areport in 2007 confirmed that golf had grown to become a $76 billion industry. The largest sports economyin the world. With developing and emerging markets in the Middle East, China, India, South America,Russia and Eastern Europe, those figures can be viewed as a proportionally low threshold, which we intendto transform.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF WILL: Grow golf by 10% of the world’s population, or 670,000,000 people. On average each one of these players contributes $1,000 to the golf economy each year. That represents $670,000,000,000 of potential untapped revenue per year Trillions in Global Economic Stimulation per year. Create Millions of jobs globally Create hundreds of thousands to millions of jobs in the arts and entertainment Put tens of thousands of artists to work Promote Global Peace and Positive World Citizenship Reduce Environmental Impact Set new standards for golf courses via low impact methods, total sustainability, and sun and solar powered Promote Human Empowerment and Achievement Promote Youth Empowerment Promote Social Mobility Create Massive Urban Core Stimulation Raise Hundreds of billions of dollars for charities. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 13
  15. 15. PARTNERS, ALLIANCES, & SERVICE PROVIDERS WILLRECEIVE: Total brand integration into all INTERGALACTIC!GOLF programming i.e.-commercials, billboards, docu- reality, live event, major motion pictures, animation, video games, globally televised press conferences, websites, etc. Seat on INTERGALACTIC!GOLF BOARD of DIRECTORS Total Integration of your current spokes people into all INTERGALACTIC!GOLF Programming Increased Global Brand Distribution and Awareness Ability to Help Market and Distribute Programming, Brand, Concept as Appropriate. Luke Kohl and INTERGALACTIC Brain Trust and Network Brand Placement Opportunities at Venues Appropriate EquityThis is a community vision shared by our alliances who have helped INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENTbegin its journey, including Booz&Company, Deloitte, Populous, many Hollywood Heavyweights, VIP’s,World Leaders, and organizations coming together to bring our awesome vision to life. Per my conversationwith The United Arab Emirates Royal PR Team, specifically Karin Aghadjanian, I have been told to presentall documentation in its entirety to The UAE President Sheikh Khalifa, his Royal Cabinet, The UAE RoyalCouncil, and The UAE Ministry of Affairs on or before May 1, 2012. We will document and air our dailyadventures leading up to, during, and post presentation through our docu-reality program,INTERGALACTIC!ADVENTURES, which showcases the building of INTERGALACTIC from the start.Our expansion will take place through a global framework of INTERGALACTIC!GOLF branded golfacademies, ranges, par-three courses, short courses, public courses, and private clubs located around theworld and promoted through incredible live events. With help from our strategic media partners we create,finance, produce, and distribute a framework of live golf events, tournaments, concerts, and youthempowerment forums across various media outlets and platforms to ensure maximum brand exposure.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will be the heartbeat of a huge marketing platform that global brands can support,participate in, and leverage for massive profits and social wellbeing. All participating organizations will havea crucial role as part of this amazing tapestry that will place them at the heart of one of the most seismicphilanthropic projects in history.Our first major event will be a press conference announcing our activities to the world. This will be followedby Luke Kohl presenting to The U.A.E. Royal Council, The U.A.E Royal Cabinet, and The U.A.E. Ministry ofAffairs live on international television on or before May 2012. We will then prepare for our December 2012launch in Dubai in association with The European Tour Golf Championship. We ask you for your assistancefacilitating and championing our early events through your network and alliances. The benefit of yourinvolvement will span across hardware, promotional, and philanthropic spheres. All participatingcompanies, brands, and professionals will be totally integrated into the websites, press conferences, liveevents, docu-reality, major motion picture, animation, television series, and video games. This story line willbe largely shot in major United States Cities and strategic world cities including: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, HongKong, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, and other cities. The global golf industry brings themost economic, social, and business networking value to humanity and the world. With your help, we aim tocarry this revolution into its next era. Thank you very much. Peace and Excellence to you.***INTERGALACTC!ENTERPRISES is the corporate umbrella comprised of a number of separatecorporate subsidiary organizations carrying out the Enterprises broad mission and vision. The principalsubsidiaries described in this executive summary are: INTERGALACTIC!NETWORK,INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF, INTERGALACTIC!PRESENTS, andINTERGALACTIC!ADVENTURES.*** ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 14
  16. 16. ____________________________________ INTERGALACTIC!GOLF EXECUTIVE SUMMARY1) VISIONINTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES is the corporate umbrella that is comprised of a number of separate corporatesubsidiary organizations that will carry out The Enterprises broad mission and vision. The principal subsidiariesdescribed in this executive summary are: INTERGALACTIC!NETWORK,INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT, INTERGALACTIC!ADVENTURES, & INTERGALACTIC!GOLF.INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT enters the market as a diversified Entertainment, Marketing, and RealEstate Company with core competencies in Television and Motion Picture Production, Marketing, Advertising,Promotions, Strategic Consulting, and Communications. By Year 5, we will be an International Networkbroadcasting Sports, Arts and Culture, Entertainment, Motor, and Travel & Tourism Programming.INTERGALACTIC will develop from this foundation to other core competencies such as hotel and resortdevelopment, space travel, and other areas of strategic interests appropriately spreading our brand name andquality products and service. Intergalactic Entertainment is known for our innovation, exemplary service, andsuperior financial performance. INTERGALACTIC works with incredible strategic partners to create, implement,and broadcast all programming internationally. INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT’s entry into the marketis through, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF, an international integrated marketing, advertising, and pr platformmaking golf the coolest and most popular sport in the world. By year 5, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will own andoperate 500 Driving Ranges, 500 Par 3 Golf Courses, 300 Miniature Golf/Family Fun Centers, 30 Large ScaleINTERGALACTIC branded fitness, golf course, and entertainment facilities, and 30 Large Scale Golf Resorts.2) MISSIONINTERGALACTIC!GOLF is the International golf market’s change agent and global growth catalyst for increasedretention and participation rates. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF makes golf more fun, sexy, exciting, rewarding, andaccessible so people around the world can benefit from golf’s positive attributes, social mobility qualities, and lifeskills. We are focused on creating massive charity opportunities while making positive impact on humanity.3) INTERGALACTIC!GOLFINTERGALACTIC!GOLF makes golf fresh, sexy, fun, exciting, socially and environmentally responsible.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is a 7 Star live golf tournament and entertainment experience for the 21st Centurytaking place at INTERGALACTIC!GOLF branded golf courses, driving ranges, par 3 courses, putt putt centers,and stadium arenas around the world. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF represents a global framework of various levelsof live and made for television programming including: pro/celebrity golf tournaments, golf course and drivingrange festivals, golf resort festivals, urban golf events, putt-putt events, concerts and music events, multimedia artevents featuring the greatest golf art and urban art, classic cars and super exotic cars. Incredible fashion showsfeaturing the greatest models in the world. One-third greatest party ever featuring world celebrities, globalathletes, models, artists, the world’s best DJ’s, and go go dancers; one-third super golf competition; and one-thirdcharity platform raising money for 100’s of charities around the world. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is The Future ofGolf and a vehicle for change using the combined powers of golf, music, dance, fashion, technology, the arts, andentertainment. Celebrities, Athletes, and the greatest golfers in the world-men, women, seniors play head to headagainst youth and amateurs on urban golf courses, Par 3 Courses, and inside stadiums and arenas, putt puttcenters, country clubs, and resorts around the world. An INTERGALACTIC!GOLF experience creates a euphorichigh for all spectators and participants since we feature the top world golfers, celebrities, actors and actresses,super models, designers, musicians, athletes, and VIP World Leaders participating as both golfers and spectators.People will never get enough of this energy. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is a major pull marketing platform helpingto increases and strengthens golf’s fan base with exciting fan fair outreach as we drive people to strategic regionsaround the world. Our innovative public relations, promotions, advertising, and multimedia marketing strategiesand platforms position INTERGALACTIC!GOLF BRANDED EVENTS and TOURNAMENTS as the place to beand be seen whenever it enters your city. Our growth is achieved through becoming much more than a golfcompany, but a global lifestyle brand. We transform our global brand into experiences such as: branded travelingshows; competitive tours; reality programming; urban driving ranges; hotels and golf resort experiences;literature, merchandising, movies, clothing, video games, and more. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 15
  17. 17. 4) COMPANY PROFILE • INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT, INC. is an innovative and diversified Entertainment, Marketing, and Real Estate Company with core competencies in Television and Motion Picture Production, Marketing, Promotions, Strategic Consulting, and Communications. We offer revolutionary breakthroughs for explosive growth in the Real Estate, Lifestyle Consumer Goods, Travel & Tourism, Recreation-Golf, and Arts Markets. • INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT has created INTERGALACTIC!GOLF TOUR a new 7 Star Global Golf and entertainment league. Introduction of THE INTERGALACTIC!GOLF TOUR’s fresh, high energy, super slick 21st Century live golf and entertainment event programming will create a massive global sensation around golf and entertainment. • 5o0 Driving Ranges + 500 Par 3 Courses + 300 miniature golf courses/family fun centers+30 Global Top Tier Golf Entertainment and Fitness Locations with DRIVING RANGES and par 3 golf courses located strategically around the world. • Implementation of INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will be tremendously positive for humanity, youth, associated charities, sponsoring companies, golf companies, consumer goods companies, the cities where INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is implemented, and those companies associated with the numerous “financial tentacles” of the Golf Eco System. • INTERGALACTIC BRANDED RESORTS and HOTELS will be established by year 4 thru 10 via proper implementation of THE INTERGALACTIC!GOLF TOUR & EVENT PROGRAMMING year 0-10.5) COMPANY STRATEGY • INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will grow global golf participation by at least 500 million over 20 years thru a global framework of golf academies, ranges, par 3 courses, short courses, putt-putt courses, public courses, and private clubs located around the world and promoted thru incredible live events bringing together the best celebrities, golfers, athletes, and musicians all around the global brand, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF. • INTERGALACTIC will make golf more accessible, more fun, more exciting, less expensive, more of a community celebration, and less time consuming. We will make learning golf like as mandatory and important as staying in school. Doing so will create increased global golf popularity, participation, and global value in the sport. • With help from our strategic media partners, we create, finance, produce, and distribute a frame work of live golf events, tournaments, concerts, and youth empowerment forums across various media outlets and platforms to ensure maximum brand reach and awareness of golf’s changing image. INTERGALACTIC! GOLF will re-define, re-format, and re-brand the game to connect with Women, Teens, and Youth across the world. • INTERGALACTIC!GOLF leverages celebrity and our strategic partners with key insights in branding, production, PR, and advertising needed to attract the untapped markets. • INTERGALACTIC!GOLF partners with resorts, hotels, existing music events and traditional golf events on world tours, adding ancillary events at neighboring resort courses, par 3 courses, driving ranges, or urban locations in order to create exciting experiences for new and old golf fans alike. • 30 INTERGALACTIC MEGA FACILITIES LOCATED IN STRATEGIC URBAN LOCATIONS AROUND THE WORLD-Large Urban Driving Range, Par 3 Golf Course with Retail Space, A Massive Total Gym with Track-Trainers-Nutrition Experts, Technology Center, Basket Ball Courts, Swimming Pools, Steam & Sauna, Tennis Courts, Climbing Walls, Child Day Care--A Good Example of these facilities would be The East Bank Club in Chicago- or The Athlete’s Performance Center in Arizona- ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 16
  18. 18. COMPANY STRATEGY CONTINUED • We will either build new facilities, buy and rebrand, or buy the naming rights to the facility. • 500 Driving Ranges-In Tier A, B, C, D, E, F Cities Around The World • 500 Par 3 Courses close to or in the urban core of Tier A, B, C, D, E, F Cities • 300 Miniature Golf and Family Fun Centers • 30 Traditional Size INTERGALACTIC!GOLF BRANDED RESORT COURSES • International Junior Golf Tour and Training Facilities-->will be purchased from Riverside Equity and we will rebrand it to Intergalactic Junior Golf Tour. We will turn this into a Global Junior Golf Tour with events taking place at INTERGALACTIC traditional and par 3 courses. • 15 Book Series-THE INTERGALACTIC! ADVENTURES OF THE MACK DADDY CADDY • 15 Major Motion Pictures • Animation Pictures • Docu-Reality Platform-Showcases the building of INTERGALACTIC!GOLF from the beginning of the first partnership activation • Live Events-Major Events of all sizes taking place at our branded facilities, completely sponsored, some airing on TV and our new network, INTERGALACTIC. TV and or • Creation of INTERGALACTIC. TV or network • INTERGALACTIC!GOLF Equipment and Merchandising • INTERGALACTIC Clothing Lines6) CORE COMPETENCIES1) Event and Tournament Programming and Production 2) Reality Television Creation, Packaging,Production 3) Golf Instruction 4) Promotions 5) Public Relations 6) Advertising 7) Marketing8)Talent Retention 9) Booking 10) Photo shoots and Pictorial design 11) Clothing Design12) Merchandising 13) Venue Design and Construction 14) Event Production EVENTS 1) Urban Golf Events and Festivals 2) Par 3 Golf Course Tournaments and Concerts 3) Driving Range Events and Concerts 4) Golf Tournaments and Festivals with multimedia elements for children, amateurs, celebrities, and pros 5) Youth Education and Empowerment Forums 6) Urban Art/Golf Memorabilia within a Mini Putt Interactive Exhibitions 7) Golf Game Shows 8) Concerts 9) Art Events7) SHORT TERM DEVELOPMENT GOALS (0-3 years)1) Branded Driving Ranges and Par 3Golf Course Facilities 2) Clothing 3) Merchandising 4) EventProduction for Tournaments and Leagues 5) Concerts 6) Reality T.V. Shows 7) Book Series 8) MajorMotion Pictures 9) Network Creation8) LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT GOALS (3-10+ years)1) 500 Intergalactic!Golf Branded Driving Ranges 2) 500 Intergalactic Par 3 Courses 3) 12-18 Par 3,Driving Range, Fitness Gym and Cultural Arts Centers with Retail Shopping Availability 4) 30 ResortCourses 5) Merchandising-Golf Clubs 6) Reality T.V. Shows 7) Major Motion Picture Series 8) Book Series9) Tickets/Subscription Based Programming 10) Live Events 11) Junior Golf Tour 12) Resorts and Hotels ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 17
  19. 19. 9) INTERGALACTIC!1 LAUNCH-DUBAI • Pre-Intergalactic 1 Global Circulation of Intergalactic!Golf’s First Viral Video • Strategic purchase and remodeling of driving ranges and par 3 courses • Pre-Intergalactic 1 Press Conference from Dubai alerting world • Dec 2012-Launch in Dubai as part of THE RACE TO DUBAI EUROPEAN TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP. • TEAM!INTERGALACTIC flies into event locations on jumbo jets that have been gutted and turned into in flight discotheques where top DJ’s Spin tunes. The flight will be tapped for content. • We enter a town several weeks before the PGA or EUROPEAN TOUR comes into town. • Fans meet and greet TEAM!INTERGALACTIC at airports and golf courses. • TEAM!INTERGALACTIC is comprised of Global Celebrities, Super Models, Celebrities, Athletes, and Musicians. • TEAM!INTERGALACTIC is provided sponsored cars (VW GROUP bands such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi) and drive to determined location (country club, resort, par three, or driving range) where they will have open practice sessions along side concerts and live DJ’s sessions. • Pro-Ams and Competitive Tournaments will follow. • Events will feature top golfers, top golfing celebrities, break-dancers, go-go dancers, super models, comedians, actors and actresses, CEO’s, politicians, World Leaders, and entrepreneurs. • Events are free or accessible with a paid ticket; on line; on pay per view; national television, or on our website.10) 4 MONTHS AFTER INTERGALACTIC!1 • Continue Filming INTERGALACTIC!ADVENTURES and all content building excitement for INTERGALACTIC!2, INTERGALACTIC!PRESENTS Concerts, etc. • Our big extravaganza in Dubai will mark the launch of our INTERGALACTIC!GOLF in DUBAI EXPERIENCE. • INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will open 3 new venues around the world on Monday, 12-17-12, the day immediately following the last day of our Dubai Launch. One (1) venue will be in Dubai, one (1) will be in Mumbai and, one (1) will be in Hong Kong. • 2013 welcomes hundreds of new INTERGALACTIC!GOLF venues strategically placed around the world. • Agreement made with various driving ranges in major cities around the world to hold a weekly/monthly INTERGALACTIC!GOLF driving range party with DJ’s. • Sell INTERGALACTIC!GOLF taped content and concept/plans to Sports Commissions and Chamber of Commerce’s around the world who will determine when to begin implementing INTERGALACTIC!GOLF VENUES and EVENTS. • Promote INTERGALACTIC!1 content thru viral video on INTERGALACTIC!TV various partner websites, thus building excitement and anticipation for INTERGALACTIC!2 taking place around August 2013. • Building out several of our other businesses, like INTERGALACTIC!TV, INTERGALACTIC ARTISTS starting with Sloan Showalter, and Todd Brown, ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 18
  20. 20. 11) 6-18 MONTHS AFTER INTERGALACTIC!1 • December 2013 will welcome INTERGALACTIC!3 (I!3). Starting in 2014, we will implement a MAJOR INTERGALACTIC EVENT every two-three months with 4-6 total events. • Starting in 2014, we will implement the National and International youth and adult qualifier series for INTERGALACTIC!PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS. • Starting in 2014, we will implement an International Intergalactic Qualifier Series for Amateurs and Youth that bring the best together through a series of local, national, and international qualifiers. The winners of both the Amateur Adult Division and Youth Divisions will compete at THE INTERGALACTIC!GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS scheduled the week after the season ending EUROPEAN TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP in Dubai. The winners will take home prize money, college scholarships, cars, clothing, and electronic goods from our sponsors, plus potentially a vacation apartment at The Jumeirah Palm or one of Dubai’s Luxury Developments.12) ON THE VALUE OF A GOLF CENTRIC EDUCATION • I am certain you understand the value in using golf as a leading global business, educational, travel, economic, and social stimulation tool. The game of golf is one of the most important tools given to man besides the ability to gain a proper education. Learning how to play golf is like going to school. If you have the knowledge and ability to play, those who can play and utilize the sport to create business and social opportunities are in far greater positions than those who do not know the game. • If we were to look at the financial well being of those who play versus those who do not play golf, you would see, those who play are making more money and in much better social standing than those who do not play golf. More than any other sport or activity, golf has a longstanding history of giving back to society. It starts with the value and sportsmanship, respect, and integrity that are inherent in the game and passed on to the children who learn the game, and continues with the billions of dollars that are raised annually for charities across the world. • Using a golf, arts, and an edutainment platform to both educate and jump-start our global economy will prepare young and old alike for an even more positive and more profitable future. I believe both of us can agree on this and so I ask for us to join forces to advance our most important and agreed upon concerns, namely the global restructuring of the golf industry, the education system, and the global economy simultaneously. All three are broken so it’s vital that we fix them together and integrate them into a nice package helping to positively advance humanity. Intergalactic is proud to lead these efforts with your support. Addressing all three simultaneously will lead to awesome results for the world and positive press all parties involved. A healthy and vibrant global golf industry is a healthy global economy. • Golf is a HUGE Social and Economic Mobility tool that can lift the children and humanity out of poverty. It is my desire for us to share this game with as many youth, young adults, and adults around the world as possible. The INTERGALACTIC!GOLF vision will turn golf into one of the most participated and spectator friendly sports in the world, helping to grow golf participation by at least 500 million over the next 8 years. This means we will grow the golf economy by $400-600 billion/year by year 8-10 of our implementation. This will create a multi-trillion dollar per year global stimulation platform reverberating in the industries and markets directly and indirectly connected with the golf market. • INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is incredible and will lead to The Dawn of a New Civilization. A Civilization where at least 95% of youth going to schools around the world, both private and public, are introduced to golf and given the skills and knowledge needed to feel comfortable and ready to go to one of our more than 1400 to-be-implemented INTERGALACTIC!GOLF branded venues located in cities around the world. Implementing this vision will create a golf-centric world that will systematically function incredibly better than the current world we are living. Again, a healthy, well functioning golf economy, is a rich global economy. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 19
  21. 21. ___________________________ INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES, INC. ™ EXTENDED EXECUTIVE SUMMARY1.1 SCOPE OF PROJECTGolf is not only one of the most popular sports in the world, it is also one of the very few that truly embody alifestyle. While golf is a global phenomenon that is viewed as a prestige activity on almost every continent, thatvery prestige effectively limits its mass-market appeal, excluding large portions of the population from thepotential marketplace. Today, less than 1% of the world’s population, or approximately 50 million people play thegame. Massive growth opportunity exists amongst the 30-40% of the world’s population who could participate.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF and its subsidiaries will broaden golf’s appeal to include segments previouslyunfamiliar with and uninterested in the sport, or unable to access its facilities or afford its lifestyle.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will use this enlarged base as a platform on which to launch a number of consumer-focused activities/businesses, as well as to support various social justice oriented organizations committed tosecuring the public interest.INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will launch in North America through a docu-reality television platform called,INTERGALACTIC!ADVENTURES, which follows Team Intergalactic and their CEO and Founder Luke Kohl,around the world as they implement their vision and mission for launching the global framework of venues andevents located in strategic locations around the world. The public launch will occur in The United Arab Emiratesduring The European Tour Championship in Dubai, December 2012. Expansion to other regions includingEurope, Asia, South America, Australia, and the Middle East will occur in short order. While the variousprofessional tours in each of these regions have seen considerable success, paralleling the growth in recreationalplay, there is significant room for additional expansion both within the traditional demographics and presentlyuntapped markets. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will leverage the existing resources and relationships of itsinternational partners to enter these markets in an effective fashion, while minimizing the cost of entry.INTERGALACTIC’s initiatives are predicated on bringing the rewards of golf to a broader, more diverse audience,while instilling on that audience a set of lifestyle experiences and attitudes built around the INTERGALACTICbrand. Our vision for the brand includes the core sports/active-lifestyle paradigm, but it also encompassesentertainment, education, technology, and marketing. All of these consumer activities will reflect our core values,which are centered around a celebration of the spiritual and social awakening so crucial to people today, especiallyyounger people. A key element of the offering will be our INTERGALACTIC branded golf clubs and cultural artfacilities that will host traveling live events, tied to both sports and entertainment.To deliver these lifestyle experiences, INTERGALACTIC will employ an innovative business model thatincorporates a group of related companies under the corporate umbrella, INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES.At the center is the INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES is INTERGALACTIC!GOLF which represents a brandedentertainment property in the form of global framework of branded facilities hosting a recurring live eventexperience and television show which airs on the INTERGALACTIC.TV NETWORK, thus leveraging the group ofINTERGALACTIC branded properties. Each sporting event, reality show, documentary, major motion picture,game show, or various entertainment property INTERGALACTIC creates is responsible for developing anddelivering each of the broad categories of consumer-facing activities while remaining true to and consistent withthe overall brand. Moreover, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF’s trademark will be enhanced by the environmentallysound practices of the entire network, which among other programs will include: 1) minimal land movement andexcavation during construction; 2) low impact, carbon neutral practices; 2) wind, solar, and alternative fuellowered facilities; 3) natural fertilizer, no pesticides or herbicides; 4) cutting edge recycling programs; 5) recycledirrigation systems with proper disposal of wastewater; 6) and more. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 20
  22. 22. 1.2 COMPANYINTERGALACTC!ENTERPRISES is the corporate umbrella comprising a number of separate corporatesubsidiary organizations carrying out the Enterprises broad mission and vision. Using our enhanced base, we willlaunch a number of synergistic consumer-facing activities. Under the INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENTumbrella, there will be several related subsidiaries, each focused on developing and delivering specific elements ofthe INTERGALACTIC vision. The principal subsidiaries described in this executive summary are:INTERGALACTIC!NETWORK, INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF,INTERGALACTIC!ADVENTURES, and INTERGALACTIC!PRESENTS. Other subsidiaries are listed anddescribed in the BUSINESSES and PROPERTIES SECTION below.The INTERGALACTIC!NETWORK is the centerpiece of INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT, a multifacetedorganization dedicated to greatly expanding the reach and popularity of golf, entertainment, and culture. Thenetwork will broadcast live content from our INTERGALACTIC!GOLF venues, which include nightclubs, golfcourses, driving ranges, dining facilities, and television broadcast centers. Domestic clubs are expected to belocated in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Orlando, Atlanta, San Diego, and San Francisco, whileinternational clubs will be situated in Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Singapore, and other warm and dry strategiclocations around the world. Management of INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT and all subsidiaries willdraw on individuals with extensive legal, business, and marketing experience in the worlds of sports,entertainment, consumer goods, and public relations. Experts in each of their respective industries and domainswill operate INTERGALACTIC’s various subsidiaries.1.3 INTERGALACTIC BUSINESSES & PROPERTIES: Each of these following subsidiaries will be managed as a stand-alone business with its own vision, mission, and P&L; however, strategy, operations, and infrastructure will be highly coordinated across the subsidiaries, ensuring that the businesses will operate in a structured cooperative fashion and not be overly “siloed,” as often happens in diversified organizations.a. INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES!INTERGALACTC!ENTERPRISES is the corporate umbrella holding group comprised of a number of separate corporate subsidiary organizations carrying out the Enterprises broad mission and vision.b. INTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT!Creators of The Future of Entertainment Programming. From sports, to drama, action adventure, comedy, documentary, docu-reality, sci-fi, animation, video games, major motion pictures, game shows, and more. Our programming airs on our network INTERGALACTIC.tvc. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!Technologically advanced branded par-3 golf courses, driving-ranges, miniature golf/family fun centers featuring traditional golf programming with a nightclub environment featuring live entertainment throughout the week. A seven-star, highly competitive professional golf tour combined with a major entertainment facet travels to all INTERGALACTIC!GOLF branded facilities creating a culture around the brand and venue, further extending the INTERGALACTIC lifestyle and culture. Many opportunities exist for different merchandising and product extensions such as golf club equipment, clothing, instructional books and videos, and more.d. INTERGALACTIC!ADVENTURES!The Docu-Reality Program starting it all. Showcases Team Intergalactic and CEO Luke Kohl traveling the world implementing the Intergalactic missions as requested by royalty, celebrities, corporations, not for profits, and governments. Showcases Team Intergalactic and CEO Luke Kohl implementing the global framework of venues and events. Develops into Adventure Animation, major motion picture series.e. INTERGALACTIC!TV! INTERGALACTIC!ENTERPRISES and its partners have created a network airing the variety of youth centered, popular culture driven programming connecting with 10-40 year olds. INTERGALACTIC.TV showcases Intergalactic!Sports, Intergalactic!Adventures docu-reality programming, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF, INTERGALACTIC!COMEDY, Drama, Action Adventure, Eco- Adventure, Youth Programming, Car Programming, Fashion Programming, Art and Culture Programming. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 21
  23. 23. f. INTERGALACTIC!PRESENTS!International mega stadium concerts, nightclub events, special cultural events, art events, promotions, and production.g. INTERGALACTIC!AIR!Civilian transportation in partnership with Etihad, Emirates, UPS, or Net Jets. Starts with private charter flights featuring celebrity bar tenders and live entertainment on the top deck. Transitions from a private charter into a special global flight entertainment experience.h. INTERGALACTIC!ESTATES!Hand picked 5-7 star commercial, resort, and residential properties located near and in major international destinations. Our properties both house our executives and artists, while being used as filming locations for our reality and major motion picture programming. These properties will gain massive attention and eventually rented out and used as luxury rentals.i. INTERGALACTIC!ENERGY!Wind and solar power partnership with Major International Wind, Solar Power and light companies. We will be opening wind and solar farms around the world. We will also be using wind and solar to power our golf facilities.j. INTERGALACTIC!TRANSPORT!Logistics, shipping, and cargo transport partnership with Etihad, Emirates, UPS, or Net Jets. Will start as B2B and after several years, branch out into B2C.k. INTERGALACTIC!1!Clothing brand in partnership with a major apparel company. Sleek, sexy, stylish, and breathable. Stylish and sexy enough to be worn at clubs, restaurants, and on the golf course.l. INTERGALACTIC!CLUBS! Sleek, Sexy, and Sophisticated nightclubs located around the world.m. INTERGALACTIC!SPEED!Partnership with a VW Group dedicated to creation of a most beautiful, environmentally friendly, very sleek, and very fast automobile.n. INTERGALACTIC!CHARITIES!Hand selected local and international not for profit charities acting as benefactors for our for profit businesses.o. INTERGALACTIC!SPORTS! The Future of Sports Entertainment like only Intergalactic can create. Our focus and entry is golf, but after making an impact here, we will be adding a full slate of added value INTERGALACTIC!SPORTS to our programming schedule.p. INTERGALACTIC!GAMES!Emerging out of Dubai in 2020. Professional sporting events showcasing a full array of INTERGALACTIC! SPORTING EVENTS helping take entertainment and competition to incredible new levels of excellence and competition.q. INTERGALACTIC!ENTREPRENEURS! Sports, Social, Entertainment Entrepreneurs are especially important to INTERGALACTIC’s mission for advancing humanity so we provide a variety of grants and awards so these creatives are able to pursue and fulfill their dreams, thus making an indelible impact on humanity.r. INTERGALACTIC!BANK! This is a traditional bank operating with new guidelines and standards promoting global citizenship and excellence across all levels.s. INTERGALACTIC!ARTISTS! Visual Artists, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Writers, Producers, Fashion Designers, Computer Graphic Artists-Artists of all kinds are welcome at INTERGALACTIC!ARTISTS. Here we provide networking opportunities, funding for projects, and career building opportunities. We fund and develop those artists who stand out above the rest.t. INTERGALACTIC!ELECTRONICS!in partnership with Sony, a line of consumer products such as phones, computers, watches, televisions, cameras, etc.u. INTERGALACTIC!MOBILE! In partnership with Sprint, we deliver the next level of national & International communication through 3D holograms rather than the current 2D visual seen on the flat screen. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 22
  24. 24. v. INTERGALACTIC!MUSIC!Developing artists is one of INTERGALACTIC’s specialties so we take great pride in finding the super star singers, rappers, and musicians of the future.w. S.E.E.E.--SPORTS!ENTERTAINMENT!EDUCATION!EMPOWERMENT!The S.E.E.E. Platform is an acronym for what fuels INTERGALACTIC. At all times, we are dedicated to empowering and inspiring youth around the world to be the best they can be.x. P.E.P.—PEOPLE!ENVIRONMENT!PROFITS! A key phrase illustrating the new triple bottom line paradigm for how business is done. We are dedicated to creating a positive, inspiring and empowering atmosphere. Our focus is always on the people we serve, the healthy and safe environment in which we serve, and the profits we make from doing business the right way.1.4 SERVICESINTERGALACTIC!ENTERTAINMENT will offer a host of products and services built around the core golfoffering. Central to the concept of INTERGALACTIC is the notion that golf facilities will also serve as venues forother types of entertainment activities and live broadcasts. INTERGALACTIC’s global framework of branded golfcenters will host live events on a regular basis, and will be the sites of large-scale traveling concert series (similarto touring music festivals, which have shown themselves to be popular and sustainable, even during times ofeconomic turmoil).The local events will be programmed locally, promoted internationally, and will adhere to INTERGALACTICstandards in terms of content, operations, and infrastructure, ensuring experiences consistent with the brand andefficiencies in terms of processes, purchasing, and contractual relationships. The traveling series will beprogrammed on a centralized basis, seeking out world-class cultural icons, entertainment, and golf talent. We willuse the resources of the entire INTERGALACTIC enterprise to develop, promote, and mount high-value,moderately priced entertainments. INTERGALACTIC’s focus is quality fun and excitement at an affordable priceso that the whole family can enjoy our offerings. In a sport where exclusivity, elitism, and chauvinism haspredominated, INTERGALACTIC enter the market as the change agent and strategic growth catalyst renovatingthe old system and paradigm with the new.The core golf offering will be significantly less expensive than that of traditional competitors. Part of the pricedifferential will come from economies of scale derived by the global scale of INTERGALACTIC, while additionalcost savings will come from the diverse businesses in which INTERGALACTIC is involved that leverage theinfrastructure and real estate of the organization. Throughout the development of INTERGALACTIC into a fullyfunctioning enterprise, documentary crews will film the daily activities of the founders and executive team to formthe basis of a reality show, INTERGALACTIC!ADVENTURES. This reality show will promote the brand; createviable opportunities for brand extensions; show the global good will INTERGALACTIC is focused on making inaddition to the superior entertainment value we provide at our venues and events. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 23
  25. 25. 1.5 OPERATIONSOver the next 10-20 years, INTERGALACTIC will implement or buy and rebrand 30 Mega Facilities, 500 drivingranges, 500 par 3 golf courses, and 300 Miniature golf courses/Family Fun Centers around the world. Thedriving ranges, par 3 courses and miniature golf courses will act as satellite facilities to the regional MegaFacilities. As each facility is launched, there will be a golf tournament and a concert marking the opening of thisfacility. The opening of the Mega-Facilities will feature a weeklong series of events including concerts, parties, artevents, celebrity golf competitions, and more. Our media partners will broadcast all events. Mega-Tournamentswill be premier golf events for both youth and professional players. Youth players will be able to qualify for theMega-Tournaments by participating in local tournaments hosted on a semiannual basis the Driving Ranges. Topwinners will qualify to participate in the Mega-Tournaments, which will be played at Mega-Facilities.INTERGALACTIC WILL OPERATE SIX TYPES OF FACILITIES: a. Mega-Facilities—30 Venues!approx.! $400-500 Million each!$15 Billion Located as close to the urban core as possible, each venue is a piece of art work created by one of the most famous architects in the world and comprises a par-three golf course, a driving range, multi-use athletic facilities, courts, spas capable of hosting large-scale events and tournaments. A broadcast news center will be included into the design of these facilities. Facilities are retrofitted with the most cutting-edge designs and technologies from Sony. Vibrant entertainment and dining facilities makes this venue a global gathering spot. b. Par 3 Facilities!500 Venues!approx.! $15 Million each!$7.5 Billion Located as close to the urban core as possible, these state of the art Sony Technology Venues feature 3, 6, and 9 hole courses, often with a driving range, dining facilities, and practice areas. Lights allow for nighttime play. Weekly events hosting top national and international entertainment talent help make this venue a major gathering spot for young and old alike. c. Driving Ranges!500 Venues!approx.!$15 Million each!$7.5 Billion Located in urban core locations around the world. Found on rooftops, vacant warehouse districts, River Banks (Like Chelsea Piers in NYC) and wherever there is available land. These venues are decked out with the latest and greatest Sony Technology and host smaller events. These venues will be single, double, triple, and quadruple level ranges with entertainment and dining facilities. Weekly entertainment events and occasional Intergalactic Adventures and Intergalactic!Golf Television Programming take place here. d. Miniature Golf Facilities!300 Venues!approx.!$10 Million each!$3 Billion Located as close to the urban core as possible, these miniature golf course venues are stand alone putt-putt golf courses and/or family fun centers. Our entertainment tour travels to all our locations and inspires, empowers, and creates an indelible bond between the youth and/or adult and INTERGALACTIC. e. Resort Courses/Hotels!30 Venues!approx.!$250 Million each !$7.5 Billion In Strategic locations around the world, we will start buying depressed valued resorts in key locations. Some resorts we buy will not be depressed in value. We will always look for the best bargains locations as close to the urban core as possible. . Night Club Venues!30 Venues!approx.! $10 Million each! $300 Million In each city where INTERGALACTIC maintains a mega facility, we will also build a separate night club downtown where the good times can continue long after the golf course closes. Thee venues will include excellent cuisine, tremendous service, a one of a kind aura, and beautiful experiences. No two venues will be the same. Venues are available for private parties or nightly paying customers, product launches, or VIP parties hosted by various celebrities, artists, and entertainers who are part of INTERGALACTIC!GOLF. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 24
  26. 26. 1.6 GOLF INDUSTRY ECONOMIC ANALYSISOver the past several decades, professional golf has developed into a major sport on a worldwide basis, supportedby a number of tours, differentiated by geography, gender, and age. However, these tours, successful as they are,continue to represent the traditionalist view of golf as a sport of the well to do. These tours, while excellent for thehard-core traditionalist, do not help convert non-golfers to golfers and occasional golfers to avid golfers. Toactivate new golfers, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF has created a golf experience connecting with the emotionalsocial, spiritual, and intellectual touch points of humanity.There are approximately 25 million golfers in the United States and less than 55 million worldwide. As significantas this number is, it is actually much smaller than the number of U.S. golfers and world golfers of only a few yearsago. Even among the core demographics, issues including price, time, location, exclusivity, discrimination, peergroup participation, lack of fun, and elitism by those who manage golf facilities, and accessibility have contributedto the decline in golf’s mainstream appeal. Additionally, golf has a difficult time among younger potential playersand audiences because they have been increasingly drawn to other sports that seem more youth-oriented, hipper,and enjoyed by their social peer group. Presently access, location, price, and value of golf are major factorshindering global growth.45-55 million worldwide golfers is less than 1% of the worlds population. Actually this is 0.0074 of the world’spopulation. That means there is massive growth potential. Let’s look at what happens when we grow the game ofgolf by 10% of the world’s population. We will attract 670 million people and on average each one of these playerscontributes $1,000 to the golf economy each year. This means we bring in approximately $670 billion per year.If we grow golf by only 5% of the worlds population, we will attract 335 million people x $1,000 = $335 billion peryear. If we grow golf by 3% of the worlds population, which is 201 million people x $1000 =$201 billion per year.And if we grow golf by only 1% of the worlds population, we will bring 67 million new golfers to the market. Thisis valued at $67 billion per year. Golf is incredibly profitable when it connects with the emotional and socialtouch points of humanity. We must make experiences that can “Wow”, entertain, hold the attention of, and helpattract social peer groups. Making golf an affordable, quality experience with plenty of entertainment for thewhole family is our key to unlocking massive global golf growth.NUMBERS SURROUNDING INTERGALACTIC!GOLF: • Lets grow golf by 10% of the world’s population. This means 670,000,000 people and on average each one of these contributes $1,000 to the golf economy each year. 670,000,000 x $1,000 = $670,000,000,000/year • Lets grow golf by only 5% of the world’s population. This means 335,000,000 X $1,000 = $335,000,000,000/year • Lets grow golf by 3% of the worlds population. This means=>201,000,000 x $1,000 = $201,000,000,000/year • Lets grow golf by 1% of the worlds population. This means => 67,000,000 x $1000 = $67,000,000,000/yearGolf has seen its popularity continue to grow in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Nonetheless, even in theseregions, that popularity has been primarily driven by the elites. According to Golf 20/20, golf was a $62 billionindustry in 2002 and grew to $76 billion by 2007. Again, as large as these numbers are, they are built on thatdeclining base of 25 million players. The opportunities to expand these revenues are significant. Particularlywhen combined with an integrated entertainment offering that adds to the overall appeal of the offering (andplaces it firmly within the $3 trillion global market for media and entertainment). ImplementingINTERGALACTIC!GOLF will be responsible for significantly increasing the $3 trillion global media andentertainment market by at least several trillion dollars per year once we have implemented Globally. Theeconomic, social, education, and athletic opportunities that INTERGALACTIC!GOLF presents the world areunparallel and will help jump start the global economy, create millions of jobs, inspire and empower humanity,and much more. Below are some important stats illustrating the global opportunity and impactINTERGALACTIC!GOLF is positioned to achieve: ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 25
  27. 27. • A comprehensive new study, commissioned by the World Golf Foundations GOLF 20/20 initiative, has determined that golf in the United States generated $76 billion in direct economic impact in 2005, up significantly from $62 billion five years ago. SRI International conducted the 2005 Golf Economy Report. It was designed by the leadership of GOLF 20/20 as an update to a similar SRI study that measured the U.S. golf economy in 2000. • The report indicates that golf generated a total economic impact of $195 billion in 2005, creating approximately 2 million jobs with wage income of $61 billion. • The report also confirmed that, as first determined in the 2002 study, golf remains a very significant segment of the U.S. economy. At $76 billion in 2005 direct revenues, the U.S. golf economy is larger than the motion picture and video industries. At $28 billion, revenues from golf facility operations exceed facility revenues from all professional and semi-professional spectator sports combined. • As it did for 2000, the report identified the financial contributions from the games core segments, including golf facility operations ($28 billion); golf course capital investment ($3.6 billion); golfer supplies ($6.1 billion); tournaments, golf associations, and endorsements ($1.7 billion); and charities ($3.5 billion). Also included is the impact on "enabled" industries, such as hospitality/tourism ($18 billion) and real estate ($15 billion).Implementation of INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will initially shock the traditional golf world, but the establishmentwill soon recognize this fully immersive new experience is attracting many more participants than the traditionalgame. They will see that INTERGALACTIC!GOLF represents a path to a better, more cohesive world, and that atits fullest potential it can generate worldwide economic stimulation, significant job creation, and markedlyimproved socio-cultural-personal standards.1.7 MARKET STRATEGY • Given golf’s past negative issues with youth, female, and ethnic demographics, INTERGALACTIC is focused on appealing to these underserved groups and all ethnicities with a new and refreshed attitude. Frankly, golf has done an inadequate job in garnering and maintaining the consumer support, attention, and popularity that it could. While celebrity golfer Tiger Woods (especially before his personal issues became widely known) attracted large followings, we believe that the game should be appealing on its own merits. Golf suffers from a perception of exclusivity, elitism, and chauvinism; thus, INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will redefine golf’s perception with affordability, awesome service, and quality entertainment programming accessible to all people. • The INTERGALATIC!GOLF model will provide a legacy framed by the sports’ genuine courtesy, civility, and the discipline it teaches. The social, economic, and entertainment value INTERGALACTIC!GOLF promotes far outweighs that of any other leisure time activity that families, couples, or individuals can enjoy. Unlike other sports, golf maintains an institutional framework defined by values of courtesy, social justice, camaraderie, sportsmanship, strategy, resilience, and more. • INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will leverage these qualitative value oriented elements in order to sell our golf experience to the masses. • INTERGALACTIC will create a more egalitarian experience focused on moving from an individual framework to an institutional framework providing social justice, access, and personal development, regardless of class, race, or educational background. • INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will create ample programming for youth by combining it with proven youth- oriented activities and global philanthropic and social justice outreach. Our programming will have added value entertainment adding to the overall experience, thus making a day at the INTERGALACTIC!GOLF Facility a very enriching and exciting experience people of all ages will desire to attend over and over again. • The INTERGALACTIC!GOLF EXPERIENCE will be addictive and no two visits will ever be the same. While we expect to eventually be embraced by the traditional players in golf, we plan to explicitly target underserved segments, big and small, including younger demographics, women, and ethnicities that have not typically appreciated (or been appreciated by) the sport. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 26
  28. 28. • Based on INTERGALACTIC’s brand attributes, we believe sub-cultural groups that have often avoided golf will now flock to the game. • The INTERGALACTIC celebration will appeal to non-golfers and golfers alike and create community in a sport where there has been very little. • At least 10% of our gross annual revenues will be directed towards artists, organizations, and individuals who are dedicated to creating excellence in the world through special innovative creative and social entrepreneurial projects positively impacting communities around the world, all in the name of INTERGALACTIC.1.8 SOCIAL & EDUCATIONAL IMPACTKey to the vision of INTERGALACTIC!GOLF is the notion that golf should not be relegated to the wealthy or theprivileged, but should, in fact, be enjoyed by consumers from any and all backgrounds. While issues around timerequirements, location, access to, and cost of facilities, training, and equipment have limited golf’s appeal in thepast, we fundamentally believe that our lower-cost, people-friendly, added value business model will bring thegame to segments that have previously not considered golf to be an appealing pastime.We believe offering golf and golf-related activities to these new segments will improve the quality of their lives,allowing them new outlets in which to interact socially both within and outside their current demographic groups.This increased flexibility will benefit individuals personally by expanding their knowledge and understanding ofothers, while at the same time, giving them entrée to groups that they might previously have been excluded from.Furthermore, it will serve the higher societal good of increasing the diversity against all criteria of ourcommunities and the world.The INTERGALACTIC!GOLF platform will create tremendous success for all brands looking to use golf as acomprehensive global integrated marketing, advertising, and pr platform. INTERGALACTIC!GOLF will growthe golf industry by 100’s of millions of new golfers over the next 5-10 years. We will make prolific contributionsto job availability, charity fundraising, and the economic success of the world. INTERGALACTIC will donate atleast 10% of gross profits to charities and individuals who make positive contributions to humanity. We willpromote artists, social entrepreneurs, and the global citizen who makes our planet a safer and more enrichedglobal community. INTERGALACTIC is dedicated to being the difference and making the difference for all peoplefrom all walks of life. We take pride in the global outreach we conduct for less fortunate both throughprogramming at our INTERGALACTIC!GOLF venues, as well as through the outreach we do in socio-economically deprived areas around the world. We will empower and inspire humanity with our vision and wewill attain a level of excellence never before achieved by any company based on our mission, vision, and actions.We ascribe to the key phrase P.E.P-People, Environment, and Profits. This is an acronym illustrating the newparadigm for how INTERGALACTIC business is done. We are dedicated to creating a positive, inspiring, andempowering atmosphere for humanity at our venues and through all programming. Our focus is always on thepeople we serve, the healthy, safe environment in which we serve them, and the profits we make from doingbusiness the right way.Accessible golf programming is so very important to the future success of humanity. Learning golf will became agold standard for humanity and thus, we will be able to help increase the overall value youth experience growingup. While not all youth will vibe to this sport, learning the key attributes and life skills of the sport will make avery important impact in their lives. Those youth and young adults who do participate in golf have a far greaterchance of graduating from high school, going to college, and becoming productive human beings with good payingjobs. Regardless of where these youth live, INTERGALACTIC will be working with youth of all socio-economicbackgrounds in order to use golf’s full powers as the ultimate economic mobility tool. The statistics show that ifsomeone has played golf, they are more likely to succeed and create excellence for themselves and those aroundthem. Our youth programming will be full of empowerment tools and give youth and young adults the chance tomaximize golf’s intrinsic value like never before. This is of great benefit to humanity sinceINTERGALACTIC!GOLF is Globally Implemented. Implementing INTERGALACTIC!GOLF programming willfoster a golf centric plant, empowering and inspiring humanity like never before. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 27
  29. 29. • I am certain you understand the value in using golf as a leading global business, educational, travel, economic, and social stimulation tool. The game of golf is one of the most important tools given to man besides the ability to gain a proper education. Learning how to play golf is like going to school. If you have the knowledge and ability to play, those who can play and utilize the sport to create business and social opportunities are in far greater positions than those who do not know the game.• If we were to look at the financial well being of those who play versus those who do not play golf, you would see, those who play are making more money and in much better social standing than those who do not play golf. More than any other sport or activity, golf has a longstanding history of giving back to society. It starts with the value and sportsmanship, respect, and integrity that are inherent in the game and passed on to the children who learn the game, and continues with the billions of dollars that are raised annually for charities across the world.• Using a golf, arts, and an edutainment platform to both educate and jump-start our global economy will prepare young and old alike for an even more positive and more profitable future. I believe both of us can agree on this and so I ask for us to join forces to advance our most important and agreed upon concerns, namely the global restructuring of the golf industry, the education system, and the global economy simultaneously. All three are broken so it’s vital that we fix them together and integrate them into a nice package helping to positively advance humanity. Intergalactic is proud to lead these efforts with your support. Addressing all three simultaneously will lead to awesome results for the world and positive press all parties involved. A healthy and vibrant global golf industry is a healthy global economy. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 28
  30. 30. ___________________________________________2.0 APPENDIX4 WEBSITES:1) http://www.lukekohl.tv2) http://www.intergalacticgolf.tv3) http://www.intergalacticentertainment.tv4) http://www.mackdaddycaddy.tv5) POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS1) A CLEAR & COGENT 3 PAGE INTERGALACTIC IMPLEMENTATION PLAN: 9 SLIDE POWER POINT BY BOOZ&COMPANYFuture Global Golf & Entertainment League. The first document prepared for me by Booz&Company concerningthe creation of our new tour/league-INTERGALACTIC!GOLF. 22 SLIDE INTERGALACTIC!GOLF MOBILE APP. POWER POINT:Created by Yoli Chisholm, one of Microsofts Top Mobile Marketing Professionals and my friend. 49 SLIDE INTERGALACTIC!GOLF POWER POINTThe fourth document is a long power point laying out INTERGALACTIC!GOLF. Will better help You understandthe vision as there are significant visuals. Please use this power point for visuals and overall energy. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 29
  31. 31. ________________________________________________________________2.1 TEAM INTERGALACTICGARY ADLER DIRECT: 310-433-4197Is a leader in the broadcast and motion design industry, infusing a youthful exuberance, sense of humorand high production value into our signature brand of live-action and animated advertainment. Asought after production studio since September of 2003, Four-Eyed Films clients include WarnerBrothers, Disney, Nickelodeon, Planet Green, Universal, Rainbow Media, Fox, TV Guide Channel, MTV,J. Walter Thompson, Coca Cola, and many more. Founder Gary Adler brings 20 years of branding,designing, animating and advertising experience to each client challenge. He is an inspirer of youngtalent and a natural leader of creative thinkers and doers. Four-Eyed Films has branded 3 HD networkstart-ups and has created dozens of show packages, promo and advertising graphics and completemarketing campaigns for multiple broadcast platforms and properties. Clients continue to hire Four-Eyed Films for their ability to deliver clever concepts with big sound, visuals and high-concept messagesthat lead to positive audience response. Gary will be responsible for branding, leading ouranimation team, programming interface with our partners, and a variety of advertisingroles.JERRY ANDERSON DIRECT: 303-382-2789Is an internationally recognized architect with more than 25 years of experience in the design,construction and operations of some of the most prestigious events and sports facilities worldwide. He isrecognized for his unique experience in the design of temporary facilities and venues and has becomethe foremost authority in the sport and special event industry. As the head of HOK Event, he leads agroup of highly talented event professionals who have significant experience in major events for football,baseball, international games, Olympics, soccer, cricket, golf, auto racing, festivals and politicalconventions. Jerry has been the consultant to the International Olympic Committee for facility andvenue standards for Summer and Winter Olympic Games and the Games Study Commission. He hasbeen the coordinating architect for the National Football League for the past 25 Super Bowls and 8 ProBowls; for all nine venues in 1994 for World Cup Soccer; Director of Event Venue Planning for the 1996Olympic Summer Games and served as the Managing Director of Venue Development for the 2002Olympic Winter Games. Recently, Jerry is providing significant design guidance and leadership for theLondon 2012 Olympic Bid. Jerry and POPULOUS play a very important role in live eventproduction, architecture design, interface with major motion picture teams, setting outthe overall strategy for implementation and touring schedule. Jerry and POPULOUS aresignificant partners for INTERGALACTIC. ! 818.8133790!!1-18-12 INTERGALACTIC!GOLF!PAGE 30