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  • Fig 1.1 p14 Disc psych
  • Careers in psych

    2. 2. Psychology Psychology is the academic and applied study of mental processes and behaviour. Psychology also involves the application of knowledge to various spheres of human activity, from daily life, work and family to the treatment of severe mental health problems.
    3. 3. Psychology • 1. 2. 3. Today psychology is popular as: Art Science & Profession
    4. 4. Psychology • Why study Psychology? 1. Want to learn about the human mind? You 2. 3. 4. have come to the right place. Why do people react to certain things in certain ways? What can make people happy or sad, and how can we use that in the modern world? Learning Psychology will teach you all about the behaviour of people and how their minds work, which can useful everywhere.
    5. 5. Psychology • Benefit of study Psychology 1. You can go get a graduate designation and 2. 3. 4. become a professional psychologists. It is a well respected profession around the world and is well-paying as well. Beyond professional psychology you can apply your knowledge to studies of human behaviour in anthropological and social scenarios all over the world or in laboratory settings. You can use your knowledge of people to pursue a career in law, management or education. Help save the world by helping the needy through social work or fighting crime in criminology. Psychology grads are in demand everywhere.
    6. 6. Psychology Psychologists: Ours saviours in this stressful world
    7. 7. Psychology Due to increase in work pressure and competition in our lives, we face lot of stress and burnout which may make us depressed or lead to stress-related ailments. In this fast-moving world psychologists play a very important role in healing our headache and heartache.
    8. 8. Psychology • Today trained psychologists are sought 1. 2. 3. after in all spheres of our lives: From school to hospitals From courts to NGOs From armed forces to the corporate world
    9. 9. Psychology • Psychology is one of the most sought after courses in • • Indian universities as well. From counselling to recruiting to understanding the psyche of criminals and social work, there is plethora of career options for psychology professionals. It is observed that the need for trained psychologists to cater to the needs of schools, colleges, hospitals, NGOs and industry is increasing. Though the career options in psychology are immense there is a dearth of students in this field.
    11. 11. Psychology • This career is for a person with an analytical mind and strong • • • • • • communication skills. A psychologist should have a tolerant, subtle, methodical and mature personality. He should be understanding and ethical by nature. Difficult situations are encountered by a psychologist on a regular basis; therefore, he must be able to handle them well. Since psychologists work alongside other professionals like doctors, nurses, and assistants, good team work is imperative. The job involves interaction with individuals, couples, families, and groups which requires attributes like intelligence, problem solving capabilities, creative thinking, reliability and sensitivity. Psychologists should be able to accept individuals from all strata of society and show an interest in people and the problem they face in life.
    12. 12. Psychology Opinion of an expert: “ if you are patient, a good listener and considered as a shoulder to cry on, then you will make a good psychologist.”
    13. 13. Psychology • Other qualities required for a 1. 2. 3. psychologist is : An understanding, Optimistic and An intuitive nature.
    14. 14. Psychology Minimum qualification for a trained Psychologists 1. Master in Psychology 2. Specialization/training in one of the following fields as per his interest and aptitude.
    15. 15. Psychology Psychologists work in either research, medical, clinical or diagnostic fields; following are the specializations
    16. 16. Psychology 1. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY For specialization in this field one has to do a M. Phil in Clinical Psychology and can use counselling and therapy to treat their patients. A clinical psychologist can work in hospitals and NGOs and health centers. Hospitals like Max healthcare, Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi Psychiatric Center are among the recruiters in India.
    17. 17. Psychology 2. CHILD OR DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY A student with M.A. in Psychology can work in the field of child psychology and can counsell in schools, colleges, NGOs and research organizations. A child psychologists deals with behavioural problems like hypertension, learning disabilities, aggression, dyslexia and other stress related problems.
    18. 18. Psychology Expert opinion “ The scope in this field is increasing as there are more schools opting for counselors not only for students to discuss their problems, but guide them with career options by assessing their aptitude and interest via psychological testing.” 
    19. 19. Psychology 3. ORGANIZATIONAL OR INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY A M.A. in Psychology with specialization in this or a MBA in Human Resource (HR) or a Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations is required. Here, the corporate house hire psychologists to apply psychological principles and techniques for recruitment purposes, counseling and dealing with administration, management and marketing problems. BPOs like Wipro, American Express, Empower and HCL are among the recruiters.
    20. 20. Psychology 4. SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY M.A. in Psychology or Sociology or a Diploma in Counselling can enable students to work in NGOs or Rehabilitation Centers. They deal with divorces, relationships, work pressure, marriages, sexual abuse, harassment, alcohol and drugs. NGOs like Praayas, Sanjivani, Saarthak, Richmond foundation, Amitasha hire counseling psychologists.
    21. 21. Psychology 5. DEFENCE/MILITARY PSYCHOLOGY The need for trained psychologists is immense in defence services--- from recruiting army personnel to counsel them. There is always a psychologist in the selection board for jawans. They also counsel them and help them to adjust in high altitudes and places far from home. Defence organizations like Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) and Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) hire trained psychologists.
    22. 22. Psychology 6. CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY/ FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY Though this field has not developed much in India but trained criminologists can work with police, jails, juvenile centres, and hospitals.
    23. 23. Psychology A professional in this field can work as:  Expert Witness  Law enforcement Consultant  Independent Consultant  Victim advocates  Forensic Counselors  Forensic Expert  Forensic psychologist  Forensic Civil justice staff  Forensic Manager
    24. 24. Psychology      Key responsibilities: Developing and executing treatment programmes Understanding criminals mind and behaviour Understanding the changing behaviour of criminals Creating new activities to manage stress of staff and prisoners Producing expert evidence in court
    25. 25. Psychology EXPERT COMMENTS “ After 9/11 police forces have taken the aid of trained psychologists to review the crime scene and understand the psyche of terrorists. Hence the one interested have a good scope abroad. The need is also felt in forensic science.” 
    26. 26. Psychology SELF EMPLOYED PSYCHOLOGISTS They can own and manage their own business and have full control over their affairs. There is potential to earn high salaries in this profession, and it provides challenges and calls for creative thinking. Psychologists also enjoy having a high status in society in which they are well recognized and respected. 
    27. 27. Psychology COMPETITION Employment opportunities are estimated to grow between 10 and 20 % by 2010, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Opportunities are especially on the rise for those with a graduate/master’s degree. Some specialities like school, industrial and clinical psychologies are rapidly expanding, hence necessitating the need for more trained professionals. 
    28. 28. Psychology LOCATIONS FOR GOOD CAREER  Job opportunities exist in virtually every country.  Europe, USA, New Zealand and Australia are popular places to try out for research and scholarships.  Chances are especially bright in third world countries due to a lack of psychologists. 