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INSZoom Immigration Conference 2017 – What’s the latest in global compensation and tax trends?


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With international assignments becoming a standard career path for many employees, today, the typical expat could be any age, experience level or nationality. Global tax and compensation trends are changing very rapidly more than ever before. The big question is – Have you reviewed your organization’s expat programs for applicability in the current market?

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INSZoom Immigration Conference 2017 – What’s the latest in global compensation and tax trends?

  1. 1. Day 2 : Global Immigration Conference What’s the latest in global compensation and tax trends?
  2. 2. "How can you contribute to our bottom line?" applies to both the employer's business objectives and the employee's personal needs. Applies to both employer and employee
  3. 3. Global Compensation Trend • US – Proposed increase in H1b wages to $ 130,000 • UK – ICT GBP 41,500 for Long term work • Global Salary increases • America – sluggish? Effect of Baby Boomers retiring • Europe – E Europe faring better than W Europe • Asia – to see increases • Market salaries at a minimum for Assignees
  4. 4. BENEFITS, HEATLH & WELLNESS FLEXIBILITY TECHNOLOGY & TRANPARENCY PERSONALIZATION Global Compensation Trends Approach • Skill based performance evaluation and continuous coaching • Customizing pay and benefits to address the employee’s life stage and personal needs • Creating alternate paths of career growth (allowing movement from manager to individual contributors / technical to support roles) • Revisiting the talent strategy to offer contract based opportunities • Crowd source talent with attractive benefits for specific projects • Speed and agility drives commitment and better results • Better technology drives timely and informed decisions • Compensation analytics on job levels, skills, market benchmark, long term incentives and gender parity are readily available • Administration is becoming easier and transparent • Going beyond the traditional insurances • Introducing timely managed wellness campaigns • Mindfulness • Comprehensive benefits around child care, lunch and transport that create a sense of security and well being
  5. 5. • Tax reform every 30 years – 1954,1986 2018? Are we in the middle of a Perfect Storm? • India signing tax agreements with USA • Non-technical skillsets continue to be in high demand in 2017 and it will now be essential for tax professionals to be able to effectively communicate within tax, cross-functional groups, business units, at the C-level, and with outside advisors • Transfer pricing candidates will be in high demand due to new BEPS rules and regulations, potential tax reform changes and non-US tax audit pressure revolving around transfer pricing globally. As a result, indirect tax roles will unlikely be a focus for US corporate tax departments. Global Tax Trends - USA
  6. 6. • Europe: BEPS implementation and US tax reform will create a more transparent tax landscape. In these politically volatile times, tax professionals and tax departments will need to be adaptable • LATAM: This region will face a few challenges in 2017 including increased tax reviews and audits; modifications to the official tax audit process; and governments adapting to future changes in tax collection systems. Additionally, the LATAM region relies on several trade agreements that are under review and any changes will affect economies, which in turn impacts taxes • APAC: Expect tax authority activity to step up in terms of aggressiveness and intensity. Raising awareness of the importance of tax to C-Suite will become increasingly important. Recruiting tax professionals with the ability to understand the business, their issues and drivers, and to be able to devise tax strategy accordingly is now more important than ever • Middle East: 2017 promises to be a very exciting time from a recruitment perspective for a few reasons, such as the implementation of VAT in 2018, increased frequency of audits, oil prices steadily increasing and improved conditions for emerging markets recovery Global Tax Trends – Non USA
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