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Vmware v sphere 5


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Vmware v sphere 5

  1. 1. VMWARE vSphere 4 & 5 Practical Implementation on Real Time Data Centers Introduction to Virtualization Managing VM’s through ESX commands Understanding virtualization Understanding VMware tools Virtualization products Deploying VMware tools Introduction to VMware ESX/ESXi Server Configuring VM’S to auto start & auto shutdown Understanding features of ESX/ESXi Server Understanding product portfolio of VMware Installation of ESX Server Planning ESX/ESXi Server Understanding requirements Deploying ESX Server Understanding vSphere Client Understanding ESX/ESXi Licensing Understanding & Deploy Virtual Machines Understanding storage Technologies DAS SAN NAS ISCSI ESX Storage Configuring storage adaptors Understanding VMFS file system Configuring VMFS partitions Deploying virtual machines Adding ISCSI Storage Editing virtual machines Adding NAS Storage Removing virtual machines Adding FC SAN Storage Deploying guest operating system into VM Virtual Networking
  2. 2. Understanding VLAN’S Trunks Understanding VSwitch & port group Configuring virtual Switch & port groups Understanding VM kernel Adaptor Configuring load balancing Understanding Security policies Configuring Traffic shaping policies Install & configure v center Sever 5 Understanding Features of v center server Understanding Architecture of vCenter Installing v center server Upgrading v center server 4.1 to 5.0 Create and modify user permission in ESX server Adding and modify users Defining & Applying roles Scheduled TASK,Events & Alarms Understand Task,Events & Alarms Configuring SMTP Configuring Alarms VM Migration Understanding classic & storage VMotion Configuring Classic & storage VMotion Testing Classic & storage VMotion Understanding v center Licensing Distributed Switch Adding ESX Hosts to v center Sever Understanding Distributed Switch Architecture VM Management v center Server Understanding cloning & templates Cloning VM’s Configuring Distributed Switch Understanding VLAN Trunks Deploying VM’s using templates Configure private VLAN Trunks & Private VLAN’S Preparing Templates Resource pools User Acess Control Configuring CPU & Memory resources Understand roles & Privileges Understanding resource pools
  3. 3. Configuring resource pools Checking vmware ESX Logs Understanding VMware clusters Checking V center server logs Understanding DRS Clusters Verify ESX, VC Services Understanding HA Clusters Troubleshooting VM issues Configure & test HA clusters VMware Update Manager Fault Tolerance Installation update manager Understanding Fault Tolerance Configuring update manager Understanding Enhanced Vmotion Deploy patch to ESX Servers Configuring Fault Tolerance Testing Fault Tolerance UP-gradation of Server VDR Backup Requirements for migration Understanding VDR Upgradation to ESX 5 from ESX 4.1/4.0 Installation and Configuring VDR Scheduling Backup jobs vSphere command line interface Restoring VM’s Managing ESXi Testing Backup jobs Managing VM’s VMware Converter Managing storage and network Converting physical to virtual machine (p2v) Troubleshooting ESXi using CLI Converting virtual to virtual (v2v) Understanding OVF format Understanding ESX Server hardware Architecture VMware logs & Services Understanding ESX operating system Understanding Virtualization kernel
  4. 4. Understanding CPU, memory management Understanding ballooning Understanding Transparent page sharing