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This document was created by an individual or individuals who submitted a proposal so he / she / they may present at the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiative’s 2011 Conference on Service and Volunteerism (GCSV11). This proposal was approved by the Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism (ICCSV) and other community partners. Sharing this document is a courtesy extended by the OFBCI to conference attendees who may want to reference materials covered at the GCSV11, and the OFBCI in no way not responsible for specific content within.

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Gcsv next generation volunteers-kristin clements-effner-bridging the gap handout

  1. 1. Bridging the Gap: Generation as Culture Values Characteristics Traditionalists  Hard work  Seniority important  Loyalty  Less tech savvy(Born 1927-1945)  Personal interaction and relationships  Supportive of hierarchy  History  Team players  Disciplined work ethic  Prefer personal communication to technology  Structure and authority  Hardworking and loyal to employer Baby Boomers  Independent and self reliant  Goal oriented and career focused  Work  Competitive(Born 1946-1964)  Prosperity  Work defines them and a way to evaluate others  Community involvement  Adaptive  Ownership  Pragmatic  Competence  Cynical Generation X  Contribution  Adaptable  Feedback and recognition  Independent and self reliant(Born 1965-1980)  Autonomy  Productive  Time with a mentor/supervisor  Comfortable with authority but not impressed with  Flexibility titles  Work/life balance  Technically competent  Quality outcomes and performance  Dislike being micromanaged Generation Y  Self expression  Adapt rapidly  Life enjoyment  Crave change and challenge(Born 1980-1994)  Social and family relationships  Committed and loyal when dedicated an idea  Respect is earned  Global in perspective  Change  Multitasking  Diversity  Active involvement  Flexibility  Like to work in teams  Relaxed work environment  Like everything now  Question authority  Feeling of entitlement Generation Z  Individualism  Challenge in interpersonal communications  Technology  Self discovery important(Born 1994-2004)  Instant action and satisfaction  Multitasking  Everyone is equal  Self directed  Socially responsible corporations and products  Communicate and have interpersonal relationships via technology © 2010 Catalyst X-Change, Inc.
  2. 2. Bridging the Gap: Generations in the Workplace Feedback Communication Balance Strength in the WorkplaceTraditionalists Do not often give or Prefer face to face or Entering retirement and Value for wisdom and expect feedback, but written communication ready to pursue balance in organization history. when given it is that assists in building work and life and want the When technology fails, will trustworthy and authentic. trust. support and approval of be able to quickly employer to seek that implement a response. balance.Baby Boomers Expect feedback to be Prefer open and direct Realize the importance of Value for experience and given on a regular basis communication that is balance due to changing utilized as regarding performance face to face or via phone. family situations, mentors/coaches. and where they stand in Utilize staff meetings to approaching retirement, the workplace. Desire allow for discussion. caring for aging parents coaching from peers. and are asking for help in how to balance life and work.Generation X Expect instant and Prefer open Desire a work/life balance Value for innovative ideas continuous feedback communication that gets and flexibility due to and creative solutions. regarding performance. to the bottom line via face having small children and Desire coaching to face or email. May get wanting to balance experiences that allow bored at staff meetings responsibilities better than them to show expertise. that involved extensive their parents. discussion before making a decision.Generation Y Expect constant feedback Prefer immediate Seek to balance work and Value for understanding regarding performance feedback via email or chat lifestyle, with more focus technology and ways to and how work connects rooms. Like teamwork on lifestyle and utilize to improve existing with the larger vision. and meetings that allow friend/family services and programs. Desire mentoring for active participation in relationships. relationships that focuses decision making. on self growth. © 2010 Catalyst X-Change, Inc.
  3. 3. © 2010 Catalyst X-Change, Inc.