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30 sec inclusion training - Introduction


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An introduction about 30 Second Inclusion Trainings.

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30 sec inclusion training - Introduction

  1. 1. Hello!This is your 30 Second Introduction to Inclusion Training Brought to you by the Office of Faith Based andCommunity Initiatives (OFBCI). Click here to begin
  2. 2. Can I learn from a 30 Second Inclusion Training? It’s your choice…I don’t have time for a quiz.I won’t learn anything new.I don’t need this information.Why not, it will only take ½ aminute or less .
  3. 3. Ouch!! PLEASE …TRY AGAIN30 seconds is a very short period of time.It has taken you just about 30 seconds toread this incorrect answer.
  4. 4. Come on…you can do better.Only teenager’s know everything …but if you really do… then getting arefresher can only put energy backinto the process.
  5. 5. You never know, what you might need to know.Information is Powerand it will help youprovide better serviceto your clients.
  6. 6. Great Choice!Knowledge, even when in the form of a reminder is abenefit to the person receiving it and those he interactswith. Look forward to future “30 Second Trainings” withuseful information to better serve your programs. For more information contact: Mariann Bernlohr Training & Inclusion Manager Home Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives 317-234-5891