Twitter, Google+, and Google Places for Business


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Twitter, Google+, and Google Places for Business

  1. 1. Twitter Google+Google Places For Business
  2. 2. TwitterWhy Use Twitter?● Twitter accounts and Twitter posts rank high in search engines.● Twitter has over 200 million users, with 1/3 of them residing in the United States.● With an easy "Facebook Posts to Twitter," step, it can be relatively easy to maintain a Twitter account and take advantage of search engine optimization.Can you afford to "skip" Twitter?● Recent reports show that 70-80% of Twitter accounts are abandoned.● Many people use Twitter only to follow news or celebrities.
  3. 3. Twitter - User NameSetting Your User Name● User names CAN be changed, however it is not recommended to do so with an established account.● No more than 15 characters. For example: LakeviewFontana● This is also known as your Twitter handle: @LakeviewFontana● This is your Twitter URL: Twitter. com/LakeviewFontana
  4. 4. Twitter - Your NameProfile Name (or YOUR name)1. Always use your business name insteadof your personal name – much greaterrecognition. For example: Lakeview at Fontana2. This is the name that is used when youfollow someone and they receive an email thatyou are following them. Oftentimes a newfollower wont know you by your personalname, but they will remember your businessname.
  5. 5. Twitter - Description● Use http:// (your website) in your 160 character description to make it an active hyperlink within Twitter search● Review design options, but remember that few will return once they visit the first time, if at all.
  6. 6. Promoting Your Twitter PageLink Facebook Posts to Automatically Post toTwitter● Go to and follow this simple wizard to link your Facebook posts to your Twitter account. ○ When posting on Facebook, make sure the most relevant part of the post appears in the first 140 characters.● Place a Twitter icon with active hyperlink on your email signature and website.● Place your user name on printed materials (for example, @innsights)
  7. 7. Using HashtagsIf you are going to post directly on Twitter,make use of hash tags:By putting the "#" symbol in front of a keywordat the end of your post, when others search forthis term on twitter, your post will show in thesearch results.
  8. 8. Posting Strategy● Post on Facebook 4-5 times per week.These posts will also post on Twitter.● Review your Twitter account once weekly to re-follow your new followers, follow new people/businesses, and check for "mentions" and "re-tweets."
  9. 9. Why Google+● It is powered by search engine giant Google.● Google is highlighting Google+ content in search results● Google+ has over 85 million users and growing.● It offers video chats (called hangouts), something no other social media account offers.
  10. 10. Google+ Set Up1. Choose an accessible Gmail account. You can set up additional administrators later.2. To create your business page, visit Fill out all the sections with images and top focus keywords you want to rank for in search.4. Follow the wizard. It prompts you to promote your page, but it is recommended that you customize your page further and start sharing a few updates before you begin telling the
  11. 11. Online TutorialSelect CategoryCustomize profile● tagline and logo● use engaging photos for scrapbook● Include active hyperlinks within descriptions● Remember to include your website in the field providedGo to profile, edit profile and add links in theright column. (partners, chamber, affiliates,etc.)
  12. 12. Manage SettingsFrom your Google Home page, in the upperright hand corner, click on the word "settings".From there you can:● Manage your general settings and notifications● Designate additional managers for your page.
  13. 13. Promoting Your Google+ PageOn your home page, click on "Get Started" onthe left column. From here you can:● Get a badge for your website.● Find the link (URL) for your page● Add +1 ButtonFind people to followSet up circles
  14. 14. Google Places and Local SearchGoogle Places is essential for any local businesswith an address.A Google Places listing will rank as a local listingin Google search results - ABOVE organicresults.A Google Places listing automatically feeds yourbusiness on Google Maps.Essential marketing tip: Find your listing onGoogle Mapes. Use this URL to encourage all ofyour customers to leave reviews here. The morereviews you have, the higher youll place within
  15. 15. To list on Google Places● Set up your listing at● Follow the wizard.● Verification from Google will be required either in the form of a phone call to your business or a letter sent by mail.
  16. 16. Bing, Yahoo, AOLOther search engines also have local listings,just like Google:Bing: http://www.BingBusinessPortal.comYahoo:
  17. 17. Top 11 Business Directories (Free) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. HotFrog.com10. ZoomInfo.com11.
  18. 18. For a copy of this slide show,