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Social media marketing_for_artists


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Social media marketing_for_artists

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing For Artists Mary Anne Baker
  2. 2. About Mary Anne● A local resident of Jackson County● Over 25 years as VP of marketing for a major hotel company in Florida● Established INNsights Internet Marketing in 2010 in North Carolina to help small businesses get maximum exposure through the Internet and social media.● Currently serving over 45 small businesses in Jackson, Swain, Macon,Haywood, and Rabun (GA) counties with internet and social media marketing.● Teaching social media marketing through SCCs continuing education program, as well as for local Chambers of Commerce.● A landscape photographer (
  3. 3. Summary of Todays Class● How to optimize your Facebook Business Page ○ Select business type ○ Cover photo and profile photo ○ Set a personalized URL ○ Navigation between personal profile and business page ○ Optimize content within basic information. ○ Learn the features of the Administrative Panel ○ Learn basic navigation through "edit page"● How to Promote your Artwork on Facebook ○ Build Audience tools ○ Posting ○ Cross-promote other businesses and/or partners ○ Set up an event● Basic features available in Flickr and Google+● Take a look at Fine Art America.
  4. 4. About Facebook● More than 900 million active users, with an expectation of one billion by year end.● More than 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day● More than 2 billion posts are liked and commented on daily● More than 250 million photos are uploaded per day.
  5. 5. About Flickr: ● Most popular photo sharing website ● Ranked #49 of all websites in the world. ● Provides many sharing and tagging tools to promote your artwork.
  6. 6. About Google+ ● Use this platform to boost your SEO. ● Google+ Pages for Business index very well on Google search ● Many artists and photographers use Google+ to showcase their artwork and photos due to photo-rich elements ● Follow other artists and photographers. The only downside to Google+ is that while there are manyartists here, there arent a whole lot of customers. UseGoogle+ more as a networking and SEO tool.
  7. 7. About Fine Art America Offers multiple platforms for showcasing and selling your artwork, with features such as: ∙ Automatic post announcements on your FaceBook page each time you upload artwork or sell artwork. ∙ Password-protected galleries available ∙ Sell prints AND originals - 100% commission free. You set the amount you want to earn from your artwork, and FAA charges over and above that, including options for framing, matting, gallery wraps, and more. ∙ Create and Send E-Mails ∙ Create Your Own Website – Use this to sell prints of your artwork. ∙ Watermark for Added Security ∙ Participate in Groups - Join one of 500+ member- moderated art groups or create your own.
  8. 8. Getting Started on Facebook:There are a few items youll need to gather in order to optimize your Page: ● A profile picture with measurements of 180 x 180 pixels (or a photo/logo that you can get as close to a square as possible) ● A cover photo with measurements of 851 x 315. If you are unable to access Photoshop or other photo editing software, you can upload a landscape-oriented photo and then drag the photo up or down to make it fit into the proper format. ● A short description of 2-3 sentences to summarize your business. This "About" section will be indexed for search engines, so make sure it is keyword-enhanced. ● A "name" for your page, not to exceed 75 characters. ● A long description of up to 5,000 characters. Consider this a "work in progress" and dont worry too much about getting is exactly right. Many people copy the text from the home page of their website and tweak it over time.
  9. 9. Lets Get Started on FacebookIf you already have a Facebook Business Page, we will be reviewing many of thebasic features available and how to optimize and promote your Page.If you do not have a Facebook Business Page, you can create one you previously set up your business as a profile and need to migrate it to aBusiness
  10. 10. Facebooks Scheduled Posts
  11. 11. Summary Facebook Business Page Strategy: ∙ Share artwork frequently ∙ Post artwork on other’s business pages ∙ Always use copyright information with every post, and a link to your website and/or Facebook page. ∙ Comment on other’s artwork ∙ Search for art and photography groups on Facebook, and share your work often.
  12. 12. Flickr and Google + StrategyFlickr: ● Join groups and share artwork with groups ● Upload your prints once to Flickr, then easily and safely share them through Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.Flickr and Google+ ● Upload photos of your artwork and make sure to use tags, sets, and hyperlinks to your Facebook page and/or to your website for purchasing prints. ● Comment, like, and share others artwork.
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