Finding Content to Post on your Facebook Business Page


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Finding content to share on your Facebook Business Page can sometimes be a daunting task. Learn more about simple ways to find and share engaging content to ensure your fans and followers will engage with your post.

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Finding Content to Post on your Facebook Business Page

  1. 1. Finding Content to Post on your Facebook Business PageThere are several ways to find “content” to share with the fans of your Facebook Business Page.Search on Facebook:Make sure you are using Facebook as yourself (personal profile), then search for and follow businessessimilar to yours using the Facebook Search bar: 1. “Like” other business pages on Facebook so that their posts come through your news feed on your personal profile on Facebook. This will make it easy for you to share this information on your business page using Facebook’s “share” feature. Search for and “like” business pages on Facebook that are sources of useful information: a. If you’re in the real estate or property management business, follow local photographers so you can post share their photography. (Facebook fans comment and like photos more than any other post type.) b. If you’re in the restaurant business, follow recipe website or blogs, and re-post their recipes. c. If you’re in the retail business, follow some of the product lines that you sell. d. If you’re in the health/wellness business, follow well-known product lines or speakers/professionals. 2. “Like” your competition’s business pages on Facebook to learn how they are posting and sharing information, and learn how their fans are interacting with their posts. You will not be sharing your competition’s posts on your facebook page; you will only be studying their activity. 3. Always give credit to your original source of your post through tagging (use the “@” symbol) or mentioning with a link. These authors/contributors will be glad you did, and may even follow you back or recommend your page to their own fans.Search via Internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) 4. Using your keywords, search in Google, Yahoo, or Bing for blogs that post regularly on topics similar to yours. When you find a website or blog that is relevant to your business: a. Look for their facebook page or facebook icon so you can “like” their Facebook Page. b. Look for “subscribe by email” signup. This will allow you to get regular news and information in your email inbox each day, and can be a great source of content, photos, and hyperlinks to share.Search on YouTube 5. YouTube indexes strongly within search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), and is ranked #3 in the world for number of visitors (after Google #1 and Facebook #2). Facebook posts that include
  2. 2. a link to a video are very popular on Facebook and fan comments are more likely. Using your keywords, search within YouTube for videos you think your fans would relate to. And then use YouTube’s “share” button to post the video to your business page.Other Ideas:  Ask friends for ideas. Reach out to your friends and colleagues, and ask them what they’d like to know more about.  Solicit fan feedback. This is a great source of content, and can easily be accomplished with Facebook’s “Question” feature.  Think about a product that you like, and are happy to endorse, and write a sentence or two about it and attach a link so fans can learn more about it. Ask fans for their opinion within your post.  Explain your success. Think about a time when something went really right for you, and write a post explaining how you got it to happen. It’s not about bragging, but just explain the lessons that you learned from the experience.