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  1. 1.
  2. 2. ABOUT US INNOVARSS epitomizes cost effective and time saving practices and services. This has helped us emerge as Exclusive Recruitment Partners to some of the growing companies as well as established firms. With our colossal and ever-growing talent database, we have assisted many start ups in their end to end Talent Acquisition, Compensation bench marking, Head Hunting and HR Research needs. INNOVARSS evolved as a brainchild metamorphosed from a dream seen with open eyes to innovate smart and efficient recruitment practices custom made by professional experts to cater our clients unique business needs.
  3. 3. People think that Professional HR consulting is expensive At INNOVARSS we design our modules to ensure that clients get cost effective returns on their HR spending . We handpick only the best candidate to suit your requirements and save your time from screening sub standard resumes.
  4. 4. The way we work!!! Imagine a team of professionals at your service until the time , the job is done to your satisfaction. We start the process by being all ears to what your requirements are. You talk and we listen. Our tailored solutions will help you meet the challenges and obstacles of doing business in the Indian market. We believe in taking an extra mile to make the job a perfect one. We practice the belief of forming long term associations and hence we are always available for our clients even when the job is done.
  5. 5. Our Star Traits Focussed Strategy Balanced Growth A trusted partner Strong core values
  6. 6. SERVICES WE OFFER Executive Search Services Head Hunting Campus Hiring Recruitment Process Outsourcing Resume Workshops Talent Management Training & Development Counseling
  7. 7. We do not consider someone WORTHY for you unless he/she is outstanding in their field . We won't bring you unhappy people who are terminally unemployed. 40-45% of the workforce in the industry is passive in nature, hence at INNOVARSS we do the best candidate mapping possible and present you with the right “fit”. We create a dynamic talent pool for you saving your cost and enhancing the brand name.
  8. 8. Research shows that about 2/3 of all HR spending focuses on technology, infrastructure, and operational programs (payroll, compliance, record-keeping) and around 1/3 focuses on strategic talent. We ensure that this amount be used effectively . Research shows that an employee’s performance is not confined to work related factors alone. It is also found to be intertwined with personal non-job factors. We assist these candidates to use counseling as a behavioral supportive technique to manage the stresses and strains of organizational life. Through our sessions we also help our clients focus on professionally helping the employees in managing not only their performance related problems but also their personal problems. In the existing times recruiters go through a monotonous and time consuming phase when going for campus recruitments, we assist them with the same by taking over this task on us. We provide only the worthy candidates at the time when recruiters visit campuses, saving their precious time lost in screening the pool of resumes. Moreover, we also offer the services of sieving through the best candidates from various colleges on demand of our clients.
  9. 9. Look…Time is running Experts at INNOVARSS are ready to assist you with innovative customized solutions (catering to all the sectors) , saving your time and money. 9 We are waiting for you @ FACEBOOK @ TWITTER @ LinkedIn Thinking do we work in your sector????