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New Ideas for Turning Passive Audiences into Donors by Tajah McQueen


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Presentation from Breakout Session:
WBUR’s BizLab is an innovation lab identifying and testing new revenue streams for public media. With funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Knight Foundation, we collaborate with public radio stations across the country on testing new ways of raising funds. In this session, WAMU’s DCist team, Louisville Public Media’s events team, and WBUR’s podcast team will share their learnings from user-centered experiments designed to convert their largely passive communities into active donors. We will break down each experiment into the questions they were designed to answer, get the audience to guess the outcomes, and then provide a recipe for how to replicate the success at a variety of nonprofit news organizations

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New Ideas for Turning Passive Audiences into Donors by Tajah McQueen

  1. 1. Do502
  2. 2. HISTORY ● 2017 Louisville Public Media acquired Do502 ● 38,000 email subscribers originally / 51,586 current email subscribers ● Reaching new audiences
  3. 3. RESEARCH ● Short surveys ● Intercept Interviews ● 30 min calls ● Created personas
  4. 4. Exp #1 First Firkin Friday Doughnut Day Patio Party Member only link 1 Exp #4 Exp #7 Member only link 2 Events Emails Forecastle Music Festival July 13 & 14 Online membership drive Membership Exp #6 Do502 Membership Program Experiment Roadmap Member only link 3 Exp #2 Exp #3 Exp #5 Member only link 3 Exp #7
  5. 5. EXPERIMENT #1 Breweries in Louisville
  6. 6. EXPERIMENT #2 Member’s Only Perks Email
  7. 7. EXPERIMENT #3
  8. 8. EXPERIMENT #5
  9. 9. EXPERIMENT #6 Membership Drive
  10. 10. Lessons Learned ● Get buy-in ● Present clear deliverables ● More lead time ● Start small