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INN Days 2018: NewsMatch Unpacked


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Strengthening a free press. Restoring trust in media. Building the capacity of local and investigative reporting.

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INN Days 2018: NewsMatch Unpacked

  1. 1. NewsMatch Unpacked Strengthening a free press. Restoring trust in media. Building the capacity of local and investigative reporting. #INNDays2018
  2. 2. Together we can make NewsMatch 2018 even bigger NewsMatch 2017 was the largest grassroots fundraising campaign for nonprofit journalism ever
  3. 3. NewsMatch Goals Raise awareness about journalism’s role in democracy and the need to support nonprofit news. Accelerate and increase end-of-year giving to local and investigative reporting. Build your capacity as nonprofit newsrooms to cultivate an individual donor base and build community investment in your work.
  4. 4. Simple 1:1 match for eligible donations to nonprofit news organizations Open fund for maximum impact and participation by local and national funders One-stop giving site and paid ad campaign to engage new donors How It Works
  5. 5. In-person and online capacity building, plus one-on-one support Everyone gets a professional fundraising toolkit with 8-10 weeks of campaign materials Backed by a national public awareness campaign and #GivingNewsDay How it Works
  6. 6. Why Funders Like NewsMatch NewsMatch is designed for partnership and impact: ● Easy to invest — Centralized staffing and grants administration ● Trustworthy newsrooms — Eligible newsrooms commit to industry ethics and best practices ● Double and triple impact — Foundation dollars are matched by individuals and other partners ● Fostering sustainability — Capacity- building support promotes newsroom sustainability
  7. 7. In 2017 NewsMatch ran from October to December. The vast majority of NewsMatch participants raised more money, attracted more new donors, and received more donations in 2017 than they did in 2016. ● $4.8 million raised, including $2.36 million in individual donations ● Average year-end donor gave $130 ● 43,000 new donors gave to news organizations From the external evaluation: ● 94% of participating orgs said NewsMatch enabled them to raise more money ● 86% said NewsMatch enabled them to bring in more donors ● 55% said NewsMatch helped build awareness and support for journalism NewsMatch 2017 Outcomes
  8. 8. NewsMatch Unpacked: Six Lightning Talks
  9. 9. Lauren Fuhrmann Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism James Burnett The Trace Dena Drabek Oklahoma Watch John Bebow Bridge Magazine Jabari Gray Youth Radio Michael Ellis Scalawag
  10. 10. NewsMatch Unpacked: Oklahoma Watch
  11. 11. Statewide investigative newsroom.
  14. 14. OUR NEWSMATCH RESULTS 2017 • $21,287 matched • 174 donations from individuals during NewsMatch II • 151 unique donors • 89 new donors 2016 • $16,300 matched • 89 donations from individuals during NewsMatch I • 83 unique donors • 52 new donors
  15. 15. OUR TAKEAWAY • We gained three new $1,000 donors in 2017. • We need more $1,000 donors to help us meet the match. • Focused on cultivating major donors in 2018. • Participating in the INN’s Major Donor Training.
  16. 16. NewsMatch Unpacked: Scalawag
  17. 17. NewsMatch Unpacked: Youth Radio
  18. 18. NewsMatch Unpacked: Bridge Magazine
  19. 19. NewsMatch Unpacked: Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
  20. 20. NewsMatch 2017 Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism Lauren Fuhrmann associate director
  21. 21. Who we are: ● Mission: To increase the quality, quantity and understanding of investigative journalism to foster an informed citizenry and strengthen democracy ● Produce major investigative reports and train fellows and students ● More than three dozen alums reporting (and engaging the public) around the globe ● Since July 2009, more than 330 major news reports that have been published on and cited, published or broadcast by more than 650 newspapers, radio and TV stations and news websites in Wisconsin and nationwide to reach more than 64 million people. ● $500,000 budget, four full-time staff ● Housed in the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  22. 22. Our NewsMatch game plan: Club memberships 1. Buy a bottle of wine for Lorie Hearn 2. Gather charter members ($1,000 and up) and raise triple match fund 3. Launch the Watchdog Club with NewsMatch campaign 4. Make $$$
  23. 23. How did we do? Raised $77,135 from Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2017 Individual and business donations increased 56 percent from $60,045 in 2016 to $93,794 in 2017 Watchdog Club membership grew from 28 to 50 during the final three months of the year The number of Center donors in each year grew from 229 in 2016 to 256 in 2017
  24. 24. Steal this idea
  25. 25. NewsMatch Unpacked: The Trace
  26. 26. NewsMatch Unpacked: NewsMatch 2018
  27. 27. ● New Calendar ○ Apply by Aug. 1 ○ “Quiet” phase in September and October ○ Open Match phase: Nov. 1 to Dec. 31 ● Matching Fund + New Member Bonus ○ All participants are eligible for a 1:1 match ○ New recurring donations matched at full-year value ○ E.g., new $10/month donation is eligible for $120 match ● Goal-Based Bonuses ○ Introducing bonuses for small- and medium-sized participants for reaching certain goals ● Gifts from Businesses and Family Foundations ○ Individuals can give in many more ways to earn a match What’s new in 2018?
  28. 28. All Participants: ● Eligible for a 1:1 match. Cap will be announced in early fall based on total fundraising. Up to $1,000 per donor is eligible. ● Membership Bonus. New recurring donations matched at full-year value. E.g., a new $10/month donation is eligible for $120 match ● Potential for 2:1 Matches. Support to help recruit local and issue funders to create 2:1 matches around particular topics and places. ● Capacity building support
  29. 29. ● All of the above, plus: Participants with 2017 budgets of $2M or less: Goal Bonus Amount Get 100 new individual donors during NewsMatch To be announced Increase your total number of individual donors from 2017 to 2018 To be announced
  30. 30. ● All of the above, plus: Participants that did not max out in 2017: Goal Bonus Amount Raise more toward the NewsMatch cap in 2018 vs. 2017 To be announced
  31. 31. What Do I Need to Apply? ● Organization contact info (including 1-2 people who should get NewsMatch emails) ● 2017 fundraising benchmarks ● Bank account info and a W9 (so you can get your money) You must be an actively publishing, full INN member in good standing to apply.
  32. 32. Apply now! (by Aug. 1)
  33. 33. For details see FAQ on or email me at Questions?