Volunteering As Career Builder


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Volunteering As Career Builder

  1. 1. Volunteering as a Career Builder Rachael Candee United Way of Central Indiana Robin Springstead Catholic Charities of Fort Wayne
  2. 2. Career Builder Toolkit: discussions and activities for today Purpose: research trends and development Toolkit content: assessments and activities Experience the assessments and activities Volunteer motivations Volunteer service on resumes Volunteer managers and volunteer skill development
  3. 3. Volunteerism and career debate • Are we looking at the wrong issue? • Do we really hire only for skills and abilities? • Do volunteers care about the employment impacts? • Can unemployed people really take time to focus on volunteerism? • Can volunteer activities give employees the right skills?
  4. 4. Volunteerism and career research trends • People want to work for companies that support volunteerism • We perceive volunteerism as helping our career • Nonprofits believe in the capacity building of skilled volunteers but don’t engage professional skills among volunteers overall • Skilled volunteering is important to HR professionals, especially for those transitioning into careers 4
  5. 5. Takeaways • Volunteerism does help, but it does not help everyone in the same way • The type of service performed by a job-seeking volunteer can matter in their job search • Perception is key, both for volunteers and hiring managers • Nonprofits and businesses see the value of skilled volunteer engagement but we do not do it well yet • Volunteer managers play a role in the career-search • How do we define our role? 5
  6. 6. Toolkit content: overview • Volunteering on the job • Tools for volunteer managers Position Knowledge Assessment Motivations Volunteer resume Advancement Resume Support Cover letter Recruitment Job Development • Volunteering and your job search Growth Abilities Networking • Selecting a skill-building position Skills Interview • Skills & Competencies Competencies • Interests & Motivations Career Interests Volunteer • Introduction Toolkit Job search Management Sections Training
  7. 7. Toolkit content: review of activities Assessments & Activities • Case studies • Interests & Motivations • Skills & Competencies • Aligning volunteerism with professional goals • Discussing volunteering in interviews/while networking • Sample job-search documents • Employee Volunteer Program Resources • Sample volunteer management documents
  8. 8. Experience the assessments: volunteer motivations Volunteer motivations assessment • Recognizing our motivations matters • Retention, growth, satisfaction • Altruism is not the only reason to volunteer • Finding the right position • Complete the assessment • Share with a partner: do your results surprise you? • Why might this assessment matter to you? 8
  9. 9. Experience the assessments: volunteer skills in career-search Volunteer skills and your resume • Consider how you might develop a career resume using volunteer experience • What is a volunteer resume? • In groups of 3-4, discuss these questions • How would you describe a volunteer experience on the career resume? On a volunteer resume? • What are best practices for using volunteer experience on a resume? • Practice using the sample experiences on your own • What do you prefer about either a regular resume or use of a volunteer resume? 9
  10. 10. Experience the assessments Why does volunteer position development matter? How could a program benefit from focusing on volunteer development? • Go back to your group of 3-4 people • Practice developing a position that highlights skills needed and developed • What benefits could a position like this provide to your organization? • Where could you find training for the volunteer related to this position? 10
  11. 11. Assessment’s value and toolkit use Volunteering as a Career Builder Toolkit focuses on giving volunteers, volunteer managers and professionals, the opportunity to think about volunteerism in a new way. Toolkit will be available electronically How will this toolkit be used in the future? 11
  12. 12. How to access to toolkit Sign-up on the sheets being passed around! Anticipated delivery: November 2013
  13. 13. Questions? Thank you!
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