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Ten cs for effective communication annual compensation reviews

These tips can help managers to enter into a dialogue with employees

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Ten cs for effective communication annual compensation reviews

  1. 1. REFLECTIONS Ten C’s for Communicating ACRs A clear strategy on how to communicate about salary hikes is a never ending debate. However there are effective tips evolved over the years. Mangers must recognize their role and the value that they add when communicatingannual compensation packages to employees. Confidentiality Schedule a private meeting with the employee to discuss/inform their pay. Never mention about others salary during these meetings. Circumstance You will have to providethe context for the employee’s pay raise. For example, our company’s philosophy is to award pay increases based on merit and contribution. Contribution Inform the employee why they are receiving a pay increase. Be as specific as you can be about the contributions they made during the year. Compensation Intimate the employee what their new annual salary is using the guidelines provided to you. Confidence Take the effort to express faith that the employee will continue to contribute and that you will value all of their future contributions. Commend Thank the employee for their work and commitment to our company. Concern Listen to the genuine issues raised by the employees Inform them that the request will be taken up as appropriate. Capture Take notes of the key learning’s during these discussions. These are valuable tips that can be reused in the coming years. Conclude It is your primary responsibility to close the feedback loop with the concerned employee.