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Rims forum 2013 using data to improve customer service - simon gough whangarei dc


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Rims forum 2013 using data to improve customer service - simon gough whangarei dc

  1. 1. Using Data to ImproveCustomer Service Resolutionusing RAMM GISPresented by Simon Gough (Roading Asset Manager)Acknowledgements to my co-writer:Hilton Ward (Roading Engineering Assistant)
  2. 2. Roading Operations ExcellenceCustomer Service Decision MakingQuality ManagementKnowledge Retention &SharingData & Analysis Supported TeamTechnology & Systems
  3. 3. What Did We Use?
  4. 4. Street View and Aerials
  5. 5. Roading AssetsCulverts, Cesspits Signs Traffic Signals
  6. 6. Forward Works Programme
  7. 7. Maintenance Contract Dispatches
  8. 8. Contract Areas
  9. 9. REAL CRM EXAMPLESImproving CRM Resolution
  10. 10. “Kamo Rd is the worst in town. It’s full ofpotholes between Mains Ave and King St”• Checked Maintenance History• Checked work programmed to be done
  11. 11. Checked the Forward Works Programme for Major WorksInformed caller thatresurfacing is planned forthis summer.
  12. 12. “Your culvert is blocked and causing mydriveway to scour”Identified the culvert in RAMM GIS while on the phone
  13. 13. Unable to see as it was completely covered with metal.Resent to CRM to contractor to remedy accompanied with a picturefrom Street View.
  14. 14. “The water coming from your road iscausing sewage to flood over my lawn”
  15. 15. Use Street View to Understand theCustomer
  16. 16. “It is ages since the contractors gradedand repaired the potholes!”
  17. 17. “Can WDC install a new Give Way sign atTed Erceg Rd? There never has been one.”RAMM Shows thatwe should have onethere. So did StreetView
  18. 18. “Why is the Council not maintainingmy road?”Roading to move asset Iconin RAMM to correct position
  19. 19. Make more Data AvailableImprove the Use of the ToolHelp Customer Services
  20. 20. TheBenefitsImproved QualityImproved Efficiency
  21. 21. Thank You