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Household wealth in Europe (infographic)


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Household wealth in Europe (infographic)

  1. 1. Net assets in 1,000 euros per household 217.3€ Austria 204.3€ Germany 451.1€ Belgium 87.5€ Greece 356.7€ Netherlands 313.6€ Italy 252.4€ France 126.0€ Portugal 76.2€ Slovakia 79.6€ Slovenia 306.0€ Spain 255.4€ Eurozone 214.5€ Finland Real estate Currency & bank deposits Pensions Shares & equity Holdings of debt securities, loans, financial derivatives and employee stock options make up for the remainder 2%. 50% 17% 17% 14% Average Eurozone wealth portfolio 2015 data Source: ING Think Forward Initiative • Household Wealth in Europe Read more on www. Economic and Financial Analysis Consumer Economics 1Q 2016 Where do Europe’s wealthiest people live? Post-crisis recovery leaves big differences between countries and households