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Celebrate Failure


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How recognizing and using opportunities makes it possible to implement changes quickly and without loss of service in a 7x24 hour online world. Even if not everything goes according to plan.

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Celebrate Failure

  1. 1. Celebrate Failure Angelique van den Hoeven, Jeroen Wallaard, Mikel van Son Getting It Done Leipzig, May 16th 2018
  2. 2. Introducing ING 2 ING’s strengths include a well-known brand that is positively recognized in many markets, a strong financial position, our international network and omnichannel distribution strategy. Not to mention our efforts to contribute to a sustainable world. ING is among the leading banks in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Europe and World) and is included in the FTSE4Good index. Who are we? ING NL • > 11 million Current Accounts • 4.2 million logons in the Mobile App per day • > 13 million money transactions per day • > 27 million balance inquiries per day Key facts
  3. 3. RAK the critical banking application with two main capabilities 3
  4. 4. During capacity analysis we found that MQ could become a bottleneck in the near future 4 Now vs Forecast batch processing - Normally 15000 tps incoming Credit transactions - Forecasts 25000 tps incoming Credit transactions Now vs Forecast online transaction load - Normally 7000 tps online transactions - Forecasts 14000 tps online transactions Online transaction load Batch processing No balance information available No transaction information available The impact of a system crash MQ APP
  5. 5. First upcoming peak-day was next Payday. Meaning we had one challenge: time 5 Weekend WeekendWeekend DR Failback DR PayDay Day -5 Day -2 Day +5 Day +13 New Idea Day 1 Activate Quad- Core on DR Day +3 No Acceptance Environment Test rebalanced MQ Day +7 Deploy rebalanced MQ Day +9 Activate Quad- Core on DR Day +6
  6. 6. On Day 1 we had an idea to switch back to a 4 core enabled server 6 • 08:23, Received remaining licenses from HPE • 09:30, Activated the new license files and the HPE Core License and we went to the stand-up • 09:40, minutes later CPU 7 Halted (due to a bad core) • 16:30, CPU 7 replaced • Wait for permission to cold-load the DR system • 17:45, Cold-loaded the serve to forcefully rebalance all processes • 18:00, finished Unlucky Day • During the day received remaining agreements and necessary license files (non-HPE) • Implementation manual finished • HPE account team performed their magic WhatsApp (again ) “Jeroen, can we perform the MQ rebalance coming Monday. Can you arrange that? Pieces coming together • Set the deadline for core activation on Friday 14:00 • Created necessary changes • Asked our suppliers for license and commercial impact • In this case it helped that most of the suppliers are in different time zones • First agreements were reached and license files (non-HPE) were received overnight Deadline “17:17 Jeroen, we would like to switch back to a 4 core enabled server. Can you arrange that? Mikel, could be a commercial challenge. Jeroen, to be honest not my problem. Luckily we already started a week before with looking into the options / consequences of turning on the extra cores WhatsApp Day 1 Day +1 Day +2 Day +3
  7. 7. Activating the Quad-Core on the regular DR system was flawless, including cold load and sanity testing on the Acceptance environment. Preps for the tests on Day +7 were made. Activating the Quad-Core on the regular DR system was flawless. However, the roller coaster ride continued after Day +3. Namely, testing the solution 7 Weekend WeekendWeekend DR Failback DR PayDay New Idea Activate Quad- Core on DR No Acceptance Environment Test rebalanced MQ Deploy rebalanced MQ Activate Quad- Core on DR We are here Day -5 Day -2 Day +5 Day +13Day 1 Day +3 Day +7 Day +9Day +6
  8. 8. We had a successful MQ rebalance testing day on Day +7 to simulate our forecasted peakload 8 Day +7: Timeline of MQ rebalance testing day 09:00 12:00 17:00 21:00 Started with a highly motivated team of Infra- and Application engineers Lunch was arranged upfront Planned end-of-day Pizza time! We ended our first successful test-run
  9. 9. 9 days after the idea we successfully deployed the new solution 9 02 04 Success factors 03 01 Solid plan on what to do Dedicated team Agile organization Smooth transformation
  10. 10. Questions? 10 I’m user- friendly