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Free From Debris - The Turtle Story

A turtle has been found entangled in the sea! It is brought to a rescue center... What will happen?
* A story by the European projet INDICIT

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Free From Debris - The Turtle Story

  1. 1. Fishermen were sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, when they spotted a turtle in great danger! Entangled in marine debris, it had trouble swimming in the sea. Perhaps it was also hurt?
  2. 2. Hurry up! There is no time to lose! The fishermen pick the turtle up and immediately call the rescue center for help.
  3. 3. Keepers from the rescue center come to the port to help the turtle. In this center, turtles found hurt in the sea are brought back to health until they can be released!
  4. 4. Now that she is in the center, it’s time to take care of the turtle! First, the keepers carefully disentangle the turtle from the fishing nets that were blocking it.
  5. 5. A veterinarian examines the turtle to check if there is any injury that needs to be treated. Unfortunately, it seems that the turtle shell has been damaged, probably by a boat propeller. The keepers also put the turtle through an X-ray machine. It allows them to check if the turtle has swallowed any marine litter that could cause an obstruction or endanger her health.
  6. 6. Good news! The X-ray shows that the turtle didn’t swallow any hook or dangerous object. Now all the medical exams are done, and it’s time for the turtle to recover peacefully!
  7. 7. The turtle is placed in a basin where it will stay for some days, until it is in great shape again and can be released in the sea!
  8. 8. But this first meal is a bit special: a yellow marble is placed in the fish. The marble will let the keepers know when the turtle has rejected all the litter in its digestive system. After all these adventures, the brave turtle must be hungry! A meal is prepared: fish, its favorite food!
  9. 9. Finally, it’s dinner time! Have a good meal, little turtle!
  10. 10. Everyday, the keepers scoop the litter out of the basin. This helps to keep the turtle in clean water, but the litter is also collected for other reasons…
  11. 11. The rescue team keep thoroughly what they collect in the basin, and classify the different types of litter they find. Indeed, the litter ingested by sea turtles is a great indicator of the oceans’ status. While it is recovering, the turtle is also helping science!
  12. 12. After a few days, the yellow marble appears in the basin. It means the turtle has rejected all the litter previously ingested in the sea.
  13. 13. Here is the litter the turtle had ingested in the sea. You can notice all the plastic debris… Poor turtle!
  14. 14. After all this care and attention, it seems that the turtle is feeling good again! Keepers and veterinarians gather to organize its release in the sea.
  15. 15. It’s D-day! The turtle is released in the sea by the rescue center team.
  16. 16. Swimming freely again, how lucky! The turtle is heading happily toward new adventures. Good luck turtle, and let’s hope you will be free from debris!