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Mike Kiely the bit commons - Superfast Business Parks


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Transform Digital Conference 08-05-2014

Published in: Technology, Business
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Mike Kiely the bit commons - Superfast Business Parks

  1. 1. Update on ‘super connectivity’ in business parks and multi-tenanted buildings. Some case studies - updates. Mike Kiely Founder, The Bit Commons May 8th INCA conference
  2. 2. Super-connectivity for SME’s – in London’s Tech City, Shoreditch • Perseverance Works and Printing House Yard • 90 tenants struggling on long line lengths (>2km). • Some tenants purchased private circuits to overcome the long line length problem at £1,000-£2,000 a month + extra construction charges for each customer. • Tender written (Nov 2013 ) to seek unrestricted access to the potential of fibre access. • Passive Infrastructure to be owned by landlord, using components where for example BT could deliver its GPON solution, should it see fit to do so. • Access to wholesale service platform preferable. • Affordable, pro-competitive and extendable from 30Mbps contended to 1Gbps uncontended. • (The foundations of Super Connectivity should not be built on a mis-sold private circuit – although it may be the only available starting point.) • This is not a campus network but an open access network, where the each operator has equal access to the tenants and the fibres serving those tenants.
  3. 3. Is Super connectivity possible in Shoreditch for SME’s? • 7 responses to tender. • 5 could meet most of the requirements. • 2 meet most if not all the requirements. • Decisions with PW and PHY tenants association. (2nd Week in May) • Connection Voucher application with GLA/BDUK. • Is it possible ? – Yes, but industry partnerships are needed. • Virgin, Voda/C&W and INCA members need to create propositions together. • We (my opinion) would need c200 instances of this approach for Ofcom to take seriously. 200 instances would be a meaningful and evidentially verifiable contribution to a new market definition for ‘super connectivity’.
  4. 4. Business Park 2 – but in NGA intervention area. • Allegation - Industry has not identified their assets during OMR process. • Assertion - Partnerships between OLO and access altnets not visible. • Client (Business Park) needs to protect current LA/BT plan, while checking if something better is possible, before a tender process can begin. • 300 businesses on long line lengths, 15 have taken private circuits, most to solve a long line length problem. NGA Intervention • Currently plan proposes subsidised VDSL cabinets one at either end of park followed by fibre on demand. Is this a default BT solution for all LA’s? • Client to challenge (request to LA, and query to BT) for FTTP in first instance, given duct exists thus VDSL looks wasteful. Connection vouchers look more appropriate. • Possible request to switch to connection vouchers which allows opportunity of competition to occur given OLO presence. • However, can my client rely on OLO/Altnet partners to turn up for competition?
  5. 5. Business Park 3 – another NGA intervention area. • OMR process has failed to show OLO network, but independent survey shows its exists within 100m of park. • Client (LA) unhappy with VDSL(FOD) edge of park solution, but is lacking options. • Mustering support within the business park to support FTTP tender exercise by representative group (create a Landlord). • But, who will turn up; if LA request a switch to use money on connection vouchers instead? • Current position..… do not ask the question unless you know you can get the answer you want…work continues.
  6. 6. Final Thoughts • OLO/Altnets need to announce ‘Super Connectivity’ propositions for business parks. • Network sharing amongst (OLO/Altnets) and support for passive infrastructure access is needed to create the market for super connectivity. You need to be different to the incumbent not the same. • BT’s re-positioning of FTTP as premium access product can be used to demand PIA review in Ofcoms BCMS – call for inputs – May 25th 2014. - essential that solving a line length problem does not continue to be a justification for a market definition for Business Connectivity in a great many instances. definition of an ‘efficient’ operator/common cost recovery needs reviewing but only of there is sufficient cause to do so. - take advantage of decision not to incentivise fibre investment in D side in FLAMR 2014-2017. • LA and OLO/Altnets need to use the BCMR to announce their joint ambition. • Policy (Ofcom/DCMS/BiS/ HMT) can be shaped but you must earn the right to do so. • With one soon to be delivered in’s to the next 199 super connected Sites in the UK. • Contact